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[Manga Dub] She asked me out as a prank, so I pranked her back [RomCom]


I've liked you from a long time ago please go out with me I'm rang Yagami a freshman in high school I was called by my classmate misala suzuhara and she asked me out but I knew this was from a punishment game I happen to overhear a group of girls.

Talking about it so the answer was obvious nonsense why should I go out with a girl I don't even know know your place I'm a dull loner who's looked down upon by everyone around me I know she's trying to get me in the.

Mood and enjoy my reaction but I've decided to humiliate her by rejecting her um I'm sorry I know it's annoying to hear that out of the blue yeah it is annoying don't waste people's time for something like this I said what I had to say and.

Walked away quickly wait suzuhara called out in a hurry behind my back what do you want if you can't go out with me right off the bat how about starting his friends I want you to get to know me I'm not interested.

Don't say that you can't date me because you don't know me right then I want you to get to know me before you decide I'm not going out with her because I know it's a fake confession despite knowing that she's so desperate that it's almost comical I don't know if the punishment is until we establish a relationship.

But I wasn't willing to go that far getting to know you won't change my response I have no intentions of getting friendly with someone else I'm not giving up because I like you yakumikun you can say whatever you want I walked away this time for good.

The next day I went into the classroom sat down fiddled with my phone didn't talk to anyone and spent the day alone as usual morning yakumikin what do you want sudohara approached me as if nothing had happened despite yesterday's incident I wanted to talk to you.

There's nothing to talk about what are your hobbies my hobby is watching movies did you hear what I just said I glared at susuhara getting to know each other not interested at all don't say that we're in the same class.

Now we just happen to be in the same class we don't have a relationship beyond that let's be friends no thanks then a couple impossible I like you so much though I couldn't feel her sincerity even though she said it like that.

I don't know what she's trying to do but this is just a continuation of the fake confession I don't know how far she was going to take this but it was still part of the prank after that suzuhara came to talk to me frequently during break time I would dismiss her by shrugging her off.

Let's eat lunch together I refuse excuse me don't sit down without permission ignored me and started opening her lunchbox how's it in my cooking if you like I can make your lunch next time too no thanks it's delicious try this omelette.

It's good right Suzuka asked hopefully you're confident in this it's not a big deal how come are you a foodie yagamikin if you want to complain try my omelette what is this it's so good even I can make something like this it's not worth eating meals from someone.

Who's a worse cook than you did you make this yet when push comes to shove the only person you can count on is yourself it's only natural to acquire this level of skill you're very dexterous yagamikin I humiliated her with the intention of hurting her Pride but Suzuka seemed to.

Be looking at me with Envy yeah give me kin teach me how to cook next time work on it yourself I'd like to cook with you though I don't intend to teach others you're my friend though who's your friend suzahara still speaks to me in a.

Familiar manner I was just fed up with it let's go home together go home by yourself slip past suzahara and started to walk away but suzahara followed beside me since we're here why don't we take a side trip as a sign of our friendship why should we hang out together I didn't.

Even agree to go home with you I was hoping that this way I could gradually get closer to you yagamikin don't intend to get closer stop walking so close to me but I'm going in the same direction as you what do you want why are you so involved with me it's because I like you of course.

You still say that I was dumbfounded by the way she continued to tell me even though it was obvious that it was a fake confession in the end I was pushed into going home with suzuhara the next day morning again why are you here.

For some reason suzahara was waiting in front of my house I thought we could go to school together how did you find out where I live I secretly followed you you're gonna go that far I didn't think she would go that far so I wasn't watching my back going home together yesterday was a.

Mistake we are a couple so it's only natural that I should come over I don't even recognize you as a friend that's only a matter of time where do you get such confidence what are you planning to do when you go out with me well I'd like to go on dates and flirt a.

Lot with you do I look like I would do that people can change when they fall in love that's nonsense a person who's trying to get me to go out with them for a punishment game doesn't sound convincing talking about love even if you don't understand it now I'm.

Sure I can teach you that love is wonderful how can you say that when you're trying to betray me I wanted to say that but then I thought better of it I thought it would be better if I pretended to be fooled mess her up and then reveal what I knew I felt a desire to get revenge on those who play with people's hearts.

Can you really teach the wonders of love of course then teach me I want you to go out with me what Carl looked surprised when I took her up on her confession you're the one who started saying it right.

That you want to be a couple with me I'll be your boyfriend I mean you you me too Young it's not puzzled why she was asking me that but maybe her goal is to make me fall in love with her I was planning to do a lot of things but if it ends here.

I'll let her go with that yeah I do really why do you doubt because you suddenly changed your mind my feelings swayed because you approached me this much isn't that what they say about love being sudden.

you seem kind of blunt I'm I'm embarrassed you should know that saying things that are aren't even on my mind over here it was natural to have that kind of attitude I see you're embarrassed too.

That convinced her how simple yeah so it's fine right I held hands with suzuhara what it's natural for couples to hold hands isn't it yakumikin you're pretty aggressive suzahara had an embarrassed look on her face.

Since she didn't seem to say it was a prank I decided to gradually make a move on her as planned this much is normal that's right it's normal you said you were going to teach me about love and now you're flustered by something like this no I'm not I'll Teach You How good love.

Is when I challenged her suzuhara seemed to regain her composure we went straight to school holding hands no match for you Yagami kin said that we had lunch together so we ate on the rooftop suzahara ate my omelet and reiterated her thoughts.

You can make it too there's no need to compare with me I want to cook something that'll make you happy it's not so much that I can't eat it so don't be wasteful hmm I can't be satisfied with that I'll make a dish that you'll say is delicious someday I'll be waiting without any expectations.

After finishing lunch I asked susuhara if I could sleep on her lap suzahara was flustered for a bit but agreed to it how's my lap it's pretty nice it's kind of embarrassing really I was trying to be mean towards her but.

What came out of her mouth was unexpected then suzuhara started patting my head what are you doing did you not like it looking at you made me want to pet you do whatever you want I don't know what her intention was but it was comfortable so I decided to let her do whatever she.

Wanted it would be taken as sexual harassment if we weren't a couple but suzahara didn't seem to dislike it do you want to stop by somewhere on our way home let's go on a date you want to come over to my house then all of a sudden.

You came out of nowhere this morning I was just picking you up suzerhara panicked the situation is different now than when she came to pick me up since I accepted her confession and started to put my hands on her she's probably wary that I might do something to her.

As expected it's not worth it to go that far just for a prank this is the end of this relationship or so I thought yeah okay take me to your house suzahara replied with a somewhat determined expression far is she willing to go suzahara accepted even though she knew.

It would be dangerous I don't know her intentions but if she doesn't intend to stop I'll continue too let's go then suzuhara looked nervous as I pulled her hand and headed for home make yourself at home yeah sitting on my bed suzuhara was frozen.

It was as if something was actually going to happen after this I sat down next to suzahara and she shook why are you so nervous because I didn't think this would happen you mean it was more than you expected if you didn't want to you could have just said no.

No I don't mind it's just that I didn't think we'd be doing this so soon so you're saying you came even after knowing what would happen next yeah I hugged suzuhara's shoulder huh so I can do anything I want to you if that's what you want and if you promise to only like me suzahara also put her hands behind my.

Back and hugged me I could feel her grabbing me tightly I suddenly had a certain suspicion in my mind suzahara are you perhaps being harassed what suzahara gave me a confused look as if she didn't understand the intent of my question.

You seem to be getting along well with those people in your class but are you in a weak position or something why do you think that how can you be okay with them doing this to you aren't you giving your body because you couldn't disobey their order wait a second I wasn't ordered to do.

Anything I'm here of my own will even though you confessed to me as a punishment suzukara's eyes widened in surprise when I uttered those words how do you I just happened to overhear you talking if you're going to talk like that be.

Careful zuzuhara looked really sorry if you're going to apologize don't do this from the start so why did you do this I know you won't believe me but I actually like you yagamikin I don't.

Believe you yeah I know you don't like things like this but I didn't have the courage so here we are it's so lame that I had to resort to a punishment game to get up the courage to confess my feelings for you I don't understand what you mean I've liked you since junior high.

Yagamikin I've always wanted to confess my feelings to you but I was too scared to do it then came the talk of a punishment game with my friends which I took advantage of how do you know about my junior high school days.

I knew you didn't notice I was in the same Junior High School as you we were in different classes but you helped me out I don't remember I was isolated trying not to get involved with others as much as possible I knew there was a classmate who took the same high school entrance exam but I.

Wasn't interested in who it was apparently it was suzuhara but I had no recollection of helping her at all you used to be very kind yagamikun you were kind to all kinds of people and I'm one of them in junior high I was playing and people around me made fun of me but when I was isolated you approached me and told me.

To be friends with you the memory of those days came back to me faintly when she told me that I saw a girl crying alone on the rooftop and called out to her but we didn't interact that much and I began to reject the people around me and I had erased that girl from my memory if we were in the same Junior High.

School you would know I'm the one that people don't like why would you you changed because of your friends right the friends who are jealous of you got a girl to date you and then betray you that's what changed you as if you were a different person.

It was an abominable past for me I was taught by my parents to be kind to everyone and even to be good-natured I was taken advantage of at times but it made me popular people who were jealous of that trampled on my heart I learned my lesson and stopped trusting people.

I coldly shunned those around me and only trusted myself whatever the reason I'm still a cold person why should I still have any reason to be light I want to save you yagamikun you saved me before so now it's my turn I know that you are actually a very kind person it's none of your business.

I don't remember saving you in the first place you became my friend didn't you I completely forgotten about it but I was happy nonetheless you might not understand but the presence of someone who reaches out to you when times are tough is a great source of emotional support.

Because you reached out to me then I was able to do my best I made an effort and change so that people around me wouldn't make fun of me however then and suzuhara now are completely different one of the reasons why I didn't recognize her as someone I had contact with back then is probably due to the.

Fact that she changed anyways I'm not in any trouble even though you're talking about saving me are you going to keep staying to yourself yagamikun of course that's too lonely I think it's hard for you to trust.

People because of that betrayal I'll never betray you yagamikun I promise I'll always be by your side it's a little late to be saying this but it's not like I like you or anything I brought you to my house to scare you as punishment for your fake confession but I'm not going to do anything more to you it's just a nuisance even if you.

Follow me around I already knew you were joking when you said you liked me but I really mean it when I say I like you yagamikun even if you don't like me I want to stay close are you trying to turn into some kind of stalker I don't care what you think I Won't Give Up suzuhara kissed my cheek.

How can you do that you were scared of me until now because I wanted you to know I was serious you're a sucker I was just stunned suzuhara followed me around every day after that even though I treated her coldly she.

Didn't seem to mind I observed suzuhara's daily life and found that she was well liked by everyone around her she said that she learned from me in the past being too nice is only going to hurt when people betray you even if that happens I'll be fine as long as you're.

Here yagamikin I respect what you've done so far and I'm proud to be doing the same thing susohara reminded me little by little of feelings I'd forgotten susohara's presence also made me feel comfortable spending time with someone else not someone else.

I was comfortable because it was suzuhara I looked at susohara's face as she walked next to me I didn't want to admit it but susohara's presence was growing inside me what's wrong staring at my face I'm just wondering how you can stay with me so long without getting bored.

Because I like you Yagami can I'll always be with you suzukara saying that with a smile made me blush for a moment I wonder how long that feeling will last I said as if covering up my own feelings then suzahara leaned in closer to my arm what are you doing nothing susahara looked somewhat happy.

It's embarrassing to be honest but if it's suzuhara I can trust her I want to tell her I like her someday and to cherish this time please check out our other videos as well