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[Manga Dub] She created a truth serum and accidentally drank it herself and confessed her love to me


My name is kimiaki kimizakura I'm 16 years old and I'm in the second year of high school I have no particular interest in chemistry and there are only two members in the chemistry Club but the reason why I belong to it is because I am finally completed I mean it doesn't hurt but what are you doing you were in your mad scientist.

Zone again so I thought I needed to put a break on it Iris it's fine to stop me but hitting my head is a No-No it's the beautiful genius girl brain is damage that would be a big loss for the world you'll need to treasure and hope this world more the girl who says that she's pretty or the world's something and has the habit.

Of making herself look bigger than she is is a friend of mine from my childhood Iris iritsky 16 years old she's also the head of the chemistry Club she's been obsessed with chemistry ever since she was a kid and she has created many medicines the reason why I belong to a chemistry.

Club is because I need to make sure that Iris doesn't lose control when she gets too involved with her chemistry experiments as usual you do exaggerate it may sound like I am exaggerating a Val but one day I will be I am the woman who will create the medicine of Happiness my medicine will save the world.

She started saying these things when she saw a news program when she was in elementary school student she saw heartbreaking news and thought that she would like to take away at least one of such heartbreaking matters Iris you're cool good luck I'm cheering for you thanks I have been doing chemistry ever.

Since I was little and I knew not to get along with my classmates I was kind of isolated in my class but kimiaki was different and was always by my side when I talked about chemistry he never looked annoyed and listened to what I wanted to say he also joined the chemistry Club I joined in order to keep an eye on you is what he said I think it's because he.

Doesn't want to feel lonely probably I have always liked kind kimiaki ever since I was a child if you are going to cheer me on I have a request to make could you hear me out hmm what is it I want you to drink this great medicine that I've completed well that would depend on the content what kind of medicine is it.

A secret that is so suspicious it's not suspicious have ever made any suspicious medicines before yes there were when I was in junior high there was a medicine for making people taller but instead I grew mushrooms out of my head oh you're hyped for by 30 centimeters don't count the mushrooms.

For the physical height mushrooms are not part of my body promise that you won't go mushrooms out of your head so please and drink it's not about mushrooms we were going back and forth for about two minutes but by accident the beaker left iris's head and fell on top of her head her head was covered with the beaker's.

Contents in my mouth this is not good so it was a suspicious medicine it was not suspicious it is this is called the truth medicine and it makes you unable to tell a lie and everything that's in your heart so that's all that you could think straight out of your mouth.

Seems like you already can't lie about this well I'll wipe your head to begin with thanks as usual you are good at taking care of me and why do you want me to drink such a thing well that is a secret but I guess I can't do that for now I don't know why I wanted to make you.

Drink it it's because because I always liked you a lot ever since I was little I wanted to know about how you feel about me you liked me oh I had no idea that's what I thought well let's end the conversation now it's what I want to say but I want to know how you really think.

Of me if you could could you tell me I have no more solution to make the truth medicine with I like you too Iris but I think that's as a childhood friend I see then we can continue to be good friends as we have always been but actually I want to be your girlfriend to be honest so what should I do I've only.

Done chemistry my entire life so I don't really know but the effect of the medicine lasts for about a week so I will keep telling you how much I like you during this time I can't hide my feelings anyhow feel like this week is going to be quite dramatic the next morning I went to iris's house so that we could go to.

School together morning Iris morning kimiaki today you are extremely cool so it's clear eyes beautiful nose attractive lips I can't stop staring at them well my true feelings just came rolling out of my mouth oh this is embarrassing told those things makes me embarrassed.

She'd been having such thoughts on a daily basis that makes me feel embarrassed then shall we hold hands as we go to school oh that was my real thoughts coming out sorry I forget what I just said oh okay even if I can't hold hands with you I am happy to be able to go to school with you like this.

The things Iris was telling me were things I had not realized before even a doll-witted guy like me now knew how much Iris liked me in our classroom she and I sit next to each other but during every break time she would say give me hockey I like you a lot oh my true feelings again how many times have I told you this today.

It's the eighth time you were counting if you count this makes it even more embarrassed oh sorry but you don't say that during class I am focused on the class even if it's not chemistry I like studying I see that's good you're a genius so even if you don't take any class you would probably get.

Full marks on the test but that you're so serious and attending class every time I respect you for that yeah thanks for praising me it's like kimiaki that Praises me too please praise me more you look good in a white gown really it's the best when I'm raised by.

Yukimiyaki Iris kept on telling me how much she likes me every day but after being told that so many times I became very self-conscious about our relationship then on the fifth day after she had drank the truth medicine I went to her house as usual to pick her up.

actually I am worried about the relationship with you kimiaki from now on I created this medicine that lets me dream about the future and it's all this dream that was lying down on the ground with blood coming out of my head my face looked completely white and I looked like I had died.

Was that medicine a success I think it was a success after all there are no such mushrooms growing out of my head that is rather persuasive your failed medicine always makes one grow mushrooms on their heads well since I am a genius I am not particularly worried about my future that ends with my death.

No it's a lie I am really scared what should I do kimiaki do you think I'm going to die I don't want to I Won't Let You what I will protect you Iris for sure I will completely destroy such a bad future save your tears for when you are saved yeah yeah thanks kimiaki you are so kind.

I like you I like you too much Billy it's not only the prophetic dream medicine but also the truth medicine's effect is still there so how far into the future can this medicine let you see up until three days ago I had planned to be able to see until three months into the future but I made a mistake with the.

Amount so your prophetic dream might come true within the next three days then that's right also I couldn't see whether it's something that happens indoors or outdoors I could only see myself lying on the ground in the dark so it doesn't necessarily mean that it would be safe just because I stayed indoors then we.

Can spend the day as usual but I want to be your bodyguard for 24 hours is that all right what 24 hours but we should take baths separately it's what I want to say but the truth is if you want to then I I could wear a bathing suit and take a bath with you I will not take a bath with you you're.

Not that nervous although you saw such a gloomy dream that's because I'm a genius also I believe that you will help me change my destiny well I guess it's better than being depressed this is how I came to be iris's bodyguard for three days and in order to avoid her prophetic Dream from coming true.

We took other measures as well in my prophetic dream I was bleeding from my head so I prepared a helmet what do you think does it look good on me yes you are the number one woman for looking good wearing a helmet I wonder if that's something I should be happy about there is another medicine I created in the past that heals any type of wound I.

Will always carry that with me it doesn't make you grow mushrooms when you drink it right no you can trust this medicine because mushrooms don't grow this is how we continue to make our plan of action and I spent every day with Iris nothing happened and it was now the third day if nothing happens on this day.

Then what the prophetic dream showed can be avoided we want to go home but it's starting to rain should we share an umbrella didn't you have an umbrella as well I lost it is a lie I wanted to share the umbrella with you kimiaki hmm to share an umbrella with someone who is wearing a helmet it can't be helped since I have to protect my life.

That's true then let's go home yes when we were on our way home suddenly a suspicious guy appeared Miss chemistry I came to fetch you Miss chemistry is me Iris get back who are you I am a martial artist and live in an apartment near your high school I always.

Observe the chemistry room and watch you with my binoculars Miss chemistry but I can no longer just watch but I want to get my hands on you and put you in my room so I came to fetch you oh my God this guy is nuts even a genius like me can't understand his level of insanity.

You're in my way out with you because the suspicious guy attacked us with a metal back I caught his swing with the umbrella that I had prepared especially for this sort of occasion Iris get away sorry I'm in charge and I can't move it can't be helped I have to get this guy away this guy definitely has.

Something to do with your prophetic dream which means that if we can do something about him the dream won't come true as I fought the guy the umbrella flew out of my hands and in that moment he hit my head with his Bat I didn't mean to hit him I just wanted to scare him away.

Suspicious guy ran away screaming so I dragged myself over to kimiaki's side wake up I called the ambulance with my smartphone and that I took out the medicine I had created and put it in my mouth and transferred it into his mouth please wake up a few minutes later gimiyaki who's been lying on my knees suddenly woke up my medicine worked.

Oh I'm alive I'm glad that you woke up I was so worried about you I'm sorry I made you worry but are you all right you didn't get injured I'm fine because you protected me that guy also ran away I see that prophetic dream was avoided also I was hit on the head.

But it doesn't hurt at all this means yes I gave you the medicine I had created oh I made the drink by giving it to you mouth to mouth I could have done it normally but why did it do such a thing well it was quicker to do it mouth to mouth and that judgment was genius but I can't say that ticket Miyaki.

So you gave me the medicine then thanks why are you blushing I am not hiding anything you are the number one woman who can't hide anything right that's right I am the world's most honest genius beautiful chemist but I cannot oh I can't hide it yes I guess it was medicine affects a way you're off wow.

That was hard work I never want to drink it again I am a little disappointed what why because I wanted you to tell me that you like me more because I like you too what you like me since you drank that medicine and told me how much you liked me and praised me I became really aware of you.

When I heard about your prophetic dream I thought I have to do something no matter what and it was really painful to hear it I'm so glad that you're alive now I'm completely in love with you Iris I also uh what is it do you have something stuck in your throat.

Got it well it's embarrassing and it's heartbeat it's a it's a fact I don't think being a genius has anything to do with it you were saying so often how you liked me seems that I was able to say that because of the effect of the truth medicine I now realize that it is hard to say one's feelings without the.

Medicine could you wait about a year that's long but it's fine I will wait until you overcome your shyness oh really the shy iris is also extremely cute seeing you like that also brings me happiness the life I will lead together with Iris.

Will continue to be a series of happy chemical reactions thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well