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[Manga Dub] She got dumped and became a shut-in, so I visited her and… [RomCom]


Hey you may are you there I nagamofuria and visiting Yume namiki on my way home from school she's unable to attend school for personal reasons you again yep how are you feeling I'm fine please leave me alone great then you should come to school no why you've been absent for the past month it's really none of your.

Business I can't get through to her she's just as stubborn as she looks to tell you the truth I already know why you may have been coming to school one of her close friends told me about it apparently she's depressed because the love of her life dumped her I can't give up on her not until she agrees to come to school she doesn't come to school but.

It's not like she quit I'm sure she's planning to come back to school someday if so I wanted to bring her back as soon as possible for her sake I'm aware that this might not be what she wants right now but I don't want her to look back on this later on and regret it nagamo are you going to yume's house again yes I am ah respect man.

I bet you may just shut you down every time she's really stubborn yes she does seriously you are so persistent you know she has a pretty face if only her personality was as pretty your personality seems to have a problem too dissing her like that we shouldn't try to change her don't you think we should accept her for who she is nagamo.

It's crazy how accepting and kind-hearted you are I'm none of those things plus if she was really cruel she would just ignore me and stay inside the house but she answers the door every time which means she's not such a bad person you never cease to amaze me you're just flattering me why don't girls like you why are you always single.

You're making me feel miserable now why do you come here every day she looked upset to see me as she does every time I appear her doorstep come on don't look at me like that I can't tell but incredibly annoying you know well then why don't you just come to school that way I won't have to annoy you every.

Day like this I don't want to I see I guess I'll just give you this for now then notes you haven't been in class for a while I'm sure you're behind on your studies I don't know if this will help but I've written down all of the important points the teacher talked about in class wow we went all out on this even the little.

Things the teacher said it had specific pointers for me did you do this in your free time just for me it's fine it helped me review the things we covered in class don't worry about it the process was mostly for my sake wait but don't you need these notes I have a notebook of my own so you can have that one.

Well that means you needs you all just for me thank you huh nothing I didn't say anything you needed to hear oh okay I see hey don't think that it means anything it's okay I didn't hear you anyways fine I guess okay I'll be on my way now don't come here anymore you are so strong-willed you know that okay I'll.

See you tomorrow idiots I continued visiting you may every day after school she was still set on staying at home but she started to accept the notes I took for her seeing how she lets me give her the notes I have a feeling she studies at home she always returns The Notebook the next day so she must be looking over.

Them the night she gets them days went by and I kept visiting her but you may your face looks red are you okay one day you may answer the door looking awful I'm fine you can't even stand straight gosh your body is burning don't touch me we shouldn't be arguing about that right now did you go to the hospital what do you think of course I didn't are you.

Serious why haven't you gone where are your parents my parents they come home only every night they both work okay you need to get to the hospital let me take you uh hey are you okay you may stay with me she must have been pretty sick she suddenly fainted in my arms I couldn't just leave her like that but I didn't have the.

Money for a ride so I called the ambulance I called my mother just in case before the paramedics arrived will you be coming with us yes please let me come I didn't want to leave you may all alone so I rode the ambulance to the nearest hospital as it turns out you may have caught a cold and the fever came from it.

However you may seem to be suffering from malnutrition so the doctor is giving her an IV at the moment seeing how she is I don't think she's been eating at all I agree maybe fainting and coming to the hospital was a good thing if she hadn't nobody would have found out about her and her condition could have caused a.

Lot more trouble after leaving the hospital I brought Yume to my place I thought about what we should do while I waited for her to wake up wake up oh right I remember now nakimo what what calm down this is my room what you've got to be kidding me why am I in your bed after you got discharged I.

Couldn't just barge into your place so I brought you back here took me to the hospital well you had me worried I apologize for acting without your consent why are you apologizing I should be the one saying sorry it's not your fault at all you fainted and you needed help I guess but you.

Should have just left me at the hospital you know there's no way I could have done that I'd feel guilty for leaving you you're right I forgot you are such a good guy is something wrong nothing is wrong why are you angry I'm not angry okay so are you hungry actually yeah I haven't had a proper meal in the past.

Few days I thought so my mom made some rice porridge for you I'll bring you some but I'm not hungry what you just said you were hungry you may no I didn't okay well how about you just try it out you need to get something in your stomach to get better nagumo you shouldn't mind your own business you're right it wasn't supposed to be.

Funny I'm aware that I'm being nosy so it doesn't bother me when you say that weirdo I heated the rice pores and brought it to Yume for her to eat I'll have to thank my mother for making it before leaving for work it looks so good I'm so sorry I didn't mean to it's okay go easy on yourself your body is weak.

Right now oh thanks I would never get angry at you for this just relax and let me take care of it nakamo let's see you won't be able to eat without having the strength to lift the spoon here let me have a spoon huh okay I can feed you here open up you've got be kidding me this is so embarrassing don't worry nobody can see us right now let's hear.

You're watching you shouldn't be focused on that right now first you need to eat before it gets cold you don't look like it's but you are quite the pushy man aren't you that's only because your health comes first you may didn't look happy she opened her mouth reluctantly is it.

Good embarrassed to taste any of it well that's a shame you should get over it so you can enjoy the porridge you may continue to Grumble but she finished all of her porridge she had said she wasn't hungry but I was glad to see she was eating just fine I'm so full gosh that was exhausting why uh you just.

Keep getting worse and worse did I do something anyways are you feeling any better I'm fine as always okay why do you like that don't get so angry just relax are you doing this purpose are you trying to make me uncomfortable and angry of course I'm not let's see fever.

It seems to be gone what are you doing wait you're getting hotter oh no is your fever back I swear you're doing this on purpose why are you so angry no I'm not angry just you you shouldn't touch girls so easily like that oh sorry my bad I should have brought a thermometer I hit you up calm idiots hello nothing affect you stop.

Looking so confused you're just you're just making me look like an idiot I'm sorry I have no idea what you're trying to say damn it I really don't know what I did but I seem to have angered her seriously what did I do after this incident you May's Behavior towards me changed I visited her the next day but she didn't shut me out and she didn't.

Tell me to go home maybe she was lonely and needed some TLC so have you eaten anything today no no I'm not hungry ah fine then can I come in for a bit then well why why what are you planning on doing um I was going to make you rice porridge huh if you haven't eaten we need to get.

Something in your body or you'll faint again you're so pushy and so confusing confusing it's nothing so are you going to let me come in or not fine fine even if you want to that bad I'm surprised I thought you would shut the door my face why would I do that no reason thanks for letting me uh you're.

So you're so weird you were going to drive me insane day I don't know why but you may got angry again after hearing me thank her girls are so complicated here eat up I made some rice pores with the ingredients in her fridge and put it on the table for her I didn't know you cooked Forge isn't that difficult but my mom makes it.

Better so don't start complaining about the taste thanks for this oh yeah it tastes similar but the one I ate at your house tasted better I I don't know why I like this one better you may what's wrong huh are you not aware that you're crying right now oh she writes all right yeah.

You may yeah you'll get your sleeves wet like that nakumo is there something you want to talk about I'm here if you need someone to lean on then why are you crying oh sorry was it too hot no no what um it made me feel warm inside like it.

Was a good feeling I think you may uh I've been thinking a lot recently like I'm supposed to live my life and stuff I don't know why but eating that porridge made me feel relieved nagumo what do you think I should do that's easy just come to school it's not that easy what if people start looking at me in a weird way don't worry about it everyone.

Is concerned for your well-being but nobody ever bad-mouths you plus if anybody were to say anything to you nakumo you are so straightforward it throws me off I'm not trying to be like this all I ever wanted is for you to come back to school fine I'll go to school starting tomorrow really.

But I'm too afraid to walk it alone so can you come and walk with me of course I can I'll come pick you up tomorrow morning okay thank you and so I succeeded in bringing you may back to school however she never left my side since she was scared of what the other students might say to her she even called me over to.

Her place after school I felt strangely relieved and relaxed in that situation and this would continue on until you may and I started dating thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well