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[Manga Dub] She invited me over, then asked me out… [RomCom]


I was on the rooftop after school when what what did you just say I said um my name is kasugi kagayama and I couldn't believe my ears were the most beautiful girl in our school said she wanted to talk to me the reason well that's because I like you what.

She had confessed her feelings for an introvert like me how did this happen let's try going back to the first time she talked to me about a month ago I was stealthily staring at a person in our classroom like I usually do sawashiro-san is so pretty today too out of my league was the perfect way to describe yukari sawashiro-san she was my.

Dream girl she had a mysterious Vibe about her that pushed strangers away yet her beauty stood out in our classroom she was a respectable person and had excellent grades it was no wonder she was elected to be our class president a game otaku like me is no match for someone like her.

I couldn't help but sigh twice once for her beauty and once for how shameful I was that's why I was okay with watching her from afar Kazuki are you watching sawashiro-san again don't scare me like that then I'm not.

Don't hide it man the person talking to me here is my only real friend yuto sugano he's very handsome but he's another gamer like me I guess you can't help it she really is beautiful I told you I wasn't watching her is she acting indifferent or is she cold on the outside and affectionate on the.

Inside either way I bet she'd be so cute if she tried to act spoiled I can't imagine it sawashiro-san asking someone to spoil her either way how are you and your girlfriend oh yeah well we're doing pretty good in a way.

Huh is there a problem hey YouTube ah calm down Mizuki don't suddenly hug me from behind oh why not her dating aren't we uh what are they making me watch that girl's name is mizuki-san and she was sugano's girlfriend they started dating quite recently I wasn't a big fan.

Of her lighthearted flirting what were you and kagayama couldn't talking about oh about sawashi nothing it wasn't much oh what are you hiding anyways yuto let's go on a date after school today there's the things I've been wanting sorry I have plans to hang out with.

Kazuki after school today what plans oh right I forgot I have plans after school yay after school is decided then is it really okay Kazuki I completely forgot I had things to do after school they just started dating so I felt bad.

For getting in the way of their dates that's what I was thinking when excuse me mizuki-san I heard a slightly Stern voice and saw sawashiro-san standing near us being lovey-dovey on school campuses lead to the corruption of morals get away from him immediately who cares it's not like I'm bothering.

Anyone so you're saying you're allowed to do anything you want if it doesn't bother anyone you're so strict you tell it you're okay with it aren't you sawashira might be right do you think you can get off me a little yuto you're going to take sawashiro's side I'm not.

Taking sides it's just I'm it's just I'm not a huge fan of PDA either okay then let's be lovey-dovey when there aren't as many people around hey hold on a sec mizuki-san ran away after she said that goodness I'm sorry it's my fault I know it's primarily mizuki's fault but if you're.

Her boyfriend you better be more responsible I was thinking about something in the middle of all that I wasn't part of that conversation at all I know that I wasn't a part of what happened so there was a good reason still I felt that I had such little.

Presence that I was a little heartbroken suddenly sawashiro glared at me kagayama if you're their friend you should warn them too okay the person of my dream suddenly lectured me I was completely speechless.

After that sawashiro-san went back to her seat in a bad mood not many people are friends with her because of her strict personality what a waste she's honestly such a beauty but she's not wrong I'm not sure if being right all the time is a good thing anyways yuto about you.

What I'm not a huge fan of the clinginess but mizuki's son came all the way to our classroom for you you should be happier I think you need more courage to do PDA but I haven't gotten used to mizuki's Vibe yet if you're her boyfriend you have to step up and reassure her she might have doubts about your feelings at.

This rate you know I mean I've never even had a girlfriend so I'm sure my advice isn't that convincing that day after school yuto left with mizuki-san so I was about to head home alone that was when kakayama Kun Do you have a minute yes what is it.

Sawashiro-san started talking to me was it about the incident during lunch you're on class duty today aren't you these things need to be brought to the office can you help me with them oh okay oh it was about work I needed to do for classroom Duty she handed me a huge pile of notebooks she helped me carry the other half and.

We headed to The Faculty office together but it was awkward we didn't say a single word as we walked together I was trying to hurry to the office so I could just go home when sawashiro-san opened her mouth I'm sorry about what happened during.

That lunch break it was a little harsh on you when you had no parts in that what I do regret that I was very harsh on you after looking sorry she looked sorry and let out a big sigh it seems like the incident during lunch was bothering her it's totally fine you were only saying the right thing.

It's not that I've always had a bad habit of directly saying what's on my mind I know that it's the reason why everyone around me doesn't like me but I'm guessing you might be a little clumsy with your feelings and that you're also the type of person that overthinks afterwards.

I'm not sure what everyone else thinks but I don't hate it in fact I uh uh in fact what oh nothing in fact I think that you're responsible and actually care about everyone around you thank you I didn't think you would compliment me so I'm not quite sure what to say.

No no no I felt like I understood sawashiro-san a little more she wasn't mean she was just a little clumsy with her emotions and so we were able to get over this small misunderstanding we headed back to the classroom after we dropped the notebooks in The Faculty office thank you again.

I'm on class Duty after all anyways I'll be on my way now I was so happy that I was able to talk to a girl normally and to the girl of my dreams on top of that it might be a simple moment but I thought this would be one of the best memories of my life a week after that I'm sorry I'm going to.

Hang out with my girlfriend after school today okay don't worry about it I'm glad you and mizuki's son are so lovey-dovey I say that but a part of me is still a little sad ever since uto got a girlfriend I've been alone a lot more girlfriend.

How nice the next day after school there's something I wanted to talk to you about do you have a minute sawashiro-san what is it I'm not on classroom duty today I heard that you're a gamer are you good at playing them what video games well yes.

To a certain extent I have a favor I wanted to ask you then a favor what is it the thing is I want you to teach me how to play video games sawashiro-san you play games it's not that it's not for me sawashiristan explained to me that her younger brother was into fighting games she wanted to play with him but he.

Wouldn't let her be his opponent because she sucked at it I could teach you but we can't bring game consoles into school about that do you want to play it at my house yeah if you're okay with it 30 minutes later I was in front of sawashiro-san's house I somehow ended up here there was no.

Reason for me to say no come on in okay when I entered sawashiro-san's living room her little brother kentuckun was playing games they had a big age Gap so he was still a fifth grader Kenta I'm home welcome home big sis huh.

Is Becca your boyfriend he's not this is kagayama Kun my classmate don't say such rude things like that you don't have to get that upset so why did you bring him here that's is she too embarrassed to say she wants to learn how to play games for him.

Um the thing is I heard you love playing video games so I came here to play with you what you want to play games with me yeah if you're okay with it will you challenge me yeah let's play You're So Good can't takun you're pretty good at this too.

This is more like babysitting sawashiro-san's brother than teaching her how to play is she okay with this I'm so happy my sister sucks at this I'm sorry I don't really play video games everyone has things they're good at and thinks they're not good at.

And so the day ended with me playing video games with kentuckun while sawashiro-san watched from behind come play with me again okay yep let's play again I am going to see Kakey yamakun off so make sure you're doing homework what I think your brother likes me this wasn't what we had planned I hope.

She's okay with this thank you for hanging out with my little brother today oh it's nothing I'm sorry I was supposed to teach you how to play but I ended up getting into the game instead I was relieved that she thanked me with a smile anyways kaga yamakun you're very kind.

What how do I say this instead of being straight up like me you're very good at saying things nicely I have a hard time of doing that so I'm very jealous of you oh it's probably just because I don't have confidence in myself I'm actually jealous of how you can easily say what you're thinking.

See the fact that you could say things like that is evidence that you're a kind person oh no it's not that much I need to look up to you katayama Kun I'll try to do better with how I talk to people I don't think you need to look up to me still I need to look up to you and be more responsible too.

Um if you're okay with it but you play video games with my little brother again of course I'd love to do that thank you I'm glad I was able to talk to you like this kageyama Kun my heart was beating so fast I never would have thought the girl of my dreams would say something like that to me.

After that I visited sawashiro-san's house twice a week on the days that Kenta Kun wasn't home I taught sawashiro-san how to play video games when kanta Kun was home I played games with him my time after school was very productive since sawashiro-san was very smart she picked up on how to play very quickly.

She was getting better and better at playing at this rate I'm sure I won't need to come here to help her anymore that's what I started to think when you're going to introduce me to a girl mitsuki-san said that she wanted to introduce me to a girl yeah she likes video games too and she said she wants a boyfriend that would.

Play with her what do you think Kazuki I think you should ask Mizuki to introduce you um do you have a minute can I talk to you after school oh sure what is it sawashiro-san looks like she's in a bad mood today.

Did I do something wrong after school I met up with sawashiro-san on the school's rooftop what were you and suganokun talking about during lunch today oh we were talking about how mizuki-san wanted to introduce me to a girl really good for you but I declined the offer I wasn't in the.

Mood for that what really thank goodness huh thank goodness oh uh you know I don't want to lose someone that will play games with my little brother oh I see so it was about kentacoon I was hopefully expecting a different.

Response so I got a little sad that's also one of the reasons but huh the truth is I well huh what did you just say I said um I like you what seriously yeah I like how you're kind and how you care about the people around you whenever I'm with you my heart beats faster but at the same time I'm so.

Comfortable being with you I was honestly so happy when sawashir wasan confessed her feelings for me the girl of my dreams said these things to me but I didn't have confidence in myself but I'm just an introvert I don't know if I deserve to be with someone like you then I'm just a straightforward girl.

That might not deserve to be with someone like you you don't want to be with me sawashiro-san looked like she wasn't that confident she must have gathered up a lot of courage to tell me how she felt the response I gave her was a week after I mean I still can't believe it who'd.

Have thought you'd be dating sawashiro-san I still don't believe it either gosh it's not a joke so start believing it already you two make such a cute match you still don't believe it oh your arm yukari son you're being too clingy.

She's all over you I'm super surprised because I didn't expect this from you sawashiro-san didn't you get like mad at us for PTA a while ago that was because it was on school campus this is okay because it's outside of school I think I understand what yuto was.

Talking about a little sawashira I mean yukari-san started being very clingy with me after her confession that day yukari-san's clinginess was a little how do I say this it was very dangerous she made me kind of worried I'm happy for the two of them you tell your plan went as planned.

I hope they continue to stay together I found out later on but the two of them were lying when they said they wanted to introduce me to a girl yuto and mitsuki-san schemed it to force yukarisan to make a move Kenta said he was going to hang out with his friends and that he wasn't going to be home till much later so I want to.

Kiss you wait okay um sawashi rasan liked to act spoiled when we were alone she was so cute I was having a hard time being sane I'm home what big sis what what are you doing with him this is uh you can't respond fell down so I was.

Helping her up as her boyfriend I had to properly lead my spoiled girlfriend that's what I've been thinking a lot about nowadays thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.