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[Manga Dub] She found out how ripped I was… [RomCom]


Hey rikuto whoa what the junah this blonde chick is in my class and she keeps messing with me hey can you show me again no please not in front of everybody I want to keep it a secret there's no need to keep it a secret you got something other guys would kill to have you should be so proud of.

It seriously can you stop smothering me she's like this for a Reas seon she found out my biggest secret her name is Juna onuka and up until she found out she was yo you're rikuto oyama right since you're standing go to the kiosk to get me lunch huh um okay get me yucky Sila bread and strawberry milk step on it yes ma'am a.

Bully and I was her errand boy still I was fine with it I wanted my high school life to be ordinary and peaceful plus I had another purpose it wasn't just about running errands I'm back what that took you less than a minute didn't you buy anything for yourself no uh I didn't need to buy anything at the kiosk a water bottle wait don't tell me you.

Drink liquids for lunch that's right I don't want to eat anything my body can't absorb immediately that's why you're so weak you kids let yourself get walked all over but you just made me run to the kiosk to buy you lunch what ever eat this huh but you can have half I'm going on a diet you need to eat if you want to make it through the day I don't need it.

Hey are you telling me you're going to waste my kindness no there's a reason for it is ruto's family poor or something I was full of gratitude but I couldn't accept it let me explain as you can see I work out and I'm pretty stress drink with myself I started training back in middle school.

And my muscles have grown a fair amount since rikuto you drank some of my protein again didn't you oh my bad mine ran out so I took some of yours her name is Nagisa oyama and she's my older sister she's also a fitness instructor her Instagram has many followers and she uploads pictures and videos of her training methods I learned my training.

Methods from my sister and I do everything I can at school to maintain my body while I'm there hey look riko is walking around around on his toes again how desperate is he to grow he should wear heels if he's willing to go that far focus on flexing the calf muscles weo can you take these to the teacher's lounge okay sure wait they're heavy how.

Can you hold them like that running to the kiosk and holding heavy things I do it all so my muscles don't forget to keep working I've been hiding the fact that I'm training my muscles from everybody since it's a little embarrassing but one day weo do you have a second junah uh do you want me to buy you Yaki soba pond at strawberry milk no.

I made an obento oh I see so you don't need me to go to the kiosk I said I made an obento huh oh come on I'm saying the obento is for you you idiot what when did she ever say that wow junah did you make this all yourself yes why did you make it for me oh I have a lot of younger siblings I made too much food today so I packed.

Some for you I see I hesitated for a second I'm on a strict diet and protein is the only thing I'm allowed to put in my body during lunch however I realized it would be rude to reject the old Bento when junah went out of her way to make it so I decided I'd take a little bite it's so good right I'm a pretty good cook wait why are you crying.

I've never had anything so good oh gosh he is poor he's never had a luxury of a proper meal everything I ate followed dietary restrictions on what nutrients were included it had been a long time since I last enjoyed eating a meal plus how long has it been since a girl cared for me enough to do.

This I only dated you because I felt sorry for you when I was in the eth grade I asked my crush out and she miraculously said yes however she dumped me a week into our relationship I need a guy who is strong enough to protect me you're so frail you reminds me of a bean sprout and it's gross what so now that I've explained why I'm dumping you.

Bye wait I see so she dumped you for being weak yeah hey don't let her ruin your life you have to get fit and show her what she lost thanks to my sister's words I realized I had to change myself to put the past behind me after that wait look at me I trained hard to become more muscular my sister told me that.

Muscles never betray you I was afraid that people might make fun of my Fit Body so I decided to hide my muscles from my schoolmates I always thought you were a scary person but I'm glad to see you have such a kind heart C cut it out you're messing with me aren't you no I've never experienced anybody other than my family being nice to me it feels.

Nice oh oh well I'm glad what the why is my heart beating so fast for him it's just for today plus it's only because I had extra food junah turned around and ran off I was afraid she was angry at me did I say something to offend her however junah came up to me the next day with another obento in her hand I had some extra food again huh I'll throw it.

Out if you don't need it of course I do I appreciate this junah oh good so junah can you tell me why you're being so nice to such a loser like me it's not like I'm trying to be nice to you I just can't seem to leave you alone huh you're aware that everyone calls you a loser right they make you do things you shouldn't have to do oh well it doesn't.

Bother me at all I was thankful since it helped with my muscle training but it's sweet of her to notice are you sure you're not upset about all of it yeah I'm fine I see you're kind of weird aren't you you're kind of weird too nobody makes time to talk to a loser like you do well if anything ever bothers you.

Come to me uh thanks I'm in a good mood now you can have one of my Japanese Fried Chicken oh I didn't notice my heart was beating so fast is it because o stop you have to stop thinking about Juna when you're training am I really rikuto you're going too fast you're not.

Focused are you your muscles are in pain they're suffering oh yeah my bad Nagisa hey did something happen at school uh yeah actually I see so this Juna girl you have feelings for her right no no I don't whatever she might look flashy but she's probably a good person yeah I.

Know are you still stuck on that girl from middle school get over it already my muscles are the only thing I need in the world these upper arm biceps are the love of my life you know you sound so creepy also think about what you're training your muscles for what for huh in the beginning I wanted my ex to regret breaking up with me but now hey.

Weo oh junah do you want to eat lunch together oh I'm sorry I forgot I had to go to the teacher's lounge I'm so sorry huho I'm so pathetic I can't believe I just ran away from her I think I think I have feelings for junah but I'm not good enough weo don't you dare run away from me why are you chasing me dude why won't you stop because you won't stop chasing.

Me you were obviously trying to avoid me back there no I I I wasn't then tell me why you are going to the teacher's lounge well whatever you don't want to talk to me because of how I look huh that that's not it you've got it wrong don't worry I won't bother you anymore bye a week went by and junah didn't come to talk to me.

Once I bet she's still angry about what happened maybe I should have told her nah there's no way I can how can I tell her I like her huh junah H she won't even look at me but I guess this is for the best I think however that day after school is that Juna she with some seniors tuna come on let's go bowling together let go of me you guys are so.

Annoying I don't like balling I like karaoke how about you date me if I throw a strike it's a great idea oh that's pathetic you think throwing a strike is enough to win my heart what should I do I can't hear them since they're too far away but she doesn't seem too happy I I should do something I'm going to get some adults for you I started running I.

Didn't think I could win against three seniors however think about what you are training your muscles for Nagisa you could have half I'm going on a diet you need to eat it if you want to make it through the day yes Juna I just can't seem to leave you alone well if anything ever bothers you come talk to me you don't want to talk to me.

Because of how I look jeez I'm such a loser I changed at all um she doesn't look too happy with you guys can you leave her alone please huh weo what who the hell are you mind your own business we're going to hang out after school it doesn't matter who I am junah is an Irreplaceable person in my.

Life rikuto Irreplaceable person what does that mean what this isn't the time loser you want to fight me huh huh okay give me a second to prepare for it what prepare okay I'm ready so you want to fight huh what what the hell is that what's happening to his muscles his shoulders are like melons I've never seen so much muscle on one person this.

Is insane he looks like a statue from a muscle Museum or something go ahead I'll let you guys all come at me there's no way I'm fighting him let's get out of here help us ah I'm glad my muscles helped fix the situation anyways junah are you okay uh junah hold me what rikuto hold me in those muscular upper arm biceps huh.

Rikuto please I want to be your girlfriend come again I somehow managed to calm Juna down and I took her to a park to tell her about my past so that happened in Middle School my sister taught me how to be stronger and it's become a big part of my life life um are you listening you might want to wipe your mouth oh my bad he wasn't.

Listening at all all I can think about are those muscles Juno must have a muscle fetish she keeps staring at my muscles she won't look at me so I wasn't joking about wanting to be your girlfriend what please will you go out with me that I can't do why junah you're in love with my muscles not.

Me no I mean yes your muscles are gorgeous I can't keep my eyes off them I appreciate you telling me how you adore my muscles I'm glad I have them so so I'll see you around we could tell wait jeez Juna you idiot his muscles are great but you like him because he protected you oh gosh the beauty of his muscles I am not giving up on him gosh.

How ironic my muscles won over my crush's heart I never realized they'd be the ones to get in the way from the next day on Ruto come hug me as hard as you can no no no no what if I break your bones plus hugging you here is rather inappropriate hey guys is it just me she's acting so differently she was.

Always SC but now she's creepy too I wonder if something happened with rikuto fine then let me hang on to your bicep hey let go of me jeez oh well is he using magic or something no way he can't be that strong he's a loser make me your girlfriend do we no stop please I worked out to move forward from my past and ended up with a.

Blonde Beauty falling in love with my muscles I just wish she'd see past my muscles I guess I should become a man worthy of her love so I'll be working on training my mentality from now on I am the winner of the midterm exams again I can't believe I lost by one point sucks for you Mr loser geek shut up I'm not a geek you are such a loser.

Geek you don't think I see you read reading your creepy book The only things I read are textbooks oh you poor thing you're always reading textbooks yet you can't seem to get higher scores than me look at those top score students fighting again yeah weu and MOA can never seem to get along let's see if you have better luck next time I will win.

Next week's tests I'll be looking forward to it although I know you'll fail damn it you think you're all that because you're the daughter of Amia Sabu my name is rku Sai everyone calls me a loser geek but I'm just a nerd I love studying but I've never won against MOA Amaya who by the way is too pretty to be a.

Genius I should do something so I can raise my scores for the test MOA and I don't get along well at school but we have a big secret I'm home hi honey you can't jump on me like that MO oops I'm sorry I'm sorry too I said too much today don't worry about it come on let's eat for those of you who are wondering what's going on Mora is my.

Fiance we live together 10 years ago when we were six I saved MOA when she got lost don't worry I'll stay with you until you get home thank you we fell in love almost instantly however we come from unequal social ranks I won't lie moa's father wasn't ecstatic about us being together but I won his trust after 10 years rku I.

Will accept you as my precious daughter's fiance I am forever in your debt we can get married once we graduate from high school however I have three conditions you must promise me three things while you go to school with her of course this is the conversation I had with her father before entering high school I'm.

Glad they didn't find out today I don't think they care much about us anymore do you want to fight tomorrow yeah that's a good idea let's brainstorm how we can look more hateful towards each other after we take a bath okay first nobody can find out about us living together until we graduate the ACT we put on at school is to make everybody believe we.

Hate each other that felt nice veu can you dry my hair I'm the luckiest guy alive nobody else gets to see you like this MOA here it's dry thank thanks Ru can you carry me to bed we have to study before we go to bed no I don't want to study today dummy we have tests next week we'll have to live apart if your grades go down remember second Mora has.

To keep the top score of all the students until she graduates the main reason for us living together is so that I can watch over moa's studies to keep her grades up fine I'll never get a break do I I wonder what all our classmates will say when they find out you can't study by yourself this problem is too.

Hard let me explain it to you again no that's not what I want I can't work hard if I don't get any rewards for it I would love to reward you but the only thing I can do is give you a hug third no serious physical intimacy before we graduate hugging is allowed we aren't allowed to kiss until we get married after high school it's a good.

Way to to test my patience a hug will do but it has to be a big one there there you can do this MOA you're so pretty and you're a genius to be honest the third rule is the hardest I can't lie it's hell I mean I live with my fiance but I'm only allowed to hug her I think I'll be able to do this I.

Don't know how much longer I can take this uh okay let's get back to studying okay good job rku you can do this gosh I am exhausted good night rku hey MOA I don't know if we're allowed to sleep together don't worry we're just hugging while we lie down we're not breaking any rules uh are you sure it's taking me so much effort to keep calm hold your.

Horses soothing thoughts reu you're bright red are you feeling sick no I'm okay are you sure let me touch your forehead I don't think you have a fever you're too close boa it'll be the end of the world if our lips touch oh oopsie gosh I wish graduation would come sooner then we could kiss all we want I agree so for that to happen we.

Need to fight more at school okay 2 weeks later the test results were posted in the hallway oh my gosh MOA got full scores rku only got one problem wrong how do they do that you always get one point wrong that's why you're such a loser geek it was a simple mistake I could have gotten a full score if I didn't.

Mess one problem up oh dear do I hear the loser weeping I'm not weeping hey look they're fighting again seriously they need to stop hating on each other great this way nobody will find out about our relationship moa's grades are doing great too we're on a roll gosh it's getting late I'm in charge of making dinner tonight I got to hurry Ru.

Hey Miku huh moa's voice over here what the what are you doing in there it doesn't matter hurry up What the hi hey Mo what if somebody sees us don't be so paranoid nobody comes here I guess but still we are doing such a great job my dad sounded so proud of me when I texted him that I got full scores on last.

Week's test great I'm glad so that made me wonder are you proud of me too Riku my fiance is the cutest living organism in the world but but what if somebody sees us I want you to stroke my hair just a little fine just a little okay yep there there you did well MOA do we put them in this room wait we and MOA did the teacher.

Tell you to help too huh yes totally what about it what were you doing just now what I thought I saw rku stroking your hair MOA I kind of thought that too so you guys are close no way I I I hate her I hate her guts me too he was just swapping a fly that was stuck to my hair oh there was a fly in her hair wait there are bugs in here ew gross that was.

Close oh my gosh we could have been caught I know my heart was pounding so hard we should increase the number of fights we have we need to convince them we hate each other I don't know about that huh I thought maybe we don't have to keep fighting in front of people why I mean they saw you stroking my hair and they still didn't suspect us I don't.

Think we need to fight so much anymore but that could lead to Serious consequences gosh I don't think you wanted to fight with me that much I don't but we'll be separated if they find out why don't you want to be intimate with me of course I do wait what am I not attractive what are you talking about well you're always com and.

Cool about things like this I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only one who wants to be by your side all the time whether at school or home I can't believe you would say that do you realize how much strength it takes to keep myself from pouncing on you then I guess it'll be okay huh what will be okay it's a secret I'm so EXC excited about tomorrow hey.

MOA what are you hiding from me you'll find out soon enough come on let's go to sleep what is she planning to do I can't sleep the next day I was shocked when I saw MOA at school it's MOA she'll either ignore me or pick a fight with me but what what what is she thinking oh my gosh I hope nobody saw that after that.

MOA continued to talk to me every chance she got Vu look up up here we're not supposed to talk to each other at school Nobody's around hey let's meet up in the reference room again seriously MOA we can't be caught again I want to hold hands we'll just let go if someone comes okay but still just for 3 minutes please damn it Ru don't get too excited about.

This MOA continued to pretend to fight me whenever somebody else was around however things were getting out of hand I decided I would keep my distance from her until we got home why do you look so gloomy Mr loser geek uh hey I'm talking to you I need to go to the library bye what I'm still talking to you I'm sorry Mora but I need to do this I need to.

Keep my cool while I'm at school hey rku and MOA aren't fighting much today I know it's so peaceful H I didn't realize it was getting so late things are going to get awkward when I get home I wonder if she's angry I understand where she's coming from but we can't risk getting caught Ru MOA you can't be here the librarian is right.

Over there I made her go home and I locked the door there's nobody here so tell me why are you ignoring me well because do you not like like me anymore of course I like you I would never stop liking you then why are you doing this everyone will find out we're close if we don't keep up the fighting act we won't be able to live together anymore that's.

What I'm trying to avoid you started this by teasing and messing with me at school well I'm sorry excuse me for thinking we could pull it off you went too far you winked at me and called me to the reference room but I'm so scared that you don't have feelings for me anymore it's like I'm the only one who wants to fight for us Mica I'm sorry if.

That's how I made you feel I didn't mean to of course I care for you I want to be with you really I wish I could kiss you right now but but I can't because it would risk our marriage I wouldn't have kept our promise to your father if our future didn't mean so much to me yeah I know I'm sorry I freaked out it's okay what hey don't you think it's kind of.

Fun hiding from people to find places to be with each other like this am I the only one enjoying this come on don't test me you don't seem to realize how hard it is for me to control myself a this is the first time I've ever seen you like this boa hey Suzuki wait rku and MOA oh yeah do you know where Suzuki went we're looking for him.

Suzuku just left like a few minutes ago thanks anyways what are you two up to well we she she told me she dropped her contact in here somewhere that's that's right so we I mean Mr loser geek was just helping me look for them you know you're probably shortsighted because you study too much how desperate are you to win against me how dare you I'm getting.

Better scores than you are on our next exam no way you'll never beat me oh gosh there they go again you guys should try to get along are they gone yep I think they are that was too close yeah but they didn't notice anything right gosh my heart mine too I didn't think my heart would survive all that.

Anyways we need to keep our act up you mean the world to me MOA I have to make sure to keep my promise to your father Ru we need to keep at PG until we graduate okay all right but we can always make exceptions from time to time right I guess some hugging won't hurt look at you eating a rice ball all alone this is enough for me is that seriously.

Enough for you oh we're actually going to go to the karaoke later we can take you if you want I have work I was doing the regular interaction I always have between my classmates and they started laughing at me and making fun of me you know how that is my name is kazuyuki kusanagi I'm a freshman in high school I live a quiet and regular life and people.

Seem to mock me for it must suck being poor are you sure you're going to make it all 3 years if I don't go crazy and want to live lavishly sure just make sure you try hard not to be homeless as they walked away the school Madonna walked up closer to me her name was Haruna Asia she's beautiful and calm and she was popular amongst men and.

Women hey kusanagi if you want you can have this she gave me some eggs to share thank you as always but you really don't have to worry about it you really don't have to be like that make sure you eat or you're going to be sick if you get sick you can't do anything she's incredibly kind to everyone even though I'm a poor loner who's mocked frequently.

She still helps me out she was like a goddess to me thank you I promise I'll repay you you don't have to thank me we got to help each other out right you can count on me when you're struggling okay she didn't want anything in return for her kindness if the world was full of people like her then we'd have World Peace Miss aamia would you like to go to.

Karaoke with us today I'm sorry I'm busy what you're always saying that and turning us down what about if he asked you eventually she's turning them down again she was popular so much so that people asked her to go out every day but I'd never seen her accept an offer ever Hera doesn't want to hang out with idiots like you.

What her friend helped her out it seemed like she was taunting them but I agreed with her don't fight guys seriously I'm sorry about today no you don't have to apologize we won't Force you either even though the mood was kind of crummy she seemed to calm everyone down she was truly a goddess I finished my part-time job at the restaurant and I was heading.

Home the store manager understands my living situation and helps me out by sending me home with left over food it was allowing me to save a lot of money it really is nice that there are so many people who are kind I need to repay him one day please stop let go of me I Heard a Voice a small distance away that sounded familiar to me I started.

Running in a hurry come on you should hang out with us you must have run away from home or something if you're out this late right if you come with us we'll make sure you have a place to stay too no I'm not some kind of runaway I was just working my part-time job and got out late huh you work some kind of night job huh I mean you're cute enough.

To be walking the streets we'll be your customers then it's not like that at all you two are the worst you think you can do whatever you want as long as you have the money who the hell are you kosaki what are you doing here miss aamia was surprised and the men who were messing with her looked at me with hatred in their eyes just so you know I've already.

Contacted the police I had a loud buzzer going off it was loud enough to be heard everywhere what the hell you think we're playing around I don't mind you messing with me but you really should run away soon don't you think if you take too long the police are going to show up screw you hey we need to get out of here leave that alone if the police.

Show up we're screwed damn it don't think we'll forget after the men were gone I stopped the sound of my buzzer I didn't think that they were small time like this they were so easily spooked by some loud noise uh um kusanagi thank you for saving me about the police oh I was just bluffing.

I guess they couldn't calmly think about it because of the loud buzzer oh I see you always carry around a buzzer I always come home late from work you should carry some kind of self-defense thing too since you're coming home so late too yeah I'll be careful next time I'll send you off to your home I think it'd.

Be annoying if you were messed with by some weird people again hey that's probably too much trouble for you don't worry about it consider it a thank you for always sharing your food with me but your legs are trembling you're probably terrified from being messed with earlier right wouldn't you feel.

Safer going home with someone you know she seemed to think about it for a second but she finally agreed with me it's right here did I surprise you the apartment I walked her to was a piece of crap apartment I lived in a pretty bad place too but it was a pretty good contest of which was worse she seemed like it was awkward she.

Probably didn't want me to know where she lived was so dirty go ahead and come on in I'll give you some tea as a thank you for sending me off when I went inside I didn't see anything extra it was the absolute Bare Necessities to survive here you go I decided to accept her offer of tea I'm sorry if I'm being rude but is your life tough yeah after.

My mom divorced it's just me and her but you always share your food with me anyway I figured you were in the same boat as me so I couldn't leave you alone even if our daytoday lives are tough we have to eat right if you don't eat you'll get sick I understood what she meant now and what those words meant to her if she gets sick she couldn't work.

Which meant a lot if she can't make money then it's very possible that she'll die I guess it's not just a matter of saving money huh in order to stay healthy you had to eat and as a result you had to spend money on food you were sharing a valuable source of energy with me weren't you oh don't worry about me we got to help each other.

Out right you're still trying to help others when you're struggling you're too kind even when I'm struggling I don't want to forget about how I want to help others that's what my mom always says she seems like a good mom yeah I love my mom do you always work this late I'm with work but I also work at a restaurant and the people always helps.

Me out with food but then it gets late so you're the same as me huh I think the fact that we stumbled into each other means we probably work fairly close to each other huh if we're going to be going home around the same time I'll always send you home that's too much to ask I'm sure you're tired from working too something might happen to you again.

We got to help each other that's what I say it's not like you have that line copyrighted right you always help me so I want to help you too let me repay you but you really should learn to rely on others don't just carry it all yourself okay if you're okay with it then I guess I'll ask you to help me out sure of course then we exchanged contact info.

And went our separate ways we did end up working in part-time jobs close to each other we decided to wait for each other in a place that was well lit and I took her to her house every night for a while eventually we started getting to know each other better after a while she seemed to have taken off school because she was sick her mom wouldn't come home.

Until later because she worked late right now only she was at home I was worried about her so I couldn't focus on class I wonder if she's okay are you okay Miss aamia I'm fine thank you when I sent her a message she replied lied saying she was fine but I knew that with the way she was she would lie to try to not worry me after school was over I.

Messaged my part-time job and headed to miss oia's apartment I rang the doorbell but I didn't get a response I figured she must be asleep but I was worried maybe she was too sick to respond the door was open so as much as I felt bad I let myself in I'm coming in after I came inside I saw Miss aamia in her futon asleep.

I got closer to confirm that she was okay kusanagi sorry I didn't realize you were awake I let myself in cuz I was worried about you thank you but I'm okay she said but her face was a bright red and she seemed to be struggling pretty badly sorry for this I put my hand on her forehead you're burning up what's your.

Temperature it's not that bad you're lying tell me the the truth 102 but when's your mom coming home she won't be home for a while she's got to work she's at work as usual without taking care of her only daughter in a condition like this it wasn't that bad this morning it just started going up really high in the middle of the day.

What about food do you have medicine I don't have an appetite I haven't had any medicine either why don't you eat when you're so sick you always talk about being healthy you really shouldn't be alone you should contact your mom and have her come home no I'll end up being a bother for my mom now is not the time for that what are.

You going to do when your mom comes home and sees you in this condition but I already took off my work and caused trouble for other people too if my mom takes off work she'll have to cause trouble for people at her workplace you're still worried about others huh you remember how I said don't just make everything your own problem.

I'm sorry but I'm not going to leave you alone right now I'm going to call for some help who are you going to call I left the room and called someone how are you Miss aamia I feel great thanks to you but where are we it's a huge mansion it's my parents house huh I contacted my parents to have them pick her up I had her private doctor see her and a maid.

Bring by a nutritious meal I also had her help Miss aamia change out of her sweaty pajamas she took some medicine and had been sleeping in bed since my house is actually a very wealthy family but if I live here with no struggles I won't know what it's like to not have any money and struggle that's why I figured I'd spend my life in high school.

With simple things I see that's incredible kusanagi I just destroyed everything you put in an effort for we got to help each other it wasn't a situation where we could pick and choose you really don't have to worry about it but you're saving me way too much I can't give anything back you saved me first people would always make fun of me.

In class for being poor and I was all alone and you always shared your food with me it wasn't like you had a lot to spare I'm sorry that you had to have eaten my crappy food to me it was a gourmet meal I never would have known how much I could appreciate a simple meal if I hadn't tried living a simpler life you taught me so much I feel like.

This isn't enough to repay you you're being dramatic I really didn't do that much maybe not to you but you really don't have to worry about anything anymore just rest I want you to get better soon okay thank you she stayed over for 3 days recovering she was here until she got better from her cold as she recovered I also left my parents.

House to go back to my simple life she kept thanking me but I kept telling her to not worry because we had to help each other out look at you always eating some crappy meal with one rice ball and one egg I always tell you guys this is totally enough for me after getting some nutritional advice from Miss aamia I added a boiled egg to my lunch normally.

Just the rice ball was enough so it was perfect man it must suck being so poor you don't have any money to play and you're constantly working what do you live for anyway studying mostly I started High School to study this isn't to play around are you just trying to play tough I guess you can't survive if you don't lie to.

Yourself like that just being born to a poor family means you're a loser I guess I'm a loser too Miss aamia came interrupting their mockery everyone was surprised including me what are you doing Miss aamia what are you saying you're not poor like him are you I didn't tell anyone but my house is poor too I live alone with my mom in a tiny.

Apartment I work every day and I'm no different from kusanagi you're kidding there's no way that you're the reason I'm always turning you idiots down is because I don't have any money to play and I have to go to work but I enjoy my life I have friends and all the people at work are kind I feel the warmth of people stop mocking People based on your.

Own personal values the class felt quiet after to her coming out no one imagined the school Madonna to be living a poor life if that were the case you should have said something I'll cover the money to go hang out and I'll give you nice food too I don't accept that kind of help from people I especially don't get help from people who make fun of others.

Because they're poor no we weren't making fun of you you said poor people are losers right she returned the exact comment that they had just told me and they were were unable to say anything back they probably didn't want to make fun of Miss aamia I'm sorry kusanagi for always making fun of you if you need help let.

Us know sure they must have thought that it wasn't a good look to be making fun of Miss aamia it didn't matter that she was poor like me it mattered that she was a pretty popular girl however I'm sure it helped that she was a kind person I realized how important it was to have friendships thank you for covering for.

Me miss aamia you got to help each other out I'm sorry I didn't step in sooner I'm still glad that you saved me though but are you sure you wanted to tell everyone about your living conditions I didn't like that you were always mocked so this was fine I'm sorry I didn't know her now if you have anything you need you could just ask me okay sure thank.

You her friends helped her out she said she would carry all the weight on her shoulders but it turned out that I was the one that was doing exactly that I guess you can't tell what it's like to be poor just by pretending to live a simple life people stopped making fun of me thanks to miss aamia but that didn't mean that I had friends it was time to.

Start deciding what to do for the rest of my life I was still a loner in my senior year but I had a good relationship with Miss aamia thank you for always sending me off kusanagi you're welcome after work I always made sure to send her off to work so what are you going to do after you graduate I'm going to college I'm going.

To study more in college and work at my father's company I see your family seems incredible so I'm sure it's pretty tough huh yeah probably what about you I'm going to find a job I'm going to make money and help my mom live a better life you really love your family huh so I have a favor to ask you once I find a job and have a little bit extra money.

Would you like to go on a date with me a date I like you I remember you saved me from when I had a fever and how you always protect me on my way home maybe I'm not good enough for you but I want to be by your side even after we graduat I'm glad you'd say that I want someone who's willing to consider others even when she's not in the best of situations.

Too I like you aamia helped me when I was pretending to be poor I learned so much from her it was more than enough to be attracted to all of her qualities okay kusanagi maybe it's a little too soon but I guess it's a promise she came up in front of me and closed her eyes I came in with no doubt and gave her a nice kiss I'm so excited.

To go on a date with you me too if I ask for financial help my family would help us out in a heartbeat but she didn't want that I think that if I didn't rely too much on others and with the support of Miss aamia I could do great things in the future a not this story again my name is ichihara uto I'm a.

Junior in high school today's my first day after transferring and I'm headed to school I feel like I might get lost though wait that uniform it's a girl from my high school nice I'm going to follow her to school then she seems like some kind of wild girl though we didn't have girls like that at my old school man she seems wild but she's.

Adorable I feel like there's an aura glowing around her she's seriously adorable she's got a cute face and a great body she must be a model or something I wonder if she's a junior too maybe she's in my class nah there's no way that kind of coincidence happens but I'm sure having class with a girl like that must be fun all right.

Guys take your seats we have a new transfer student today my name is uto ichihara nice to meet you all oh oh do you two know each other or something he's my stalker I see that's interesting no I'm not this is how I met NAU aawa it was.

Pretty much the worst case scenario this is the worst I thought we were in the same class and now she calls me a stalker and then everyone starts Whispering around me my stalker is the transfer student this is the worst and you had to sit next to me too that's not how it is I just didn't know how to get here so I followed you to the school I.

Feel so bad for you natu but he's actually kind of cute be careful going home I want to talk to him but everyone is around damn it listen to what I had to say not only was she in the same class we sat next to each other she was also very popular and everybody loved her then I showed up and she immediately called me a stalker for everybody to.

Know this is the first day after I transferred huh what did I transfer for I don't want to go to school oh God you're the shadow man huh no I'm not wait what the hell do you mean shadowman you're the geek that stalks of the Shadows you're trying to figure out where I live aren't you this is the thing where you have all your stuff in.

Your bag to kidnap me right no if you're so curious you can Pat me down you want to touch my body gross never this little whatever don't follow me if I turn around and you're there you lose what is this a game of red light green light why would I follow you anyways I'm walking home this way she's serious seriously pissing me off I did think she.

Was cute this morning so I kept looking at her but I take it back that girl is not cute at all I don't care if she lives in my neighborhood I will never see her again but oh you aren't why are you why are you next to me I can't believe my neighbor is shadowman there's no way there's no way it's impossible.

you guessed it she wasn't just in my neighborhood she was literally my neighbor she's got an annoying personality and doesn't listen to what people have to say this is why I didn't like her immediately but this week was so tiring I used so much time and energy trying to convince.

People I wasn't a stalker tomorrow is finally Saturday though I need to unpack nah I'm going to bed huh was that a scream is there a crime I'm not going to do anything yet yeah wait what is this terrible hunch and the second I opened the door the neighbor came jumping into my arms help me it appeared it.

Appeared calm down tell me what exactly has happened it's the it's the uh oh a cockroach oh my God don't say the name it I show up you're tainting my pure innocent's ears how much do you not like cockroaches I almost feel bad for it I don't like them almost as much as I don't like you so I'm worse than a roach.

Do you want me to help you or not or do you just want to roast me which is it just do something already she's so annoying and then I went over to her house and took care of the the roach but is it over yeah it's on its way to heaven right now I really didn't expect you to get that upset over a roach it's fine I could have handled it.

On my own okay sure I'll keep what I saw about you crying to myself then I wasn't crying if you're done can you leave already she's so annoying hey shadow guy behind me yeah there's another one isn't there here you take care of it no I can't do it you said it was fine I was acting tough I'm sorry I'm so.

Sorry I actually heard that where there's one roach they're about a hundred afterwards I sent this poor old roach to Heaven as well however things got more annoying from here please stay over at my house what what did you just say I'm scared there are a 100 right hang on you told me that you hate me more than roaches right why do I have to.

Stay here you think that a human is better than a roach I'm sorry I'm really sorry I won't call you a shadow person or a stalker and I'll tell everyone I was wrong okay fine you better keep your promise and that's how I ended up staying over at her house I can't believe I'll be staying over at her.

House since I hate her why does this have to happen to me I guess I'll go by the store tomorrow and buy some pest aside here H what is it it's a thank you for today thanks I don't think it's really worth all my trouble but I'll take it I didn't eat dinner anyway H this is good where did you get this I made it myself wow your cooking.

Is actually pretty good you surprisingly can cook well huh don't say surprisingly it's not you I'm na you okay iawa right got it hey what was your name again oh pleasure to meet you I'm your neighbor at home and your neighbor in class I'm uto ichihara why are you still holding the whole shadowman thing against me I.

Apologized a second ago gosh talk about small ego yeah it's actually so small that even the finest Craftsman couldn't make it and you're sarcastic too why did you transfer into this school at such a weird time anyway that's not really important and your live alone too where are your parents you know I really don't like it when people Snoop into my.

Business I'll sleep here if a roach shows up just wake me up bye wait hang on uh then I passed out and woke up to something in the middle of the night what are you doing isawa why are you awake okay what are you doing you looked cold so I got you a blanket oh thanks something else you.

Need no nothing okay then go to sleep I'm scared to sleep alone can I sleep next to you what next to me why I don't want to have a road show up when I'm asleep all by myself oh come on we ended up sleeping next to each other neither of us could fall asleep so this happened oh God I heard.

Scurrying stop moving your legs around this is isn't my fault right I couldn't breathe she was choking me I just figured out that she was the kind of girl to let things breathe when she goes to sleep she's got a really nice set of uh I'm going to bed good night so that happened last weekend I have to go to school again today I'm not happy she.

Promised that she would stop with a stalker thing and clear my name but am I going to be promoted to pervert from stalker wait I guess that's actually worse than stalker I went to the store on Saturday to buy some pesticide for her she didn't look at me in my eyes and didn't say a word she just turned a bright red and.

Nodded no she definitely doesn't like me and I don't like her either so it's not an issue but I just don't want some random new title to be attached to my name like shadowman to titty man however when I got to class class morning ichihara good morning just as promised I sent the message out saying that you.

Aren't a Stocker in the group line oh really but don't get it twisted okay I don't plan on being friends with you or anything I don't need you to do that much I guess my name was cleared probably I think one of my problems was solved however it seems like you managed to squeeze into our school but if you're.

Old old school grades are this bad ah I see I was called up by our teacher to talk my old school grades were so bad that he was worried about me if you don't get a high score on your next test you might even have to take an extra year I see if you need any help I'll do my best so make sure you study hard for that exam.

Etara that night my doorbell rang I saw isawa standing at the door hey I heard your story you have to get good grades for the next exam right or you're going to stay behind yeah that's true but what's it to you what do you mean what are you going to do about it what is that I don't care kind of attitude I'm worrying about you and.

You're worrying about me I thought you hated me why no it's not worrying I just don't like that kind of thing happening uh okay I don't get it but I guess she's worried but if you get in the top grades for your exam I'll listen to whatever you want me to do why it's not like it has anything to do with you oh my God who cares it's a competition a.

Competition I really don't get it just so you know my grades are pretty good if you lose I'll call you young one that's such a dumb talk a you're going to regret this I think she's worrying for me as best as she can I don't know why but whatever I guess I'll try giving it my best and the results of the test you scored 100 on every.

Subject I guess I win so I avoided staying an extra year and I won our competition uh I see you added a zero to your 10 points right I wouldn't do that but this is crazy how did you get these scores you transferred all weird too you're hiding something you really want to know yeah I ran.

Away huh what did you run away from a lot of things I just wanted to have a regular school life I was actually at a very famous private high school known for how smart their kids were I was at the top of the ranks when it came to scores however my parents and the people surrounding me pressured me so much that.

I was crumbling mentally I found my chance to run away and change my environment I started Living a new life in a new place I see you had a tough time yeah but I'm okay now there was a lot going on but people know I'm not some pervert now okay then why did you ever accept my challenge you should have just told me that you had this this.

Whole time I kind of just wanted to see your face when I beat you wow you're that kind of rotten huh I really think you're the last person on this planet to be allowed to tell me that also I have another reason it's kind of because I started realizing you were worried about me what I wasn't worried or anything oh yeah you said you'd do anything I asked.

For huh oh um yeah if it's anything that isn't perverted then um can you make me that snack that you gave me from before I want some more of it huh that's it I don't want something that sticks around as proof either I'll make that for you whenever what did you say nothing I got the snacks from her.

After this but I made too much for dinner again but I haven't really finished it off so let me in oh yeah uh sure every night isawa would come inside and cook for me this is delicious you're seriously good at cooking thanks if it's not too much trouble for you I can come cook for you.

Every day what isawa coming to cook me dinner every night if the boys found out about this they might treat me like a roach too hey you your tie is crooked again oh sorry and your hair you're you're a junior and you still can't clean up your act how are you going to act as a leader towards the freshman and sophomores look.

At unas Saka getting chewed out by the class president again he's always being warned I feel so bad for him isn't he always being called you instead of his name she always warns others with their last names the girl in the same class as me was Emma takam she was the class president and out of everyone's reach she did her job perfectly as class.

President could study hard was athletic and had a very good personality however to me she was just a nuisance then one day my wife came through my doors I'm here to get married to you my name is Eva takamina I'm not perfect but I hope I'm enough for you um you're the class president right you can call me.

Emma the class president came to get married what's she talking about so let let's get going T unaka I could feel my heart raced from that smile and that's how we started living together but within a month of her living at my house hey Emma wake up don't sleep at the entrance I was just so tired of the class president job that I had to do it.

Stop your whining if you're going to sleep go to bed to can you carry me like a princess to the bed and help me get out of these clothes you little fine I'll carry you no stop dragging me my skirt is going to flip inside out just so you know this lazy human and the class president same person I've been taking care of the.

Spoiled girl for over a month let me explain how this all started one day she showed up at my house you can call me Emma just kidding tor unaka Emma I mean class president why are you here I think you came to the wrong house what are you even talking about being my wife I'm not of age to get married yet I feel like you're.

Getting too ahead nope I definitely came to the right house to get married I see I guess you can tell me more about the details and that's when she told me everything apparently this was all decided from before so yeah it was decided a while ago you didn't know I didn't know.

Anything about it my dad is such a dad what the hell why is there some girl claiming to be my wife at my house Surprise this is not funny dad summarizing my dad's story here apparently when I was still in middle school he got along with a CEO in a certain company and they had really hit.

It off talking about a manga and some du to be wed wife H getting married with a cute girl that was predestined they wanted to make each other's kids get married in the future apparently I love that I wish I had that kind of thing happen to me when I was.

Your age you need to be playing some weird games or something what do you think your own son's life is oh come on it's fine oh I have work sorry got to go that rotten dad he always runs away to his work when it's a little tough wait hang on that means it's just something our parents decided for us maybe she just showed up even though she didn't.

Want to because her dad said so she's technically a victim here I need to ask what she thinks I'm sure she was annoyed by me anyway so I confirmed everything and it seemed to be true but are you sure you really want to do this it's just something that our parents decided for us so of course I'm okay with it I wouldn't be here if I didn't like it.

What is this awkwardness She's so different from when she was in school but it's not like you like me right you always warn me even though I guess technically it's my fault but no it's not like that not like that what do you mean I've always been interested in you ever since I started high school but I've always been kind of an awkward.

Person I can't really talk to you in front of people but I couldn't really talk to you unless I was being strict so I'm sorry huh so you've always liked me I really didn't notice yeah I just wanted to talk to you thank you tardu I love you what do you think about me I'm pretty confused to be honest it's just something that our.

Parents decided without talking to us and I didn't know about it until now you suddenly telling me that you love me or that you're here to be my wife doesn't really ring true Z how about we live together for a little bit practice for being a wife and a husband living together huh I guess that's okay I accepted the offer thinking that.

The school's most beautiful girl would be looking after me and I knew that I shouldn't just let this girl who was head over heels for me to go free I just felt like something wasn't quite right hey can I watch TV I have some dramas I want to watch oh yeah sure but then she ended up staying in front of the TV for about 5 hours after that hey what are.

You doing huh I'm watching TV while relaxing you came over to watch TV what I figured once I became your wife I didn't have to do anything you're not some kind of VIP I thought that you were going to take care of the house or something I'm actually not good at doing anything around the house at.

All is that really something you should be bragging about as a wife it's delicious this is all so delicious I'm so glad I could come and get married to you you seem happy I'm not sure if this is a bad ending for me she seemed to be enjoying her time eating my food no no she seemed cute like a dog but I wasn't interested in.

Raising a wife like a puppy I felt a little confused with the difference in Behavior at school versus at home I understand that she's pretty rotten as a wife at least so I started getting dinner ready but um can you do anything around the house um I don't have much experience but I'm able to provide some nightly.

Assists okay okay don't answer that never mind I shouldn't have asked she's not going to fool me anyway it's late so you can stay over but you're going home tomorrow you can use the shower and bath whenever you want I'll put out a futon for you what I have to go home I want a wife that can do something around the house I don't want to ask for.

Too much but I don't want a wife that does nothing since I was exhausted mentally I just passed out immediately but the next morning Emma why are you asleep in my my bed wake up Emma was supposed to be asleep in the other room but for some reason she was in my bed and to make things worse sorry.

I got called and you were pretty rough last night what what was rough you don't remember oh well but you didn't let me fall asleep what the hell did I instinctually I need to take care of her as a man and that's how we started living together however we pretended to act the.

Exact same at school to make sure no one figured things out however because she was unable to do anything at the house I had to take care of two people instead of one and to add to it she tended to get in the way of my chores tou what's for dinner tonight's hey Emma I'm holding a knife don't hold on to me help me get changed toru you can get into.

Your school uniform on your own right I want you to put it on for me we're married so it's okay right please she kept asking to be spoiled at every chance she found was this really because she wanted to feel loved but this was pretty tough to be honest with you in a lot of ways what's wrong you look exhausted.

Your hair is totally all over the place by the way the girl talking to me me was a classmate kaid ichinose there you go oh better you must be struggling with chores and whatnot huh she likes to take care of people so she can't leave me alone knowing that I live by myself thanks I'm pretty good with my.

Class chores but I can't say that I live with the class president what he's talking to a girl and there's sparks flying is he cheating what are they talking about I just watched by coincidentally I'm not e chopping no it's seriously a nuisance what.

Nuisance I totally get it but after a while isn't it even more of a nuisance to throw it away no I plan on throwing it away immediately it's no help to me nuisance thr away no use is he talking about me oh no he's going to throw me away if I keep this up in other words you just need to make sure everything is organized especially things like.

Magazines I learned that living alone I see your house looks like it would be clean we live close anyway can I go byy sometime no what why not I don't know about a girl coming into a guy room I'm sure the other guys would be fine with me going to their house he's really straight.

Edged I love him you open the door and voila the class president is here yeah that's not going to happen that day when I went home welcome home sweetie I saw Emma in an apron for some reason coming towards me at full speed to the entrance thanks you never wear an apron what's going.

On you can't tell what's going on looking at me like this I felt something bad coming when I saw her like that by the way I'm pretty good with these kinds of hunches I made this oh you were conducting science experiments this is carbon right no it's cooking I only see a clump of the element C on the plate I promise the.

Flavor is good try some it tastes like perectly delicious food it makes me want to cry did you just mix up the world's sadness into this ball of carbon if it's not good just tell me it's not good oh I filled up the bath for you yeah there is water in the bath but this isn't steam it's cold air coming.

Off the surface right oh crap I forgot to use the hot water I tried washing our clothes yeah it looks like the washing machine is suffering and bubbling out of its lid how much detergent did you use um I just took a guess and use the whole bottle this isn't doing the chores this is a tragedy I ended up redoing everything.

But it took more time than if I had just done it myself I'm sorry so what happened why did you suddenly try doing the chores today because because why are you crying you're going to throw me away because I'm not useful right huh I heard you talking to kaid day at school today what did you hear wait.

what what huh why are you laughing you said it's not useful that you threw it away you thought that was about you you're totally misunderstanding me what misunderstanding that was about things like clothes that you don't wear anymore.

Or magazines and what to do when you're done with them so I was really just mistaken you're jumping to conclusions way too fast you thought you weren't useful that's not the case if anything I've been recently able to laugh about things really oh thank God I thought you were going to dump me oh I'm not going to do that don't worry but why I'm not.

Useful at all oh that's because I have to take responsibility as a man responsibility for what you remember the first night you came over you said it was rough oh about your teeth grinding you haven't been doing that recently huh teeth grinding so nothing happened between us that night huh oh yeah I mean no.

Something happened something insanely crazy happened for sure all kinds of things stop lying I've been doing all this and working hard for a week because I was mistaken we're kind of stupid huh it all.

Seemed so goofy so we just laughed as loud as we could so what do you want to do do you want to stop living together I can't back out now if anything I kind of enjoy my life now yay then I don't have to do the chores anymore no no you should definitely do some.

Chores not but I don't want to make you do it all alone because I don't know what'll happen I'll help you yay I'll work so hard that's how our life together restarted after a week but after 3 weeks passed too help me wear my socks come on you can do that on your own.

I still take care of her I got used to it I guess so I don't feel as much hesitation as I used to about the chores we do them together and she does things a lot better than before however the second I let things go a little bit she starts skipping so I have to scold her but hey you're supposed to do the bath today get mad at me some.

More you should try not to be scolded I like being scolded by you I usually get scolded at school but it's been changing recently she gets mad at me but wants me to spoil her I don't understand either hey you're here come on get it together sweetie oh yeah sorry you shouldn't say sweetie like that people are going to.

Figure it out 2 months later one weekend H someone's there probably Amazon huh you bought something weird again didn't you no I just bought you a month of ginang energy extract what's she trying to make me get all energetic for so I headed to the entrance when huh missos I showed up I was worried about.

Your nutrition with you living alone at all I made you some food so if you want to eat some thanks I'm a little busy um so hey T is the extract here huh kaid why are you here Emma why are you here why did you order ginang extract what's going on so um problems always arise when you're getting used to things it's.

Probably a little too late but I feel something coming what's going to happen here toru you need to take this seriously tou I well I it's nothing tardu you'll pick me obviously right tardu will pick me there's no other possibility toru everyone's fighting over you don't you think I would be the.

Right about choice for now my name is toru ogi I'm in high school I'm in a restaurant surrounded by quintuplets at the moment moment H I've always considered myself an extrovert and I've had girlfriends in the past my life was perfect and my future was bright I didn't expect anything to change in high school however now that we've graduated.

Middle School let's break up oh tarot just fii you're not a real extrovert just telling you so you know my girlfriend suddenly broke up with me and I found out I wasn't who I thought I was I was traumatized and before I knew it I was living the introvert life this sucks I was thankful to be in high school but for some reason my life.

Felt dull I dragged myself to school day by day until one Monday what's wrong we have to move classrooms are you feeling sick or something huh no oh that's a relief hey I'm AA katsuragi um I'm to right uh yes I am how did you know my name I'm the class president it's part of my job to get to know everybody here.

My first impression of her was cuteness overload my second impression was cute and Earnest I didn't realize such a girl existed in my class I don't have the vocabulary to describe it but I couldn't take my eyes off her however my ex-girlfriend had just dumped me I wasn't sure I was ready to have feeling feelings for anybody yet I asked one of.

My close friends for some advice yeah don't do it you think so too yeah I'm not ready yet that's not what I meant you have no chance with her I mean she's AA katsuragi according to my friend AA katsuragi caught everyone's eye the moment she walked into the school she's become the most popular girl here she excels at everything and.

She has a great personality every single guy in the school was trying to win her heart she'll never go for a loser like me huh but then again I respect the decision you made huh go for it I'll be here for you when she breaks your heart hey why do I get the feeling you're enjoying this you're such a jerk sometimes not that I'm complaining I.

Thought it through again but I couldn't seem to get Aika out of my head I know she'll dump me but what's the harm in trying the next day I decided to try to talk to her after school um Aika right huh yes what is it wait she seems a little different today oh well thanks for checking on me yesterday oh uh yesterday oh yes I remember now I.

Talked to you so um I was wondering if you would like to go on a date with me this Saturday I cut to the chase right away I prepared myself for the rejection once she rejects me to my face I'll be able to move on however what date um well uh why don't you get back to me tomorrow see you pathetic I couldn't stay there any longer and I.

Fled however this incident turned out to be the start of the biggest happening of my life the next day after school you asked me out on a date yesterday I can't go huh wa a cushion the blow but hold on a second something about her is off anyway what do you like about I me well you're very pretty and I know you have a kind heart since you made.

Time for a loser like me whatever I have no interest in you whatsoever I I want to show you why I could be interesting and I'd like to get to know you a little better too huh to tell you the truth I know nothing about you Aika so it would be nice to learn about you I'll do my best to try to change your mind I think we should get to know each.

Other okay so you're serious about this give me another day to think about it though I could see her cheeks flushing as she turned around and left the next day after school we talked about it and we're still going to say no um who's we did you talk about me asking you on a date with your family she was speaking in such a bland tone it sounds different.

From how she was talking yesterday she was more boyish we are afraid that we are unable to fulfill your request she tried to leave as soon as she finished talking but I wasn't done hold on a sec before I knew it I was grabbing aika's shoulders huh what are you doing my bad uh I just need one day I think going on a date.

With you will give me the motivation to get through school please all I'm asking for is just one date I was not expecting that fine please give me some time to reconsider the offer she blushed as she hurriedly rushed out of the classroom the next day after school okay let's go on a date what time do you want to meet up tomorrow wait where are we.

Going uh okay um how about 1:00 we can go to an amusement park she's so Breezy why did she decline so many times if she was going to say yes is she really AA she seems so different aa's personality seemed to change every single day of the week it wasn't like a mood swing it was like seeing multiple personalities from the.

Same person so can I ask why you agreed to go on a date with me well I just thought it would be fun to hang out oh okay however you shouldn't expect anything more anything more like a kiss or hug no physical intimacy uh of course not I mean it it's not like I don't enjoy doing things like.

That but but I won't do anything you wouldn't want me to do H you're a nicer person than I thought impressive huh okay then if we have a fun day I'll give you a little peck of the cheek or not see you tomorrow oh uh AA was smiling brightly as she left the classroom for some reason I was left confused and lost on my way home I.

Dropped by a restaurant to celebrate my success I was happy AA said yes and I wanted to eat something good however I heard a familiar voice the moment I sat down in my seat gosh natsui why did you say okay to him it sounded like a good idea I peered over into the seat next to mind while making sure nobody noticed me that voice.

It's AA wait what I was shocked to see five AAS sitting at the same table I pinched myself just in case but it turned out I wasn't dreaming you know it's your fault Cen you should have told him no straight up hey stop you can't start blaming others we shouldn't have started all this in the first place yes changing schools as a.

Result of a card game wasn't the best idea oh my gosh so the girl I asked out on Tuesday was Ken not AA I'm sorry cut it out stop crying so much I'm the one who wants to cry that's what you get for betting your life on a card game SAA this is partially your responsibility you said you would tell.

Him straight up but you didn't that's your fault wait the same goes for you too don't make it all my fault now I gu it so for the past week these identical girls have been coming to school acting as AA anyways I'm the one who said yes so I guess I'll be the one going on a date with him wait a second natsumi he wanted to ask me out I'll go on a date.

With him that's so unfair I want to go this time I will perfect my Act of rejection a date with a male gender interesting I should go to deepen my understanding of the male species um I well I are wow five girls fighting to go on a date with me that caring girl needs to be more forward about her thoughts go.

Caring but seriously who's going to end up coming I'm feeling worried about tomorrow just then notsi spoke up she said she had a great idea oh why don't we take turns we can have an hour each AA can go first since she's the oldest I have a feeling he won't notice such changing she didn't it was a horrible idea going on a date with five girls on.

A 1-hour rotation is she kidding me why does she think she can fool me I already know they're Quint templets however all the other girls seem to think it was a great idea it's disappointing to see how all of them think I'm easy to trick the day of the date the first one of them to appear was hey taru the oldest one Aika it was refreshing to see her her in.

Something other than her school uniform she looked great what's wrong oh nothing I was thinking you look so pretty it's nice to see you in different clothes come on let's go we got on the coffee cup ride first AA seemed nervous at first but she relaxed after we got to talking in.

Line it felt weird I still couldn't believe I was on a date with such an attractive girl it could be my first and last time to be so lucky I decided to enjoy it to the fullest so I would have a pretty memory to cherish so anyways why did you end up agreeing to go on a date with me huh well things just turned out this way I'm glad we got to go on.

This date thanks for coming uh-huh I think I'm glad too her cheeks were flushed and it made her look even prettier I was starting to feel self-conscious I told me she needed to use the restroom and I was relieved when she left when she came back to me uh thanks for waiting I'm looking forward to this she had changed into.

Karen Karen had the same clothes as Aika but she was bright red and Restless I could tell she was nervous looking forward to this we've been here for a while huh yes I know gosh I can't get over how cute she is when she fidgets car and I decided to go to the haunted house oh my gosh I don't know if you realized but I was screaming for a.

Different reason than Karin was Karen was terrified and she clung to me the whole time I could feel her against my arm and it was just I couldn't help but wonder if quintuplets had the same measurements yes I know it's inappropriate that was so scary I agree here you go huh you still have tears running down your face let me.

Wipe them for you I gently wiped the tears off Ken's face she's attractive in a different way she makes me want to protect her just like AA did Karen asked me to wait for her while she used the restroom I will never forget how her cheeks were red as an apple the next one who came was hey yo let's get going I was sure it was SAA I could tell by the.

Way she talked hey you seem a little different than a few moments before wh what I haven't changed at all she couldn't have made it more obvious but that made her look even cuter SAA and I decided to hang out at the arcade to play some games I lost again you lost to a girl I'll never win.

You're too good hey um is it's unattractive huh why I mean boy usually like feminine girls not boyish girls like me that's not true at all huh you're cute and you're cool I don't know many girls who have both qualities to be honest I'm more attracted to you now attracted oh I see SAA then disappeared into the.

Restroom it was member changing time I started to wonder what the other four girls were doing while one of them was on the date with me where they in the restroom the whole time the next to appear was it's my turn now huh your turn on what don't think about it I want to go now she was talking like a robot and I immediately realized it was ta she.

Grabbed my hand and led me toward the ferris wheel I had expected it but she wasn't much of a talker she kept to herself most of the time we were alone in the ferris wheel so it's not much fun being around me right huh huh why do you think so well I'm not as cute as the others people usually think I'm unfriendly I'm pretty sure she's.

Referring to her sisters when she says others her sisters have more facial expressions but I could see the sorrow in her solemn face hey why don't you smile a bit more a little smile goes a long way smile like this oh what do you think hey you've got such a nice smile I'd love to see more of that face it's pretty really I'll practice smiling in.

Front of the mirror thank you we left the ferris wheel and T headed into the restroom if all the girls merged into one my heart will burst from all the cuteness I wish that would happen the last one to appear was it felt like I was waiting for ages not me she's the one who agreed to go on a date with me huh what do you mean by.

Waiting for ages hey what stop focusing on the little things okay where should we go next she instantly linked her arm to mine I guess she's not so bothered by physical contact or is she trying to test me or something not me and I decided to ride the roller coaster the ride was rockier than I had.

Expected my legs are so wobbly can I borrow your shoulder oh yeah sure I feel so safe when I'm leaning on you maybe it's because you're a boy she's sitting too close her hair smells so sweet hey did you have fun on our date today yeah good I had fun even if it was just for a little while but no kisses of the cheek today since I didn't get the whole.

Experience huh what do you mean by the whole experience you'll find out sooner or later oh well see you soon not me waved goodbye to me as she skipped off I knew what she was talking about but I kept my mouth shut I wonder if she would have kissed me if it was just the two of us after the date I decided to eat dinner.

At a restaurant before heading home I realized the quintuplets were sitting at a table it looked like they were having a serious meeting I sat near them so I could listen to what they were saying so what did you guys think uh well not much me neither yeah I have nothing to say I do not understand okay then so that means.

None of you are interested in dating him I guess it's okay for me to become T's girlfriend what that's not fair why do you get to date him not to me but you guys said you didn't think much of the date it's it's not that I didn't think much of it talking to him today it made my heart feel unusually tight does this mean I like him yeah I think it means I.

Like him oh well I think I want toru to protect me I I uh fine I'll admit it I like todu as well so everybody here likes taru now oh gosh we're going to be fighting against each other once Nots me said it out loud the quintuplet started to look uncertain what am I supposed to do all five of them are super cute and attractive oh no.

I have no idea what to do with this situation before I knew it I was standing and the quintuplets were all staring at me tardu since when have you been sitting at that table T oh no you heard us talking tou you've got it all wrong seriously this isn't what you think it is tou My First Love hey tou you're here.

Here why don't you join us at our table this is the most awkward situation I've been in so if you were to date one of us who would it be I have a great suggestion to make since picking would be difficult how about you date all of us what is that even allowed wouldn't that be more.

Difficult to handle and so we're back to the first scene of the story I know you want to hear what I decided to do in the end but I'm saving that for another time thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well