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[Manga Dub] She didn’t know the girl I was with was my sister… [RomCom]


Welcome my name is Hiro toshinomiya I'm a first year college student working part-time at a convenience store hiroto can you help me out she's Haruna akizuki a third year college student at the same University as me I hear she's good looking and can study well but she's also a bit clumsy which makes me want to help I'll take.

Care of this so please take care of the register I can't let my Senpai do this kind of heavy lifting not because she's a senpai but because of how thin her arms are thanks hiroto with that Haruna Senpai hurried to the cash register I'm sorry Senpai what's wrong I better go check on.

Her come on let's exchange contacts call me when you're done I won't then when do you finish your part-time job I'll wait um will be another hour or so then I'll wait until you're done excuse me you want something with my.

Girlfriend you have a boyfriend no this is nothing of course Haruna Senpai isn't my girlfriend she often gets tangled up with customers like that because of her cute looks that's why I'm asked to pretend to be her boyfriend to.

Get rid of them the Senpai but I keep guess help from you hero tokyun true you helped me too yes hi my name is harada nice to meet you hero tokun nice to meet you Haruna Senpai has been teaching me things on behalf of the.

Manager since the day I started working here so I'm in the process of returning the favor to my Senpai I'm glad to hear that well then please call me if you need anything else yeah thanks about tokyun uh I'm not with her rotocoon today what's wrong looks.

Like that manager I'm sorry are you lonely because you're not with her hotel what no you're so cute hona it's obvious from your expression oh manager I'm sorry it's my fault oh no we don't have to apologize I was actually.

Supposed to work with hiroto Kun today as well but due to manager's work schedule the manager and roto-coon shifts were suddenly switched yeah well that makes me feel a little better when you say it like that oh Arna could I ask you to take out the trash yes I'll go was it really that obvious on my face what who's that girl next to him how to.

Be a girlfriend but he's ever told me he had a girlfriend it's been a long time since I went out with you herodo no it's not we went out last Saturday too one week is a while what kind of brain do you have you're the only one who would say it's been a while just because we haven't gone out.

In a week this is my sister coconashino Mia she's going to be a sophomore in high school this year and this morning she slammed me awake to go to the shopping mall you're mean unlike herodo I like going Outdoors even if you like going Outdoors one week isn't a while that's why indoor people hey apologize.

To the indoors oh we're here hey don't ignore me let's go hey don't pull oh it's a hiroto isn't it cute why don't you see for yourself I asked you hiroto don't you look cute no matter what you wear I don't know if I should say this but coconut is a beautiful girl I think she looks cute no matter what.

She wears hey hey is that because the material is good or is it because I'm cute and I look good in anything I wear hey hey you're so annoying I shouldn't have said that well you are right hmm I'm gonna get this one you're not gonna look at anything else yeah I like this one I see where should we go next you came here to.

Buy clothes right we've already done what we came here to do not that we're here let's go look at some other stores all right sure hey here Hotel want to go to that Cafe over there I've always wanted to go there let's go then I'm hungry that's because you don't eat breakfast I don't have an appetite in the morning.

Come on let's go please call us when you have to start it on your order it's really fancy I feel awfully out of place no way here look at the menu what do you want hiroto wow all in Katakana you can read Katakana right I can read Cafe Olay and Shortcake it's not whether I can read it or not it's just hard to hey I want this one you.

Really love Mont Blanc don't you Mont Blanc is my favorite cake I had some iced coffee I'll have the same thing then excuse me yes I'll take your order two mod blocks and two iced coffees please hey why do you keep hanging out with me don't you have any friends of course I do I'm not you hiroto huh I have friends.

Yeah yeah you don't have to be so vain the reason I only go with you is because I'm less likely to get hit on then why don't you go with your guy friends going on a date then why don't you go with more than one person who want more than one person you're too picky anyway you're the best.

Person for this you're happy to go out with a pretty girl like me aren't you how can I have such feelings for my own sister well you're mean here you go buns bong and iced coffee thank you well it looks delicious um yeah it's delicious Haruna Senpai harana.

Senpai a senpai at the University she's my Senpai at the University but she's also my Senpai at my part-time job I see and what about harina Senpai Haruna Senpai loves sweets so I thought I'd recommend this to her wait do you like her uh Haruno Senpai is totally out of my league in the first place not cute huh.

Ten times cuter than you dare you pretty popular unlike some guy's name hiroto I can't deny it but she's cuter than you 've never met her so I can't say anything but do you have any pictures or anything there's no way I could take a sneaky.

Photo why are you assuming that's what I meant gross a gross there's no opportunity to take a photo with Haruno Senpai in the first place huh then I'll go to your part-time job next time I mean haven't you already met her you've been to the convenience store where I work right I've been to the convenience store but I mostly ask you.

To buy things for me and don't go there by myself that often so if you think she's that cute I would probably notice so I doubt it don't use me as your errand boy it's just a side job so it's fine that was delicious hey kirodo why let's come back tomorrow no way how often are.

You planning to go come on let's go pay the bill what I could come here every day one thousand yen please thank you very much hey Roto I'll pay my share it's not that big a deal yeah thanks where else do you want to go um let me see this way after that I was taken to almost every clothing store in.

The mall I bought a lot of stuff seriously how many places did we go to um a lot it's been a while since I walked that much oh can I go to the convenience store yeah I'll go ahead then don't you want to see Haruna senpai yeah maybe another time oh can you buy.

Some drinks while you're at it yeah yeah fine welcome Roto cone no no no no just act like you always do but I'm curious hello senpai here photo what are you doing today I went to a shopping mall with my friend uh I see friend but I feel like a photo could have been told me the other day that he doesn't have any friends to hang.

Out with I wonder if they became friends recently ah that girl was pretty cute maybe that girl has also after him or maybe they're already dating oh uh Senpai are you free next Saturday yeah I think I'm free if if you'd like would you like to go to the shopping mall with me an invitation from here.

Yeah I like to go great I found a cafe in the mall today that has delicious cakes and I wanted you to try them too oh I to go but why did you invite me because you love desserts and sweet things oh because you always buy the new.

Desserts when they come out and you yourself said you like sweets did I say that yes the next Saturday at 10 let's see um why don't we meet in front of the University okay I said let's do that okay then good luck with the rest of your shift on the day of my.

Promise with Haruna Senpai I headed to the front of the University where we were supposed to meet up ah I'm nervous we often have shifts with just the two of us but today is the first time we've ever gone out together oh a vodacone over here oh Haruno senpai sorry did you wait.

Nope I just got here too sides you were on time so there's no need to apologize I can't tell him that I've been here half an hour before you say so shall we go we're too stylish and Too Cute looks cooler and more stylish than usual today welcome Haruna Senpai this is it huh I've been curious about this Cafe oh.

Really yeah thanks for bringing me here herodocoon you don't have to thank me anyways what would you like hmm I can't decide take your time I miss you it looks delicious and to the fondant chocolate too where Cher I'll order the Tiramisu and you order the fondant Chocolat and we.

Split it in half that way we can have two kinds oh what if it's okay with you I want to share and let's do that oh what's the left please give me a second wait a minute as I was about to Cut the Cake in half to share Haruno sent by stopped me we've come all this way let's take a picture.

Before we cut it okay take as many as you want look over here what I took it why are you taking me I thought you were taking the cake I took a picture of the cake and I also took a picture of you since I came here with you I wanted to take one for the Memories.

If you want to then sure you can take a photo if you would like oh please okay get closer to your girlfriend yes boyfriend oh friend say cheese I got some good pictures thank you no.

Please enjoy I'll send them to you later okay thanks photo with Haruna senpai then let's eat okay uh oh I'll play it thanks um disturb me so soon I'm glad fondue Chocolat is so good too Haruna Senpai eating it so.

Deliciously looks so cute let's come again together what sure if you want to come let's go anytime Billy yay it's a promise okay promise thanks for today hirodo no I'm glad you enjoyed it is something wrong.

Okay sorry that girl is definitely the one that was a terrible yesterday what what if herodocone was dating her in secret drama huh is that herodo that hole next to him is that a hard enough song she's really pretty it has to be right.

what are you doing here because I was gonna use uh ask you for some shopping but you are dumb wait a second you just said use didn't you nope no you definitely did I almost did true see this girl.

Oh sorry I'll introduce her introduce means nice to meet you Haruna son I'm hiroto's sister coconut what sister yes your photo sister but her photo said you went out with a friend yesterday did you happen to see us by any chance yeah I'm sorry she gets upset when I call her.

My sister for some reason what how come cause I didn't want people at school to know I was herodo's Sister oh come on oh I completely thought she was your girlfriend no way do you like heroda by any chance Haruna son what no.

I can tell from your Expressions you do right but I'm sorry I can't give her photo to you haruna-san hiboto you stay out of this what no Senpai what's wrong is mine I'm sorry I was just teasing her in a sound a little bit what sorry about that.

Hirodo you do have a good one hey Haruna senpai um what you said earlier oh oh it was just a joke wasn't it it's not a joke huh it wasn't a joke I like you herodocune it not a joke.

What when I saw you with coconut yesterday I got really desperate because I thought you had a girlfriend and my heart was hurting that's how much I like you so you know if you're okay with it will you go out with me if you're really okay with me please go.

Out with me senpai Gilly yes of course I like you too Haruna senpai so the two of us welcome your total will be 720 Yen thank you herodo help me over here yeah okay just.

A second Haruna hurry okay okay ever since dating Haruna my day is working part-time became a lot more fun I better thank cocona hey hiroto wanna go to the cafe after work yeah sure yay thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.