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[Manga Dub] She asked me to pretend to be her boyfriend at first, but… [RomCom]


Ah it's finally over every single day there's just so much work well I guess this means the business is prospering so it's a good thing I guess my name is Makoto tadashiki I'm a young employee who joined the company two years ago day in and day out I'm working overtime a perfectly good company slave.

Overtime can continue but it's good that they keep paying that overtime pay I guess the projects I've been undertaking have been coming to a finish so I can use up my paid holidays and go on my bike to explore some hot springs who is it it's me.

Senpai while I was in the middle of taking a break a person embraced me from behind the woman's name was kotoha utsurogi a senior one year older than me when I entered the company she took good care of me and guided me well just what did she want from me please don't say anything and just let's.

Stay like this for a while okay I got it sorry to have kept you waiting so let's get going shall we bye get going where do you it's okay just follow along about to ask why she was doing something like this but it seemed like it wasn't the right time I didn't think that.

Senpai would do something like this without a reason so I decided to just follow along for the time being I'm sorry to do something like this out of the blue to apologize to you the trade is on me tonight so choose you like and eat up but if you can it would help if you.

Could choose something under 1000 yen ah I've got it then coffee and french fries please that's it you can order more you know is that so then I'll have spaghetti with meat sauce large portion minestrone soup and corn potage one of each I love this one and as an appetizer I'll have a.

Caesar salad and for dessert I'll have a melon and strawberry parfait maybe I'll have a mini pizza too with extra salami say under a thousand yen um can you really eat all that this has a chance of being associated with food waste so it might be good to decrease.

Just a bit yes since I'm so busy I often go without lunch so I think I can finish it all without a problem even if I say I can't finish it all this place allows you to take away leftovers so it's okay is that so goodbye my yukichi son.

She's talking about a 10 000 yet no by the way is it my imagination I sensed a slightly sorrowful air around Senpai at that moment eight up ate it all up we ate it all I was really swamped at work all day today my brain was really craving those.

Calories I don't usually eat this much though is that so oh by the way Senpai isn't it about time you let me know our late dinner is already finished so I think it's good timing to tell me about it why did you do something like that it was so sudden so I was really surprised.

Right I'm sorry about that uh you don't have to apologize to say it bluntly I also gained something out of it huh no no no so what's the reason behind you're doing that I've been being pursuthed by a stalker.

Stalker when the word stalker came out of kotohas senpai's mouth while I was surprised I also sort of accepted it Senpai had good looks which were on par with those in the entertainment industry along with her gentle atmosphere it seemed perfectly possible that there would be people out there targeting her.

With not so good intentions I thought that it was my imagination at first but then I'd began having this feeling that I was being followed every single day and lately they seemed to come as close as to my house yesterday a suspicious man was quietly waiting outside my house for who knows how many hours just looking.

Hmm I was so scared that's troublesome when I think about that person might be near my house again today what do you think I should do maybe you could try moving to a place with better security I guess.

As expected the place overnight ah if that's the case why don't you come over to my place until you find a new place huh place yeah the roommate I was living with just left so I have an empty room ah I get it I guess you're a bit worried.

That I might do something to you right senpai oh that's not the case at all it's okay I don't have the intention to do anything to you senpai huh nothing at all yes honestly speaking I'm kind of sick and.

Tired of things like love I talked to Senpai about the situation well it was nothing much just any common Tale after graduating University I started living together with a partner I was with back then but since our schedules couldn't match up our relationship grew apart in the end we hurt each other and.

It became a small trauma to me that's how it was right it's just any ordinary tale right that's how it is so I won't do anything like laying my hands on you Senpai if you can trust me you can come to my place starting from tonight senpai hey go to High senpai.

Oh that's right so is it okay to take you up on that favor yes so shall we go over to get some supplies from the convenience store over there in that unexpected turn of events the life began with me and Senpai living together maybe some might not approve of one.

Living with someone who isn't your girlfriend but we were both adults and above all else I had no intentions at all to lay my hands on Senpai so there was surely no issue with it at least that's what I thought good morning why a senpai why are you all right you're staying here temporarily.

You forgot since you were half asleep right Hazard thanks for letting me stay I prepared dinner something like that I feel bad for making you go to all that trouble for having you rescue me like that the one who would feel bad if I didn't do anything to thank you I don't know if it would suit your.

Tastes but eat up eat up ah okay then I'll eat up ah this leaked miso is really good really oh I'm glad I packed it in your bento box so please look forward to it to go as far as preparing Bento you really saved me no need for things it's just returning.

The favor I wonder what the Bento culture has Senpai prepared for me would be like a benzo prepared by a beautiful Senpai it must be amazing I'm so curious before I go I'll just take a bit ah when I looked at the Bento which kotoha Senpai made for me I stood still in shock and no wonder because on top of.

My rice there was a piece of dambu in the shape of a heart on top of that were the words do your best written in seaweed it looked very clearly like nothing but a lovey-dovey couple type bento box if anybody sees this it'll cause a huge scene I guess I'll eat alone today.

On another day when we had a day off I went out with senpai Senpai is this really okay with you it's okay it's okay it's my way of thanking you for helping me hide my treat today you say that but last time at the family restaurant you seemed to be secretly sort of depressed saying my yukichi-san.

This and that that was that was the time it's all right but I'd appreciate it if you could not stuff your stomach to the brim this time I definitely can't eat that much this time so rest assured more importantly Senpai where are we headed today.

Personally it's the movies something that I want to see it's a rerun but have you heard of it it's called Wednesday the 13th Aqua Planet filled with XX ah I know of that one the one where the mystery man with a face mask leather jacket and jeans comes out it's a really famous horror movie.

Yes yes what's the story about this time in a mind-boggling future where human civilization is declining where is the survival of the fittest in a world of ruin an evil person called Jason goes around and causes destruction he drives around on bikes and remodeled cars and blasts apart the Mohawks and.

Skinheads bare-handed it doesn't use any weapons this time across the whole series he uses his bare hands the seed with a mohawk leader of the Mohawks who knows the legend of Jason says dude try saying his name it's really famous also the ending theme oh bring back the sorrow Oh it's also really famous.

Ah I've sung that before so it was that movie now I really want to see it your excitement can't stop right me too so much let's get going huh I'm sorry this um right this is a tactic just in case the stalker is looking around for me.

Somewhere that's right all right but please soda misunderstand uh why is she getting all flustered anyways the movie's gonna start so let's get going as she said that Senpai entered the movie theater while holding my hand at that time the fact that her ears had.

Turned bright red show that she was definitely getting flustered and that movie was really interesting oh Makoto oh what's the matter Senpai did something happen at the convenience store goodbye since the man was what did you say I'll.

Go look around Senpai you stay here lock the doors tightly as I said that I dashed out and searched all around the vicinity but there was no such man to be found I want to search around all over the area surrounding the convenience store but I couldn't spot any man like that I see that's good hey makotokun I have a.

Favor to ask you favor today can you please sleep together with me what no matter how you see it that's a bit too please just sleeping in the same room together is enough koroha Senpai really seems frightened.

Huh I understand if it's just sleeping in the same room then it's okay thank you thank you so much then I'll lay out a futon so kotoha Senpai please use my bed yes um.

I got it laughs I hear her snores seems like Senpai has fallen asleep kotohas Senpai slept rather restlessly and suddenly fell from the bed as expected being in this position is.

Ordered not to wake Senpai up quietly quietly she's thanking me in her sleep you're welcome I what did you say just now.

Of course kotohas Senpai couldn't answer it and I spent the whole night agonizing over it after spending a month living together like that Senpai I have something to talk to you about moving house how's it going that's.

Could it be that it's not progressing yet yes hey C of course I was troubled by this I had already been living together with Kota Senpai for a month for the two of us who weren't even lovers to be staying together Under One.

Roof it would not be looked upon favorably by Society I understand my workload seems to have cooled down for the time being so from tomorrow let's start looking for places together about that but makotukun is it not okay for me to continue living together with.

You like this of course it's not okay because after all we're simply Junior and senior if that's the case if we become more than just Junior and senior would it be okay to live together what do you mean by I like you makotukun your hard-working and kind I love the makotokun who.

Cherishes me so greatly ah at first I thought about immediately going out and searching for places to move into but because was so kind to me so I couldn't make up my mind what I think about how this enjoyable life will come to an end to bring my legs to move themselves.

Was that so to tell you the truth even from before I had an interest in humakotaun but I started liking you more and more hey makotokun am I really not okay for you for me to be your girlfriend is it really not okay with you so let me into your home and your heart is it really not okay with you.

That is I couldn't respond after that I was happy to hear that Senpai had feelings for me I'd also begun to develop feelings for her during that time if we could become lovers just how happy a life could we lead but when I thought about how another dispute could potentially occur between.

Us I couldn't say anything about what to do onwards because of the trauma from my previous relationship I was afraid to take that leap of Courage that was a failure you can't say anything to the me who couldn't respond to her verbally kotoha Senpai seemed to have.

Taken it as a rejection even though that wasn't the case it wasn't the case at all but I couldn't move my mouth why couldn't I move my mouth I'll move out in a few days thank you so much up until now said bye wait without taking notice of my silence.

Kotohas Senpai dashed out onto the night streets no that wasn't right at all I wanted to tell her that I liked her too ah I gotta hurry I gotta search for her and tell her how I feel Senpai where did you go.

Senpai I'm sure I heard it from there it's no use around this area it's all empty houses after all in the month you disappeared from my sight I did an elaborate search oh I say Let Me Go that won't do kotohachan as long as the mighty me is here I won't forgive you.

For doing a thing like cheating with other men no I don't even know you there's no way that can be true right I know every little thing about you from your height to your weight to your three sizes even the color of your underwear that's why to say that you don't know me it's strange if you don't know you ought.

To know what's up please if you don't know I'll let you know the taste of my lips in exchange you let me know the taste of your lips too right for me it's actually my first kiss I so wonder what the taste of a first kiss is like God.

So what taste was it senpai are you okay thank you really I this is the stalker you were speaking of right let's report him to the police straight away.

The stalkers arrested so we can rest assured so let's return home yes return now thanks so much up until now where are you going kotoha senpai where you say my home everything has already ended if that's the case then it's not here.

Right your home is in the opposite direction your home's over here don't make a mistake books that's I never said that please remember it clearly senpai what was I like just now.

Did I say anything along the lines of no that's yes I was quiet the whole time I couldn't get the answer from my mouth even if I say so myself it's pathetic even though I like you too it was because of my own past trauma haunting me I couldn't say it's senpai.

What's that the case that I wasn't rejected yes I was very happy about your confession I don't want to end this life we have together either I want you to stay by my side forever Senpai no Koto Hassan I like you too please be by my side.

I'm happy please never ever leave me there were many twists and turns but eventually kotohas Senpai no Koto Hassan and I became lovers even though the stalker disappeared and there was no need for us to live together anymore she moved in with me for real this time.

We became lovers and my own previous relationship trauma was also wiped away there was no stopping us anymore we were lovey-dovey with each other whether at home or in the office to the point where rumors were spread about us that we were going to get married within half a year.

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