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[Manga Dub] She didn’t know the girl I was with was my sister… [RomCom]


Welcome my name is hiroo shom Mia I'm a firste college student working part-time at a convenience store hiroto can you help me out she's Haruna akizuki a third-year college student at the same University as me I hear she's good-looking and can study well but she's also a bit clumsy which makes me want to help I'll take care of this so.

Please take care of the register I can't let my Senpai do this kind of heavy lifting not because she's a senpai but because of how thin her arms are thanks hoto with that Haruna Senpai hurry to the cash register I'm sorry H Senpai what's wrong I better go check on her come on let's exchange contacts call me when you're.

Done I I won't then when do you finish your part-time job I'll wait um it will be another hour or so then I'll wait until you're done h excuse me you want something with my girlfriend you have a boyfriend thanks hero to could no this is nothing of course Haruna Senpai isn't my girlfriend she often gets tangled up.

With customers like that because of her cute looks that's why I'm asked to pretend to be her boyfriend to get rid of them I'm the Senpai but I keep getting help from you hero tokun that's not true you helped me too really yes hi my name is Haruna nice to meet you hero tun nice to meet you Haruna Senpai has been teaching me.

Things on behalf of the manager since the day I started working here so I'm in the process of returning the favor to my Senpai I'm glad to hear that well then please call me if you need anything else yeah thanks herun uh I'm not with herun today what's wrong looks like that manager uh I'm sorry are you lonely because you're not.

With her Roto what no you're so cute Hera it's obvious from your expression manager I'm sorry it's my fault oh no you don't have to apologize I was actually supposed to work with herot today as well but due to manager's work schedule the manager and rotun shifts were suddenly switched yeah well that.

Makes me feel little better when you say it like that oh ARA can I ask you to take out the trash yes I'll go was it really that obvious on my face H herot toon what who was that girl next to him could it be a girlfriend but he's never told me he had a girlfriend it's been a long time since I went out with you heroo no it's not we went out last.

Saturday too one week is a while what kind of brain do you have you're the only one who would say it's been a while just because we haven't gone out in a week this is my sister cocona shom Mia she's going to be a sophomore in high school this year and this morning she slammed me awake to go to the shopping mall you're mean unlike hero I like.

Going Outdoors even if you like going Outdoors one week isn't a while this is white indoor people hey apologize to the indoors oh we're here hey don't ignore me let's go hey don't pull how is it hero isn't it cute why don't you see for yourself I asked you heroo don't you look cute no matter what you wear I don't know if I should say.

This but kokona is a beautiful girl I think she looks cute no matter what she wears hey hey is that because the material is good or is it because I'm cute and I look good in anything I wear hey hey you're so annoying I shouldn't have said that well you are right H I'm going to get this one you're not going to look at.

Anything else yeah I like this one I see where should we go next you came here to buy clothes right we've already done what we came here to do now that we're here let's go look at some other stores all right sure hey hoto want to go to that Cafe over there I've always wanted to go there let's go then I'm hungry that's because you don't eat breakfast I.

Don't have an appetite in the morning come on let's go please call us when you have decided on your order it's really fancy I feel awfully out of place no way here look at the menu what do you want hoto wow all in Katakana you can read Katakana right I can read Cafe Olay and Shortcake it's not whether I can read it or not it's just hard to hey I want this.

One you really love Mont Blanc don't you Mont Blan is my favorite cake and some ice coffee I'll have the same thing then Excuse me yes I'll take your order two Mont blancs and two iced coffees please certainly hey why do you keep hanging out with me don't you have any friends of course I do not you heroo huh huh I have friends yeah yeah you don't have to.

Be so vain the reason I only go with you is because I'm less likely to get hit on then why don't you go with your guy friends that's like going on a date then why don't you go with more than one person I don't want more than one person you you're too picky anyway you're the best person for this you're happy to go out with a pretty girl like me aren't.

You how can I have such feelings for my own sister wow you're mean here you go M Blanc and iced coffee thank you wow looks delicious yummy yeah it's delicious Hara Senpai Hara Senpai a senpai at the University she's my Senpai at the University but she's also my Senpai at my part-time job.

I see and what a Haruna Senpai Haruna Senpai loves sweets so I thought I'd recommend this to her wait do you like her uh Haro Senpai is totally out of my league in the first place she's that cute huh yeah 10 times cuter than you how dare you I'm still pretty popular unlike some guys named hiroo I can't deny it but she's cuter.

Than you I've never met her so I can't can't say anything but do you have any pictures or anything there's no way I could take a sneaky photo why are you assuming that's what I meant gross gross there's no opportunity to take a photo with Haruno Senpai in the first place H then I'll go to your part-time job next time I mean haven't.

You already met her you've been to the convenience store where I work right I've been to the convenience store but I mostly ask you to buy things for me and don't go there by myself that often so if you think she's that cute I would probably notice so I doubt it don't use me as your errand boy it's just a side job so it's.

Fine that was delicious hey Hodo let's come back tomorrow no way how often are you planning to go come on let's go pay the bill what I could come here every day your bill will be 1,400 Yen please thank you very much hoto I'll pay my share it's not that big a deal yeah thanks where else do you want to go um let me see this way after that I was.

Taken to almost every clothing store in the mall I bought a lot of stuff seriously how many places did we go to um a lot it's been a while since I walked that much oh can I go to the convenience store yeah I'll go ahead then don't you want to see Haruna Senpai yeah maybe another time oh can you buy some drinks while you're at it yeah yeah.

Fine welcome Herod no no no no just act like you always do but I'm curious hello Senpai hey herocon what what are you doing today today I went to a shopping mall with my friend uh I see friend but I feel like herun told me the other day that he doesn't have any friends to hang.

Out with I wonder if they became friends recently that girl was pretty cute maybe that girl is also after him or maybe they're already dating oh uh Senpai are you free next Saturday Saturday yeah I think I'm free if if you'd like would you like to go to the shopping mall with me what an invitation from Herod yeah I want to go great I found a.

Cafe in the mall today that has delicious cakes and I wanted you to try them too oh I want to go but why did you invite me because you love desserts and sweet things how did you know because you always buy the new Desserts when they come out and you your s said you like sweets did I say that yes then next.

Saturday at 10:00 let's see um why don't we meet in front of the University okay sounds good let's do that okay then good luck with the rest of your shift on the day of my promise with Haruna Senpai I headed to the front of the University where we were supposed to meet up H I'm nervous we often have shifts with just the two of us but today is the first.

Time we've ever gone out together oh IUN over here oh Hara Senpai sorry did you wait nope I just got here too besides you were on time so there's no need to apologize I can't tell him that I've been here half an hour before if you say so shall we go yeah Haruna Senpai you're too stylish and Too Cute a looks cooler and more stylish.

Than usual today welcome Hara senpai this is it h I've been curious about this Cafe oh really yeah thanks for bringing me here Herod you don't have to thank me anyways what would you like H I can't decide take your time the tiramissu looks delicious and the fondant chocolate too H I can't choose how about we share.

Share I'll order the tiu and you order the on shakol lot and we split it in half that way we can have two kinds what I if it's okay with you I want to share then let's do that wow looks delicious please give me a second oh wait a minute herun as I was about to Cut the Cake in half to share Haruna sent by stopped me we've come all this way let's take a.

Picture before we cut it okay take as many as you want herun look over here what I took it why are you taking me I thought you were taking the cake I took a picture of the cake and I also took a picture of you since I came here with you I wanted to take one for the Memories if you want to then sure I can.

Take a photo if you would like oh please okay hodun over here yes boyfriend please get closer to your girlfriend uh yes boyfriend oh friend say cheese I got some good pictures thank you no please enjoy I'll send them to you later okay.

Thanks a photo with Haruna Senpai a photo with herot cone yes then let's eat okay uh oh I'll play it thanks h M Roto this terisu was so good I'm glad fondu chalot is so good too Haruna Senpai eating it so deliciously looks so cute hodun let's come again together what sure if you want to come let's go.

Anytime really yay it's a promise okay promise thanks for today Hodo no I'm glad you enjoyed it I'm happy is something wrong no it's nothing okay yeah sorry that girl is definitely the one that was with herocon yesterday what what if herocon was dating her in secret drama H is that Hodo that girl next to.

Him is that haraan she's really pretty it has to be right oh Hodo uh H kokona what are you doing here cuz I was going to use uh ask you for some shopping but you homeb wait a second you just said Ed didn't you nope no you definitely did I almost did true.

Seeo this girl oh sorry I'll introduce her introduce means nice to meet you haran I'm Hero's sister Koka what sister yes Hero's sister but but hoto said you went out with a friend yesterday did you happen to see us by any chance yeah I'm sorry she gets upset when I call her my sister for some.

Reason what how come cuz I didn't want people at school to know I was hiroto's Sister oh come on uh oh I completely thought she was your girlfriend no way H do you like Hodo by any chance haran what no I can tell from your Expressions you do right but I'm sorry I can't give hero to.

You haran hey hoto you stay out of this what no huh Hera Senpai what's wrong rokun is mine I'm sorry I was just teasing her and a son a little bit what sorry about that Hodo you two have a good one he hey Haruna Senpai um what you said.

Earlier well oh it was just a joke wasn't it it's it's not a joke joke huh it it wasn't a joke I like you heroon it's not a joke what when I saw you with kach Chan yesterday I got really desperate because I thought you had a girlfriend and my heart was hurting that's how much I like you so you know if you're okay with it will you.

Go out with me if you're really okay with me please go out with me senpai really are you sure yes of course I like you too Hara Senpai and so the two of us welcome your total will be 720 Yen thank you hero help me over here yeah okay just a second Haruna hurry okay okay ever since dating Haruna.

My days working parttime became a lot more fun I better thank kokona hey Hodo want to go to the cafe after work yeah sure yay Kazuma let me introduce the new members of our family one day my father brought home a nice looking pretty lady as his wife he also introduced my little sister who was petite but unafraid to.

Express her detestation for having connections with people I caudo couldn't understand the sudden turn of events the one thing I understood was that I had to introduce myself it's nice to meet you I'm umaa I hope my father isn't causing any trouble for you he's so Charming just like you n Yuki I'm suier and this is Yuri just.

When Samaya tried to introduce her daughter Yuri bued in she bluntly stated her name and looked away immediately I could tell she wasn't the most friendly type of girl sweetie you can at least try to get along right I don't care gosh I'm so sorry Kazuma she's not not usually this unpleasant I think she's just nervous about meeting you it's okay.

She's just a kid let's not pressure her into anything it was our first time meeting each other I bet everybody in that room was somewhat nervous she's just a child nothing to get bothered about I was going to move on when a kid Yuri Sly zoomed up on me she glared at me with an agitated expression did you just call me a kid huh uh yeah senpai.

How old do you think I am huh Senpai please answer me oh uh fifth sixth grade to be honest I thought she was younger than that but seeing how she reacted to my words I realized she was older than she looked however my answers seem to make her more frustrated Kima you huh Yuri you need to calm down Kuma doesn't mean any harm to.

You I was clueless why my father and samay Sony look so uneasy Yuri was giving off menacing Vibes and I realized I must have said something offensive to her mom I know he doesn't mean to hurt me that's why it hurts so much honey I understand how you're feeling let's all take a breath Senpai let me ask one more question do you remember meeting me.

Before yesterday huh I didn't realize we met before Yuri wait Senpai you jerk I hate you ah oh Yuri I can't believe you did that huh it's all his fault stop I'm not done Yuri was fuming she turned away from me and left the room shaking from Fury I'm sorry Kuma oh can I ask you why.

She is so angry with me I asked samay for opinion because I couldn't figure out what made Yuri so angry my father that was all on you looked at me and shook his head for some reason what what do they do listen Kazuma you can't judge a girl's age just by how she looks yorri is only a year younger than you she's a freshman in high school right now what.

There is no way that tiny little girl is a freshman in high school that's just impossible however if what my father said was true I would understand why yui lost it with me but I don't think the a sing is a reason for a slapping my face I have a feeling she got angry because I didn't remember meeting her before so that means I've met her before maybe.

It's school but then it would have had to have been during this year there's no way I would forget somebody like her in such a short period I need to figure this out so I can fix the situation I wanted to talk to yorri to ask her more but she avoided me the rest of the day I never got the chance the next morning I ran into Yuri in the hallway she looked.

Sleepy in her PJs oh morning Yuri huh good morning I think she was half sleep sleeping her eyes were half closed as she bowed to me she then tuted past me down the hallway she's walking towards the stairs she going to be okay I worried she might trip since her eyes aren't fully open I watched her as she.

Continued to wobble away suddenly Yuri lost her balance at the top of the stairs and she began to fall oh no huh are you okay Senpai I somehow managed to catch her before she fell Yuri slowly looked up at my face almost falling down the stairs had woken her up you shouldn't walk around when you're half sleeping watch out for those stairs.

Huh you could have gotten Hur badly I wasn't trying to scold her that's why I smiled at her gently when I talked to her however let go of me you pushed me away and jumped out of my arms thank you for saving me from falling down the stairs but it's imprudent to hold onto a girl like you just did my bad she's right I should have pulled her arm or.

Something she's angry that I invaded her private space I understand that I keep upsetting her she hates me more now I can't believe that happened my heart is about to explode she continued to avoid me and it was hard to deal with the tension between us she would ignore me whenever I tried to talk to her at home it was the same at school too there was.

No doubt about it she hated my guts one what you guys won't be back for a whole month we were both shocked to hear my father and Somaya will be away for a month it has something to do with my father's work yeah I know I feel awful for leaving you guys behind but try to get along I can't please take me with you guys sweetie you can't skip a month.

Of school you know we can't take you with us but but there was no way Yori could take a month off school Yori knew she would never be allowed to and she quietly looked down at her hands in the end it was decided that Yuri and I would stay back back can live alone for a month oh well there's nothing we can do about it let's work together to get.

Through it yes it can't be helped however just because we will be alone in the house together I hope you don't get any silly ideas about anything even though we are siblings now I will not hesitate to call the police if you tried to attack me after Yori snapped at me she turned towards the door and walked out just like she did the first day she.

Got here she is so pretty on the outside but an old lives on the inside I have a feeling this month isn't going to be as fun as I hoped it would be I'm so hungry it's already 7 I completely forgot about dinner Samaya always has something ready for us but she's not here right now huh something smells really good I was pulled towards the living room by the.

Delicious smell when I opened the door I saw yorri busily moving around in an apron Yuri are you making dinner for us why are you asking the obvious oh my bad throw me a bone for once I didn't know what you liked is there anything you can't eat Kazuma uh no I can eat anything but you should have told me if you were going grocery shopping that.

Would have helped you stop treating me like a child I can go grocery shopping on my own yeah I know sorry hey I didn't know you cooked well I'm not a baby I've been practicing since I graduated from middle school but I've never seen you cook anything is what I wanted to say but I kept my mouth shut because I didn't want to give her a reason to snap.

At me again jeez who do you think I practiced so hard for huh what did you just say I didn't say anything she mumbled something so I asked her what she said she yelled at me and I can't help but feel like she hates me more with every passing second however hey look at that what is it are you going to complain no I just realized these are.

All my favorite dishes shut up you're so conceited why would I go out of my way to make your favorite dishes just to make you happy yeah I know I nodded in helpes of calming Yuri's anger I don't get why she was so angry with me but maybe she wanted to make sure I wouldn't get the wrong idea Yuri was breathing so hard.

Her shoulders were heaving she kind of looked like an angry kitten and I couldn't help but think she was adorable as it turns out Yuri wasn't lying about her cooking everything she made was delicious it was nice to imagine her making meals for me every day should be thankful for her to tell you the truth Samaya wasn't bad at cooking but yui was.

On another level my thankfulness faded as the days went by Yuri kept complaining about everything I did since there was nobody to stop her things kept escalating to be honest my heart was Heavy every time I had to see her at each meal I couldn't enjoy the good food anymore however something happened that changed.

Everything 38.5 de C wish your fever would go down Senpai you'll catch my cold you need to get out of my room I'm not going to leave you here alone I'll be in the corner just let me know if you need anything okay Senpai well I'll be Yuri I don't want you to go huh please stay by my side I expected her to push me away.

Maybe she's feeling insecure and lonely because she's so sick you want me to stay yes please okay I'll be here thank you is she asleep I heard Yuri breathing lightly as she slept I was glad since she needed her rest I didn't have anything to do but I didn't want to leave her sight I was scared she would wake up while I was gone and it would.

Make her feel abandon my gosh I can't get over how cute she looks when she's sleeping it's a shame she has such a tough personality but I bet she has boys lined up to talk to her I remember some of the guys in my class talking about a pretty little freshman girl I have a feeling they were talking about Yuri.

Senpai oh are you up Senpai is she talking in her sleep I wonder what she's dreaming about right now Yuki kept calling my name in her sleep it made me curious about what was happening in Her Dream obviously there was no way to find out I decided to focus on watching your pretty face as she.

Slept hey are you okay huh it's you H wow I've never heard a voice so sweet like that her fever must still be high Senpai are you feeling sick huh I'm feeling fine yeah you're not fine at all you're acting like a drunk person I'm okay I'm okay what's wrong now why are you in my room Senpai wait is this a dream it must be a dream Yuki son seemed.

Aware of how she was talking it was like she finally woke up for real I realized she must have been half sleeping until a few moments ago sunpai this is a dream right please tell me this is a dream I'm begging you hey I think you already know this is not a.

Dream no way this is not happening hey calm down your fever will go up but but I can't believe you just saw how it's acting I can't continue Lo that you saw that you're overreacting no I'm not I mean you mean it's nothing hey come on there's no way it's nothing I could tell how emotional she was a few moments ago it got me.

Worried her fever would go up again that's how intense she was acting I'm not mature enough to let it go just because she told me to hey Yuri I've been wanting to talk to you ever since you came to this house oh but for now you need to rest and sleep so your body can recover so I would appreciate it if you could give me a few seconds to talk.

To you after you get better uh is that okay yes I guess it is thank you okay how about you get back in bed at that moment Yuri looked like a little child to me I was petting her head before I knew it to my surprise Yuri didn't push me away she smiled a little as she looked up at me after seeing your smile like that I.

Realized she wasn't a bad person at all we just had a misunderstanding so that means I should put in a little more effort to get to know her better after that I stood up to go grocery shopping however Yuri looked at me longingly and I realized I should wait until she fell asleep before leaving the room the next day Yuri's fever had gone down.

Completely so um well first off I'd like to apologize to you what are you apologizing for for not being able to remember you I can't remember where I met you before and I'm sorry for that uh so I would appreciate it if you could tell me about when we met I know it's not ideal but I want to take a step forward so we can be nicer to each other.

I just want to get along with you I'm sorry huh I'm sorry for being so blunt and harsh towards you to be honest I don't blame you for not remembering me what do you mean well I looked nothing like I do now back then so it's not your fault for not recognizing me but I was so ecstatic about the ideaa of living with you I guess I was so shocked that.

Our reunion didn't turn out the way I hoped it would oh so can you tell me about when we met before um it was last year during the high school entrance exams do you remember a small girl with braids and glasses on oh yeah I do she was waiting for a sick friend outside the bathroom alone she said she missed the teacher's exam explanation because.

Of that wait no way are you yeah um the one who was sick in the bathroom that day that was you oh no are you okay are you doing this on purpose is this funny to you uh what I am the girl with braids and glasses I'm the one who was waiting outside the bathroom what no way you don't have to be so shocked no I mean huh are you sure you're hair you look.

Nothing like her the girl I held that day looked completely the opposite of what Yuri looked like now I remember she was just an ordinary girl not a pretty Gora like Yuri to be honest I couldn't believe it at all I'm happy you remember but this is so sad I'm so sorry but how did you become such a different person I wanted you to like me the next time we.

Met huh I was about to cry because I thought I would be late for my exams but you cheered me up you even asked the teacher to tell me the exam rules again so I could take the exam even when I ended up being late for the exams you explained the whole situation to the supervisor and convinced her to go easy on me I've had feelings for you since.

That day what wow um so Yuri you liked me not liked I still like you I still have feelings for you oh I I see I felt awful for not being capable of saying anything else everything was so sudden my mind couldn't digest the words coming out of her mouth I stood there open mouthed and Yuri took another step closer to me that's why I did everything.

I could to become prettier I knew I didn't stand a chance if I stayed the way I was when I first met you I've been watching you ever since I started my freshman year I even asked the teacher for your name because I wanted to get to know you oh you did when my mother first told me she was getting married she told me your name and that you went to the.

Same school they felt that Destiny was bringing us together but when I met you you treated me like a child and you didn't remember me at all it was shocked because I was looking forward to it so much I'm sorry I know none of it is your fault y always started to get emotional again but she stopped to apologize for trying to blame.

Me for everything I could see she was a good person after all I felt awful for making her so miserable hey I'm sorry for making you feel that way hey how about you let me do you a favor I want to do something to make up for everything so we can finally start to get to know each other a favor can I ask you for something yeah sure as long as.

It's not like something that requires me to die or something well I want you to kiss me what I want you to kiss me huh why I know you see me as your little sister you consider me a little child but I want you to see me as a woman and kissing you is the only way I can show you I'm not a kid but but I'm not sure.

That's appropriate is that's a no Senpai he said I could ask you anything so you were lying to me then I couldn't say no to her after seeing her PW at me like that but I knew I couldn't give her everything she wanted from me that's why I decided to kiss Yuri on the cheek our life together as siblings started rough but this kid changed everything.

Including our Sweet Home Alabama relationship I hope I get a chance to tell you guys about it someday for now I need to get back to my little sister she's pretty upset that I kiss her on the cheek instead of her lips like she had hoped I would I have a crush on you please be my girlfriend I June hashiba confess my.

Feelings for a girl on the rooftop of my school as the sun started to fall noises of students working hard in their after school sports practices filled the Rooftop it was still July not long since I started going to the school still I was already used to the scenery on this rooftop I'm sorry Hashi Pon in front of.

Me was a young girl who apologetically gave me an answer to my confession she gave off a calm Aura and I couldn't help but look at the nice curves on her female body she was beautiful with elegant features on her face yet her Karm Expressions also made her seem very cute the girl's name name is Moka amarian she was a year older than me she.

Was known for her beauty throughout the school I understand my head hurt from being turned down indeed some guy like me didn't deserve to be with a beautiful person like Amari Senai God is probably spinning down at me asking who do you think you are but I'm not going to give up I swear I swear I'm going to make you fall in love with me Amari.

Senai however Amari Senai was someone I truly admired and was also my first crush I was lost during the opening ceremony in my first day of school but she helped me even when it me she might be late I fell in love with her kindness at that moment I can't just give up on her that easily one day I'll be able to be.

Your girlfriend and I want to do a bunch of things together that's why I couldn't just give up after she said no to me this one time I'm honored to hear you say that Hashi bakun this is the H 100th time you said that to me surprise surprise this was the memorable 100th time that I confess my feelings to her well hats off to me for not giving up.

After all this time gosh I've started taking off lines in my notebooks whenever you call me out to talk to me as expected of you Amari simai you're very consistent I'm not asking you to compliment me come on Hashi pakun you've done this a 100 times already you're at three digits now you know what's wrong with that how can you.

Still think of me that way whether it's a 100 times or a thousand times I don't see that problem but you did this a 100 times already my classmates are teasing me and saying things like oh is that underclassman going to confess his feelings to you again well honest well I honestly truly seriously like you it's hard for me to contain these feelings I.

Think you're crazy how she Ron but I'm starting to think I'm crazy too for following you up here each time you ask me to it makes me so happy to hear that anyways thank you for listening to my feelings today I'll drop you home today as well okay thank you oh no it's no problem if you think about it it's also.

Strange that I'm being dropped home by a boy that I just turned down because it's dangerous for you to walk home alone after dark I'm home I live with with my dad my mom passed away when I was young and so I was raised by a single father it was normal for me to come home to an empty house and I often did the household.

Chores myself instead of relying on my dad but I mean I wasn't too upset about helping out I appreciate my dad for raising me all these years oh welcome home June huh that's rare you were able to come home early today when I came home I found my dad in the living room I mean it was already late because I dropped aari sen by home my body won't.

Last if I keep working overtime every day and did you eat already oh come on I love my son too much to disregard his cooking and eat something before coming home yeah yeah thanks for that that means he didn't cook anything yet I guess I'll just make something easy it'll probably be full from the beer anyways by the way JN yeah I'm not going.

To bring you a second beer really unfortunately for you yes really we have no more beers in the fridge I'm kidding it's not about that the thing is I'm thinking about getting remarried really fortunately yes really oh my dad who would always say I won't get married to anyone other than your mother is planning on getting married.

Again I think it's a good idea I'm sure Mom will be happier that way I was nervous that you would be against it why would I I'm glad you said that but the lady actually has a child all right then let me act like their big brother you have nothing to worry about we'll have a wholesome family I wonder who my step sibling is going to be an elementary.

Schooler a middle schooler or perhaps an adult who was much older than me it's okay as long as they're not the same age as me I won't think anything weird about them even if it's a girl the kid is a girl who is one year older than you oh the naughty things are coming in I can't do this I have someone I already have feelings for I don't think that matters.

Speaking of the person you have feelings for is a girl that helped you and you were completely lost wasn't she she's my Aphrodite well yeah maybe this situation might cause problems if you end up dating that girl you think so too if somehow I mean I don't want to say if but let's say I end up in a relationship with Amari Senpai she probably won't.

Feel too happy about me living with a girl who isn't biologically related to me even while knowing I won't put my hands on that girl Amari Senai might still feel uncomfortable I don't want her to feel that way ever don't worry too much if anything happens I'll do something after all this is something I want to.

Selfishly do but maybe this is a sign that I need to give up I confess my feelings so many times because I couldn't give up but still I was turned down every single time while it is ironic of me to say this after doing it a 100 times I'm worried she's going to start hating me for being annoying I want her to fall for me but things would.

Be even worse if she ended up hating me yeah okay I'll ask you when the time comes around then I knew in my head that it was about time I gave up on her still I smiled and gave my dad a thumbs up a few weeks passed after that night after I realized it was about time I gave up I stopped confessing my feelings to Amari Senpai hey dude you don't need to go to.

That girl today I like go confess your feelings dude what happened to you no way you were so in love with her did you just give up you joking you're not real man why am I getting in trouble because of that my friends were worried about me I'm sorry for making you walk home with me today too and Amari Senpai started asking me to hang out with her more I.

Was a little excited in the beginning thinking that she finally started to notice me but seeing her impatient like this I understood that it wasn't the case case oh no it makes me happy to be able to walk home with you you're supposed to be happy but when Amari simai muttered those words I felt like it was connected to a.

Confession by the way I'm going to have a little brother soon congratulations on the baby I was raised by a single mother so if that were the case I'd be so surprised that would have been nice too speaking of I'm supposed to have an older sister soon congratulations on the baby that wouldn't just be surprising it would be crazy I'm sure I would faint if.

My dad gave birth to an older sister if that's even possible hm does you not confessing your feelings to me recently have something to do with the fact that you're getting an older sister her brain was very sharp on the strangest of details are you relieved now it was annoying wasn't it h i wonder it was annoying at the.

Beginning but in that case will you be my girlfriend nope oh I'm sad I knew the answer from the beginning but I had a sliver of hope that I could get a yes this time reality is very harsh isn't it I won't be your girlfriend but it makes me sad that I won't be able to see you anymore so let's walk home together sometimes okay it was finally.

Time for Dad's new wife to come to our house I thought he would have to meet us together at a restaurant first or something but we were all suddenly going to live together under the same roof my dad really is cruel to his son come on dad did you even think about moving all of us into this tiny house we can do anything as long as we put our.

Minds to it either way it's too late now I've been telling you this for a while now though at this rate my steps sister and I were going to have to share a room we were going to have to sleep huddled together it was at that moment what oh for some reason a Mori Senpai came to our house these two are going to be your family from today Jen.

These two are going to be your family from now on Moka you foolish father ah why is my son grabbing onto my shirt sleeves obviously because I'm expressing my frustration about how I should have asked for names beforehand how should I know oh do you know him Moka yep we're so close that he confessed his feelings to me a 100 times.

Hold on a minute Amari Senai that introduction is a bit tough for someone I just met who is also going to be my stepmother the statement brought on a fear that I wouldn't be able to help create a wholesome family my mother wouldn't be too happy with being around family members that have romantic feelings towards her daughter was the.

Boy you were telling me about the one that always drops you home and things like that were you talking about junun yep he always walks me home each time he confesses his feelings for me then I guess you guys will get along very well I want her to understand and it would be that specific reason that would prevent us from getting along we're.

Really going to be sharing rooms huh you're not against it amori Senpai you're sharing a room with a boy you're like a sheep going into a Wolf's Den H I guess I might be against going into Mr Wolf's Den but I know you're not that kind of guy Hashi bakun I know why my heart flooded when Amari Senpai said that to me it's very.

Infair of her to say things like that I swear in my life that I won't put put my hands on you I'd rather die if you're going to go through all that I'll give you permission to put your hands on me what did she say does that mean things like this and things like that are all possible if I put my life on the line no calm down dude there's no way I can put.

My hands on her and my other family members were in the same house yeah I can't definitely know the hasba household will crumble I'm not sure what you're muttering to yourself but you either way I'm happy to be your sister I was jealous of the very calm Amari Senai at this moment H it's nothing although it does feel a bit.

Impossible maybe we should start imp packing you things hey Hashi bakun maybe you should stop calling me Amari Senai I want you to call me Moka is that because we're family now you're still calling me a shakun too I'll start calling you junun then JN just hearing her say that makes my heart do flips I couldn't help but look away from Mari s by I mean Moka.

All right then Moka it kind of makes me blush you're the one that said to call you that Moka we can't keep calling each other by our last names and just like that the first day came to an end I had no idea that the girl of my dreams would end up becoming my older sister I very seriously wanted to punch my dad now I.

Actually have to give up on her it would be bad for me to want to date my sister uh I must get rid of these feelings immediately but is this torture being under the same roof in the same room as my crush boka next to me looking vulnerable in her sleep I guess it's time to show my mentality made of steel but in the end my steel mentality was.

Destroyed by multiple bombs they ended up sleeping through the night in their living room oh good morning Moka huh you're early junun I wasn't early I just slept in the room because I was about to give into my evil mind dad isn't the morning person so I always make breakfast the same for me my mom is always working night shifts so she's.

Terrible with mornings this is delicious you're so good at cooking because you're always doing it that's not true I just started learning how to cook quite recently before that we were always eating microwavable food you learned all this recently I thought that would be better for our health plus I thought it might.

Make you like me Moka oh really why you getting shy now I confess my feelings for you so many times it's embarrassing when you tell me straight up like this I thought she would have been used to it because i' had told her so many times anyway let's Hur you need this we can head to school walking to school together like this.

Almost makes it seem like we spend the night together you saying things like that is probably one of the reasons why I turned you down all right I'll try my best to be a gentle from now on then from now on for some reason moka's voice seemed to get sad I wonder why I don't think I said anything weird anyways what should we do about dinner my dad always.

Comes home late what did you usually do for dinner I usually eat alone too I'll cook something then what your big sister wants to cook for you too I feel very uncomfortable with the world big sister you were confessing your feelings for me until just recently after all things are different now though so feel free to call me big sis it's a little.

Embarrassing so I'll think about it I'll try sometime in the future W what is that going to be after school that day we decided to make dinner together so we walked home together too we're currently shopping for food at the grocery store H the vegetables are on sale today I'm thinking we should have Hot Pot today hot pot sounds good but I'm super.

Surprised at how you sound like a stay-at home wife already junun you're a professional I perfected the skill for me I had other reasons for it but most of it was for you yes a week passed after that Sim is a scary thing I was already used to Moka being in the same room as me and I think I've gotten pretty close to my stepmother too it.

Wasn't like I was doing all this for my dad but I have high hopes that we'll be able to have a wholesome family about the fact that you have high mother wife skills what are you talking about you've perfected all the household chores keep track of the family finances and wake up early in the morning to cook breakfast.

I'm supposed to be your big sister I'm supposed to be a girl but it feels like I have no moment to shine I don't know what you want me to do about that oh I'm going to head to the gym now you even go to the gym why do you work out junun no specific reason but I thought it would make me cooler if I worked out do not like muscular men Moka I mean I do but I.

See I'm glad I've been consistent with this then I never knew junun was this kind of boy the boy who always confessed his feelings for me I had no intention of being in a relationship so I always turned junun down I felt bad at first but I feel lonely now I was well aware that I had feelings for him because I was thinking about things like this I.

Knew that he was a kind boy too he was loyal loyal empathetic and sometimes said weird things but was still a gentleman at heart he's also a family man of course I would be happy to hear him say that he was doing all that for me if I was going to feel like this I should have said yes when he asked me to be his girlfriend but I only realized.

This because he stopped confessing his feelings for me because he became a part of my family I don't think I would have said yes to him back then what if I confessed my feelings for him would he say yes yes or did he give up on me already would he say no because we're family now I realized that things became easier to deal with once you get used to.

It you learn how to adapt when you spend enough time in a specific environment I wasn't completely over my feelings from aokas on but I was able to bottle those feelings up as evidence of that I was able to just think G when Mom and Dad were being lovey-dovey at Home Father are you purposfully trying to torture me or are you showing off I know Mom is a.

Beautiful woman but I was jealous of the fact that they were being lovey-dovey I'm not going to give him beer for a week this small Act of Revenge should work for my dad Who Loved drinking after work I won't let him D out either anyways that's another story but but Doo was acting weird recently she was normal at first but there was a.

Sudden change now what is there something you need for me she's been looking at me a lot recently she keeps throwing glances at me but when I look back at her she looks away that looks back at me again I've been sleeping in the living room but we still share the same room it was very uncomfortable if this is a game she wants to play all.

Right let me hear it it's not fair of you to Corner me in my own room I wasn't concerned for you plus this is our room it would mean that I'm always cornering her so is there something you want to tell me uh um we're family now so I'm sure you have a lot of opinions on that but we're living under the same roof in the same room let's settle problems.

Before they get worse if there's anything you want me to fix I'll do my best uh uh the truth is yes um I think I've fallen for you junun excuse me wait what did Moka just say was it a misunderstanding but based on her reaction I don't think that it was are you serious I wouldn't be joking about something like this WOW shoot my face is.

Getting super hot this is the first time anyone has ever said that to me on top of that the girl confessing her feelings to me was my first crush I'm the girl who had been turning me down all this time I knew that I had to give up on you but you going to tell me this now for family now so I know I shouldn't feel like this plus I've been turning you.

Down all the time but ever since you stopped asking me to be your girlfriend I started to feel sad you were such a kind person too and ever since I came here I got to know you more I'm sorry I'm supposed to be your big sister I've been so terrible to you I'm sorry as mokas son said that she didn't cry still her voice was trembling and I didn't.

Know when her tear dugs would burst no I can't let her feel this sad why did I decide to learn how to cook to work out and become more of a family man it was all because I wanted Moga to like me because I wanted to make Moga happy wasn't that the reason Moka I slowly got closer to Moka who was looking away from me thank you so much I'm so happy if.

Possible I would love to be in an Alabama relationship with you but but we're siblings now I don't care about that I don't care about any of that if we explain everything to Mom and Dad they'll understand I mean it might be bad in the public I but I don't care about any of that I want to be with you Moka how do you feel I want to be in a.

Relationship with you Jun I'm not sure what everyone would say about us but I like you junun it's decided then oh I've said it many times already but I like you Moka please be in a Sweet Home Alabama relationship with me of course I'd love to after that moker and I told her parents everything once they came home we told them about.

Our feelings for each other and that we wanted to be in a relationship I thought that they would be against it but they both supported us in a heartbeat I was wondering if it was actually okay but at the same time I was so happy that I didn't question it we're officially dating now so being in the same room as you makes me feel kind of nervous don't.

Worry I'm the type of guy who Treasures his girlfriend this isn't fully appropriate so I'll continue sleeping in the living room but but I want to sleep next to you sometimes too oh we were able to be in a relationship but we were under the same roof and living in the same room I'm sure we might run into many problems from now.

On here are the results of the basketball team tryouts I ikuto mioshi have decided to challenge myself to something new many students start basketball during Middle School although I had no experience whatsoever I was at tryouts for the high school basketball team everyone else here has experience with basketball I'm.

Not sure how I did it all 10th Place ikuto m she yes last place just as I thought I guess it can't be helped the others have been practicing for many years after reading the rest of the tryouts the coach called me over to talk to me about something yuto I know this.

Sounds harsh but are you sure this is what you want to do oh are you saying I should leave because I'm inexperienced no that's not what I'm trying to say it's just your skills aren't caught up with the other triy out members we decide who we put out on the court depending on how well you do if you keep playing like this you might not.

Get a chance to play any games I would never kick you out of the team but I need you to remember that you will have to practice hard and get better fast if you want to get a chance out on the court okay I understand although the coach made it clear that the chances of me playing at a game were slim I decided to join the team anyway anyways 3 months.

Have passed since I first came here incompetent boy you forgot the floor over here okay I'll be right there my teammates all called me incompetent boy I wasn't allowed to join them for practice all I did was mop the floor and other miscellaneous matters I wish they'd let me practice.

Stop you have to stay positive just wait until you get the chance I think I spent more time holding the mop than I held a basketball okay I should start practicing now I always stop by a nearby park to practice alone since none of my teammates would let me join them during our team practices wait there's somebody there I've never seen anybody sitting on.

That bench I wonder what she's doing there alone hey that's kusan Nisan from the girls basketball team is she crying we've never talked before maybe I should leave her alone I'll practice over there so I won't bother her uh uhoh she's looking at me oh Mia gohi Senpai are you here to practice yep they won't let me hold the ball during.

Team practices what about you um I just stopped by because I had some thoughts I wanted to sort out I see I shouldn't butt into her private matters I'll leave her be but it's getting late she shouldn't be out here crying alone hey why were you crying earlier damn it there must have been a better way to ask that I'm so awkward when it comes to.

Girls I never usually talk to any of them oh so you saw that huh I'm sorry I know it's none of my business it's okay I shouldn't have been out here to cry like a baby kusan Nisan explained why she was tearing up on the bench all alone I started playing basketball in middle school but I'm not good at it practice always reminds me of that and.

It's tough oh I see our school's girls basketball team is pretty good I'm sure they go hard on you at practices yeah one of the older teammates told me to quit the team today she said I'm pulling everyone down that's a pretty harsh thing to say uh-huh but I don't want to quit because I love basketball I know how she feels.

My teammates have told me to quit the team at least a 100 times in the past 3 months but she's been playing for a lot longer than I have she must be feeling a lot more pressure than I do if you don't want to quit the team there's only one thing you can do huh like trying to convince my teammates to let me stay I.

Don't think they will listen even if you try that then what should I do you got to practice and get better to make them see you're worthy of being on the team I wouldn't be sitting here crying if I could do that plus it's not convincing coming from you they call you incompetent boy and you suck at basketball gosh I'm sorry I shouldn't.

Have gotten so emotional I didn't mean to lash out at you hey it's okay really here let me show you then you can decide if I'm convincing or not I dribbled the ball in front of kusan nagan to show her how my basketball skills had improved wow I didn't think you would be this good I saw you struggling to dribble the ball at the boys basketball team try out.

Well I practice at this park every day after team practices I'm not as good as my teammates yet but I believe hard work pays off gosh I'm sorry hey why are you crying again just take a deep breath here blow your nose with this thank you sorry I just realized how much of an idiot I am you don't let.

Anything get in your way you're doing your best and I'm just sitting here crying over a few comments thrown at me it's embarrassing hey I'm doing this because I'm inexperienced I need to practice plus I still can't make any goals kusanagi son if it's okay with you do you want to practice together are you.

Sure of course let's prove that we deserve to be on our teams okay kusan Nisan and I got together after team practices every day we should take a little break I don't want you to get hurt sure I had no idea you practice this hard every day well I moop the floors during practice it's not.

Too energy consuming you on the other hand work hard during team practices don't overwork yourself okay thank you hey I've been wondering how did you get so much better in such a short amount of time I was at the bottom the only way I can go is up uh yeah I understand that's how you feel I was.

Asking more like practicing methods and stuff oh well the thing is I started basketball in high school I'm not experienced enough to know any practicing methods I watch my teammates dribble and shoot during practice after that I try to copy them while I'm here yeah I guess that's the best way to go about it yep Oh it's Saturday tomorrow.

Do you want to practice I'm planning to go to an outdoor basketball Court to practice shooting yeah that sounds like a great idea I think I've been there before back when I was in Middle School great how about we meet up at this park at 10:00 and we'll head there together okay I'm looking forward to it yeah it's going to be great huh we're just.

Practicing why is she looking forward to it the next day wao it's so much bigger than the park we usually practice in yeah it has all the necessary equipment unlike the park we go to that's true this is great we've got the whole place to ourselves kusanagi San and I practiced for the next 2 hours I'm so glad there weren't too many people we.

Got to practice so much yeah it's good that we got here before it got crowded hey how about we eat some lunch okay where's the convenience store well um huh is something wrong actually I made some food today you could have some if that's okay with you wow thank you no problem the bench looks like a good place to sit.

Down and eat okay sounds good kusan Nisan and I left the court to eat the lunch she had made for us wa it looks so good kusanagi San I didn't know you were good at cooking do I not seem like the type to cook that's not what I meant I'm amazed because you seem to be able to do anything you got some pretty high scores on the test from last week oh I didn't.

Think you knew well they put the scores up in the hallway that's true the top scores are in bolded letters I didn't have much trouble improving at studying or cooking but basketball is just a high wall I can't seem to overcome it sucks because I love it yeah I guess everybody has their pros and cons I know there's no.

Need to give up there's always a way to get better as long as we work hard for it yeah I believe you you said something similar to me when we first met at the park I tend to speak my mind without thinking about it first I like you better when you're enjoying playing basketball I want you to keep having fun while you play huh uh it doesn't mean.

Anything okay I just meant that it's rewarding to see you smile now since you were crying the first time we talked don't worry I know what you mean I was just a little surprised at the word like okay I guess it's settled then thank God I stopped myself from confessing my feelings for her I'd hate.

To ask her out here I want to do it in a more romantic setting but wait this is kind of romantic too she made me an obento it's like we're on a date what's wrong you should eat the obento if you're hungry oh okay thanks no I can't do it right now I got to wait for the right right moment to come thanks let's eat then hey this is delicious really.

Yay I was a little nervous I've never cooked for anybody before what a waste you could open a restaurant if you can cook like this okay well how about I make your lunch every time we practice together on Saturdays wouldn't it be too much work for you not at all kusanagi San and I practiced at the outdoor basketball.

Court every weekend for the next 2 months she never forgot to bring lunch for me and it felt great this is great thanks for an amazing lunch really I'm glad I know she doesn't consider this a date but I have a feeling we look like a couple right now did you know there's a rumor at school that we have been going on.

Dates what no way yes way apparently somebody else saw us eating lunch together on the bench oh I see you know I guess it does look like we're on a date I guess so you want to start practicing yeah we should I could tell we were both blushing but we both tried to hide it by practicing harder than.

Ever hey it's incompetent boy and a girl oh yeah I didn't know you practice here kusanagi Chan Senpai we're going to practice here you guys should find somewhere else that's not fair we reserved this court you can't make us leave we still have some time left you can wait until we're done what how dare you talk back to me what is it you.

Acting all tough because you're with a girl the court will be put to better use if we practice you won't get any better anyways that's true kusanagi Chan we don't need useless players like you get out of here but so this is the Senpai that told kusanagi son to quit the team Excuse Me Senpai how about we decide with a game of.

Basketball WA you've got guts how will we play Two on Two if that's okay with you we'll leave the court immediately if you guys win but if we win you owe us an apology okay fine by me you're going to lose anyways hey Mia goik Kun are you sure you want to do this I I'm not confident at all right now now don't worry just trust me uh okay it's a two.

On two game positions don't really matter you go ahead and take the lead of moving the ball around I'll do my best to make as many shots as I can huh but we usually practice the other way around let's just try it I have a feeling you'll do better controlling the ball okay I believe in you are you finished babbling yes thanks for waiting let's.

Get the game started although I don't understand why you would want to go up against us and so the game started oh I see you've gotten a little better well I practiced out of school with Mia goshi's help but you won't be getting past me maybe there's no need for that anyways nice pass it all goes to waste if you can't make a good shot Senpai I have a.

Feeling you'll regret playing this game H what no way you couldn't even dribble with your left hand when you first tried out for our team that's true but hard work pays off kusanagi San and I demonstrated excellent teamwork we ended up winning the game Senpai I think you owe kusanagi San an apology I I'm sorry gosh I guess we.

Misplaced your position you should be a shooting guard I guess so I only realized playing today's game so I apologize to kusin aian you should apologize to the boy too jeez I guess I have to accept defeat Moshi you are no longer incompetent boy I'll make sure the team lets you practice with the other.

Players what really yeah you proved your worth man thank you so much yeah well we'll get going then Mia goik this is all you're doing thank you hey it wasn't just me we won because you and I both worked hard for it thank you I never thought I would be able to pass the ball around like that well I noticed you had mad passing.

Skills while we were practicing together I'm glad we tried it out today didn't you think it was risky to try it out during an important game well I knew we wouldn't regret it I wanted to get that Senpai to apologize to you no matter what I couldn't stand to know she insulted the person that was the cause of my.

Starting basketball huh what do you mean uh it's nothing hey I deserve to know fine but don't laugh at me okay I had such a lacad isical outlook on life while I was in Middle School huh Middle School we didn't go to the same middle school yeah but there was this one time when I saw you playing basketball here wow.

Seriously yep I saw you playing with some of your friends here you were having so much fun oh I think it was when we first gathered all the team members to celebrate our graduation yeah I think so you seemed to be so happy playing back then I realized I wanted to feel the way you felt that's why I decided to start playing.

Basketball in high school you don't know how shocked I was to find out you were at the same school I I had no idea so that's why you saved me when I was crying my heart out yep I wanted you to smile again I couldn't stand seeing you cry wow I've always felt thankful for everything you did for me it's nice to know I have a positive effect on your.

Life too yep I'm so glad I started playing basketball I owe you everything for it and I've always wanted to thank you thank you kusan Nisan likewise we've still got a lot of work to do that's true we should keep practicing oh I was thinking we don't want weird rumors spreading about us maybe we should invite the other members.

Of the team to practice with us H do you not want people to think we're dating I don't mind but wouldn't you want to avoid it h so you don't mind the rumors have already spread I don't see the harm in making them facts what we'll continue practicing to be better players together and I have a feeling we'll be spending a lot more.

Time together the kitty Senpai I don't know who came up with the name but that's what people call one of the employees at my office her name is akina hiragi she's known for her petique figure and charming smile she's one of the most popular employees everyone considers her the mascot character of our department but I Toya kitamura am a.

Year younger than Kitty senpai I turned 25 this year she's no doubt a senpai by a year Toya is there anything you need help with if there is I will teach you everything you need to know because I'm your Senpai she uses her position to the maximum and tries to act Superior I find it cute most of the time however.

Sometimes I have trouble handling her here aisan this is my third year working here I don't think there's anything I need help with but there must be some things you don't fully know about I can look up and find answers if there's ever something I don't know I'll come to you if I ever do need the help H you are so.

Unappreciative I appreciate you but you're the only Senpai in the office that wants to teach me so much H my ears are not made to hear mean comments from unappreciative cohi oh stop sulking I love watching her get a said over the littlest things she was my trainer when I started working for this.

Company I've grown to like her through the time we spent together that's why my dream is to have her acknowledge my growth I need to become more confident for her to consider me a man worth her time why don't you teach the new employees if you want to teach someone so badly the section chief told me I'm not allowed to teach any of them you're.

Not allowed to why he said I shouldn't be in charge of teaching because I literally teach them anything I ruined their chance of growing oh that's true hey do you have to agree with him right in my face oh no it's not that I'm making fun of you okay it's just she gives out answers to everything even when we.

Aren't asking for them she even starts doing all the work for us it's like She lays out all the answers so he told me I was only allowed to teach you Toya why did he put me up as the sacrificial lamb you think that makes you a sacrificial lamb oh uh I guess you deserve a long lecture from me today no um I'm sorry please don't get.

Angry with me I'm not letting you off the hook that easily you think I'm just a small person you can walk all over no I'm serious believe it or not I actually look up to you you look up to me of of course I do you're the one who taught me everything I know oh yes I am she's so cute and so easy to handle.

As you can see Kitty Senpai has an adorable character you are a good boy Toya hey please stop petting my head when you're happy herian always pets my head whenever I say something she likes hearing I think she wants to look like an adult by treating me like a child I'm not complaining I like it but it's so.

Embarrassing when she does it in front of all the other employees you guys always get along so well section chief you're here what a nuisance hey hii son hii why do you always treat me like that I'm your boss you know you took away my human rights I don't consider you my boss anymore I've never.

Forgiven you for for treating me like a little child ever since I started working here and I will never forget how you disrespected me by coming up with the name Kitty Senpai and making everyone call me that oh so that's where that name came from wow you still hold a grudge against me gura listen up yes take hiria for a.

Few drinks tonight after work what why do I have to do that oh come on stop complaining I need you to entertain hiiragi tonight wait that's not my job why are you asking me to do that it's a give and take situation no it's just a giving situation for me hey does hian even drink.

Alcohol hey you just treated me like a child I can drink alcohol if I want to you know I'm a year older than you I'm more of an adult than you uh-oh there's no stopping her now why are you acting like you have nothing to do with this you started this this is all your fault gura you need to learn to take responsibility for your actions you.

Think this is funny don't you Hey Toya yes we have a day off tomorrow we should go out for drinks tonight I will prove to you that I am not a child uh um why is she up for this how about we invite the chief wait he's already already gone nobody beats him at running away from awkward situations yeah but that was at the.

Speed of light I take my eyes off him for one second and he's already gone I can imagine him hiding somewhere and watching us with a smirk on his face I don't care about him Toya promise me you'll hang out with me after work fine nobody can stop hiir gisan when she becomes like this actually I think everybody's avoiding us just so.

They don't have to deal with any of it she's 26 this year she's probably had plenty of experience with alcohol after work Toya are you ready let's head out okay I'm all set to go great come on then where are we going it's up to you where do you want to go to be honest I don't go to many isayas I'm clueless it might be better to go somewhere you know.

Is good if that's okay with you oh just look it up online and we can pick from there oh do you not have any places that come to mind of course I know good isaka is around here I do so don't think I don't I bet she's as clueless as me why don't we stop walking and look up some izakayas first she was obviously lying but I didn't say anything I knew it.

Would only get her upset and I didn't want that after that we found an isaka with good online reviews and headed inside we were enjoying our drinks but Chief always treats me like a little child all the time sepai was already heavily intoxicated she was still on her third.

Glass at the moment she started talking strangely after her first I couldn't believe how low her tolerance was she was a sloppy drunk and would yell at me when I tried to take away her drink that's why she was so wasted hiran it seems like you're too drunk let's go.

Home I lot drunk I'm an adult adult get drunk don't treat me like a little child she's becoming harder to handle I can drink so much more seriously what should I do with her I scratched my head as I thought about what to do next I noticed that nobody handed her any alcohol at previous company parties now I know why I have a.

Feeling she did something crazy at her first company nikai that's why Chief ran away before I could invite him wait a second why would he make me do this knowing how it would turn out it was frustrating who does he think I am look at hiris San just chucking down her drink in the end.

hiis son fell asleep at the table um okay what am I supposed to do now hiris son hiris son please wake up this isn't your home she won't fudge my gosh what the heck am I doing I waited until the isak's closing time to see if she would.

Wake up as you can see she didn't I have no idea where she lives I'm in such a pickle thankfully I live alone in an apartment near the office it wouldn't be too difficult to take her back to my place well I'll just explain to her when she wakes up I did feel a bit uneasy about bringing a drunk sleeping woman back to my place but I couldn't leave.

Her outside I had no choice hir raisan is a kind-hearted person I'm sure she'll understand how I had to do what I had to do there we go once we arrived at my apartment I laid hir gisan on my bed I guess I'll have to sleep on the couch tonight I hope she doesn't think I had ulterior motives when she sobers up H oh hi raisan are you awake she didn't.

Wake up when I was shaking her but she woke up once she was in bed how strange H hiis son uh it's you toia hey you can't do that to me toy I respect how much you work and the effort you're putting into everything I am proud to be here Senpai Oh no you're asleep you're.

Sleeptalking aren't you I'm not sleep talking I am so awake she's so sleeptalking or wait is she still drunk to you you always try to treat me like a little child that's a no no okay I haven't treated you like a child even once you're saying that I'm sleep talking that's like saying I'm a.

Child I don't know how she mistook that for treating her like a child but it's safe to say that drunk hiran is a hot potato H what is it kisan was staring into my eyes and I didn't know what what to do about it I wonder what's going through her brain I love how you.

Feel what are you doing I've always wanted to try this on you it's so nice this is not what I was expecting what the heck is going on right now why is hiis son rubbing her head against my chest I had nowhere to put my hands so I tried stroking her hair just for the sake of.

It that feels ticklish Kian looked like a cat for a second she narrowed her eyes and smiled at me she's too cute to be true my gosh I don't want to let her go the Temptation was overwhelming but I suddenly remembered she was drunk somebody had to be in control and that.

Somebody had to be me you had too much to drink kisan you should sleep it off H are you listening Toya you're such a meie huh I don't want you to let go of me yet no way I can't resist this I felt my conscience going down the drain is this how you like it oh your hands are so warm put yourself in this situation would you be able to.

Resist you would be lying if you said you could I mean look at her she is's insanely adorable after that hir raisan invited me into bed I wrapped my arms around her and held her while we slept together I could hear my conscience yelling at me in the background I know I shouldn't be doing this with a drunk woman however I.

Put it on mute so I could stay close to this Angel H raisan and I both fell into a deep sleep soon after the next day I woke up to hiran screaming at the top of her lungs I probably would have done the same if it were me why why am I sleeping at the same bed as you there's an explanation for this you drank too.

Much alcohol you were drunk and fell asleep so you took me home with you well yes but not how you're imagining it I swear to God we didn't do anything like that I mean we got close but technically I'm not lying are you telling me the truth about this yes I am why won't you look me in the eyes that makes me think you are.

Lying about it no I promise we didn't do anything it's just I didn't want to leave any issues unaddressed so I told her about what happened yesterday she replied no I want to disappear Into Thin Air hearing how drunk and touchy feely she was shocked her more than I had expected I guess that's how embarrassed she was.

But I have to say she was so cute when she was all over me um I'm not trying to tell you to forget about it but it already happened so no I cannot let this go I am so sorry for causing you so much trouble hey it's not that big of a deal I didn't mind at all in fact I actually enjoyed it so please pick your head up enjoyed oh crap I shouldn't have said.

That what do you mean you enjoyed it well I don't think you realize how cute you are when you're drunk oh oh my I see what you mean now I don't think she's used to people calling her cute it was refreshing to see her so shaken like that you know it's not like we did anything too inappropriate last night how about we just put it behind us.

Everybody makes mistakes from time to time right um I don't want to put it behind us you don't hm I guess it's not that easy to forget well we're past friendship now so I want to be your girlfriend huh why what as I said before I just stroked your hair a little and yes we slept in the same bed but but.

Nothing else happened for for me those are things that people do in a relationship so um but you would date a man you don't have romantic feelings for just to justify your actions to tell you the truth I've had feelings for you for a while Toya so it would make me the happiest girl alive if.

You would take me what why do you like me I've watched you ever since you joined the company you are hardworking and modest you make my heart flutter whenever somebody messes up you jump in to help I've always admired that courageousness anyways so that's how I feel about you I had no idea I always.

Thought I wasn't good enough for her that I needed to grow but she had already accepted me as a man wow what do I do about this I need to tell you that I've had feelings for you too deep feelings to be exact I wanted to become a better man so you would find me attractive you just made my dreams come true hiir.

Raisan I can't believe this I had no idea our feelings are mutual I wonder how long we've liked each other never mind it doesn't matter anymore me neither well I guess we can take the next step together then of course I'm looking forward to this Toya and so I succeeded at winning the heart of the woman I love after a night.

Of drunken mistakes if you want to know what happened after Toya we should eat lunch together I brought you an Bento today Aina is always by my side whether at home or at the office the other employees always make fun of our relationship but it's a nice feeling to be celebrated by our colleagues just FYI I asked Aina if she prefers pampering.

People or getting pampered she told me she loves both I think Aina and I have a healthy balance of pampering and being pampered my life has been perfect since my name is Toma asakura and I'm a seconde high school student I've never been popular but I was able to get a girlfriend for the first time in my life the girl was part of an extroverted.

Group so I thought she just asked me out for a punishment game but after eating lunch together I was starting to think that she was actually serious about me hey tomma let's go to a date tomorrow since we have no school yeah sure sakur Ison is there anywhere you wanted to go gosh didn't I tell you to call call me Uka my girlfriend OA Sakurai puffed up.

Her cheeks in frustration I couldn't help but think that she looked adorable I'm sorry I'm still kind of shy about that you know we're in a relationship aren't we don't treat me like a stranger I'll do my best to get used to it you're so dense but I think that it's really.

Cute I had no experience with girls so all I could do was blush when I received that compliment anyways what about the movies there's one that I've been wanting to see we can go wherever you want to sakuran isn't there any way you want to go Toma I've never gone on a date before so I don't know what kind of places we should go to then here's your.

Assignment plan the rest of the dates after we finish watching the movie what that's a difficult assignment you don't have to think too deeply anywhere is fun as long as I can spend time with the person I like the person you like why are you blushing I told you that I have feelings for you already didn't I don't you like me too Toma well it was a.

Sudden confession so I'm not really sure how I feel about you but but you're very cute so I think I'm going to start falling for you are you forcing yourself to be in a relationship with me that's not it I was honestly happy that you told me you have feelings for me I'm dating you because I want to be with you okay then excited about our date.

Tomorrow yeah I'm making sakur isan feel uncertain because I haven't clearly told her that I like her yet I felt a little bit of pressure that I had to plan a date that would make sakur isan happy tomorrow the next day I searched up good date locations online and came to our meeting place 30 minutes early I was motivated to make Sakurai have a fun.

Time today sorry about the wait to when I saw sakuran at our meeting spot I froze the clap ass extroverts were all with her what why is everyone here the extroverts started laughing when they saw how confused I was T you don't get it yet it was all a prank did you really think that someone like you could actually be in a relationship with Asuka.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror first it was at that moment that I realized the truth the fear I had when sakuran first confessed her feelings for me actually came true so it wasn't real did you finally realize it I was pretending to be your girlfriend as part of a punishment game auka you're a terrible person the rule.

Was only to confess your feelings for him but you even made him promise to have a date with you I don't think I could have pretended to be his girlfriend even as a prank Asuka you're such an actress right I did my best could I go home now what huh is this too heartbreaking for you you were able to.

Be in a relationship with me even if it was for a short period of time it was a good memory for you wasn't it it was a good memory you forced me to be a part of this stupid joke everyone was laughing at me but I wasn't that heartbroken it's not like I was in love with sakuran or anything and I had a feeling that it could possibly.

Be a part of a punishment game in fact I'm kind of glad she told me early on okay we're going to get going now your surprised face was hilarious sakan left with her extroverted friends she was probably going to have fun with them after this but it was honestly none of my concern after breaking it off with.

Sakurai my student life returned back to normal Sakurai s went back to hanging out with her extroverted friends and seemed like she was having fun I never wanted her to be a part of my life again but during our lunch break Little Miss plain looking want to play a game with us what do you want I want to read so please leave me alone sakuran was trying.

To talk to my classmate saat suuki Shiro she had long bangs that hit her face and looked plain so the extroverts called her little Miss plain looking oh come on don't be so unfriendly we're friends aren't we I don't remember being friends with you Sakura on come on just play with us a little.

They're targeting sukii shiroan now the extroverts normally teased sukii Shir Roan about her looks so I'm sure she doesn't think of them fondly either it seems like she was troubled by the fact that they were suddenly acting friendly with her but she couldn't go against them and was forced to join them in a card game I should Escape now just in.

Case I wasn't sure why they invited sukishi Roan to join their game but I knew there was a possibility that they might involve her in their pranks again I didn't want to be a part of any of that so I left the classroom and decided to spend my lunch break in the cafeteria asak kurun there's something I wanted to talk to you about will you.

Come with me after school sukishi rosan came over to talk to me it was rare for her to start a conversation with someone sure but it can't be here I rather talk to you when no one's around please I looked over in Sakurai son's Direction I could see that they were looking at us and smirking so that's what it's about I.

Realized what was happening and followed sukir Roan to the rooftop sakuracon please be my boyfriend I sighed when the situation turned out just as I expected based on the timing I knew this confession was part of a punishment game for losing a card game they should have known that I could easily see through the confession as a prank but I didn't.

Know why they chose me again can I say no to this I'd like to at least go on a date with you seems like the punishment game included getting a date with me too I'm pretty sure they wanted to put sukishi rosan in an uncomfortable position knowing that I would see through the fake confession they might also be watching.

How I react they've made me a Target once again I needed to make a choice whether I would help or abandon sukii shiroan no matter what decision I make I'm sure it would entertain sakur isan and her friends I decided to say say yes as a fellow victim I wanted to at least help suuki.

Shiroan okay I'll date you thank you so much sukir rosan looked kind of relieved after that we exchanged contact numbers and decided to go on a date the next day since it was a weekend Toma can you massage me I was reading comics in my room when my older sister came in again I'm not a masseuse please you're really good at.

Giving massages your older sister is tired from work why can't you help her out fine my sister and I had a big age Gap so she was already working a big girl job this year she's been using that as an excuse to make me massage her recently Tom your massages are really the best thanks I'll cut your hair next.

Time in return you don't need to do that why not Tom your hair is so long right now I think it'll look so much better if you cut it you can't keep looking like that that's why your girlfriend dumped you so quickly I told you she dumped me because we were only dating for a punishment game I get a terrible bed head when I make my hair short so long.

Hair is easier for me but if you looked handsome your fake girlfriend could have turned into your real girlfriend are you okay with being single forever it's not like I'm going to be popular just because I cut my hair Plus plus I do technically have a girlfriend no way you have another girlfriend already I mean we're dating because of a.

Punishment game again we're probably going to break up tomorrow but I'm technically in a relationship right now I think these will be good stories to tell in the future Toma make this girl your real girlfriend this time if you let this one go you might never be able to get with a girl again but it's not like I have feelings for her either I'm.

Fine with not being able to actually date her I'm telling you to be a man that can make any girl fall for you it's a good opportunity it'll make you look handsome that's impossible who do you think I am I'm a professional hair stylist W you get your hair done by me you'll transform into a handsome boy what do you mean by professional.

Hair stylist you're still a firste newbie then cooperate with me so I can become a professional hair stylist I promise you won't regret it you just want to use me for practice don't you don't smartmouth me come on time doesn't wait for anyone come to my room hey it's impossible to stop my sister once she decides on something after a small.

Argument she convinced me to let her cut my hair the next day I arrived at the meeting spot 5 minutes early I didn't know how long sukishi rosan was waiting for me but she had dutifully arrived before me I'm sorry suuki Shir rosan did I make you wait long when I called out to her she looked up with a stunned face um who are.

You what I froze from The Unexpected response was she going to pretend like she didn't know me after making plans to meet sukii shiroan what kind of joke is this did they tell you to act like you don't know me when I show up for our date are you asak kuron yir Roan's voice was full of surprise it seemed like she actually didn't recognize me yeah but.

Why are you surprised I'm sorry uh I didn't recognize you because you looked so different did you cut your hair yeah actually my sister cut it yesterday um does it look weird it's not weird at all in fact uh I think it suits you really my sister was confidently safe that she made me look handsome but.

I wasn't sure if I could trust her but if you think it suits me I actually have a favor I want to ask from you will you help out my sister help her out my sister is a hair stylist when I told her about your hair she said that she wanted to try cutting it she's still an apprentice so she wants people who will be practice models.

For her what but my hair well I understand it's a sudden request it's just that sakan and her friends always make fun of you by calling you little Miss plain looking because your bangs hide your face right I just thought that they might stop saying that if you cut your hair the day today is for a punishment game isn't it.

You knew this is the second time it happened to me I knew you were forced to join their game yesterday so I had a feeling that's what it was about why did you say yes to the dates if you knew it was a prank you looked like you were in trouble plus if I said no they might have messed around with you.

More you did this for me I guess so that's why I thought it would be good to have a makeover so that sakaran and her friends would stop messing with you if I look different after the haircut I'm sure you'd be able to change too t suuki Shir Roan contemplated as she looked at my face I have no intention to call suuki.

Shir Roan Little Miss plain looking but it was true that she did have a plain appearance I don't know how much she'll change but I knew that it was worth a shot okay alaron let's do it follow me then my sister is waiting so she can get to it right away I brought sukii Shir Roan to the salon where my sister was working after passing through the.

Reception I left sukishi rosan with my sister the salon happily invited her inside since she was helping with my sister's training I wasn't sure where my sister was getting her confidence from but she took a look at sukishi rosan and excitedly said that it would a worthwhile haircut thank you for waiting us.

Aorun I was sitting in the waiting room when Suki Shir Roan came in after finishing her haircut my voice was full of surprise when I looked at her what is it really you suuki shiran yes it is what do you think sukii Shir Roan had transformed into a beauty after her haircut she looked like a completely different person I didn't.

Think she would change this much it's great right I was so surprised that you're such a cutie cotan that's true it was a shame hiding your face when you look that cute oh not at all the reason I look pretty is you miss I'm not that cocky to take credit sweetie you were just pretty from the start it's rare to hear you say.

Something like that big sis your nickname is professional hair stylist shut up that's just how I need to feel I have to manifest it or else I won't be able to achieve my goal right sakuracon you're very close with your sister aren't you well it's not like we're that close of course we are tomma is my adorable baby brother what is that how.

You think of me I want you to stop using me as your slave then that's just my way of showing affection anyway Sayo Chad please be good to my little brother you can come over anytime you want it's Suki Shir Roan and I aren't like that yes of course what after that sukii Shir Roan thanked my sister and we headed out of the salon sukii Shir Roan.

You don't need to think too much about what my sister said earlier I appreciate you so much asak kuron if you didn't give me that push I wouldn't have the courage to do this on my own I was very happy that you and your sister complimented me this haircut actually makes you look cute I don't think people will make fun of you in school anymore.

I hope so don't worry I guarantee it as auron you changed a lot as well how so you'll see when you go back to school after that weekend I walked into the classroom and felt people's eyes on me for some reason everyone was staring at me Tom is that you yeah what's up sakuran came up to talk to me when I sat down on my seat I didn't want to be a.

Part of her life anymore more so I didn't really want her to talk to me well you cut your hair yeah something like that sakan looked into my face as if looking for a way to insult me listen what do you say about being my boyfriend again what what are you saying you look handsome now so I'm okay with Bing you my boyfriend are.

You going to make fun of me again there's no way I can date you sakuran we were dating ones weren't we let's start over that's very selfish of you a commotion started in our class when sukii Shi Roan walked in who are you good morning sukishi Roan when I called her name everyone around us let out a.

Surprised what you're joking right is it actually you little Miss plain looking no way you are actually that cute Hey Little Miss plan looking I mean uh tsukishiro will you be my girlfriend no hold on a minute Miss tsukishiro I'm sorry for always calling you names be my girlfriend hey sakuran exclaimed in Anger as the two.

Boys in the extrovert group switched sides immediately what you're also into the new asakura aren't you you have no right to get mad at us yeah but gosh whatever Tom let's start things over between us that was a complete 180 sorry but I'm asakura's girlfriend.

Already the classroom became noisy again after susuki Shir rosan hugged me from behind excuse me what did you two get so friendly with each other yeah Suk Shiro when did you and asakura get into a relationship what are you talking about you guys are the ones who told me to ask asakura Kun to be my boyfriend yeah but that was for a.

Game Toma you realized it was a prank didn't you I did but sukishi rosan confessed her true feelings for me during our date okay sukishi rosan I'll see you at school hold on a minute asak kuron we were going to part ways after the salon when sukishi rosan stopped me what is it I know this started off as a punishment game but I was so happy that.

You protected me and cared for me I think I felt for your kindness asak caracon please be in a relationship with me what are you saying all of a sudden did my sister put you out to this it's not that the reason I decided to cut my hair was because I wanted you to think I was pretty it's true that I was captivated by how handsome you suddenly.

Became but I was happy that you agreed to go on a date with me even though you knew it was a punishment game did I really become handsome you're a very good-looking guy I think that the girl girls at school might try to steal you from me I don't want anyone to take you I don't think I'll be that popular all of a sudden actually sukii shiroan I.

Think that the boys at school will be all over you I'm pretty sure a bunch of people will be confessing their feelings for you I don't plan on being in a relationship with anyone else I want to be with you asak caracon that makes me happy the truth is I was sort of wishing that you were my real girlfriend after seeing how cute you looked but I felt.

Bad because that makes it seem like I'm only interested in your physical appearance I'm okay with that asak kuron I cut my hair for that reason sukir Roan hugged me asak kurun thank you for saying yes thank you too thank you for asking me when sukishi rosan said that I'd be popular I didn't believe her but who.

Would have thought you'd ask me to be in a relationship with you again that's sukira and I don't want to date people that'll judge others based on their physical appearances the extroverts went silent after my statement on the way home you were so cool today you too it was so cool how you told sakan and her friends off the.

Reason I have confidence in myself is you aakar racon so I'm going to do something that requires more confidence suuki Shir Roan kissed my cheek let's be together forever my fake girlfriend became my real girlfriend the girl who was once called Little Miss plain looking transformed into a bold woman from now on I want to.

Spend loving days with my girlfriend without feeling insecure thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well