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[Manga Dub] She claimed to be my fiancee, but turned out to be a Yandere… [RomCom]


Hi taru I've come to marry you Mary I'm a bit confused Marika just another evening with a bride to be on my doorstep her name is Marika tachikawa and she's a year younger than me well we're fiances if you didn't know it's going to take a lot more than that for me to understand the situation but.

Okay why don't you come in I invited Marika into my house but so anyways what's all this about you and me getting married is it true that we are fiances it's true it's more true than the truth there's no way she's telling the truth you're lying aren't you swear on my parents life I'm not lying.

Are you trying to prank me no I'm as serious as I can be so you're willing to marry me no you and your friends thought this would be funny huh it's not funny and you should know that I have no friends oh yeah sorry I almost forgot Marika is a total Beauty but she's incapable of communicating.

With people therefore she has zero friends she has a mature demeanor and always seems a little cold towards her fellow students for some reason I'm the only one she talks to so since I am your fiance I will be staying at your house to live with you from now on not that I want to.

Hey what's up with that last comment are you trying to say this is against your will I'm a tsundere no you're not taru don't you like girls who are tsundere when did I ever say I liked tsundere girls that's strange then what about that girl who are you talking about.

It's none of your business you made it my business the moment you brought this issue into my life you need to tell me fine the first thing I need to say is you are a lying cheater why am I being scolded I saw you you know it was a few days ago oh it's toru hey hold up toru writes what I was about to.

Talk to you that sooner right girl suddenly came in between us you haven't heard in your science project yet have you oh yeah I guess I forgot gosh get it together anyways this is for you huh a notebook you took notes for me to help me hey don't get ahead of yourself I only did it because you not turning in your papers will cause all of.

Us trouble how is that possible my tardiness can't affect the whole class who the heck is that girl toru who was that awful girl she's the class president she seemed to be acting very soon I wonder what she's like when she's sweet she's just soon right now very cold she never acts sweet towards me.

I'm relieved to hear that I was scared you liked girls like her well I don't have anything against them but the class president and I aren't like that I'm not saying I don't like tsundere though you do you know how worried I was I won't forgive you unless you stroke my hair hey what are you trying to do.

I did soon now I'm Dara Derry stop it you're no dairy dairy toru are you saying you don't want me to be sweet it's just I never said I like dairy dairy that's strange so then what about that girl what are you talking about now I said it's none of your business and I said that you made it my business when.

You came over with a ridiculous issue explain to me so I can understand it happened the day after the tsundere girl messed with you oh it's Tarver again I will succeed in talking to him today come on toriel just what I was about to talk to you a terradera girl came in between us now.

When are you going to agree to go on a date with me oh well I'm not quite comfortable with wait what why it's just one date going on a date is a big deal for me it's special I need to be sure I have feelings for the girl before going on a date with her are you saying you don't like me no I.

Like you just not in that way oh my gosh get off of him you dare Dairy and wait to go toru taru who is that Dara girl how dare she talk to you like that she sits next to me in class and you're kind of starting to scare me judging by what I saw she was pretty dare towards you did you see how she was flirting with you.

Well yeah I guess so but you saw that I wasn't acting sweet towards her I wasn't dairy dairy yes and I was relieved but I wondered if you had a hidden desire for her I swear it's not like that I'm not saying I didn't like it though hmm hey toru I was so worried you liked her oh I know who you're trying to be.

That's my teacher right yes that sweet voice pretty wrench oh come on she's married and please do not refer to her as a wench seriously though Marika can you please tell me why you are here already please don't tell me you came all the way here just to do impressions of all the girls that talk to me at school I'm.

So confused about the whole getting married and you're my fiance stuff you were talking about hmm you know you have such pretty girls that stand out around you do you not feel anything for them they all like you and it's frustrating don't worry you stand out enough.

Yourself toru tell me the truth how do you feel about me well I guess she deserves the truth I should tell her Marika you are cute and pretty oh and my friend oh the way you express yourself with just one word it's amazing.

You don't take me seriously I'm just a cute school mate to you nothing more I don't see what the problem with that is no there's a huge problem it could end the world you're being over dramatic and you know I still don't get why you are so upset you may not know this about yourself but you are quite popular at.

School the girls like you so much they go out of their way to talk to you it's because you are nice to them it's all your fault it's not like I'm trying to get them to like me and why is my class teacher in the group of girls she's married doesn't that take her off the list how could you when you have a fiance.

Like me what are you jealous yes I am jealous of hey watch your language anyways I want you to know nothing is going on with the other girls what are you doing don't you enjoy being treated like this oh I don't don't treat me like a child and please do more.

You're making no sense I stroked her hair for a while until Marika started telling me she was going to sleep over no my parents aren't even home today that's not a problem I'm your fiancee problem you can't just sleep over fine rock paper I won the game but she insisted it was a loser wins round in.

The end I didn't have a choice but to give in you know you're an amazing cook how did you get so good at this because I'm your wife that doesn't really answer my question after that we decided to take turns taking a bath taru I can't take it off help me.

Maybe I can bring you some scissors I'm fine with it if it's your thing ah she's too weird to handle I took out some futons so we could both lie down I'd do anything for you even change my personality there aren't any girls out there who are willing to do that for you that's true all right let's get some sleep.

Go to sleep before we sleep can I ask you one question what do you want to know all jokes aside what do you think of me do you think I'm annoying for coming over and putting you in the situation so suddenly before answering that question there's something I need to ask you about.

What is it I witnessed something the other day at school what did you see it was when I was about to head home it's Marika what's she doing in front of my shoe Locker that's when I saw you slipping a piece of paper inside the locker can that be a love letter.

So I opened it what the heck there were five papers inside with the words love me written all over front and back in small letters you saw me putting the letters inside oh how embarrassing no that's not the issue here.

If it was a love letter why wouldn't you at least write I love you why did you write love me I just found that a little strange so what did you do with the letter Zen did you throw them away I don't know if we can call them love letters but I didn't throw them away this is from the past week.

Wow you you kept them in such good condition for me yeah just so there would be evidence if anything were to happen to me you understand how deep my love for you is then well there was nothing written about your love for me but you made it pretty clear you wanted my love you know coming here and telling me we're getting.

Married since I'm your fiance if you have that determination you could have just told me you liked me I couldn't do that it's too embarrassing he thinks telling me how she feels is more embarrassing than this plus I think you're emotionally unstable you're not at tsundere or dairy dairy you're a yandere right is that important.

To you of course I'm a yandere i Fallen deeply in love with you you are so kind and reliable all I could think about is being with you you're aware that you're emotionally unstable that your actions are a little extreme but it's your responsibility toru you make me fall for you and then you turn.

Around and do the same for the other girls I already told you it was a misunderstanding so those three girls mean absolutely nothing to you please leave the class teacher out of this jeez I think you're going insane Marika insanely in love as your fiance whatever.

You say I don't care you are desperate aren't you that's why I'll go out with you obviously what you've just made my heart skip a beat why would you do that I'll tell you once more just in case I'm not sweet to just anybody I'm only sweet to you Marika what why.

Are you acting like this toru why am I acting this way it's because I've already deeply fallen for you do you remember the first day we met back in middle school hey are you lost do you need help no thank you I'm fine she's obviously lost although she's.

Trying hard to hide it I'm going to school you want to come with me no I don't okay well I'll be on my way then wait stop right there what is it you're so cruel huh I'm cruel if you're going to be nice you should be nice till the end to be honest I could see you had a complicated personality but for some.

Reason I felt like it was fate I always wondered what it would be like to get to date you so you see I've had feelings for you ever since the first day I met you didn't have to go through all that you should have just told me oh so I didn't have to go through all.

That worry and pain taru I'll say it again you are cruel you knew how I was feeling and you still I'm sorry about that but you don't know how happy it makes me to know how much I mean to you I can't believe you you have a lot to make up for so you better be ready I was planning on doing that even if you.

Weren't my fiance speaking of which I like you as a yandere can you stay that way I love how needy you've become well it's all your faults but if this is what you like then I'm willing to stay like this so I started dating Marika who would become a yandere we walk to school together and we decided to walk home.

Together as well I feel like I'm on cloud nine I should have added on my feelings sooner me too but let's focus on waiting for us in the future hey why don't we just live together I gotta go ask my parents they're going.

To be pretty shocked oh they won't be shocked at all huh what do you mean by that toru you're home great you brought Marika as well what's going on Dad Mom who are those people they are marika's parents we were just talking about when you will be moving in together huh marika's parents seriously of course.

Did you not hear from Marika yesterday we thought it was about time you guys are fiances so you should start living together to prepare for the wedding what fiance what the heck is going on Marika back in middle school when I first fell in love with you I asked my parents to talk to your parents about arranging a marriage for us so that means our.

Parents already knew what I was doing when I came over last night see everything was a part of your plan I wasn't lying I told you I came over to get married to you how many years did you spend planning this hearing about your scheme you didn't turn into a yandere recently you were always a.

Yandere am I too yandere for you do you hate me of course not I love it you're just perfect yay after planning everything out with our parents we ended up living together but I'll save that story for another day for watching how was today's video.