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[Manga Dub] She found out that I was a famous live streamer [RomCom]


Miano stop reading so much and talk to me my name is June Miano and I'm a junior in high school I'm not good at talking to people so I always spend my time reading books alone then suddenly my classmate now Takahashi started talking to me leave me alone.

Huh I couldn't hear you can you speaker I felt like I was being pretty loud but when I'm in front of people I get nervous and mumble people would always make fun of me for that but after Miss Takahashi started sitting next to me she started teasing me more you're never going to be popular like.

That you need to speak up I don't want to be popular I said I can't hear you if you have something to say speak up no stop messing with that geek you really do like strange things what's so fun about talking to that weirdo her friends were making fun of me too I was just getting smaller by the minute.

Look Miano they're talking no let's go huh okay she was dragged Away by her friends I tried to speak up but I couldn't say anything that would reach her ears man I can't do this when people are around I just get quieter I should just quietly read a book.

I was just avoiding reality but that was what I did to protect myself all right let's go for it I had a secret Hobby I used a streaming app to live stream with only my voice I didn't have to talk to people when I saw them so I loved my place in the internet.

They can't see me and I can't see them I can talk like normal I was working hard as a streamer good afternoon guys I'm miyachi here to deliver you your favorite voice I'm working hard to become a voice actor so I would like you all to give me scripts to speak while I'm streaming to practice.

I started live streaming last year I was an anime otaku so I would use certain famous or popular lines to introduce myself and gathered attention that way it took me a year to gather my listeners but they liked me I'm always rooting for you I love your voice.

Now mean is here today too I had a lot of regulars but Naomi was someone who was there from the beginning always interacting thank you for your support as always miss naomin let's get started the stream continued as usual the more time I spent practicing the more I started getting used to new and different situations so.

I started improving my skill they really enjoyed it all right Miano you read the next part I was chosen to read during language arts class I was depressed but I started to read the excerpt we can't hear you hear you speak up man.

I was reading as best as I could but my voice was just quiet right on cue my other classmates started making fun of me you really aren't good at this Miano you should start taking this seriously I am taking it seriously I can't hear you from here I want you to really speak from your stomach put your.

Feelings behind it I was able to speak like it was nothing while I was live streaming I didn't know why I can't talk when I'm in front of people I pretended that I was live streaming to try to get past this I pretended this classroom was my room and spoke.

Your heart has been moved from the clasps of Love already ah you can do it make sure you speak up like that every time I said the line as if I was reading an anime line I got through reading the excerpt I was exhausted after being so nervous we spoke we spoke I think it's the first time I've heard.

Him talk I heard people whispering I changed my tone but people had never heard my real voice so I'm sure they didn't think much of it miado let's go home together why don't be like that I just have something I want to talk to you about come on.

After class Takahashi invited me to go home with her I'd never gone home with anyone so I didn't understand why I don't have anything I want to talk about oh you're okay with it okay let's go I didn't say that I said no but she didn't listen to me I couldn't speak up so she.

Used that to her advantage to go home with me Miano why are you so quiet normally it's not like I try I can hear you mumbling something but I can't hear most of what you're saying that was special when I pretended the textbook was a script I was able to speak up.

I just did what I did at home however I was still nervous speaking in front of people I want to hear your voice again I'm literally talking Miano you're miyachi right huh I was surprised when she mentioned my streamer tag how did she know look at you being all surprised I know it.

Why do you know you might ask it's because I'm naomin no way I didn't realize one of my biggest fans was someone so close to me and naomin is actually one of my oldest fans too that would explain how she was able to figure out my voice I seriously you have a huge boys fetish and I'm a huge fan of your voice.

So I heard your voice during class and I was so surprised I didn't realize the miyachi I was always cheering for was so close to me sorry this is normally how I am when I said something she immediately rushed close to me and put her ear near my mouth I was taken aback and walked away a.

Little what if I do this I can hear your voice don't worry about it no matter how you are regularly I'm a huge fan of yours so I could hear you talk can you come by my house then I was a little anxious inviting her to my house.

Like that but I wanted to be in an environment where I could relax I had her come with me thank you for always supporting me I really appreciate your support the one that's always lucky to hear your voice I was still nervous but I felt a little relieved being in a familiar environment.

I was able to talk a little louder than I could at school I just get so nervous in front of people that I can't really talk when I'm live streaming I don't have to worry about it because I don't have to see anyone's face when there are other people I get really nervous and I know you wanted to talk to.

Me I wasn't ignoring you so sorry I could tell you we're trying to talk I couldn't hear you well but I feel bad about this your voice while you live stream is so nice so you should be able to show off at school I know it's not good to just be this way but I can't do anything about it when I'm talking.

People don't hear me and then it makes me even more nervous and eventually I end up just avoiding people at all so you're saying if you can't talk you can't get along with people yeah if I can do that I guess I could then let's practice if you get used to talking in front of people you'll be able to talk like when you live stream.

It's not that easy I've tried a lot over the years but I've never been able to talk that's because you haven't tried correctly I'll help you how do you plan to help first let's start with you breaking the ice with me I want you to talk a little louder I'm trying to talk loud now you're talking a little louder than when.

You talk at school but I think you can be louder if you're nervous because you're looking at me I'll turn around for you she turned her back to me I couldn't see her face but it didn't matter because I knew someone was near me I'm glad you're trying to help but it doesn't make much of a difference I'm nervous about the presence of.

Someone so it's not like not looking at your face makes me less nervous you can't talk to your family either no I can talk to my family I don't need to worry about what they're thinking oh so you don't have problems when it comes to someone you don't have to worry about then she came behind me and hugged me from.

Behind what are you doing she suddenly hugged me and my heart rate spiked it was the first time a girl had hugged me I'm going to get close to you so that you don't have to worry about me let's go out what the why I told you I like your voice if I do this I can listen to your voice anytime I want and you can.

Practice talking too I think it's a win-win that doesn't mean that we should go out you don't like me it's not about liking or disliking I can't even talk to anyone how am I supposed to date if you don't dislike me then why don't we at least give it a shot not going out just because you're.

Nervous is sad I won't be mean I promise I'll make sure you could talk in front of people oh I didn't agree with how she was doing it but I knew I had to fix this situation if it was for me to fix my flaws maybe this was okay okay then.

Let's go out yeah leave it to me we started going out while also training all right read this line to me she showed me her phone with a certain line on it aren't these anime lines why are you doing this well I figured if we start off with.

Lines that you're used to it would be easier for you just do it like you usually do on the live streams I've never said any anime lines when someone was around that's why it's practice this is for your voice it was like a public recording if I just practiced talking then it.

Would probably help me out she was the only person around but I was still nervous but if I can't do this I won't be able to change okay I'll give it a shot I took a deep breath and imagined the situation with the anime characters I played the part and put emotion behind.

The lines my life is yours I will use it for you I will be by your side till the end I was exhausted after saying it maybe being nervous actually paid off I was able to speak up oh my God I can hear miyachi's voiceover this is amazing Miss Takahashi.

Yeah you had a great voice and we learned that you could say anime lines normally wait are you using this training as a way to hear my voice not at all it's easier this way for you too right this is the perfect idea I mean maybe but whether it was effective or not I felt like she was using me.

She told me to say more anime lines before moving to the next step okay this next line what is this I wasn't familiar with the lines she had showed me on her phone it's just a scenario I just made it up so put some emotion behind it and read it I can't read this it's embarrassing.

You can get over that kind of embarrassment to really grow just think it's an anime line ah I buckled down and said what was on the phone I've always liked you since I've met you please date me oh my God yes.

Yes she hugged me wait what are you doing after I said the confession she hugged me and I couldn't help but blush I was just amazed by that line you made me say it till I was moved I love you this is how my training while also being Miss takahashi's toy started.

Thank you for listening guys I hope you guys have a wonderful night see you tomorrow I finished my daily live stream thank you she was in my room while I was streaming I had never shown anyone my live streams but because of our daily training I.

Started getting used to her presence I was able to have her stick around because I got used to her you've really grown you're not nervous around me anymore yeah you've been making me do things she used my legs as a pillow I pet her head gently told me to do that.

Instead it was part of the training to act all flirty too she would hold my hands and hold me at first I was nervous but I was able to really overcome my fear of being around her all right let's try something new she pulled up the blanket and got into my bed you come in here too.

What are we gonna do in bed it's just a cuddle now I mean if it's just a nap if it was just napping next to her I'd be okay but once I actually got into the futon I was nervous for a different reason than usual the special situation actually made me think of.

Things maybe I'll just stay the night no you need to go home you don't want to spend the night with me I don't want anything happening you plan on doing something to me I didn't mean that my imagination ran wild she hugged me as.

If to make me more nervous what if I said you can do whatever you like with me what I thought maybe you'd want to do something to me you want me to if you like me sure I heard her and I finally said what was on my mind I'm really happy that you like me but.

You like my voice right what about the other stuff I knew you weren't sure about how I felt I kind of figured no matter how much we were snuggling you kept saying it was just training that was the reason we started this so I mean at first sure it was your voice but not anymore right now I like all of you and I can give you.

Everything I have for you I see I was pretty shy that she would like me that much what about you what do you think about me well we started dating under the pretense of training but I really did start falling for you.

We were only dating because of my voice so I was worried about what would happen if you got bored but if you aren't bored of me then I want to be with you forever then let me hear your confession again not something I thought of but something you came up with everything that I had told her up until.

This point had been lies that she had made me say just like I was worried about how she felt she must have been worried about how I felt I realized why she did what she did I want you to be by my side from now on I love you now she kissed me on the lips.

I love you June she smiled happily I wasn't able to speak up at school yet but after this happened I was able to speak up anywhere I knew if she supported me I could get over anything thank you for watching how was today's.

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