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[Manga Dub] She didn’t notice me, so I bought a cond** in front of her… [RomCom]


You're interested in that kind of stuff right well um then I'll Teach You How don't worry I won't do anything to hurt you I'm just going to do something very nice to you help you're wondering how someone is introverted and dull as me ended up.

Lying under such a pretty girl well it all started some time ago uh uh my name is Cascade Ida I'm just about your stereotypical college student if a little on the doll side I work part-time at a convenience store to fill in the gaps between my studies.

And to gain work experience for my future career I chose to work here partly because it was close to my home but mostly what's up hi Crew Me Senpai that's my workplace Senpai kurumi Ito she's the main reason why I chose to.

Work at this convenience store it's where I met and fell hopelessly in love with her at first I was only drawn towards her outward appearance but ever since I've gotten to know her I've been increasingly attracted to her personality as well when I first started working here I had.

No idea what I was doing that's when kurumi Senpai gave me a hand she stubbornly refused to give up on teaching me no matter how much I messed up she was pretty cute clever and kind kurumi Senpai really was the whole package it's no wonder that I like her so much.

But unfortunately she doesn't seem to think of me like that at all you are yawning just then weren't you I saw you I'm sorry I tried to keep it in but didn't you sleep properly last night there was a movie I wanted to watch streaming on TV it was midnight before I.

Knew it so so you like movies huh huh I love them that's why I couldn't help staying up late last you're yawning again sorry for goodness sakes don't let it happen.

Again all right but if you're really sleep deprived maybe you should take your break a little early oh I'm fine you needn't go to any trouble for me I brought this on myself anyway really you don't have to oh I see huh what do you mean.

You don't want to be all by yourself am I right what no no it's not like that I'm fine in everything I swear all right so right you didn't have to get so flustered then how about I take my break with you I'll let you put your head on my lap and help at you until you're sound asleep.

Like this there's a good boy you don't have to do that I really don't mind being alone you sure you're mocking me aren't you kurumi senpai oops you got me oh cut it out senpai jeez.

Sorry sorry you really are adorable I'm pretty sure kurumi Senpai thinks of me as a little brother or something even the other day what you can't eat green peppers seriously oh that's so cute.

Well it's bitter and it tastes bad you can't eat bitter vegetables you have a childish palette I guess I like hamburger steaks rice omelets mostly stuff you can find in a kids menu that is so cute maybe I'll buy you lunch later how about a Happy Meal.

Please stop making fun of me you're enjoying it too much senpai that's because you're too cute I'm sorry she keeps finding everything I do cute it's not like I don't enjoy it or anything but it sometimes feels a bit degrading hey quesca.

Are you listening oh um I beg your pardon did you hear what I just said sorry I just zoned out for a moment I know after all I'll take I'll take no butts let's listen to your elders or else well if you insist.

There that's a good boy yep she definitely sees me as her little brother all right ah I have to stop her from treating me as a kid somehow there must be something I can do to make her see me as a man but what can I do it's hopeless I can't think of anything.

I'll ask my sister she'll know what to do ah try buying some rubbers is she serious how is that going to change anything is that going to make her think I'm well prepared or something but maybe she'll just think I'm gross I have no idea I may have confided in.

The wrong person still she does have more experience than me and I guess I have nothing to lose anyway after work this is it it's kind of embarrassing since I don't intend to even use it I think it's still senpai's shift excuse me.

I'd like to buy this hey quesque are you going home all right uh-huh you're going to buy this that's right I'm buying this oh sure you're buying this okay.

As a man it's good manners to be prepared you never know well then I'll be seeing you I did it Senpai looks so surprised but you'll have to see me differently now right if it turns out I've offended her I'll give up a few days passed.

Hey you like movies right uh-huh I even do movie theater marathons sometimes one of my friends give me tickets to that movie everyone's talking about and since I have two I was wondering if you'd be interested really sure if you want.

I'd love to okay then let's go this weekend great that weekend that was amazing I never would have guessed that stray line was foreshadowing such a finale I didn't really get all of it though I'd like to see it again.

Let's watch it together again you'd watch it with me twice if you want to that is of course I do it would be great if we could watch it again together thank you so much senpai I'm glad to be of help either way you said you two movie theater marathons right.

Do you usually go alone oh no I usually go with someone else someone else oh I see she loves movies too so she often invites me to go with her my sister's a movie nerd just like me so it's fun watching them together and trying to guess the endings.

I guess we do get along with each other close huh we do seem to get along better than some other siblings that I know I often confide in her when I need help too are you going out with her huh going out no way oh but you like her right like her and I guess so.

She's very important to me I see so I don't care he's here and I are more kurumi Senpai what's wrong nothing oh since it's our second time together how about we go somewhere else too that sounds great I'd love to spend more time with you kurumi senpai great then let's do this again sometime.

For sure since that day we started to hang out more and more often the more time I spent with her the more I fell for her at the same time I slightly regretted giving into my Petty pride and buying the rubbers in front of her hopefully it hasn't had a negative.

Impact on the way she sees me I really shouldn't have done it one day during my lunch break at work by the way your birthday's next month isn't it a bird of course if it's okay with you can I spend your birthday with you I'd like to take you out someplace.

I would if it's okay with you I mean all right sure I'm totally fine with it I'd love to spend the day with you I'm glad you think so now about where we're going how do you feel about going to the amusement park you get to really have fun on your birthday.

Great idea I love it then it's decided talking to her about which park to go to what rides to go on what to eat and so on to me every single moment I spent with her felt precious time slipped by all too quickly until it was a week from senpai's birthday before I knew it that day after work I was going home.

With senpai can't wait for my birthday I'm thinking of reserving a birthday cake at the restaurant in the park do you have any likes or dislikes you're reserving a cake for me well it wouldn't be much of a birthday without a birthday cake would it okay you're great thank you it's going.

To be the best birthday ever it's nothing huh it's starting to rain and it's getting heavier it doesn't look like it'll be stopping anytime soon why don't you come over to my place it's pretty close by and if you get soaked.

You might catch a cold I think you're right okay then then let's pick up the pace at this rate we'll be soaked to the core by the time we get home right senpai whoa oh ah I totally slipped can you stand.

I hope you'll oh oh careful I think I twisted my ankle sorry I don't think I can walk Crew Me Senpai please excuse me huh what are you doing you said you couldn't walk right so I thought this would be quicker so you're just picking me up in your arms.

Shall I set you down I thought it would be less uncomfortable than a fireman's carry that's true but it's a bit embarrassing you're cute when you get flustered senpai get get I'm sorry I'll try not to drop you so please bear with me for a bit longer.

Thanks for lenting me your shirt no problem I'm sorry it's a bit big for you well it's yours so it's fine plus I'm thankful you lent it to me Senpai I made some hot chocolate if you want some it'll warm you up thank you for everything huh the cups is there a pear.

That's right Q right I bought them when I went to the movies with my sister come to think of it there are two toothbrushes too right she often comes over so she just keeps one over here now she often comes over hey skip.

What is it what are you doing kurumi Senpai you just pushed me down all of a sudden this kind of joke isn't like you Senpai so will you just I'm not joking around senpai am I not good enough for you okay huh Senpai what's going on what do you mean not good enough for I've been.

Watching you and only you ever since we first met at work I thought you were a cute boy no one else can compete with my feelings for you look at me not her please look at me I'll do anything if it's for you hold on what are you doing you're not acting like yourself I guess I'm not good enough after all.

I knew I couldn't win against her but senpai I'm sorry for everything I hope you'll be happy with her wait uh senpai she left what was that all about afterwards I tried contacting her but there was no reply.

I thought maybe I'd see her at work but I was wrong even on the days I thought we had shifts together she either swapped them or moved them to a different date when I just happened to catch a glimpse of her she ran away from me at full speed kurumi senpai's birthday was coming up and she still continued to avoid me.

If it goes on like this I won't get to speak with her ever I can't let that happen I was so desperate to talk to her I waited for her after she finished work senpai I'm sorry for ambushing you but there was no other way I could get you to talk to me.

There's nothing to talk about wait please don't leave no let me go why do you keep avoiding me because because I can't win it's too painful to be with you win.

Painful what do you mean said you liked someone though you weren't going out with her but you had matching cups and her toothbrush was at your place and she comes over her kids could be with that even though I like you so much wait you're making a mistake the person I like is you kurumi senpai.

Huh what what you the mug and the toothbrush are both my sisters she even has a boyfriend they're totally in love what what so that was all a misunderstanding senpai yes I like you kurumi senpai.

I've liked you for a long time so please stop avoiding me please be my girlfriend with the air cleared between us we became a real couple I introduced her to my sister and now they're getting along like a house on fire.

As Time passed senpai's birthday finally came up that's beautiful you can see so far by the way what did you do with those rubbers they're in my drawer at home hmm promise me you won't use them with.

Anyone but me that goes without saying you're the only one for me okay then I really like you quesque thank you for watching that was today's video 's as well.