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[Manga Dub] She bought condoms when I asked for rubber bands… [RomCom]


I'm finally done my name is Arata uuno I'm a 24-year-old employee at Yuki publishing house which mainly handles textbooks and reference books I finally completed my task of confirming the list of textbooks to be printed for next year and I'm currently taking a breather it's so annoying to have to do the same checks every year we keep.

Having to revise the textbooks because they won't stop changing the curriculum guidelines I wish they put themselves in our shoes for once I know right if only the guys running things from up top knew how hard we worked down here on the ground seriously though sometimes the changes just aren't necessary it feels like all they're doing is revising.

Random stuff to show that they're actually doing their jobs and that pisses me off I get you when I think of how I'm the one who has to work overtime because of their stupid revisions I totally get you having worked overtime for several days in a row the only thing we could do was complain to each other even as we.

Resumed our work an hour later we finally managed to finish all our assigned tasks for the day we were supposed to knock off at 5: but it's already eight maybe I'll pick up a half pric pre-made meal at the supermarket on the way home or something was what I was thinking but it looks like that's not how things are going to go hey Makar.

Razaki how's your progress this girl's name is Yumi makurazaki she's my junior in the company one year younger than me She's a Beauty as you can see and she caused quite the buzz among the male employees here when she first joined us as the person put in charge of mentoring her I often receive requests from my colleagues to give them the role instead.

H hello mazaki miss mazaki you Mimi can you hear me although I called out to her multiple times she showed no sign of hearing me at all as her Mentor I'm already well aware of her tendency to ignore everything and everyone when she gets into the Zone being able to concentrate.

Is supposed to be a good thing but it's not great that she's pushing herself so hard everything in moderation after all right now the important thing is to get her attention mazaki ah ARA uh um is there something you need me for I mean I just wanted to know how you were doing more importantly your face is really red are you sure.

You're okay do you have a fever or something not at all I'm totally fine don't overwork yourself I can help you out if you're running late you know for now show me what you're up to uh ah I see so this is why her face was so red who on Earth assigned this job to her assigning a female staff member to prepare the health and physical.

Education materials do they want to get sued for sexual harassment uh uh this this is so awkward I have to find a way to change the atmosphere somehow oh uh so yeah look look like you're almost done there's only a little left so I can take care of the rest for you you can head home first I I can do.

That this job was assigned to me at least let me help you out in some way you sure right then I haven't had dinner yet so why don't you go get some food for me take this and buy something good for yourself as well think of it as a reward for putting in so much effort today thank you I'm heading out then oh hold on a moment yes can you help me buy.

Some rubbers too while you're at it I think I ran out rubbers yeah rubbers I I understand thanks ARA you pervert what did she say I couldn't hear it because it was too soft well I guess it's good she's still so energetic now then let's finish up here before she.

Gets back uh I'm back welcome back I've already submitted the materials so we're all done for today um Arata here oh thanks wa a garlic stamina meal yes I thought you'd need to replenish your physical energy right I guess so I am really tired from all the work and what about the rubbers huh.

Already yeah is is there some kind of problem no here thanks wait what the hell is this unbelievable it's true that I asked her for rubbers but I was talking about office supplies not bedroom Necessities on top of that she got the extra thin 22 mm what you ask uh you're such a creep you know you're not allowed to use this.

With anyone other than me right no wait my brain can't keep up with this you've completely left me behind just tell me what's going on you you asked me for rubbers so I bought you rubbers what's the problem what's the problem everything's the problem and a huge problem at that I asked you to buy rubber bands so why the heck am I.

Holding a box of condoms in my hand right now huh I I mean you told me rubbers so I thought I don't know what you were thinking but there's no way I would have asked you to buy condoms with company money come on do I really look like someone who would do that of of course not you look like a cool guy who's highly capable at your job to be.

Honest your appearance is exactly my type right I see thank you you're welcome I is there something wrong this is kind of sudden but can I ask you a strange question sure could it be you have a crush on me or something why would you think that what you said about me being your type and also the fact.

That you bought me condoms when I asked for rubber bands can you blame me for jumping to conclusions I I yeah come on sheesh of course I don't like you that way what kind of question is that sorry I had to ask just in case please forget it well that's how it is we're a senior and a junior in the same company that get along really well nothing more.

Nothing less I thought I would try my luck but seems like I never had a chance in the first place as an apology for saying weird stuff I'll treat you to a drink let's find a place to hang out even though we just ate food and alcohol don't go in the same compartment you know you don't have to if you don't want to though so how about it of course I.

Would love to shall we go AA all right she only just denied having a crush on me but then what's the meaning of her current actions do all girl do all girls do this with guys they don't have feelings for I have no idea and my very limited experience in the dating scene doesn't help at.

All say Mak razaki yes aren't we a little too close maybe it's better for us to walk further apart you're thinking too much ARA let's go already just like this we walked out into the quiet streets of course nothing happened we complained about work while drinking and then went home Ma rozaki is beautiful and a really nice girl I'd be.

Lying if I said I had no feelings for her at all and it's not like I'd be completely against the idea of using the rubbers she bought with her but if she isn't interested in me that's not something I should even be thinking about that's why I tried to give up any Wayward thoughts about her and focus on my work but right then it's already noon.

I should go grab some food ARA why don't we have lunch together sure what do you feeling like today about that if you don't mind please eat this lunchbox I made one for you you too today huh uh thank you I can pay you for it don't worry about it just let me know your honest thoughts on my cooking then don't mind if I do what's.

Wrong you seriously don't know the fried chicken the potatoes even the rice all smells so strongly of garlic and there's even garlic chips in there too even though garlic is one of my favorite foods this is still way too much the entire rice box is shrouded in the aroma of garlic and what's with this pink fish flake heart on the rice and you even.

Wrote a yes on the heart with seaweed yes to what exactly you this lunchbox you don't like it not that I don't like it but eating all this garlic in the afternoon there's air fresheners in the office so you don't need to worry so much come on take a bite all right is it good yeah it's Del.

Delicious do you feel better after eating it yeah I'm super pumped up do you feel turned on well I guess wait why would you ask me something like that no reason I I was just curious uh I see so now that I think about it we'll probably have to do overtime again tonight right yeah probably should we grab a drink again.

Tonight right wait should we I have no chance with her right my first break in 2 weeks what to do what to do maybe I can try out the new non-competitive battle game tequila chainsaw ma raki's calling Hey the fact that you're calling me on my day off did something happen at work no oh did I.

Wake you up no nothing like that so why are you calling then I can't call you without a specific reason that's not really what I mean I'm glad I don't know what I'd do if you came to hate me because of this huh she has zero interest in me right it's finished I'm finally done with the editing for all the reference.

Books I'm going to go to sleep and never wake up everyone's so exhausted they're in in the office work life balance has been in the dumps at this company lately practically everyone's working overtime the vibe in the office is so dark it sucks any little bit of happiness and light we have even for a black Corporation this is too much we should.

Start calling it a black hole Corporation maybe I should look into changing jobs oh boy falling asleep with all these men around you're lucky the guy guys here are all gentlemen makurazaki but with how beautiful you are you should be a little more careful you know.

AA I like you AA how can I sleep now does it mean what I think it means judging from her behavior over the last few days and what she muttered in her sleep she definitely has a crush on me not to be too full of myself but no matter how I look at it she must like me a lot huh does this mean it's okay for me to not give up on.

Her if that's really the case let's confess I mean even if I'm completely wrong and it's all a misunderstanding on my part even if she really feels nothing for me at all I should still confess I hesitated in the beginning because I was afraid of things getting awkward if she rejected me but I already decided I'm going to find another job so now it's.

Fine even if I get rejected good work today Arata yeah you too I was told you wanted to see me what's going on oh right the thing is there's something I want to tell you something you want to tell me yeah Ma raki I'm quitting the company huh I've actually been quietly searching for a new job just the other day I got.

An offer from another company I'm starting work there in 2 months and I'm taking the opportunity from next week until my last day to finish all my paid days off so I won't be coming anymore th that's good for you thank you I mean when I think about how I'm finally getting out of this black company I can't help but want to smile.

Was that what you wanted to tell me I guess that was all of it huh we're nothing more than senior and Junior in the company after all and you're nothing more than my mentor right well congratulations I hope you do well at this other company or wherever else you choose to go just forget about me and go be happy on your own whoa whoa whoa slow.

Down no let me go I won't I haven't told you what I really wanted to tell you yet huh say mazaki you like me don't you huh huh why would you think that I I told you before that I don't I mean you did but you were obviously lying that garlic lunch boox you made for me that random phone call on my day.

Off also you straight out confessing your love for me when you were asleep when I was asleep ARA you creep I I really don't like you in that way then why were you so distraught when I told you I would be moving to another company that was huh Makar razaki I like you huh you're cute and capable at your job and I always enjoy spending time with you if.

Only this girl was my girlfriend was what I'd been secretly thinking all along ever since I was your Mentor ARA if you really don't like me push me away now and I'll never show myself in front of you again again but if you do of course I do Mak razaki you finally said it ARA yes I.

Yumami makurazaki like you a lot Arata osuno to the extent of getting so delusional that I actually bought you condoms I like you so so so so much thank God I'm just glad it wasn't all a misunderstanding on my part geez you took too long Ara to think you only confess to me when you're about to leave the company but that's your fault you.

Were the one who told me you didn't think of me in that way you should have known that was a lie it's the dream of every girl to get confessed to by the guy she likes after all is that how it is that's exactly how it is by the way I only have a little work left to go what do you want to do afterwards want to grab some food.

Then and after that after that I'll leave what happened after up to your imagination what I will say is that we're married now and happily living our lives together I never ever imagined that her misunderstanding on that fateful day would lead to such a bright and happy marriage thank you for watching how was.

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