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[Manga Dub] She asked me out as a prank, so I pranked her back [RomCom]


Yagami kunun I've liked you from a long time ago please go out with me I'm rang Yagami a freshman in high school I was called by my classmate Misa suzuhara and she asked me out but I knew this was from a punishment game I happened to overhear a group of girls talking about it so the answer was obvious nonsense why should I go out.

With a girl I don't even know know your place I'm a dull loner who's looked down upon by everyone around me I know she's trying to get me in the mood and enjoy my reaction but I've decided to humiliate her by rejecting her um I'm sorry I know it's annoying to hear that out of the blue yeah it is annoying don't waste.

People's time for something like this I said what I had to say and walked away quickly wait suzuhara called out in a hurry behind my back what do you want if you can't go up with me right off the bat how about starting as friends I want you to get to know me I'm not interested don't say that you can't date me because you don't know me right then.

I want you to get to know me before you decide I'm not going out with her because I know it's a fake confession despite knowing that she's so desperate that it's almost comical I don't know if the pun m is until we establish a relationship but I wasn't willing to go that far getting to know you won't change my response I have.

No intentions of getting friendly with someone else I'm not giving up because I like you Yagami Kun you can say whatever you want I walked away this time for good the next day I went into the classroom sat down fiddled with my phone didn't talk to anyone and spent the the day alone as.

Usual morning Yakami kin what do you want sudara approached me as if nothing had happened despite yesterday's incident I wanted to talk to you there's nothing to talk about what are your hobbies yagam meun my hobby is watching movies did you hear what I just said I glared at suzuhara I thought we should start by.

Getting to know each other I'm not interested at all don't say that we're in the same class now we just happened to be in the same class we don't have a relationship beyond that let's be friends no thanks then a couple impossible I like you so much though how I couldn't feel her sincerity even though she said it like that I.

Don't know what she's trying to do but this is just a continue continuation of the fake confession I don't know how far she was going to take this but it was still part of the prank after that suzara came to talk to me frequently during break time I would dismiss her by shrugging her.

Off yam mun let's eat lunch together I refuse excuse me don't sit down without permission suara ignored me and started opening her lunchbox I'm confident in my cooking if you like I can make your lunch next time too no thanks it's delicious try this omelette it's good right Suzuka asked hopefully you're confident in this it's.

Not a big deal how come are you a foodie yagam mun if you want to complain try my omelette what is this it's so good even I can make something like this it's not worth eating meals from someone who's a worse cook than you did you make this yakam mikun when push comes to shove the only person you.

Can count on is yourself it's only natural to acquire this level of skill you're very dextrous Yagami kin I humiliated her with the intention of hurting her Pride but Susa seemed to be looking at me with Envy yimin teach me how to cook next time work on your yourself I'd like to cook with you.

Though I don't intend to teach others you're my friend though who's your friend szahara still speaks to me in a familiar manner I was just fed up with it yam mikun let's go home together go home by yourself I slipped past susara and started to walk away but susara followed.

Beside me since we're here why don't we take a side trip as a sign of our friendship why should we hang out together I didn't even agree to go home with you I was hoping that this way I could gradually get closer to you Yagami kin I don't intend to get closer stop walking so close to me but I'm going in the same.

Direction as you what do you want why are you so involved with me it's because I like you of course you still say that I was dumbfounded by the way she continued to tell me even though it was obvious that it was a fake confession in the end I was pushed into going home with suzara the next day morning Yagami kin.

Why are you here for some reason suzara was waiting in front of my house I thought we could go to school together how did you find out where I live I secretly followed you you're going to go that far far I didn't think she would go that far so I wasn't watching my back going home together yesterday was a.

Mistake we are a couple so it's only natural that I should come over I don't even recognize you as a friend that's only a matter of time where do you get such confidence what are you planning to do when you go out with me well I'd like to go on dates and flirt a lot with you do I look like I would do that people can change when they fall in love.

That's nonsense a person who's trying to get me to go out with them for a punishment game doesn't sound convincing talking about love even if you don't understand it now I'm sure I can teach you that love is wonderful how can you say that when you're trying to betray me I wanted to say that but then I thought better of it.

I thought it would be better if I pretended to be fooled mess her up and then reveal what I knew I felt a desire to get revenge on those who play with people's hearts can you really teach the wonders of Love Of course then teach me I want you to go out with me what suzara looked surprised when I took her up on her.

Confession you're the one who started saying it right that you want to be a couple with me I'll be your boyfriend what does that mean you like me too yagam mikun of course not I was puzzled why she was asking me that but maybe her goal is to make me fall in love with her I was planning to do a lot of things but if it ends here I'll let.

Her go with that yeah I do really why do you doubt because you suddenly changed your mind my feelings swayed because you approached me this much isn't that what they say about love being sudden but Yagami kin you seem kind of blun I'm I'm embarrassed you should know that I'm saying things that aren't even on my.

Mind over here it was natural to have that kind of attitude I see you're embarrassed too that convinced her how simple yeah so it's fine right I held hands with suzuhara what it's natural for couples to hold hands isn't it yeah nin you're pretty.

Aggressive szahara had an embarrassed look on her face since she didn't seem to say it was a prank I decided to gradually make a move on her as planned this much is normal that's right it's normal you said you were going to teach me about love and now you're flustered by something like this no I'm not I'll Teach You How good love is when.

I challenged her suzuhara seemed to regain her composure we went straight to school holding hands I'm still no match for you Yagami kin I suggested that we had lunch together so we ate on the rooftop szahara ate my omelette and reiterated her thoughts you can make it too there's no need to compare with.

Me I want to cook something that'll make you happy it's not so much that I can't eat it so don't be wasteful hm I can't be satisfied with that I'll make a dish that you'll say if is delicious someday I'll be waiting without any expectations after finishing lunch I asked suzuhara if I could sleep on her lap suzuhara was flustered for a bit but.

Agreed to it how's my lap it's pretty nice it's kind of embarrassing really I was trying to be mean towards her but what came out of her mouth was unexpected then suzara started patting my head what are you doing did you not like it looking at you made me want to pet you do whatever you want I don't.

Know what her intention was but it was comfortable so I decided to let her do whatever she wanted it would be taken a sexual harassment if we weren't a couple but suzara didn't seem to dislike it Yamin do you want to stop by somewhere on our way home let's go on a date you want to come over to my house then all of a sudden.

You came out of nowhere this morning I was just picking you up suzara panicked the situation is different now than when she came to pick me up since I accepted her confession and started to put my hands on her she's probably wary that I might do something to her as expected it's not worth it to go that far just for a.

Prank this is the end of this relationship or so I thought yeah okay take me to your house susara replied with a somewhat determined expression how far is she willing to go susara accepted even though she knew it would be dangerous I don't know her intentions but if she doesn't intend to stop I'll continue too let's go then.

Suzara looked nervous as I pulled her hand and headed for home make yourself at home yeah sitting on my bed suzara was frozen it was as if something was actually going to happen after this I sat down next to suzara and she shook why are you so nervous because I didn't think this.

Would happen you mean it was more than you expected if you didn't want to you could have just said no no no I don't mind it's just that I didn't think we'd be doing this so soon so you're saying you came even after knowing what would happen next yeah I hugged suzu hara's shoulder huh so I can do anything I want to you if.

That's what you want and if you promise to only like me suzara also put her hands behind my back and hugged me I could feel her grabbing me tightly I suddenly had a certain suspicion in my mind susara are you perhaps being being harassed what suzara gave me a confused look as if she didn't understand the.

Intent of my question you seem to be getting along well with those people in your class but are you in a weak position or something why do you think that how can you be okay with them doing this to you aren't you giving your body because you couldn't disobey their order wait a second I wasn't ordered to do anything I'm here of my own will even.

Though you confess to to me as a punishment suzu hara's eyes widened in surprise when I uttered those words how do you I just happened to overhear you talking if you're going to talk like that be careful oh I'm sorry I feel like I'm trying to deceive you suara looked really sorry if you're going to apologize don't.

Do this from the start so why did you do this I know you won't believe me but I actually like you Yagami kin I don't believe you yeah I know you don't like things like this but I didn't have the courage so here we are it's so lame that I had to resort to a punishment game to get up the courage to confess my feelings for you I don't understand what.

You mean I've liked you since junior high yamikin I've always wanted to confess my feelings to you but I was too scared to do it then came the talk of a punishment game with my friends which I took advantage of how do you know about my junior high school days I knew you didn't notice I was in.

The same Junior High School as you we were in different classes but you helped me out I don't remember I was isolated trying not to get involved with others as much as possible I knew there was a classmate who took the same high school entrance exam but I wasn't interested in who it was.

Apparently it was suzara but I had no recollection of helping her at all you used to be very kind Yagami you were kind to all kinds of people and I'm one of them in junior high I was plain and people around me made fun of me but when I was isolated you approached me and told me to be friends with you the memory of those days came back to me.

Faintly when she told me that I saw a girl crying alone on the rooftop and called out to her but we didn't interact that much and I began to reject the people around me and I had erased that girl from my memory if we were in the same Junior High School you would know I'm the one that people don't like why would you you.

Changed because of your friends right the friends who were jealous of you got a girl to date you and then betray you that's what changed you as if you were a different person it was an abominable past for me I was T by my parents to be kind to everyone and even to be good-natured I was taken advantage of at.

Times but it made me popular people who were jealous of that trampled on my heart I learned my lesson and stopped trusting people I coldly shunned those around me and only trusted myself whatever the reason I'm still a cold person why should I still have any reason to be light I want to save you yagam meun you saved me before so so now.

It's my turn I know that you are actually a very kind person it's none of your business I don't remember saving you in the first place you became my friend didn't you I'd completely forgotten about it but I was happy nonetheless you might not understand but the presence of someone who reaches out to you when times are.

Tough is a great source of emotional support because you reached out to me then I was able to do my best I made an effort and changed the people around me wouldn't make fun of me suzara then and suzara now are completely different one of the reasons why I didn't recognize her as someone I had contact with back then is probably.

Due to the fact that she changed anyways I'm not in any trouble even though you're talking about saving me are you going to keep staying to yourself yagam meun of course that's too lonely I think it's hard for you to trust people because of that betrayal I'll never betray you yagam mikun I promise I'll always be by your.

Side it's a little late to be saying this but it's not like I like you or anything I brought you to my house to scare you as punishment for your fake confession but I'm not going to do anything more to you it's just a nuisance even if you follow me around I already knew you were joking when you said you liked me but I really.

Mean it when I say I like you yagam meun even if you don't like me I want to stay close are you trying to turn into some kind of stalker I don't care what you think I Won't Give Up suzuhara kissed my cheek how can you do that you were scared of me until now because I wanted you to know I was serious you're a.

Sucker I was just stunned suzuhara followed me around every day after that even though I treated her coldly she didn't seem to mind I observed suzu hara's daily life and found that she was well-liked by everyone around her she said that she learned from me in the past being too nice is only going to hurt when people.

Betray you even if that happens I'll be fine as long as you're here yagam meun I respect what you've done so far and I'm proud to be doing the same thing suzara reminded me little by little of feelings I'd forgotten suah hara's presence also made me feel comfortable spending time with someone else no not someone else I was.

Comfortable because it was suzara I looked at suzu hara's face as she walked next to me I didn't want to admit it but Sahara's presence was growing inside me what's wrong staring at my face I'm just wondering how you can stay with me so long without getting bored because I like you Yagami kin I'll.

Always be with you suzuhara saying that with a smile made me blush for a moment I wonder how long that feeling will last I said as if covering up my own feelings then suzara leaned in closer to my arm what are you doing nothing suzara looked somewhat happy it's embarrassing to be honest but if it's suzara I can trust.

Her I want to tell her I like her someday and cherish this time my name is kakami junichi I'm 26 just a normal employee this hamburger stick is delicious I'm glad you like it I'm relieved to see Mio eating well Mio is a 7-year-old girl who lives with me Mio isn't my child she's actually my brother's daughter after my brother and.

His wife went into debt due to a business failure they fled leaving moo behind none of the relatives wanted to look after her because they saw her as a nuisance so I made the decision to take custody of Mio she isn't my bi biological child but I treat her as if she were my own you got sauce on your face thanks JY after a late dinner I.

Help her take a bath and get her ready for bed once she's sound asleep I finish the chores like dishwashing and before I know it it's midnight I admit doing everything on my own can be difficult at times maybe it's because of my situation I've been making a lot of careless errors at work lately Co Kami Senai there is a mistake in the document.

Again I'm terribly sorry I'm sure I've pointed this out to you before I'm truly sorry I'll be more careful next time this is kenzaki utaka she's 3 years my junior she's a cool Beauty but she gives off a cold Aura and to be really honest I don't like her that much there are rumors that she hates men so I think that may be why she's unfriendly no I.

Really hope that's the reason you always say that I'm getting sick of hearing the same old lines get off my back but I am in the wrong please get it together Miss kenzaki sighed deeply and walked away I went to the sales department with the materials I received from the senior staff oh isn't that Miss shigaki walking from the other side was.

Shigaki Koka who works in the sales department Miss shigaki was a bright and Lively woman who is well liked not only by male but also by female employees furthermore her sales results are said to be consistently high due to her friendly and sociable personality perfect timing I'll just hand over these documents to miss.

Shikaki miss shikaki huh Mr kakami how long have you been standing there why are you so surprised by me I can't believe she didn't notice me until now uh um I'd like you to give this envelope to Mr sakuragi in the sales department I'm sorry I can't because today is a meteor will rain down on you.

If you hold an envelope day please excuse me ah wait and there she goes the world would end in seconds of holding an envelope caused a meteor shower my desk was piled high with papers by the afternoon not sure how to put it but I'm not very good at working efficiently that's why in the end I'm unable to complete everything on time sorry to.

Interrupt your work but do you have a moment miss jinguji this is jinguji fuka she's a soft and fluffy Beauty known for her gentle demeanor and affability you always react as if you're seeing a monster whenever you see me my apologies I didn't mean to offend you I promise that's not how I see.

You hi m joking more importantly you know why I'm here don't you uh about the data right correct were you able to complete it actually I'm only halfway through you are aware that the deadline has passed correct I do but I had other things to do I promise I'll have it ready by tomorrow no need please send me the data.

So that I can finish the rest of it huh but otherwise won't be able to move forward on my end I'm very sorry I understand you have a child and that things at home are difficult but please try to do better there are many people in a similar situation to you who are maintaining their work performance I'm truly.

Ashamed scolded again that night I washed the dishes as I reflected on the events of the day for some reason I'm despised by the three blossoms of Alice I'm sure my incompetence plays a part in it kenzaki utaka shigaki Koka and jingui fuka are collectively known as the three blossoms of Alice the three were of the same age.

And have been a Hot Topic since their first year at the company due to their looks and appearance rumor has it that they each have their own fan clubs within the company in any case no more screw-ups I need to be on their good side it appears that upper men mement also favors the three blossoms of Alice so displeasing.

The trio may result in termination in order to provide for Mio Chan I must prevent that from ever happening you got this me I can do it if I put my mind to it is what I'd like to believe one day neochan and I were picking up trash on the beach on my day off my company has recently begun volunteering on holidays to give back to.

The community participation was voluntary but there were were rumors that it was related to performance evaluation so there was a surprising number of participants because my work evaluation was low I decided to participate in order to gain a few more points as well oh kakami Senpai you're here too I assumed you'd be too.

Preoccupied with caring for your child to participate you poor child being forced by Daddy to volunteer picking up trash is boring right not really I enjoy it because I'm a junichi why don't you let your dad call you by your name junichi isn't my daddy he is my.

Uncle Mio is my older brother's daughter she's currently in my care due to circumstances what what what in other words you mean you aren't married uh yes although I am in a single father kind of situation oh that means kawakami Senpai is available right if so there has been no talk of him dating.

Any of the company's employees so he should be available I thought he was married to think he was single then that means once in a lifetime chance Mr kakami would you like to pick up trash with me I was thinking we could get some food afterwards too of course with.

Mean uh um I was perplexed by the sudden offer hey Kuka that's unfair the early bird gets the worm utaka Chan that's just cheating why don't the three of us go to a cafe together Mr kakami the shop has delicious parfait so I'm sure Mian will enjoy it fuka how dare you take advantage of the moment if you're going.

To be be like that then hey hey no fair guys me too you can't win with size alone what really matters is the shape and balance my birthday is later than these two which means I'm youthful hey what are you guys fighting over wow Chichi you are so popular is this what they call a herum don't say something weird please you three let go.

Of me already I have something to do after this so please excuse us what's gotten into them all of a sudden they used to be on my case every day I don't understand what's going on when I arrived at work the next day the three blossoms were waiting for me good morning Mr kawakami how are you doing today I made you a cup of coffee since I.

Figured you'd be starting work soon if you ever get stuck please feel free to ask me for help uh um did I do something you guys have been acting weird since yesterday no you've done nothing wrong right UD takach Chan and fuka Chan yes you've done nothing wrong Mr kawakami yeah we've always been this way anyways Mr kawakami Senpai is struggling.

As a new dad right I'd like you to consider choosing me to be Mio's mother I want to run to be Mio Chan's mother too I want to become Mio Chan's mother too why is everyone competing to be Mio's mother figure their gaze is making me uncomfortable oh no I I have to take this document to the seniors I grabbed.

The papers on my desk and ran something's definitely not right could it be that they want to marry me for the insurance money if that's the case they're terrifying a few days later I got a cold and had to stay in bed how could I to catch a cold at a time like this I was stiff and couldn't move.

Freely I somehow managed to cook something for moo but that was the extent of my abilities Chey I made instant soup so drink it here you go on moo I'm so sorry F you promise not to be like this where do you learn that kind of line at that moment the doorbell rang a guest I'll get it when I opened the door.

I was shocked why are you guys here what happened to work we got paid leave so we could help nurse you you fell over so work is the least of our worries everything is okay now that we are here just leave the rest to us yes yes Mr hakami should get a good rest with that being said coming.

Through wait a second after the three of them guided me back to the futon they proceeded to do the chores around the house I made porridge so please try it thank you I'm happy but this is so embarrassing oh my your face is red are you okay maybe your fever has gotten worse Miss G GUI closed in towards my face fuka what are you.

Doing don't tell me you guys are kissing kiss oh heavens no it's way too early for that yet yet implies that you intend to do it in the near future that's not true what I mean was eventually as we get closer I I mean I just just wanted to check Mr kaak kami's temperature as all H is that.

So then you won't mind if I do as well my heart raced faster indeed his temperature is high it just spiked hey no fair you two let me try too sure Koka go ahead uh uh I think I'm good I don't think my heart can handle anymore listen to.

Why my heart started to break dance I was in total survival mode now oh no he's really hot and I think he's getting hotter For Better or For Worse thanks to me sweating profusely my fever had dropped by Nightfall and I was in a better State the trio tried to stay the night over because they were worried about me but I politely declined after.

All that in itself wouldn't be good for my health all right I'm going to do my best starting tomorrow as I was walking down the hallway at work I noticed the blossoms of Alice the three of them went into the conference room with a serious look on their faces I creeped up against the door shortly after the three entered the room I gathered you two here because.

I had a question for you too what a coincidence I been meaning to ask you guys something too I too as well I believe we are all thinking the same thing you're all curious about why we all like Mr kawakami right as expected fuka you are curious too right Koka yeah I've been wondering for a long time now I feel the same as Miss Koka so who will.

Go first since I called the meeting allow me I used to despise men because they would approached me solely because of my appearance it was the same in this company then one day I was approached by the head of the Personnel Department he threatened to make things difficult for me if I did not agree to become his woman kakami Senpai stepped in and saved.

Me at that precise moment Miss kenzaki closed her eyes while putting both hands on her chest kakami Senpai told him with a Resolute attitude that he won't allow that to happen even after he helped me he never acted entitled he just treated me like normal that was when I fell in love with kakami.

Senpai I vaguely remember something like that Ah that's right after that the head of the Personnel Department lowered my evaluation out of resentment by the way he was forced to retire after being accused by Miss utaka so my evaluation was set back to its original state next is is my turn when I first joined the company there was a time when I took on.

All the jobs that were asked of me because I wanted to help everyone as much as I can but there was a time when I was overwork due to me taking on jobs that I couldn't handle Miss shaki's eyes twinkled as she recalled those days that's when Mr kakami approached me Mr kakami helped me even though he was in a totally different department he even.

Stayed past midnight I think that's when I fell for him huh did that happen aha I remember now I helped the new girl out because she looked like she was having a hard time I didn't know that was Miss shaki if I remember correctly after that I got scolded severely by the section manager for not being able to finish my.

Own work in time I guess I'm last the first time I met Mr kakami was at a small flower bed on the company site Mr kawakami was the one who revived the neglected flower bed the fact that there are flowers blooming there is all thanks to him you know Miss jinguji placed her hands together by her chin and smiled slightly Mr kawakami had such a kind.

Expression when he saw the flowers he had been nurturing for a long time finally Bloom seeing his expression made me realize this person has a kind heart since then I became curious about him and before I knew it I was in love with him Miss jinguji knew about that I was secretly caring for the flowers because I didn't want to be judged for liking it.

As a guy I remember one time I got so carried away that I forgot an important meeting I got an hourong scolding by the chief I see thanks to you two I can reaffirm the goodness of kawakami senpai although his work performance is still terrible yes he is genuine kindness although he is unreliable when it comes to work yep.

I agree even though his way of working is a little uh their compliments don't sound like compliments at all I'm so glad Mr kawakami is single to be honest when I first heard Mr kawakami had a child I was so shocked I started avoiding him I also spoke harshly to him because I thought he was married I understand.

Understand what you mean I also ended up teasing him from time to time turns out they were all cold towards me because they thought I was married it seems like it's not a joke these girls really actually like me but then that means I'll eventually have to choose one of them right there's no way I could do that one day on my day off Mio Chan and.

I were invited by the three blossoms to the amusement park hey everyone let's write that one next neochan be careful don't run too fast it's dangerous Mian looks like she's having a lot of fun I'm glad we came we all tried many attractions we rode on roller coasters merry go rounds.

And even spun around in the teacups the main purpose was to make sure Mi was having fun but I ended up having a good time as well after having a small lunch we headed towards the stage filled with people looks like they're having some kind of event hey Mian come here for a moment what is it Koka sis you see whisper.

Whisper whisper okay leave it C Mi rushed over to me after finishing her discussion with Miss shaki junichi I heard they are having a rock paper scissors tournament the winner gets the newest game console that's why please can you enter the contest really really then I guess it won't hurt to try yay me is rooting for.

You I finished applying on the side of the stage and was guided to the stage by the staff let us begin the kick d couple what kind of Love Story will unfold I kabashima will be your host what I didn't hear anything about this for some reason even the three blossoms are here gen you can do it no oh no don't tell me.

I've been tricked that must mean they want me to choose right it's not that simple what should I do oh ho ho number five has made his way to itto Miki itto Miki seems to be the most popular at the moment let us see who number six will be choosing oh no it's my turn what do I do aha that's it maybe this will work I started walking with the one rose that.

Was handed to me to me uh please accept this I handed the rose to miss ETO who I was meeting for the first time if I give it to her I'm sure I'd lose since the other candidates are all better looking than me then I should be able to escape the situation I was too naive it right there and a.

Record-breaking holding right there call from the ladies or over three ladies at the same time I feel something Brewing what are you playing at how dare you choose someone other than the three of us I can understand you choosing Miss Koka or Miss fuka but to choose some random woman what are you thinking I refuse to accept you choosing someone.

Other than one of us besides you need to choose Me Senpai right Miss Ura I will not stand to hear that he is choosing me Mr kakami wants me can't breathing please give me a break the unexpected development caused a commotion in the audience ladies and Gentlemen please settle down please remain calm and.

Settle down we will be taking a short break after a while the situation calms down and my earlier confession was deemed invalid I was made to start over and was required to choose one out of the three girls ladies and gentlemen thank you for your patience now without further ado let us restart the confession time uh I.

Like all three of you that's why I want to go out with all three of you the crowd roared as if to match my screams the answer is so like you but this is fine for now I'm fine with it too I started thinking it wasn't so bad after all I'm totally okay with it too I'm just glad to know that you don't hate me I'm sorry I could only give you.

Such a sloppy answer please don't apologize we all know that your feelings for us is true it's as Koka says you said it yourself so please have more confidence it's all right others may not understand but all that matters is that we do an unexpected turn of events to think that the three goddesses with such a big heart would.

Have descended into this world please give a big round of applause for the future happiness of these goddesses thunderous Applause erupted at the same time as the announcement before I knew it the event ended with a great success after that incident my living situation changed drastically here you go say uh next is.

My turn here uh next is my turn turn come on hurry and say ah my stomach but they made it just for me I can't possibly refuse when I started dating the three my worries increased but now I feel a greater sense of fulfillment not many people are fond of this kind of relationship but I try not to let it.

Bother me because my feelings for all three of them are genuine afterwards Mio Chan suggested we do something that blew my mind but that's a story for another time my name is Sono II I'm a third-year high school student who's currently skipping class and spending fourth period on the roof the rooftop is a.

Restricted area but anyone can enter Because the lock is broken oh fourth period is over I better get back before I get in trouble but it feels so good here maybe I'll stay a little longer I laid back down again and closed my eyes wake up Sono wake up haawa what's with that reaction this is.

Yukina hayakawa she has long black hair that's well-kept a nice face and excellent style to top it off she's very clever she's like the Madonna of our school she also happens to be the student council president why the heck are you here isn't this area restricted I could ask you the same thing as student body president I've.

Been tasked for checking whether any students have been trespassing on the rooftop but Sono you don't have any permission to enter here do you why are you here in this restricted area I wonder what does it matter give me a break H I don't know maybe I'll report this why bother it's not like it'll Merit you in any way perhaps not but I.

Could probably use this to my advance manage for something else what do you mean by that if you promise to listen to everything I have to say I might let you go what if I report you you'll be labeled as a class skipping Problem Child they might assign you to a special discipline so what will it be will you do as I say or get disciplined playing.

Dirty aren't you the one at fault for being here in the first place I'm telling you I'll let you go if you do as I say if anything I'm being really generous here and what is it you want me to do exactly don't tell me I have to do more than one of course I have only one wish and that favor is for you to be appointed as the vice president of the.

Student body Council huh of course I won't burden you with any important tasks then what the heck are you forcing me to do I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend huh what are you talking about how rude of course not I've been confessed to a lot recently and it's become quite bothersome so you want me to act as your boyfriend so that people.

Won't try to confess to you indeed so what do you think well if it's not too difficult then fine then it's settled please sign your name here all right all right why isn't there a vice president already there were no applicants for the position I'm sure you were absent that day as well so you were unaware of it zero applicants dang this school is full.

Of slackers huh why me couldn't you have asked someone else I've known you since middle school plus I got your weakness why hasn't it rained today h what a shame the weather forecast calls for Sunshine all week after school please come to the council room you have no plans.

Right hey don't just assume that well do you have any plans I mean no but then it's fine what are you making me do I don't want to do it if it's going to be a pain actually I was asked to meet with someone after school and I'm sure it's another confession so I want to show them I have you as a boyfriend and make him give up on me for.

Good they're not going to hurt me are they I can't be too sure about that but what for now please just meet me after school remember if you don't I will report you yes yes I heard you this should be it right huh I guess she isn't here yet this is my first time in the student council room but but it's very neat and.

Tidy huh oh you actually came good job so what exactly do you need me to do you don't have to do anything right now for now just wait for me to finish my work that's all your job is to help me after my work you're not required to do anything right now you can use your phone if you want I'll turn the Blind Eye just for you a very lenient.

President you are I heard you were very strict that's just what people assume because of the way I look I don't mind what's this mountain of papers for you don't recognize these papers no I think you've been missing too many classes at this rate you'll end up having to take extra lessons you know.

No need to worry about that I actually have a grasp of all the classes I've missed at least you are responsible enough to do that uh how long will it take you to finish everything this is a document where you can write down which club you'll be joining I'm only going to be entering names so if I hurry it.

Shouldn't take long how many are there there are as many as the number of students in the school but because some students do not attend I do not know the exact number are you sure you'll be able to finish it right away I don't have much of a choice can't have you waiting on me forever is there another computer around.

Here huh there is but what are you going to do with it where is it you can use a computer over there as long as you don't do anything fishy with it I'll take half then huh wait a minute you'll finish faster if we just do it together but but it's fine I have nothing to do anyway I might as well help you finish it so we can go home.

Early right you're not wrong but are you sure I'm saying it's fine thanks your real help I'm finally done I just finished too hey have you been doing this on your own all this time yeah since the students are very busy with their own work and other students aren't in charge of this so the vice president is.

Actually supposed to assist me but we don't have one so it can't be helped ah I see and call me if you need any help huh I don't have any friends or anything to do so I'm bored every day Sono you're actually a really nice guy huh not really all right let's go home yeah oh before that you need to fulfill.

Your role remember that's right I'm counting on you ah Yukan you really waited for me this whole time huh anyways who's that guy next to you oh Sono is I have something to say to yukina son so buzz off hey you're about to confess to her right uh so what it's got nothing.

To do with you but it does after all I'm going out with her what you've got to be kidding me right you it's not a lie it is but it is what it is sorry let's go iy that was some great acting you're overexaggerating oh and one more thing when you were pretending to be my boyfriend please call me yukina instead.

Of hayakawa okay okay you're really a great help thank you see you tomorrow one week after becoming vice president yukina called saying she needed help with something immediately Sono are you almost finished on your end almost sorry I was suddenly asked to do this but it appeared to be a lot of work.

So it's fine I'm the one who told you to call me if you needed any help anyway I'm done on my end so I'll help you now that's fine I just finished wow you worked fast yes I was wrong about you hey Sono are you free tomorrow yeah why why don't we go shopping for a change of pace we could also take a break since we had a lot of.

Work to do wouldn't it be better to just relax at home a don't be like that fine I'll rephrase it go on a date with me huh why a date because your job is to be my fake boyfriend right it's only natural emphasis on fake if you don't then I'll have to report you about you know what I was semi forced to go shopping.

With haawa the next day I was currently awaiting her arrival thanks for waiting did you wait long yeah a while normal people say I just got here too yeah yeah let's go already hey so what's on the agenda I have a lot planned should I list them all no thanks I'll just follow you then first things first hey hey which outfit do you think.

Looks better on me m maybe the black one would suit you more all right I'm going to try it on so wait for me a little okay what do you think uh maybe the brown one you showed me earlier is better which is it guess I'll try that one as well wait right here then so never mind the one before looked.

Better really you fine I'll choose the other one I want to watch this oh I've heard about this isn't it quite popular right now there are plenty of movies that are in right now let's just watch this all righty what flavor do you prefer Sono H for what the popcorn isn't popcorn a must have in movie.

Theaters I don't really have a flavor I like in particular then I'll choose my favorite caramel I've been meaning to visit this Cafe then you should have I was busy okay the pancakes here are said to be super fluffy and delicious excuse me can I have this pancake set how about you Sono I guess.

I'll get the same thing make that too please understood hey hey how was that movie I haven't been to a movie theater in quite some time so it was quite imp impactful I meant what do you think about the film itself wasn't the cat really adorable you like cats yep I love cats and dogs thank you for waiting please enjoy wow.

It's so fluffy and it looks so good it's fluffier than I imagined let's hurry and dig in so good you're right this is really good right I'm so so glad we came we should go again what's wrong aren't those boys from our school.

Really hey what's gotten into you all of a sudden to show that we're dating isn't it more convincing if we hold hands no need to go that far just do it all right this is my first time holding hands with a girl it makes me feel strange and nervous I think they're gone so you can let go now hayakawa huh right.

Sorry so is there anywhere else you would like to go um it's quite a walk are you okay with that that's fine thanks then follow me you really wanted to see the ocean really I don't really think so H well it does for me okay um Sono I have something to talk to you about talk about what um first thank you for accompanying me today and um I want.

To end this fake relationship we have huh are you sure won't you get confessed to again no that's not what I mean I just want to stop pretending huh what do you mean I want us to be a real couple what don't tell me am I being confessed to right now what I'm saying is I want to go out with you for real huh why me how should I put.

It I feel calm around you as if I'm at ease not only that but you're a really nice guy who works hard oh man hearing this in person is a little embarrassing I don't want to have any regret so I'm confessing to you right now so so so what your reply is it a yes or a no I mean if you're okay with someone like me I guess are you sure you won't.

Regret going out with me there's no way I'd be sorry it must be you also from now on why don't we try to address each other by our first name right iy okay yukina I'll be in your care ety uh yeah since we're here shall we go for a swim no a but we came all this way.

We better get going it's getting dark all righty let's go back what you scared me why we're a couple now so holding hands is normal I mean I didn't say you can't but hey iy huh what's up yukina can you help me with the school documents again today too yeah I get a lot of work this time around it should settle down.

Soon all right thanks see you after school at the student council room uh iy so what do you need help with last time was for the club right this time is listing the names of the committee members so just do it like last time then shall we get started what's wrong nothing what is it nothing nothing usually means.

Something's bothering you shut up it's nothing all right if you say so I want here you wanted me to sit next to you shut up it's fine isn't it I didn't say it's not finished h finished yeah perfect timing you finished too hey do you have time after this I do why don't we go on an after.

School date after school date sure yay it's our first official date I love you iy I'll probably be clocking out late today how about you NATO me I'll be heading home after killing some time somewhere doing something so oh yeah I'm akato higer an employee for an IT company working for 5 years well right in front of me is ayahi natoi I started.

3 years earlier making me her Senpai so there should be a basic air of seniority a dignified sort of impression I give off however that's not the case so yeah our year end party starts at 8:00 p.m. make sure you'll be there Pronto okay yes understood okay see you later then right now if you'll excuse.

Me wow dude you're casually holding a convo with nagatomi huh why say that she's a real Beauty but always has that Sullen look on her face I'd never guess what's on her mind would you h i wonder well it's not our place to assume things based on her looks right if you ask me she always gets the job job done.

Flawlessly that's all we need the one thing bothering me however is everybody stares at her whenever I give her instructions for the next task H true that might be the case h true that might be the case well talking to a pretty girl of that caliber you're bound to get stares of jealousy from everybody they're really envious of.

You hey the same goes for you my man I thought most male employees here were already married weren't they yeah a convo with a real Beauty I'd say there's always extra space we can squeeze that in the heck was that what I'm saying is everybody just wants to talk casually with nagatomi you meeting her elsewhere outside work.

That's absurd you know I haven't even had a drink or two with her but yeah that's what I'd expect you being her senior I bet she even has a boyfriend at the moment yeah now that that you say it finding out that a beauty like her has no boyfriend now that's bizarre I'd reckon she's that clingy type in front.

Of her boyfriend right yo cut that out you and your weird imagination I'm kind of curious though there you go yeah yeah now could you quit bugging me with all this nonsense go work your ass out till the year- end party starts without further Ado let's get started and while it still might take up to a week before we complete are.

Deliverables I'll go ahead and say this this year was fantastic great job everyone cheers to a great 20124 wonder why they chose today for our year-end party yeah plus Christmas should be here by next week too they probably thought everyone would just say no and so doing it earlier might be the best H right I turned down their.

Invitation too if it was on Christmas would you do the same if this was on Christmas nagatomi I won't mind I'll participate as always Christmas is just another weekday uh yeah exactly so nagatomi probably no boyfriend nah people crying it to your own personal business is really.

Bothersome she probably just wants to keep this conversation going so higer would you be participating if this was on Christmas yeah I'd still probably join I mean there's nothing to do anyways obviously killing the vibe just because you're still single not cool man I'd be more than happy to introduce you.

To my wife's friends though huh are you okay nagatomi uh nothing nothing's wrong carry on really all right then by the way Senpai what type of girls do you like that's a good one yeah higer I'm interested too you too just why man you've got all these things going good for you but you got no game.

Really makes me wonder why so your type go on H the gentle caring kind something like that man too abstract anything else nah listening to my ramblings is just way too boring right Naga told me this Topic's pretty boring agree no not really seriously I'd say it's boring enough to take your mind off you're even now glued to your.

Notepad I'm fine don't Minds me well if you say so huh nagatomi are you taking notes about him okay next question would you prefer someone younger older none of those matter much to me age doesn't really matter I'd say their personality is much more important right certainly so I see so that means you're not picky.

About women well that sounds kind of bad when you put it that way so everybody I see you're enjoying the night my apologies for the interruption but may I have everyone's attention please we'll be having a bingo game in a few minutes look we're having a bingo dude things were just getting.

Interesting and so we played Bingo where I bagged myself the third prize higer what was your prize a dog translator device dude do you even have a dog nah I don't own any what are these weren't they supposed to pick prizes that would satisfy most people here well a number of organizing committee members do own dogs so they chose these prices in hopes.

Of bagging one themselves am I right I kind of get it I mean the organizing committee had a lot on their hands buying all this and stuff we could at least let them choose the prizes they want no harm done couldn't agree more so what are you going to do with that uh well it'd be a waste throwing it away so I'm going to try.

Using it you're going to use it and how humor me Kato what was the most embarrassing moment of your life why all of a sudden huh no response figures dude there's 's no way in hell that works on me my man's probably had too much to.

Drink not true at all I just want to give it a shot do you think this works on people as well Naga toldi Hig do you honestly believe that we don't even know if that thing even works accurately on dogs a you're such a cute s usually calm and Collective when it comes to work but now you getting piled up over toy being.

All adorable no fair you meanie what's wrong Hig uh no uh nothing wrong at all what the hell is this this device is displaying something Naga toldi would never utter in her life um anyway I'll try it again just to confirm things Naga toldi what do you think of.

Me what's gotten into you suddenly you're a senior figure capable of getting the job done why I feeling like you obviously oh I really want to marry you like right now if that's too much to ask I think not that bad too this confirms my hunch somehow this thing reacts to nagat tomi's voice no that's impossible.

But let me give it one more try uh nagatomi I'd like you to check this out uh did you get anything huh that just now that's a voice I've never heard before from nagatomi just a double check this one's probably got it all wrong right isn't that obvious me thinking of you hi gray in such a matter is just.

Down right silly as I thought huh you have that sort of flustered look on your face did you drink too much nagatomi that might be the case hold on let me have at it too nagatomi then took the dog translator device away from me what does hi think of me well well you're one who takes.

Their job seriously I'd see a great kohai of mine I see yep so did it react to my voice no it's all blank yeah this one's just your usual toy here you can have this back jeez I really thought I was about to hear his true feelings but sadly uh come again it was nothing.

Please don't mind me huh could it be she's a bit upset over this all right then last question I'm sorry for upsetting you is there anything I could do so you'd feel better no need for that I'm not really upset over anything uh yeah is this for real um would you like to hang out.

Somewhere of course this depends entirely on you nagatomi if you insist I'll be willing to Am I Dreaming Senai just invited me off the spot what oh I really love you could I really put my faith in this thing luckily tomorrow's a day off for me so uhuh okay tomorrow's decided then affirmative I probably wasn't in a good.

Mood because of the party and thanks to that I somehow got to ask nagatomi on a date the next day should I bring this would be a great conversation starter plus you never know if This Thing Really Works no might be a bad idea now that I think about it I shouldn't be relying on this device I'll use my own wits to make this date.

Interesting no I just arrived here so there's no need to apologize I haven't decided where to go yet is there somewhere you'd love to visit if so I'm fine with visiting the places you often frequent too huh right but those places aren't that interesting if you ask me I'm okay with that sure gotcha and so we went to the cafe I.

Habitually go to on my days off they serve great coffee and chocolate cakes here I really like them too so I relax here once in a while I see then I'll be ordering both sure got it I'll go ahead and order this okay this is good really glad you're enjoying it um is he genuinely happy nagatomi.

Always has that aloof expression on her face so I can't decipher if she's enjoying this or not after unwinding here for a bit I go to places such as bookstores music stores and the like we'll go to those then you sure that would be fun still I was unsure visiting these would be a good idea but we still went.

Ahead for the bookstore as well as the music store uh so yeah seems like I just took you along to go shop with me not at all I'm glad I was able to visit the places you frequent too really that's good to know huh I wonder if that's truly the case she doesn't seem all that happy to me wow me talk about acting cool I.

Should have brought that dog translator device all along I want to know nagat tomi's true feelings well then I guess shall we go home right it's going to be dark soon make sure to get home safe okay yes uh aren't you going to ask me for another date well it's really not my place to be asking you that but can I I.

Mean today's date was an utter disaster that's not true I may totally look indifferent however I we had lots of fun seriously really I won't mind you using that translator device if you'd like to double check on things did you not bring that.

Today yeah not even sure if that gadget's even reliable I wanted to learn more about you nagatomi without relying on that device is that so as expected you're that he dedicated as always probably just stubborn or yeah just pigheaded not really I think that's one.

Of your positive traits hik you need to be more confident uh wow thanks hearing you say that I'll make sure to be proud of these traits if you weren't there in the first place I would have doubts whether or not to continue working at the company huh why you're really good at doing your job though well I can now.

Keep up with work but could barely manage at all on the onset on top of that I was not good at expressing my emotions too I got snart comments like why does a newbie like her always look so Sullen right you did get such remarks now that I remember it yeah however you were always willing to support me in.

Many things and because you'd always check up on me I somewhat managed to make it all the way here huh I've never thought of it that way that's just me working like a madman that's all there is to it but I'm really glad I was have helped you so yeah I may be unlikable unsociable but I'm always thankful for.

You Senpai and I really like you huh wow thanks hearing this straight up to my face is kind of embarrassing that's why today was really fun I got to know all sorts of things about you hi nice to hear that thanks all right we're going to go to spots you want to visit on our next date huh well I'd love to know more.

About you nagatomi so if you say so higer then I promise to show you around my favorite spots this time sure looking forward to it I'm glad I ditched my plan to bring that translation device learning things through that device just isn't the same I'm way happier with this so after that.

We'd meet and go out on our days off this became sort of our usual routine at first we visited each of our favorite spots but after some time we got a knack of which dating spot spots were perfect for us oh Hig where's our next destination H how about this one over here looks good she seems happy just.

Noticed recently that even if she's still uses these same words I kind of get what she really means I'm probably getting the hang of it uh um our next date's going to be the fourth right yep that's correct so you've been going out on a date with me three times um that means you don't dislike me.

Right yep of course I don't dislike you I like you you like me I do since before there wasn't a single thing you've done that made me dislike you wait could this mean okay would you go go out with me yes I would love to you're handing a quick and simple yes yeah I like you too nagatomi and since you're a bit shy I.

Kind of read the atmosphere already all along you were about to flop however you casually blurted that confession as you can see even I didn't realize you noticing such things why can you read me so easily I probably owe it all to these dates we had then little by little I had a knack.

On how to understand you better um I'm happy to hear that ah that just right now you're flustered right well you already got me there was no need for you to ask that again my bad sorry it was hard to understand her without relying on the translation device at first but now.

Even if we threw that thing away I'd say we'd do just fine without it I'm a so-called dll High School senior who doesn't really like to stand out so I spend my recess time quietly reading novels like this but it's not that I don't have any friends I actually do I'm not trying to be vain but hi anata her name is shizuku nanami my.

Childhood friend and I'd say my only friend she has long beautiful brown hair an idol likee figure and a great Style by all accounts she's a beautiful girl and the school Madonna guess what we made a new menu item for the cafe and I want you to be the first to try it so can you come to the cafe tomorrow shizuku's family runs.

A cafe and many of the dishes on the menu were created based on her suggestions it's Hinata's favorite mango parfait seriously uhuh but sorry I have a part-time job tomorrow what really what time do you end um I'll be done by 400 p.m. can't you come by afterwards if you're okay with it.

Sure okay I'll be waiting at the cafe see you tomorrow H sis aren't you late huh late to what what do you mean didn't you say you had a date with your boyfriend today yeah but I've been feeling really sick since last night so I asked him to reschedule.

Today's date for another time oh well let me know if there's anything you want me to get you like nutritional supplements or something thanks thank you you're not aun it's almost time go clock out oh okay oh I wonder if my sister sent me anything oh she did let's see nutritional drinks ice cream and what.

And a pregnancy test kit wait you were sick this morning because no there might be a possibility I need to buy it and get home I told him I'd wait for him at the cafe but I couldn't wait so I came to pick him up it's actually the first time I've gone to see Hinata when he's working his shift oh but I I guess he's.

Already done I thought I'd get to see him working I should have left a little earlier all right I've got the drinks and the ice cream now all I need is a pregnancy test kit there it is it's this one right what wait that's a pregnancy test kit right but why canata could it be that he has a.

Girlfriend and she in his senior year of high school I guess there are some people in high school who get pregnant so inata has a I think I'll go home oh could it be I'm not sure yet but my sister asked me to get some I see I hope it's good.

News yes it's been another hard day at my part-time job but the thought of eating the new mango parfait at shizuku's Cafe is enough to make my fatigue go away I could just go to shaku but I better take this to my sister first I'm back sis I got what you asked for thanks little brother you told me to.

Get a pregnancy test kit but I don't know yet but I think there's a good chance I see I'm going to shizuku's right now so go back to bed if you're still not feeling well I know have fun with shizuku I'll see you later welcome oh h Ain hello wait a second I'll get shizuku okay thank you hi hanata thanks.

For coming no thanks for inviting me have a seat I'll get it ready yeah shaku is acting a little strange they're not the type of family to fight and I've never heard of shizuku fighting so maybe she's just down but why sorry to keep you waiting wow looks so good thanks I'd love to get your feedback on how it tastes of.

Course it's delicious it's so good shizuku really thanks I'm so glad you said that I'm sure your customers will be happy and say it's delicious too she's smiling but it's a fake smile even if I ask her if something's wrong she'll just say it's nothing and won't tell me what should I do I don't want to see shizuku like this if that's the.

Case hey are you free tomorrow huh if you're free tomorrow and don't have any plans we can go to the new Cafe that just opened you know that Cafe in front of the station you wanted to go to a while ago are you sure yeah I want to go too then let's go okay I'll pick you up tomorrow around 10:00 okay you'll pick me up.

Even if we meet at the train station we're going to have to go through here anyway uh I guess I'll have you pick me up then yeah oh you should have some too I'll get you a spoon it's okay I'll get my own it's fine it's fine here thanks she seems a little more energetic than before but still not too energetic yeah it's good she's forcing a.

Smile eat lot okay yeah wait hanada are you going somewhere today too that's unusual is it shizuku Chan yeah we're going to the cafe in front of the station oh it's a date why don't you go on a date with your boyfriend too sis work is busy so it's hard to go I see oh by the way I got.

Pregnant what I had a feeling I was don't say something like that so casually well well just go enjoy your date well well uh um uh I'll see you later then oh good morning hakin you're here for suzuku yes we're going out for a bit wait a sec I'll go get her right now thank.

You sorry for the wait hey shaku looks so cute and stylish today what do you think of my my outfit I just bought it you look great really I'm glad let's go then shizuku is as listless as yesterday it's not like she's never had bad days but only when she gets bad test scores although her bad test scores are high from my.

Standards maybe I should have asked shizuku's mom looks really fancy but there's not much of a line yeah maybe it's just the time of day shall we go in then welcome please call us when you decided on your order yes huh not only the exterior but the interior is also really stylish yeah maybe I'll make my place like this.

Too I like your Cafe better though really I'm not sure I'd feel at home in a place like this although of course some people might like it thanks I'm glad to hear you say that oh what should we order hm what do you want hanata I'm torn I had a parfait yesterday so I think I'll have this happy pancake today you love sweets.

Don't you you love sweets too right then I'll have the same one as you okay what do you want to drink I'll have a melon cream soda I'll have that too excuse me ah can I take your order um two happy pancakes and two melon cream sodas please thank you thanks for the parfait yesterday I.

Was going to pay the bill after eating the parfait but her mother said it was a free service because it wasn't a product yet so I was treated to a parfait so are you thinking about the next one yet thank you for waiting here's the happy pancake and a melon cream soda thank you wow look how fluffy they are yeah I've never seen such.

Fluffy pancakes I'm glad she shaku back to her normal self again whatever happened I'm glad we came here today then let's eat oh wait a sec can I just take a picture first yeah you can take as many as you want thanks okay got.

Itas um delicious so fluffy you should try some too hin yeah yum delicious I want to make fluffy panc takes like these you can make it too you make so many delicious dishes after all shizuku not only comes up with new dishes but Cooks them too you think so I've eaten a lot of.

Your cooking I know if you say so I'll do my best look forward to the new menu yeah I'll be right back for the next one I'll let you try it first next time too M it was delicious yeah let's come and again yeah again again but hanata has a girlfriend I'll just be in the way what's.

Wrong oh no it's nothing shizuku looks sad again did I say something wrong again really yeah it's nothing asking her won't help oh yeah is there anywhere else you want to go I mean the train station's right around the corner anything else um but is it okay to be here alone with me oh yeah how about that new shopping mall.

You said you wanted to go to there's a lot of stuff in the mall H I'd like to go there then then let's go I'll have to take full responsibility if I've made shaku feel bad after paying the bill we came to a shopping mall four stations away from the station in front the store that shizuku wanted to go to had an.

Atmosphere that girls seemed to like a lot and I would never go go in there if I wasn't with shizuku Wow look look isn't this cute you're right it suits you shizuku I think this would look great in the store wouldn't it work better in your room than in the store really your room.

Is cute right then I think it's perfect for you maybe I'll put it in my room then thanks for today it was a lot of fun it was a lot of fun for me too she looks better than she did at first but she still looks a little gloomy then hey shuku is something wrong what yesterday too but you've been looking a little.

Down was I like that it's nothing don't worry about it maybe you didn't have much fun today no no I had a really good time today and I got to go places I wanted to go then why well that's because of a heartbreak heartbreak I'm sorry if I made it look like I didn't have a good.

Time today that's not true hey do you want to go out with me again next week and the week after we'll have so much fun the hard feelings will blow away hey Hinata H what's wrong oh do you have plans next week why why are you doing this much for me why because I don't want to see you with a gloomy expression on your face because I love a.

Smiling cheerful shizuku and I know that's just my ego but I can't stand to see you like this you should put your girlfriend first not me what girlfriend she might be carrying a baby right I saw you picking up a pregnancy test kid at the pharmacy I like you I really like you so I was shocked and hurt that you had a girl.

Girlfriend wait wait wait wait you should take better care of her than me wait I'm going to tell you because I think you're mistaken but I don't have a girlfriend what but that time my sister asked me to buy it for her so it's totally your misunderstanding what are you serious.

Yeah my sister told me she was pregnant this morning I was so surprised when she said it so casually so it was all my mistake and why do I do all of this of course it's because I like you shizuku what I like you shizuku I really like you that's why I couldn't leave your gloomy face alone and asked you out today to cheer you up hey shizuku will.

You go out with me are you sure I've caused you so much trouble I don't take it as trouble at all if anything I caused so much trouble too how can I not forgive yours and I want to hear your reply it's yes of course I like you a lot too I'm glad thanks yeah thanks to you too since then we've been going places.

We've laughed a lot and I'm home shizuka and I got married and we're living a happy life together welcome home hey I need to talk to you what a talk yeah you know Hinata you're going to be a father what are you serious yeah we're going to be parents.

Seriously then I'll have to work harder yeah let's both do our best but don't overdo it okay you too then about 10 months later an angel came to our home I'm home welcome home is heina asleep yeah she fell asleep just now she's so tiny and adorable she looks like you shizuku really but her eyes look just like yours.

Don't they she looks like both of us looking at shizuku and H like this I sincerely hope that the three of us can build a happy family together s come here here meet your new mom starting today and your sister Makoto nice to meet you I'm Mikoto huchi huh what I'm Salo kirata my dad remarried.

Recently I'm 17 years old and just about to have a sister the same age as me and now got introduced to her what are you doing here soda I should be asking that this girl which was about to be my sister was my ex whom I broke up last year a year ago here's what happened soda sorry for leaving you here making.

You wait no I'm fine so what's this about on this day Makoto asked me to stay behind after class as she wanted to talk about something um would you go out with me huh I like you I really like you soda so no no I meant my answer not a.

No so that means you're willing to date me if you're talking about me sure sure yay oh I'm so happy thank you soda after that day we went to all sorts of places and hung out past various spots you name it aquarium amusement parks and malls we often went to the cinemar so yeah we did a so yeah we did go on a lot of dates however on that.

Certain day H Christmas Eve is coming shortly but I haven't decided yet which gift should be perfect for Makoto plus this is my first time spending Christmas with her I really need something that would wow her oh I could ask Amari hello soda that's a surprise I.

Could never imagine getting a call from you something bothering you so yeah I want your advice about something no probably a favor of some sort my advice now that's rare of you sure thing so what are we talking about um it'll be Christmas in a few days right sadly I still haven't decided on which present will would be good for.

My girlfriend uh you have a girlfriend yeah I do why why haven't you told me about this now that you say it did I really not share this beforehand to you not yet okay wait so do you have pictures of her yes why oh let me see let.

Me what is she really your girlfriend sure it is no way a cutie like her is your girlfriend girl you're just too cute for soda what's her name just shut up she's Makoto I see Makoto so now you see I still haven't decided on a gift for her yeah deciding which gift that's your.

Call I've been pondering about this since a week ago but can't decide which one passes is good enough oh god really soda okay then are you free by the 23rd the day after tomorrow no plans perfect then we'll meet on the 23rd at the mall to find you your present make sure to keep that day open get.

Me well I really owe you for this thanks Amari knowing it's you soda I mean leaving this to you there's a chance you'd get him Mari something weird I can't stand by and just let that happen right a weird one huh yeah that's why I'm counting on you Okie doie so I'll see you on the 23rd ah soda sorry I'm late oh not at.

All you're even 5 minutes early well I mean it's you soda pop should be okay even if I was a little late okay off we go hey hold on um soda the keychain on that back I gave those both as a gift for soda on his birthday that means this guy it's soda but who is that girl beside him she's.

Even tugging soda Along by her arms what did I just caught them cheating is everything all right Makoto uh it's nothing is it well we better go and get soda his present then okay soda cheating he doesn't seem like the guy who would cheat but earlier no.

Doubt that was soda I couldn't see his face properly but there's no way I M St him the one I like for another person should I confirm things later tonight oh yeah soda how long have you been dating Makoto maybe 7 months you've been dating her that long I really thought it was more of a recent event yep yep and then how far did you.

Two go what do you mean by how far we haven't done anything yet Jee boring care to EXP explain what you mean by Boring um so moving on what is Mikoto into like the things she loves which one Makoto simply loves anything that is cute she's way into these things oh yeah.

There was this thing we grabbed by the arcade it was this cute teddy bear I remember she was really happy after handing that plushy to her H something cute but a teddy bear has a Christmas gift doesn't sound that appealing to me right well this leaves us with that thing if we're talking about gifts this comes to mind right a necklace but we're.

Still in high school giving a necklace is a gift doesn't that sound a bit too fancy for us are you hearing yourself I think necklaces aren't that fancy of a gift even if you're in high school and hey this was for your girlfriend was it not H what kind of necklace should I buy that's entirely on you helping you decide all the way would just be me.

Choosing a present for her and not you soda am I wrong yeah yeah I know I was talking to myself and wa thanks Amari you owe me one this time H treating me with something sounds like a good idea yeah just be reasonable about it look this one seems like a match with Makoto which one oh that's pretty nice so you had the same impression H should.

I go ahead and buy this I thought you were going to dadle and stuff but that was pretty fast well My worry is I might end up being too picky that later on I'll end up aveng she settling for nothing wow asking for your advice morari was really the right de Deion I ended up buying the I ended up buying this awesome.

Gift H someone's calling Makoto hello Makoto something wrong Makoto always texted up for a call before she calls however today was different as she straight up pH me uh so soda did you do something earlier today h today yes I was just wondering what your.

Up to this day by the way soda I think it's best not to share what we did today to the Mikoto what why think about this would Makoto be all smiles if she found out you went out together with me to decide on her gift or you take all the credit finding the perfect present on your own and handing it to Makoto she'd be totally happier with the ladder you.

Sure that's how things work yep yep I'm telling you Makoto is better off not knowing this you catch my drift I was just at the house chilling by the sofa today swear yes well then do you have something you want to share with me something I want.

To share yes something that I should absolutely know so nothing something you should absolutely know I think there's numb right now so that's how it is what's the problem Makoto so soda what's the matter we're over I'll see you around wait hold.

On why would you suddenly break up with me so that was how my story unfolded till now promise dating then breaking up um we're really going to be relative starting today yeah seems like it for now I'll head back to my room okay never thought we'd meet again this.

Way after I broke up with soda I haven't spoken to him even once at school knowing that he cheated on me really took a toll on me I bowled my eyes out I thought I was done for sure with him I was his girlfriend now his sister nevertheless me being soda's own sister feels awkward seriously awkward worse the way I broke up with.

Him is still but no it was soda's fault in the first place but still why do I even this is weird really awkward suddenly being told that we're over and then hanging up without saying a word I haven't talked to her since then my girlfriend now my sister what kind of Miracle my.

Witnessing one more maybe setting things straight with her might be worth a shot I didn't even have the chance to ask why she told me we're over and I'm just really annoyed why she didn't bother explaining why we broke up and not knowing the reason why we broke up too was really bugging me H should I ask her tomorrow nope I should probably do it.

Now yes Mela can we talk for a bit soda um sure what's the matter today was the first time we spoke in a while and I just felt like talking to you for a bit you're not bothering me at all talking about what happened last time may be all sudden and quite awkward so I just want to talk with.

You H is that you remembered it's the teddy bear that you gave me so you still have it is that not okay no not at all I can see you're really taking good care of it just kind of just kind of happy that's all which reminds me this teddy bear was the first thing you gave to me right yep so my first present for.

You had to be a prize who wanted the arcade you don't need to apologize to me I've never felt bad for this in any way huh anything as long as it's from you soda they all make me really happy wow is that so thanks so what happened after that did you start dating somebody every day was pretty the same.

And I'm still not dating anybody I see well how about you are you seeing a new girl um yeah never mind never mind so Makoto yes then remember that day why did you suddenly tell me you're breaking up with me that day I don't really feel like talking about.

It but still okay understand sorry for silly disturbing you at this time well then good night good night soda soda someone's here is he still sleeping answering the door should be fine right hi soda sorry right now soda is this this this girl she's the one he cheated on me.

With how can I help you oh are you soda's sister um I mean right now yes you're cute cute yes I've heard the news from soda like soda says he's having a new sister naturally I was curious so I came down here to check I never thought it would be someone this cute H is something wrong.

Oh wait are you Moto well yes seriously this means you're soda's new sister this this is such a miracle wow so you still knew about me so knowing that you still went for and stole soda away uh um hm yep yes do do you have something you want to.

Share with me H something I want to tell you you're such a cutie are you making fun of me what I would never do something like that that question earlier do you not get a hint why I asked something like that um honestly I don't know what you're talking about right then I'll approach you with.

A different question is there something you want to apologize to me for did I annoyingly do something rude to you this mean that soda did in fact introduce me to her but as his friend what should I do that might have been true and if so she'll see me as a weirdo at that point.

I'm done with this asking her straight up may be the better idea so someone who I dearly love and cherish the most soda you you stole him from me what who me him yes you did I already know all about it Mikoto wait a sec see I really loved soda even now I.

Still think about him hold on I still can't grasp what's going on E it's all because of you just wait wait wait wait could you hold for a sec seriously what did I do Makoto something wrong here there he is soda huh huh Amari what brings you here but that aside for now really you need to do something about this do.

Something about this I don't even know what the hell's going on look Makoto here I have no clue what she's talking about you have no clue about what like she's saying I stole you from her and then I should be apologizing to her about something soda I already know how you're cheating and all that stuff with her huh.

Cheating you're flirting with that girl over there admit it could all this possibly be just a misunderstanding I think you've got it all wrong a misunderstanding look that over there is my cousin Amari Nino you're.

Cousin that reminds me I haven't introduced myself yet and well that dwar went ahead and blurted out things so so does really my cousin I would never do something like stealing more so cheat with him I mean even I would have never guessed soda could get any girlfriend at all rude so so why that day right before.

Christmas Eve I spotted you two by the mall even himari was clinging to your arm soda before Christmas Eve all right we did meet at the mall you're at the mall too Makoto because I was bu your Christmas gift soda I was even totally excited for Christmas Eve too so just why I mean you're right about that part.

Where she grabbed my arm but I don't think we held hands at all well obviously like I'd ever hold hands with you weirdo this dweeb every time you just have to go ahead mumbling those snide comments no I had my doubts at first so why then I called you on that night remember yeah you did you said you were.

Breaking up with me and I totally blanked out that time I asked you what you were doing at the moment and you answered with I was just at the house chilling by the sofa today you totally lied to me about that why did you not tell the truth seeing a scene like that and even lying to me on the phone of course I'd.

Be inclined to believe you were cheating um so probably puts me at fault maybe yours Mari yep I thought that may be you finding out that we went out together to decide on your gift wasn't the best idea I suggested he'd take all the credit finding the perfect present for you on his own would make you way happier and.

So but wait hold on this di went over here too I just can't why you're asking why telling her that we both worked on choosing her presence was a nogo but I'm sure that I your cousin did not forbid you from telling her that we went to the mall I'm really sorry this all happened because I got the wrong idea causing all sorts of problems for you him Maria and.

Soda worse I did something terribly unforgivable to you soda no I should be the one apologizing if I had said things straight from the start this all wouldn't be an issue you should be how about a more sincere apology soda get them on your knees and beg it's a puku too that's way too overboard and oh by the way it's my.

First hearing that you two just broke up I mean I couldn't just casually tell you we broke up right Plus I even did you a favor helping out with her gift you can at least share that to her going back to our topic so Mikoto didn't you say you loved soda dearly and cherish him ow so much wasn't it a you just couldn't give up on him I've.

Doubted you all this time even going far as to think you were cheating on me soda you wouldn't do something like that but still I chose not to put my faith on those words but I mean it was right before my eyes you even lied to me that's why well even knowing that sounded crazy I convinced myself into it and swore to hate you over a million.

Times but I just couldn't do it right now still I'm really in love with you and that is why I'm really happy you were cheating on me uh Makoto so you still liked me after that I do I really love you then are you okay with patching things up huh is Mr understandings are finally all behind and me too I still think of you all the.

Time you do yep so could we be a thing again I mean if you're okay with that Makoto I want to get back together I want to be with you and cut show's over you two love birds could wrap it up yeah any who I won't easily let you off next time you make me to cry got me soda now we're back being lovers and.

Since then the three of us including that hamari often went somewhere just to hang out just like back then we frequently went out on dates misunderstandings were now a thing of the past since we're living under the same roof Tada I Bak some cake just for you soda oh is that for me yep well I kind.

Of heard you mumbling the other day saying you want to eat a cake so thanks Makoto let's dig in together yay while my stepsister she's also My Sweet Home Alabama girlfriend a real Sweet Home Alabama Miracle it was all thanks to this that I had the chance to clear up misunderstandings and enjoy doing.

Mundane things as lovers with a smile on our faces is it good yeah it's awesomely good thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well