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[Manga Dub] She caught me looking through her search history,,, and it was all about me! [RomCom]


Ah another boring day is about to start my name is Rio Yokohama yes I'm the one slumped over my desk I'm an ordinary guy I do well in everything but there's nothing I exceed at just a regular junior in high school you can find guys like me anywhere I'm starting homeroom first off we have special plans in the afternoon I feel.

Her watching again her name is tsugumi horinji it didn't matter if the teacher was talking to us she would always find me and stare at me for some reason she transferred to the school recently she's become the most popular girl in school I mean look at her she's got all the guys wrapped around her finger and I heard she has dumped at least 30 guys.

Her family is probably wealthy seeing how a black limousine drops her off and picks her up from school I think Yokohama is in charge of class duties today Yokohama why is she staring at me did I do something to offend her hey Yokohama.

Yes how can I help you why weren't you listening to me you need to stay focused when I'm talking you're in charge of class duties today don't forget to turn in the class Journal at the end of the day yes sir the day went on and after classes were finished.

I walked back to the classroom to gather my belongings after finishing the class duties I found a phone on my desk one I'd never seen before Oh I wonder who left their phone on my desk why wait seriously this phone doesn't require a lock code it has a fingerprint recognition button why haven't they set.

It up oh compatibility horoscope I opened the phone and the screen had a website open it required two names to test out their compatibility I never believed in horoscopes or compatibility tests but curiosity got to me I scrolled down to see the names that were being tested out why is my name on here oh yeah.

People usually write their names in these things that means I'll know who owns this phone if I look at the other name no way wait seriously I needed to find out what was going on I decided to look at her search history I was shocked to find my name next to.

Most searches hold on they're just names it doesn't mean that whole renji typed it then who did iyoko yamakun what are you doing here I felt the hair on the back of my neck stand up as I turned around ho rinji was standing behind me I don't know how to express the look on her face.

At that moment but I could feel mixed emotions oh my gosh here oh well I should go maybe I should take a nap when I get home I didn't see that I didn't even touch her phone.

It's right there you're not getting away I I didn't think I swear I know you're lying hoorinji is an athletic girl it was no surprise that she was keeping up with me still I'm a guy I'm still faster I was somehow able to run away from her however the next day hey how dare you run away from me.

I'm sorry I really am please let go I was stuck in horinji's tight clutch however I could tell the others thought we were flirting and playing I felt the piercing looks all the guys gave me they were all hating on me because hoorinji had dumped them I hope they don't bully me for this there's no turning back now you better.

Prepare yourself for what's coming next I'm coming for you she's coming for me what does she mean what's she coming to get uh the fine just just don't go too hard on me now that you know huh I'm not going to go easy on you I'm going to give it my all you'll see I'm not exaggerating I think my life is.

Going to end soon I thought my peaceful high school days would be over but to my surprise how is it I tried my best but I'm a bit worried everything tastes amazing when she came over and told me she made an obento for me I thought she put poison in it really I feel so relieved dig in I made.

Extra portions just in case wait this isn't what I expected this is more like heaven um there's something I wanted to ask you Yoko yamakun yeah do you have any plans this afternoon after school there's somewhere I want to go to with you I wonder where she wants to go could it be oh gosh she's acting nice to fool.

Me she's waiting for me to let my guard down so she gets a chance to strike me down are you busy it doesn't have to be today if we can go another day no I'm free we can go today idiot idiot why did you say you were busy there's no way out of this now.

Queen can't wait for the classic I braced myself For an upcoming attack but nothing happened to me all we did was go to the arcade we ate snacks and enjoy the afternoon like a regular couple horinji continued to ask me to hang out with her we went shopping and watched movies during the weekends.

This is my first time in an arcade yeah look at that stuffed animal it's adorable quiet she doesn't know what a claw machine game is this really is her first time you can't buy this you get it and it usually costs more than buying the item just watch me.

So you move the claw towards the item so this is how you get something from a claw machine here uh are you giving it to me you said you wanted it you don't have to take it if you don't want to thank you oh that's sweet of you she looks so happy right now sorry for taking up your precious weekend time oh.

I'm scared of what she would do if I don't obey her anyways so this place is called a shopping mall it's so crowded I don't use like shopping the shop comes to me The Perks of being rich I would be lying if I said I wasn't.

Jealous hey since we're here can you pick one up for me Yoko yamakun huh pick one outfit obviously I'm pointing to the clothes shop aren't I what how would I know how to pick a girl's outfit I've never had a girlfriend what about this one I like it yeah okay let's try another.

One how does this look I think it looks great do you like this one yeah it suits you well you keep saying the same things it should be better feedback I'm just telling you the truth you look great in every outfit horinji knew nothing about the real world it was fun to be around someone.

Like that but the way she was acting confused me even more what did she want from me I didn't want to think about it since I enjoyed her company so much horanji and I aren't in a romantic relationship I shouldn't be looking at things like that thank you for hanging out with me today.

Uh it's okay what's wrong something seems to be on your mind nah I'm okay I see do you like spending time with me huh I would never want to force you to do anything you don't want to I know you haven't been enjoying your time together like I have.

Uh I'm sorry I forced you into hanging out with me I won't bother you from now on oh ringy how do I tell her how I'm feeling oh my ride is here bye uh these past few months with horienji have changed everything I'm feeling things I've never felt.

Towards a person I was afraid to admit it since I spent most of my life alone it's been a week since that day horinji stopped asking me to hang out with her I can't let her go I need to talk to her she still thinks I didn't enjoy spending time with her maybe I can catch her on her way out oh.

Huh it was after school and whole renji was staying late because she was in charge of class duties that day I figured I could find her before she left but there was nobody in the classroom for a second I thought she left to go home but then I saw her bags on her desk.

That's strange I'm sure she's finished with her work by now I decided to wait for her I sat in the classroom for a while but she didn't come back I was starting to get worried I left the classroom to look for her where could she be I've been searching everywhere for her.

But she's nowhere to be found maybe I should go back to the puppets thank you isn't that voice oh ranges I rushed over towards the voice to find her there I found a boy from the next classroom looming over ho renji I could tell she wasn't enjoying it.

Hey don't be so mean I just want to have a nice conversation with you I said no he has nothing to talk about with you anyways ah come on I already know about you and Yokohama what about us you guys ended things so you're single right I can keep you company if you're feeling lonely horinji-san I don't know what.

Happened between you two but I would never leave your side I would love you till the end time to get to know me say yes that you'll be mine no I don't want to you're a shy girl aren't you it's okay I can take the lead now who said we were over.

What the what are you doing here that's not a matter of importance hasn't ho renji made herself clear how rinji's son is just being shy she likes the sea I have no idea how you can be so full of yourself all I see is a pathetic idiot annoying the hell out of her I'm not forcing anything.

What go on hit me I'll tell the teachers what you did uh excuse me I need your help over here sir ah oh Yokohama I thought you'd gone home I was about to but then I found them I told the teacher what was going on the red-haired was taken away to the guidance office soon after I was glad we took care of things before.

Horinji got hurt hoorinji are you okay uh-huh sorry could we stay like this for a while she's trembling she must have been terrified back there this is the second time you have saved me yokoyama huh you may not remember this but we first met in third grade it was during summer break we only.

Saw each other for a week but horinji's words brought me back to summer break eight years ago my family took in a girl for about a week I remember we took care of her she was so pretty I couldn't believe she was an actual person until I talked to her no way I see you finally remember me oh well.

Hey I'm so sorry I didn't realize it was you I didn't think we would ever cross paths again it's okay I'm not angry at you I just wanted to ask if you remembered the first day we met huh yeah I remember the first day I met horinji it was.

Towards the beginning of August I was so bored I needed to get out to do something the day I met you was the first day I decided to explore I hid from the housemates and sneaked out of the house I was staying I went out to the city everything was so new to me I remember feeling in awe as he walked around the city I only realized how long.

I had been out when it started to get dark I was on my way home after hearing the five o'clock Bell that was my cue to go home I walked past a park on my way home that was when I Heard a Voice it sounded like a little girl calling for help you saw him behind trying to kidnap me and you jumped in without any hesitation.

Even if you could have gotten hurt like you did today oh rangy I only spent a week with you but after the incidents I couldn't stop thinking about you back then I didn't know why I was feeling that way but now I know I'm attracted to your kind and courageous Hearts it's amazing how you.

Haven't changed a bit since then I had no idea how to react to What horinji was saying to me the only thing I knew was how I was feeling my heart felt warm and fulfilled I spent so much time with horinji the past few months I'm aware she holds a special part of my heart now are you sure about that I mean I'm just an.

Ordinary guy I I'm not good enough for you hey why'd you do that it doesn't matter if you're good enough or not the Heart Wants What It Wants okay but fine let me ask do you hate me no of course I don't then what's the problem there's nothing to worry about nobody has a say in what we do except us I'll take care of.

Anybody who tries anything that's reassuring but don't go too far I promise to treat you well tsugumi and I promise I'll stand by you no matter what and so tsugumi and I officially started dating everybody knew we were in a relationship by the end of the next day the guys were not happy to hear about us most of them weren't afraid to show me.

They wouldn't have been so upset if tsugami wasn't so affectionate what I just wanted to say your name she used to act so cool and mature what happened to her I have no idea why she changed so much but tsugami suddenly became this sweet and loving puppy dog I can't say I don't like it but I don't know how to reply at times I can't do it back to her.

Because the guys would probably kill me and I'm not the type to be all romantic and giddy uh hey horinji-san what did you want I'm sorry to bother you it's about the class duties oh I forgot I was in charge of them today I'm so sorry I'll be right there come on miocoon huh why what do you mean why what are you going.

To do if someone tries to do something with me again aren't you going to be there to save me of course I will I'm always here to protect you tsugumi I know protecting tsugami is part of my job as her boyfriend but I'm starting to get scared for myself who's going to protect me.

But for now I should enjoy being with tsugumi she's what matters the most to me foreign please check out our other videos as well