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[Manga Dub] She found out how ripped I was… [RomCom]


Hey we could tell whoa what the Juna this blonde chick is in my class and she keeps messing with me hey can you show me again no please not in front of everybody I want to keep it a secret there's no need to keep it a secret you got something other guys would kill to have he should be so proud of it seriously can you stop smothering me.

She's like this for a reason she found out my biggest secret her name is Juna onizuka and up until she found out she was yo ikuto oyama right since you're standing go to the kiosk to get me lunch huh um okay get me Yaki sober bread and strawberry milk step on it yes ma'am a bully and I was her errand boy still I.

Was fine with it I wanted my high school life to be ordinary and peaceful plus I had another purpose it wasn't just about running errands I'm back what that took you less than a minute didn't you buy anything for yourself no uh I didn't need to buy anything at the kiosk a water bottle wait don't tell me you drink liquids for lunch that's.

Right I don't want to eat anything my body can't absorb immediately that's why you're so weak you kids let yourself get walked all over but you just made me run to the kiosk to buy you lunch whatever eat this huh but you can have half I'm going on a diet you need to eat if you want to make it through the day I don't need it hey are you telling me you're.

Going to waste my kindness no there's a reason for it is is kuto's family poor or something I was full of gratitude but I couldn't accept it let me explain as you can see I work out and I'm pretty strict with myself I started training back in middle school and my muscles have grown a fair amount since mikuto.

You drank some of my protein again didn't you oh my bad mine ran out so I took some of yours her name is Nagisa oyama and she's my older sister she's also a fitness instructor her Instagram has many followers and she uploads pictures and videos of her training methods I learned my training methods from my sister and I do everything I can.

At school to maintain my body while I'm there hey look rikato is walking around on his toes again how desperate is he to grow he should wear heels if he's willing to go that far focus on flexing the calf muscles these to the teacher's lounge okay sure oh wait running to the kiosk and holding.

Heavy things I do it also my muscles don't forget to keep working I've been hiding the fact that I'm training my muscles from everybody since it's a little embarrassing but one day kuto do you have a second Juna uh do you want me to buy you Yaki soba Pon at strawberry milk no I made an opento oh I see so you don't need me to go to the kiosk.

Uh I said I made an obento huh come on I'm saying Theo Bento is for you you idiot what when did she ever say that wow Juna did you make this all yourself yes why did you make it for me oh well I have a lot of younger siblings I made too much food today so I packed some for you.

I hesitated for a second I'm on a strict diet and protein is the only thing I'm allowed to put in my body during lunch however I realized it would be rude to reject the obento when Juna went out of her way to make it so I decided I'd take a little bite it's so good right I'm a pretty good cook wait why are you crying I've never.

Had anything so good oh gosh he is poor he's never had a luxury of a proper meal everything I ate followed dietary restrictions on what nutrients were included it had been a long time since I last enjoyed eating a meal plus how long has it been since a girl cared for me enough to do this I only dated you because I felt sorry.

For you when I was in the eighth grade I asked my crush out and she miraculously said yes however she dumped me a week into our relationship I need a guy who is strong enough to protect me you're so frail he reminds me of a bean sprouts and it's gross what so now that I've explained why I'm dumping you bye.

Wait I see so she dumped you for being weak yeah hey don't let her ruin your life you have to get fit and show her what she lost thanks to my sister's words I realized I had to change myself to put the past behind me after that wait look at me I trained hard to become more muscular my sister told me that muscles.

Never betray you I was afraid that people might make fun of my Fit Body so I decided to hide my muscles from my schoolmates I always thought you were a scary person but I'm glad to see you have such a kind heart cut it out you're messing with me aren't you no I've never experienced anybody other than my family being nice to me it.

Feels nice oh oh well I'm glad oh what the why is my heart beating so fast for him it's just for today plus it's only because I had extra food Juna turned around and ran off I was afraid she was angry at me did I say something to offend her however Juna came up to me the next day with another obento in her hand.

some extra food again huh I'll throw it out if you don't need it of course I do I appreciate this tuna oh good so Juna can you tell me why you're being so nice to such a loser like me it's not like I'm trying to be nice to you just can't seem to leave you alone huh.

You're aware that everyone calls you a loser right they make you do things you shouldn't have to do oh well it doesn't bother me at all I was thankful since it helped with my muscle training but it's sweet of her to notice are you sure you're not upset about all of it yeah I'm fine I see you're kind of weird aren't you.

You're kind of weird too nobody makes time to talk to a loser like you do well if anything ever bothers you come to me uh thanks I'm in a good mood now you can have one of my Japanese Fried Chicken oh I didn't notice my heart was beating so fast is it because.

Top you have to stop thinking about Juno when you're training am I really rikuto you're going too fast you're not focused are you your muscles are in pain they're suffering no yeah my bad Nagisa hey did something happen at school uh yeah actually I see so this tuna girl you have feelings for her right no no I don't whatever she might look flashy but.

She's probably a good person yeah I know are you still stuck on that girl from middle school get over it already my muscles are the only thing I need in the world these upper arm biceps are the love of my life you know you sound so.

Creepy also think about what you're training your muscles for what for huh in the beginning I wanted my ex to regret breaking up with me but now hey we could tell oh Juna do you want to eat lunch together oh I'm sorry I forgot I had to go to the teacher's lounge I'm so sorry huh.

Can you tell I'm so pathetic I can't believe I just ran away from her I think I think I have feelings for Juna but I'm not good enough we can't tell don't dare run away from me why are you chasing me dude why won't you stop because you won't stop chasing me ah.

You were obviously trying to avoid me back there no I I wasn't why you are going to the teacher's lounge well whatever you don't want to talk to me because of how I look huh that's not it you've got it wrong don't worry I won't bother you anymore.

Bye a week went by and Juna didn't come to talk to me once I bet she's still angry about what happened maybe I should have told her nah there's no way I can how can I tell her I like her huh Juna she won't even look at me but I guess this is for the best I think however that day after school is that Juna she's with some seniors.

Tuna come on let's go bowling together so annoying don't like balling I think it's a great idea oh that's pathetic you think throwing a strike is enough to win my heart what should I do I can't hear them since they're too far away but she doesn't seem too happy I I.

Should do something I'm gonna get some adults for you I started running I didn't think I could win against three seniors however think about what you are training your muscles for Nagisa you could have half I'm going on a diet you need to eat it if you want to make it through the day.

Gosh tuna we just can't seem to leave you alone well if anything ever bothers you come talk to me you don't want to talk to me because of how I look uh jeez I'm such a loser I haven't changed at all um she doesn't look too happy with you guys can you leave her alone please what who the hell are you mind your own.

Business we're gonna hang out after school it doesn't matter who I am Juna is an Irreplaceable person in my life Irreplaceable person what does that mean what this isn't the time loser you want to fight me huh okay give me a second to prepare for it what prepare okay I'm ready so you wanna fight huh what the hell is that what's happening.

To his muscles as soon as I like melons I've never seen so much myself at one person this is insane he looks like a statue from a muscle Museum or something go ahead I'll let you guys all come at me there's no way I'm fighting him let's get out of here everybody advice ah I'm glad my muscles helped fix the.

Situation anyways Juna are you okay uh tuna hold me what we go to hold me in those muscular upper arm biceps please I want to be your girlfriend come again I somehow managed to calm Junior down and I took her to a park to tell her about my past so that happened in Middle School my sister taught me how to be stronger and.

It's become a big part of my life um are you listening you might want to wipe your mouth oh my bad he wasn't listening at all oh I can think about are those muscles Juno must have a muscle fetish she keeps staring at my muscles she won't look at me so I wasn't joking about wanting to be your girlfriend.

What please will you go out with me that I can't do why Juna you're in love with my muscles not me no I mean yes your muscles are gorgeous I can't keep my eyes off them I appreciate you telling me how you adore my muscles I'm glad I have them so so I'll see you around we could tell wait.

To eat tuna you idiot this was those are great but you like it because he protected you oh gosh I am not giving up on him gosh how ironic my muscles went over my crush's heart I never realized they'd be the ones to get in the way from the next day on if he could tell come hug me as hard as you can no no no no no what if I.

Break your bones plus hugging you here is rather inappropriate hey guys is it just me she's acting so differently she was always scary but now she's creepy too oh I wonder how fine then let me hang on to your bicep hey let go of me jeez oh well is using magic or something no way he can't be that strong he's a.

Loser make me hear girlfriends no stop please I worked out to move forward from my past and ended up with a blonde Beauty falling in love with my muscles I just wish she'd see past my muscles I guess I should become a man worthy of her love so I'll be working on training my mentality from now on