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[Manga Dub] She asked me out as a prank, so I rejected her [RomCom]


I was never expecting anything like this to happen hey imagine will you go away it was a sunny day towards the beginning of Summer found an unsigned letter asking me Hajime inuyama to meet up after school I was surprised that moai nyanda the most popular girl in school asked me to be her boyfriend.

The it girl was asking me out of course my answer was no way I thought so who would decline an offer from me wait what what did you say I said no way no way why why would you say no to a girl like me I have two reasons well first I heard you talking to your.

Friends yesterday in the classroom after school the multi girl game you guys were talking about getting stubborn guys to fall for you listening to that it's not like I wanted to hear you guys talking about such a ridiculous game well ridiculous oh my bad I meant to say I didn't want.

To listen to girls with messed up personalities planning on playing with Innocent guys messed up personalities well I can't deny that I was just joking but everyone got so excited I couldn't take it back then you should have kept your mouth shut you're an idiot shut up so what's the other reason.

The other reason is that I hate being around girls like you what nyanda looked like she was struck by lightning she didn't expect me to dump her I'm sure she wasn't expecting me to tell her that I hated her I guess she never thought anybody would decline her offer since she was the most popular girl in school.

I knew it you think you can get anything because you have a pretty face I hate people who think like you you think you've got the world Wrapped Around Your Finger me I I think that way yes you do your face your attitude your body language everything about your reeks of confidence and don't get me.

Started on your name what the heck is nyanda you think you're so much better than everybody else around you irritating to watch have to bring my name into this it's not like I chose it well I apologize anyways you get what I'm trying to say I'm not going to date.

You go try your multi-girl game on somebody else I don't have time for this I thought that by being harsh I could express my detest for her and her little game I also hope that she wouldn't bother me again however.

There what do you want you still have something to say to me I do why wouldn't I you just insulted my existence on my name how could I not be angry about that so what just so you know I'm not apologizing to you you're the one who.

Started all this yes you are I'm gonna make you apologize to me will make you regret what you said by making you fall for me my brain stopped functioning for a second I don't understand her what the heck is she thinking.

Apologize to me if I could make you fall for me hard oh I see well nyanda I wish you good luck not that it'll do you any good I don't need your good luck to make you love me you better prepare yourself imagine making I can't wait you're going to beg me to forgive you you'll see.

Yonda strutted off with radiating confidence how can she be so full of herself I just dumped her uh I don't want to come to school tomorrow just as I dreaded nyanda shifted into offense mode starting the next day hey Maji McCune.

I was trying to eat my obento alone in peace nyanda appeared out of nowhere and sat down before me why are you sitting with me I wanted to eat lunch with you duh only members of the library committee are allowed in this room really I told them I needed to do something they let me in right away.

They're pathetic Catlett Outsiders in easily like that anyways we should eat lunch together no thanks I want to eat my obento alone go away that's not going to happen remember I vowed to make you fall for me you will kneel down and apologize to me I went too far yesterday I apologize.

Now you can leave me alone you have to mean it I don't believe it you're just spewing out words feel sorry from the bottom of your heart here this is for you what is this it's obvious isn't it an Alberto go on eat up no it's okay I have an obento of my own you're a grilling teenage boy you can.

Eat too it won't be that hard for you I guess so I'll just take a bite then so is it good well yes the one I made is delicious saying that it's bad I have to admit it's pretty good but I've been making meals for my family since elementary school I have more experience than you.

Let me have a bite oh you're right it is better than mine don't be so disappointed I'm impressed I didn't know you cooked so well good I hate to admit it but it's so good oh what's wrong machime uh maybe you haven't realized what.

You just ate the karage that I was eating oh my bad I didn't realize uh it's okay you didn't mean to nyanza and I didn't speak for the rest of lunch break nothing okay.

She looks pretty as long as she keeps her mouth shut I can see why she's the most popular girl in school now who's calling me hello oh you picked up is this your number imagine making yes it is wait how did you get my number the guy from the library committee who.

Let me in the room the other day gave it to me nobody cares about privacy anymore no thanks I don't want to see you on my precious day off oh my it sounds like you're accepting defeat you can't handle my charm can you just admit it you're head over heels for.

Me you want to apologize for what you said say it your head over heels for me you want to apologize for what you said I said it you just copy what I said geez you better meet me at 10 tomorrow in front of the movie theater by the station you better come she didn't even wait for me.

To answer before hanging up selfish can't believe I'm here but I didn't want to deal with her bickering at me for betraying her if I didn't come I wanted to see the movie she invited me to anyways you basically forced me to come here and you're late.

I'm actually early you just got here too fast right what what's wrong you're dressed up do you like it I look better than I do at school right.

I thought you'd show up wearing what yarrows wear I have Dr clothes but to be honest I don't like them I wear them since all my friends are kiaras but I prefer non-flashy clothes wait what's wrong no it's nothing you're not acting like it's nothing oh I know what you're thinking girls like me.

Don't look good in pretty clothes like this is that what you want to say not at all you look great I love it to tell you the truth it suits you well huh oh really can you finally have a long way to go admit you're right.

Serious right now something me next aren't you believe it or not I'm not I'm actually starting to appreciate you inviting me out today yeah I guess it's possible as long as you wear that outfit and keep your mouth shut forever.

when I talk think whatever you want oh the movie's starting soon we should get going hey I'm not done yet we bickered at each other for a while and then watched the movie it was an exciting and entertaining story.

We ended up talking about it for hours in a nearby restaurant it took me by surprise I didn't think we'd have the same taste in movies together after the date nyanza kept following me wherever I went I started to feel a little no I'll be.

Honest I felt a lot different about her I always considered neanda a loud annoying rotten idiot girl who wasn't worth my time but by the time I realized my image of her had changed completely I know she came up with a multi-girl game which was a stupid game but I realized while spending time with.

Her that she probably didn't mean for it to go that far she most likely brought it up as a joke I soon came to see that Moy nyanza was a what you see is what you get kind of girl and she always tried hard to please others she works hard to please people around her that's why she tends to put other.

People's preferences above hers she's not as horrible as I thought she was I guess she's not the brightest mind though that's the only explanation for bringing up the stupid game to police her friends but then again if she hadn't I wouldn't have had the time to get to know her and I wouldn't have started liking her.

To be completely honest I miss her loudness whenever she's not around come to think of it she didn't ask me to go home with her today she usually comes over to ask me to walk home with her but she hasn't today oh well I guess she has plans I don't want to go straight home.

Where should I go hey Molly we wanted to ask huh what happened to that thing one thing remember you're talking about the most girl game you said you'd make much of it couldn't fall for you oh yeah that thing so how did things turn out I see you.

Guys together a lot oh um do I have to tell you yes you do come on tell us about it to be honest I think I've fallen for him seriously yeah we like the same things and he's pretty fun to be around I love spending time with him and.

He's surprisingly considerate really that doesn't sound like him at all well I said surprisingly didn't I I know he seems bitter but he makes time for me even if he doesn't like how I am so did you tell him how you feel no I haven't how could I he told me he hated me on the first day.

Exactly the first day you don't know how he feels now oh no come on he wouldn't give you the time of day if you didn't like you you should totally tell my bad doesn't cut it you made me mess up do you know how much I've spent on.

This super big super good squid menta Eco stick my gosh she just apologized we'll pay for it if you want it that bad it's not about the money it's about the thrill of using your own money to see if you can overcome a challenge and the feeling of Victory you feel when you finally succeed.

Eating the snack without that thrill defeats the whole purpose you idiots took a precious experience from me are you planning to take responsibility for this that's just ridiculous shut up I'm gonna make you pay all three of you come with me I sukiharu igakari will not let this.

Pass you ruined my snack time and you deserve to be punished fine I'll take responsibility for that then a hundred Yen per play a thousand yen sound okay yes sounds good imagine I can are you okay nyanda.

Yeah why are you here I was going to the arcade since I hadn't been to one in a long time I saw him messing with you and and you helped me of course I did I mean we're friends you consider me your friend yeah so what if I do bye then be careful not to get in trouble again.

He's so cool huh wow he's amazing I didn't realize he was so awesome I think I've fallen for him hey no fair I fell for him first Moet you were right he's kind and he's strong I would have never expected that from him Hey Moy you said you haven't asked him out yet right.

Please let us go for him please wait no wait where are you going hey I was walking home after I saved nyanda and her friends from the thug when I heard her call me from behind I felt a bit awkward facing her after the incident I told her more than she needs to know wait.

I wonder if I meant what I said back there too um thank you oh yeah don't worry about it honestly I don't think I do I think she means more to me than what I said I missed her today.

I always liked a quiet peaceful atmosphere but not having nyanza around me today made me feel lonely like something was missing I'd gotten so used to having nyanda by my side I didn't know how strong you were my grandfather taught me martial arts.

That's how I got stronger you're smart kind and strong you have it all you have a bad mouth though I don't hate neanda like I used to anymore she's become more than a friend to me I always want her by my side I think I so.

Remember what I said about how I wanted to make you apologize to me by making you fall for me harder than imagine yeah I remember you the truth I thought that you would hang out with.

Me even if you didn't like me I forgot about my purpose almost immediately I guess I'm as stupid as you said I was well yeah hey you should deny it you know but I have to say find it attractive it's cute I think it adds to your charm Yanda and I have to say.

You're a great girl in all aspects said I had a personality I apologize for that I was wrong about that and I shouldn't have said it I know nyanda is a better person than I gave her credit for I was drawn to her inner beauty but I have to admit her physical.

Attractiveness played a big part however I'm positive her inner beauty is what made me fall for her nyanda I don't know when it happened but let me see it mama I like you I have fallen deep for you through the time we spent together.

I know you said you think of me as a friend but that's not enough for me will you go out with me I promise I'm not lying this time nyanda I don't know when I started feeling like this but but I we just wait a second huh can you please call me.

By my name I don't like my last name if you're going to tell me you like me please use my first name Moy I don't know when I started feeling this way but I really like you it felt so lonely without you by my side today.

I don't think I can live without you by my side so I'm I would love to be your boyfriend you being my girlfriend will make me really happy girlfriend and so Moe and I officially became a couple everybody was shocked to hear that we.

Started dating since we were such opposites however they were all used to seeing us together by the time a month passed and then six months passed and a year passed we eventually graduated from University and now a year after our graduation welcome home darling hi honey I missed you.

You just called me honey you silly well you just called me darling you started it we are happily married now and are living happily ever after thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.