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[Manga Dub] She claims to be my future wife, but I’ve never met her…!? [RomCom]


Tokisada it turns out I'm moving overseas tomorrow so we won't be able to see each other anymore from now on I see my first reaction to the sudden news of her leaving was not sadness but shock that's why there's something I want to ask of you I want you to be my fiance what's a fiance it's the person I'll marry when I grow up I want to be your.

Wife for the future because I like you so much tokisada so that's what it is sure I'll be your fiance I really like you too sayaka I'm so happy I'll definitely be back someday I'll come back just so I can meet you again so when the time comes we'll get married promise right yeah I promise on that fateful day the entire school was.

Buzzing with Talk of the new transfer student hey apparently the new girl will be transferring into our class oh that she's super gorgeous seriously man I might just try my luck if that's true meanwhile I Tois Sada konishi senior at St Alice high school was simply stering blankly into space within all the commotion got to have your attention.

Everyone the moment our homeo room teacher entered the classroom everyone immediately perked up and looked over the transfer student will be introducing herself to you now it's nice to meet all of you I'm Saka C I've been living abroad until recently and I haven't been back to Japan in a long time there's a lot that I still have to get used to so.

I would appreciate any help I can get I'll be counting on you the inant our eyes met the beautiful transfer student flew over to me in a Flash Tois Sada tokisada aren't you saying that she engulfed me in a sudden Embrace her unexpected action set off a rumble of astonishment throughout the classroom what do you think you're doing I just.

Couldn't help myself never dare to think we'd be reunited so soon o Kishi what exactly is going on here explain yourself Koda you're friends with konishi we made an oath to each other when we were young that we would get married this time an even louder uproar broke out among our classmates you ass you never told us said you had such a.

Cute fiance by side all along if you're a gay does that mean you've already done all the things adults do I'm sorry but I don't know you you've got the wrong person huh but you're tokisada right then I'm the wrong tokisada could it be that you forgot about me oh can I when I never knew you in the first place but and I know you have a lot to get off.

Your chest at this long awaited reunion but you're going to have to do it later settle down everyone we'll be starting class now I turn the rest of the day walking on eggshells after this incident turn my peaceful school life upside down after school I made my way home in a days thanks to that new transfer student I've been peppered by a seemingly unless.

Number of questions and I was even forced to spend my lunch break hiding from the masses man there goes my peaceful High School existence for the time being let's just avoid the classroom during breaks tokis s well since when were you here does she have an invisibility cloak or something or maybe she's a descendant of a ninja.

Let's go home together tokisada no ignored her in Walking however she followed every step I took I've got to lose her somehow I raised my walking speed but that didn't manage to shake her off so I walked even faster and the result of that was I give up oh are we done racing kind of monster is this woman how isn't she out of breath I even.

Took a long detour to try and tie her out I make sure to train every day after all all in order to become a bride worthy of you tokisada could you read mines too no way she's a psychic right say hey Koda please call me Saka that's what you did in the past and I told you that guy wasn't me how could you we loved each other so much but no you.

Won't even call me by my first name she dropped to her knees and burst into tears look he made a girl cry and she's such a cute girl too he must be a real Jer isn't that a St Alice uniform maybe we should report this to the school what the heck why do I have to reporting just for refusing to call you by your first name I didn't even do anything I get it.

It was my fault I'll do what you want so stop crying already if so please remember to call me Saka from now on her face lit up in the blink of an eye she had me in the palm of her hand from the beginning sayaka I've said this before but I'm really not the one you've been looking for no I'm certain that you're my fiance and how are you so sure you.

Feel the same as tokisada in my memories that's not something that easily changes no matter how old you get there's no helping it if you really can't remember me simply have to replace the old memories with the new ones it's just a matter of making you fall in love with me again after all I'm confident that my feelings for you are second to none I.

Was sucked into the ocean of her crystal clear blue eyes and I heard the thunderous sound of my own heartbeat echoing in my ears I wanted to look away but for some reason I could have made the slightest movement suddenly sayaka's expression softened in that moment it felt like I was released from a trance I didn't even know I was under that's why.

I won't hesitate in my courtship of you from now on it'd be best if you were prepared it had only been a month since sayaka transferred in but she had quickly gained quite the reputation in the school in addition to her beauty he was also exceptionally smart and had excellent athleticism on top of all that she had an easygoing personality and.

Gets along well with everyone truly the ideal woman in everyone's eyes as a person who she's calling her fiance I became sort of a celebrity in the school too but not in a good way I got most of the Troublesome stuff over with in the beginning but the real problem came afterwards slowly but surely our classmates started to view sayaka's.

Relentless hounding of me as a courageous Pursuit Of Love by the time I realized it you were already recognized as one of the school's official couples as a result here I am today too eating sayaka's homemade lunch boox together with her in the school Courtyard I think about how she put all that effort in just for me lunch is usually the one.

Instance when I never feel right refusing her invitation she's probably doing this on purpose knowing exactly what I'm thinking but the lunch box itself is always delicious so I'm thankful for that at least they sayaka sorry to be blunt but you see me anyway someone on your level isn't exactly lacking for options rather than focusing.

Or your attention on a person like me who has no interest in dating wouldn't it be better to just go for one of them sayaka slowly shook her head ever since what happened when we were children I decided that you were the only one I would ever marry what are you talking about back then although sayaka is an absolutely Flawless Beauty now long time.

Ago she was a timid and awkward little girl because of that she never fit in with the crowd and was constantly being picked on and he been bullied you're the one that saved me tokisada even though you were outnumbered you did your best to protect me from the boys who were trying to bully me continued fighting for me even though you were covered in.

Wounds and didn't stop until you chased them away and then you turned around and said to me I'll always be there for you from now on so don't cry that was how we first became friends and started playing together and you brought me around and show me a lot of new places too it was then while spending all that time together with you when I fell in love.

Love with you that was the first time I had thought that I wanted to be your girlfriend and marry you when we grow up that was the reason I resolved to work hard to become a woman worthy of you do you not remember any of this as well I have no memory of it at all in the first place I was never someone that could pull off that kind of heroic stunt.

That's not true sayaka raised her voice so suddenly that it startled me I apologize for shouting but the Toki soda from my childhood is undoubtedly the person standing in front of me right now I don't have any evidence for it my heart I know that that's the case to be honest I don't think it's necessary for you to be so persistent.

About me being your fiance from my point of view it's a silly like what the heck does it being a fiance mean anyway can I eat it tokisada mean The Lunchbox isn't enough for you and you want to try eating me too I choked so hard the rice grains flew out of my mouth what on Earth is this girl saying it wasn't even remotely where the conversation was.

Going I thought I was supposed to be speaking to the the most talented woman in St Alis her brain taken a vacation or something you what a thing to say please rest assured I thought something like this might happen so I made sure beforehand that we were not alone that's not but I don't think we'll have enough time if we begin now so how about doing.

It after school but what the hell are you saying I wasn't asking for that that's too bad I'm confident I would have been able to perform to your satisfaction this is getting out of hand my heart feels like it's going to beat out of my chest even though I had no intention of getting interested exact opposite was happening felt an.

Indescribable feeling spread throughout me at night even while lying still in my bed my mind was racing a mile a minute I was thinking about sayaka somewhere along the way I'd started to care about her I can't let it go on like this but don't do something these buing emotions weren't something I wanted looks like I have no choice but to snip them off of.

The rout in the midst of the deep dark night I made my decision the next day after school I called Saka out to the Garden at the back of the school what what did you want to talk about tokisada oh uh could it be that you want to put what we spoke about yesterday into action honestly speaking this is so sudden I don't know if I'm ready to do.

It but if it's what you want no it's not that there's something I have to tell you the truth is I'm engaged to someone my parents have decided for me huh my father is the owner of a small Factory in our town the company has been running smoothly for the most part ever since I was little but it's taken ahead because of the recent economic downturn right.

When that happened ceoa major company one of our biggest clients approached us with a proposed of an engagement between our two families it was an obvious ploy to try to absorb our company into his own however if we refused and lost his patronage with the state of our finances we in we wouldn't have been able to avoid bankruptcy that reason we were.

Forced to accept his offer if only for the sake of protecting the livelihood of our employees and their families of course this was never something my father wanted for me I know that if I don't do this our employees who gave their all for us will be left out in the cone that's why I personally went to my father and offered myself as tribute.

Because I understand his anguish and his pain it hurts me as much as it does him so I can be your fiance not now nor in the future I'll be inheriting the fat Dream from my father someday and I won't be that person who abandons my employees for my own wellbeing I've already decided I'm going to marry that CEO's daughter and see this through to the end.

Now that you know the situation please give up on me I understand if that is the strength of your resolve I could only withdraw without causing more of a fuss sayak could turned on her heel and ran away from me in that split second I saw tears drop from her eyes I'm sorry an aching pain deep inside my heart I watched as she disappeared out of my.

Sight few days after that I went to a meeting with my fiance with my father our first meeting was in Middle School so this will only be the second time we're seeing each other face to face from the little I know of her I felt my heart and my footsteps grow heavier and heavier on the way there I lost count of the number of times sayaka's crying face.

Sprang up in my mind you can't do this you can't think about sayaka anymore no matter how many times I repeated this to myself it only made me think of her that much more ultimately my inner conflict persisted all the way to the venue where we were having the meeting I'm going to see Mr nishim mura and discuss the future arrangements okay I'm sorry.

Tokisada I know how painful this is don't apologize this is something I decided myself when I entered the room my fiance konako nishimura was already sitting at the table she didn't bother to hide her blatant disdain upon seeing me it's been a few years since I last saw you face is still as boring as ever I see and it's annoying too quietly I.

Took my seat opposite her you should know that even if we do get married it'll only be for formality sake so don't get any strange ideas you're my servants and nothing more of course that means you'll have no freedom in rights of your own your only role is to serve me just like how a carriage horse serves its Master get it in the first place why.

Does someone like me have to get married to a simpleton son of of a bottom feeder company my sister got married to a hot millionaire just what was Daddy thinking I response was to look at her in silence to be honest the only thing I wanted was to get this over with and go home as soon as possible what's with that rebellious attitude how dare you if you.

Keep this up I'll tell Daddy you bullied me that wouldn't be a good look for you at all would it so get down on your knees and beg for my forgiveness like the dog you are my fist trembled imperceptibly under the table calm down I have to calm down if I lose it here everything I've done until now will have been for nothing one second thought just.

Kneeling isn't enough I want you to kiss the floor right when those words left her mouth door burst open hold it right there be prepared to face my judgment you arrogant cow sayaka why are you here I'm here to inform both of you that as of right now your engagement is no longer in effect in exchange for the financial terms we offered him the.

Father of this woman had agreed to anol your engagement from now on my family will give your father's Factory all the business you want and any other support you might need so you don't have to worry anymore who are you barging in out of the blue and spouting all this nonsense oh are you sure you want to speak to me like that what the heck you.

Should shut up and listen to your superiors instead of continuing to say random things believe such a ridiculous story anyway if you have any doubts about what I'm telling you I suggest you asked your father directly it seems he just arrived now daddy you have to help me that over there suddenly interrupted us watch your words you.

Stupid girl I apologize for my daughter's Behavior please forgive us daddy why are you lowering yourself for someone like that I don't remember raising you to be such an idiot this young lady standing here is the daughter of the CEO of Koda conlon this young lady standing here is the daughter of the CEO of Koda.

Conlon huh but Kota conglomerate you don't mean Japan's number one richest company Mr nishima from my point of view your daughter's upbringing and decorum leave so much to be desired also I've heard your overly forceful management practices have caused many inconveniences to your subtractor companies that's well because you are.

Willing to accept my request without any compensation I'll Reserve judgment for now however if news of such things reach me again I hope you understand what will happen of course will we work our management policies at once see that you do you should complete the process as fast as possible possible before I change my mind that is I understand I'll.

Get on it right away come on we're leaving theim moras booked it out of there like their lives depended on it oh seriously that woman made me so angry does she think she is saying such things to you if there wasn't anyone else around I would have whooped her ass sayaka's words and actions had already far exceeded all my imagination and all.

I could do at this point was chuckle awkwardly did I really how undignified I've never been so embarrassed tokisada please forget everything I just said no I'm sorry but I don't think I can the contrast with your usual self was just too jarring me to she kept up the whole angry chipmunk aesthetic for a while but soon returned to her normal demure.

Demeanor you're a free man tokisada now you can choose the path that you truly want to take in life oh I won't use this incident to pressure you into marriage so please don't worry about that sayaka please don't say anymore even if you agree to marry me under the current situation I feel like you'd only end up presenting.

Me for it that's not the future I want for either of us that's why I'm putting an end to this once and for all I'll be moving abroad soon but I wish you happiness no matter how far away I am goodbye tokisada sayaka quietly walked away in that moment before I realized it my body had moved and I was suddenly hugging her from behind please let go.

Tokisada if you do something like this I'll get the wrong idea again no I won't let go I don't want to let go now we're finally able to meet again I Tien my hold on her to to you perhaps yeah I was lying when I said I didn't remember you the truth is that I never forgot you even for a moment I was so happy when I saw you again the truth is that I wanted.

To talk more to you before everything became a huge mess I want to go out with you and have fun just like we did in the past I know I'm a selfish for only telling you all this now but I love you Saka tokisada with what just happened I honestly find it hard to believe what you're saying that's understandable so instead of your words.

I want you to show me the truth with your actions sayaka sipped out of my arms and turned around to face me if you really love me please make me yours in both Body and Soul Right Here Right Now sayaka the intense emotions I've been holding back for long burst out of me I pulled Saka into my arms with all my might it's been several years since then.

After I graduated high school I took over the factory from my father and became his new CEO there's still a lot I need to learn but with the support of sayaka my father our employe employes and the people around me have somehow managed to pull through the hardest part of it and one year after that long awaited day finally came sayaka you're.

Beautiful you're so handsome too tokisada I'm falling in love with you all over again really tokisada I will continue loving you for as long as we both shall live I only ask that you love me as much as I do you of course I do I'll never stop loving you you're innocent face let up in Joy looking at our intertwined hands I know for sure.

That there is only unending happiness on the path ahead of us we're bound together by over 20 years of shared memories and true love after all yes this isn't the Finish Line it's just the start of our latest Adventure as long as Saka is smiling beside me or happiness will be never ending this is what I believe thank you for watching how was.

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