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[Manga Dub] She says I’ll never get a girlfriend, so I got a job and found a girlfriend [RomCom]


My name is Haruka Kida I'm just your normal High School freshman no different from any other Average Joe out there all I was doing was living my ordinary high school life but I see you look as slowly as always this girl's name is rikar ryugu with her unparalleled Beauty and the fact that her father is the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the.

Country she's a privileged young lady who no one dares to Cross or for some reason ever since we were put next to each other in the last seat Shuffle she's been relentlessly picking on me who even uses that word anymore oh I'm sorry let me put it in simpler terms there's an up putting slovenly eror oozing out of you as if that makes it.

Any better how rude after I went to the trouble of rephrasing it for you more importantly why are you looking over here so inspired when we're all in the same uniforms I feel like just being near you is bad for my image I don't know why are you even talking to me anyway oh so you're happy that I'm gracing you with the.

Conversation I'm only doing it out of pity you should be thanking me I have my own friends to talk to mind your own business huh so you have friends huh what about a girlfriend drop it please you've never had a girlfriend before right of course you'll probably never had have one don't just decide my future for me well although you're right.

That I've never been in a relationship before just as I thought you'll probably never be able to get a girlfriend for the rest of your life don't look down on me I'm sure if I give it my all that's what you said if you don't agree with me get a girlfriend and prove me wrong how about I give you until the next Shuffle to do it huh why should I do what you.

Say you can get a girlfriend friend if you give it your all right maybe if you just go around confessing to a lots of people one of them will say yes that's not the problem I refuse to treat confessions like a game why not because it's disrespectful to the other person there's no way I can confess my love to someone I have no.

Feelings for H so you're not a totally lost case I see so how about it within the same deadline I proposed just now you become cool enough to get confessed to in this scenario you'd be free to accept or reject a confession as you wish so you should have no problems with it right got it that works in that case our deal.

Is for you to become a cool enough guy to get confessed from someone remember the worth of the man lies in his word okay it's on so what do we do for the forfeit there's a forfeit too of course if I win you have to talk super respectfully to me for one week that if I win you stop picking on me all the time well I guess that's fine since.

You're 100% going to lose I look forward to seeing you panic with an approaching deadline and no girlfriend in sight speak for yourself don't be too shocked when you see how good I can look when I put my mind to it yugu aside I got really into it for some reason and ended up taking on her challenge I was provoked into spouting out all that.

Nonsense but there's no way I can get a girlfriend it's kind of pathetic but if I don't manage to get a confession by the deadline I'll have no choice but to admit defeat and apologize to ryugu oh why are you staring off into space like that oh I was just thinking about something stop it you're spoiling my.

Mood yukiho Kida she's my older sister by 3 years and I'm sorry to say that she has no tact at all but she's all always taking good care of me and she has her life super well put together with a loving boyfriend as a cherry on top of the proverbial cake I'll go back to my room if it's bothering you hold on a moment what tell me uh what are you.

Worried about seems like it'll be interesting don't want to come on out with it well she won't back down no matter how many times I say no so I guess there's no helping it then I told her everything that had happened at school with yugu fine so what happened was I see.

Well it's true that your very presence gives off a sense of shabbiness and that you are hopelessly lame your overall features especially your eyes and teeth aren't that bad but that hair those eyebrows and your horrible fashion scents everything's just downright atrocious also your nose is a little too low and those glasses are not helping.

Whoa wait even ryugu didn't go that far oh I'm sorry it's just my opinion can you not pour salt on my wound you're exaggerating you shouldn't let yourself get hurt by something like that anyway well I guess I have no choice should I offer my cute little brother a solution to his problems huh just like that sure in.

Return I'll take one ice pop from your it's the last one I have left but I'll have to risk it for the biscuit please you can have the ice pop okay you can count on me you should get a part-time job what do you mean I'm saying that you need to overhaul your entire being you can start by buying a new wallet a new belt and.

Changing your smartphone case too you're going to need money to do that right no way I can still use these there's no need to get new ones do you even want to change uh and I didn't say throw them away you can still use them when you go out to nearby convenience store or something well I guess that makes sense.

But if it's just all those small items my savings should be able to cover it even without a part-time job you don't have a lot of savings right if you want that girl to change her mind about you it' be best if you invest in the good stuff but cheap stuff doesn't necessarily look bad either sure you're not wrong but you need to have a pretty.

Good fashion sense to pull it off and that's something you don't have a single shred of so that's not going to work for you am I really that bad yes go look at yourself in the mirror that stupid lame t-shirt you're wearing is only fit as fuel for fire telling me that now is pointless if I'm as bad as you say wouldn't.

Everything I choose to buy just suck any any way that's why I'm telling you to offset your horrible fashion sense with the power of the Moola horrible fashion sense I'm already being nice about it you should really be changing all of your shirts and pants too but because.

You aren't wearing them to school anyway you can get away with just changing all the small stuff you could have just continued being nice and not told me that you know I'm giving you a reality check so just accept it for what it is maybe you're right as for that hair if you just get.

It tied up a little at a reasonably good Salon it'll probably look quite good won't a cheap place do the trick my hair isn't as long as yours anyway it's fine even if you can't tell the difference the girls in your class will be able to rather than long hair it's short hair that really tests the hairstyle.

Skills is that how it works yep the part is that you don't have to put too much effort into it even the small items like a wallet and the belt instead of choosing them on your own you could just search up the most popular brands among high school students and go for either the first or second one on the list even if everything goes as planned won't I.

Just become a mass manufactured hot guy I think there should be more of myself in there think about someone who sucks at cooking what do you think makes some bad cooks huh out of nowhere isn't it because they lack technique or something not at all people who suck at cooking have to follow the recipe to a tea.

Because on their own they'll end up making something weird and inedible they might do stupid stuff like trying to reduce cooking time by increasing the temperature or just throwing random stuff in without measuring anything you're right I do that too it's the same for fashion if you suck at it either copy others or have those who are.

Are good at it do everything for you you can start to throw in more individuality once you've studied up on your own fashion sense I get your point maybe I'll give it a go following my sister's advice I started working part-time at a nearby Family Restaurant to earn money it's nice to meet you I'm Haruka Kida I'll do.

My best to learn the ropes here as fast as possible sure thing we'll be counting on you namami here is going to be your mentor yes ma'am understood huh nanami oh you know me Yeah we actually go to the same school and you're really famous too misaki nanami she's my senior.

By one year and a beauty with the title of the Madonna of the school I've witnessed guys confessing to her more times than I can count and ryugu who's aiming for the Madonna title apparently sees nanami as her ultimate rival I see I don't want to stand out from the crowd so being famous isn't really my thing well enough about school.

I'll be teaching you everything you need to know remember as much as you can and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me okay got it that was where the mentorship from Hell began please check this for me it's too sloppy use a spoon to neaten it up I finish cleaning up nanami there's still some trash over there do it again while R nanami was a.

Highly Effective Teacher in less than a month I had finished learning all the ins and outs of the job caneta three strawberry parfit please coming right up and in that process we became good enough friends to walk home together whenever we were on the same shift I can't believe it's already been.

A month and a half since you first started have you gotten used to how things work here yes thanks to you I can handle most of the things throw my way really that's great this job is quite demanding so I was worried because most part-timers don't last very long oh I see it's true that it can get pretty busy it's a popular Shop with a lot of.

Foot traffic and they hold their part-timers to high standards of quality I guess I can kind of see why someone would quit right after they started if they thought it was too much if I didn't have a goal in mind and Nomi wasn't here to help me out I might have been one of those people too exactly so I'm pretty happy that you.

Made it this far that reminds me you should have been paid yesterday what are you going to use your first salary for uh I hm are you planning to do something bad with it no nothing like that then it's fine right tell me if I do please keep it between us I want to use it to become.

Cool H are you talking about how when you enter High School you're constantly being mentally influenced by Society to become cool and dependable an adult no I'm only earning money to neaten up my appearance after that I told her everything about ryugu making fun of me and how even my own sister told me that I was hopelessly.

Shabby you're a pretty interesting guy caneda we both go to the same prep school so I know how busy studying can get over there so I was thinking you definitely have a strong reason for wanting to go work part-time on top of that but to think you was something like this I've only ever walked home with you on weekdays so I've never seen you out.

Of uniform until now it's true that your fashion sense is very unique you don't have to censor yourself I've heard everything there was to hear from my sister anyway sorry but I don't think it's a bad thing to to want to become cooler uh thank you I'm surprised I was actually expecting you to mock me for it.

I wouldn't do that no matter what the reason isn't it a good thing to want to change yourself for the better you're right now I feel like I didn't give you enough credit don't worry about it and with the amount of ridicule you have endured from her you probably want to prove that girl wrong exactly I'm doing my best do you.

Mind if I help huh I should be the one asking you though are you sure yep sounds like fun then don't mind if I accept your offer no problem great timing too tomorrow's Sunday so let's go shopping and visit the salon together huh tomorrow yeah the sooner the better.

Right and we're both off work tomorrow too huh you know I'm not scheduled to work tomorrow no it's not like I check your shift timings every day I just happen to see it right I also like to check beforehand so I know who I'm working with yeah that's right just letting you know there's no deeper meaning to it yes I get that we walk.

Home together quite often so I never thought she hated me or anything but if she keeps emphasizing that I guess she just doesn't see me as a man after all well we're totally incompatible anyway she's probably trying to prevent any misunderstandings hi sorry did you wait long no I just arrived too great let's get going then where should we head.

First just leave everything to me today huh is that okay sure the salon we're going to belongs to someone I know and I looked up all these other places too as well thank you I'll be counting on you then from there are totally not a Daye shopping trip commenced I think something like this could work actually this one is better caneta keep up we're.

Off to our next destination huh you're tired already not at all I'm completely fine when she invited me out I really didn't think for a moment that it was a date but she really was serious when she said that she was going to help me with my shopping in the first place my end goal of becoming cooler hasn't changed let's.

Throw away all these weird thoughts in my head and I'm already pretty happy that nanami gave up her day off just for me I'm sorry I got a little too into it I really love shopping it's my first time choosing men's clothes too so I might have been having too much fun with it don't apologize I should be thanking you for putting in so much research just.

To help me with my makeover I'm actually really happy that you're enjoying yourself too I see that's a relief we have some time until our appointment at the salon so let's look around some more okay I'll leave it all up to you and so for the 2 hours leading up to our appointment at the hair salon we looked around all the different stores and.

Didn't even take a break for lunch I've never been happier that's good how does she have so much energy I'm beat we've got a pretty good haul for now why don't we head to the salon now that I think about it did you say you wanted to wear contacts from now on yes I actually already bought them at.

The opthalmologists yesterday just in case I brought them with me today too I see why don't you put them on before we go to the salon together if you get your hair cut in style to fit your face without the glasses it'll look better on you at the end of the day you have a point I'll go put them on in the washroom then thanks for waiting let's.

Go go to the salon now yeah ooh you definitely look better without glasses thank you after that we went to the hair salon owned by nanami's friend and left it up to the hair stylist what cut and style to do thanks for waiting nanami huh you look completely different those clothes don't do your new looks.

Justice forget about the clothes for now I'll get new clothes with next month's salary oh right now let's go shopping together again when the time comes huh are you sure I was just about to ask you yeah I had fun today anyway I'll be looking forward to the next time but it's like you become a different person all at once today thank you now I'll be.

Able to show ryugu up good for you that's why you started working part-time in the first place after all thanks that reminds me I told you my reason for getting a part-time job but what about you H well maybe it's okay to let you know I keep it a secret from everyone else of course take a look who's this it's me seriously so you.

Mean yep I do cosplay it's a pretty expensive hobby so I use the salary from my part-time job to pay for it I see you find it a turnoff don't you not at all it was just so unexpected I mean you always came off as more of a bookworm to me reading is one of my hobbies too so you're not wrong in middle school years he wouldn't see me.

Anywhere without a book in my hands huh really so what was the reason you started doing cosplay H I'll tell you next time huh was that the wrong question to ask really I'll be waiting to hear it then okay in the end we weren't able to get a proper conversation going on the way home and our parting was more Awkward.

Than anything the next day right I set my hair according to the hair stylist's instructions and my wallet and belt are both the brand new upgraded versions hopefully word of my new and improved appearance will spread among the girls huh Cana yep that's me normally she would have said something demeaning by now.

Maybe the makeover really was a success well now did something change about you enough for me to say that you look a little better at least huh after receiving all that help from nanami and working so hard for it this is all I get from her well I guess her reaction doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things sure I'm glad.

You see some kind of improvement at least so as long as I get a confession from someone before the next seat Shuffle it'll be my win right though her lack of reaction pretty much tells me the makeover isn't that effective anyway I shouldn't get my hopes up actually let's forget the deal huh what do you mean I mean I want you to date me huh.

What the hell are you talking about so suddenly even though no one ever dared to oppose me because of my parents you were the first to talk back to me I've been interested in you ever since but the way you looked before you were Unworthy of being seen beside me let alone holding my hand now that You' managed to become somewhat good-looking.

I'll do the honor of going out with you aren't you grateful that you get to date me thanks but no thanks I'm sorry I already have someone I like huh what kind of girl is she there's no way she's better than me right she seems strict and really mature at first glance but she's someone who puts her all in into the things she.

Enjoys and she has a cute side to her as well at the very least I find her a lot more attractive than you if you'll excuse me th this can't be true to think I got rejected huh you were watching Nomi oh sorry I got curious rather than that were you serious about what you just said huh which part the part about.

You having someone you like it was just excuse to reject her right no I do actually have someone I like I see huh what's wrong oh sorry I'm just shocked so you already have someone you like huh the thing is I have a crush on you caneta huh to tell you the truth I drastically changed my image when I made.

It to my high school debut I was super Plain Jane in middle school I had a makeover because I thought that something needed a change maybe because of that I got interested in Cosplay 2o something that allows you to become a different person entirely that it does that's why I really wanted to support you that wanted.

To change yourself for the better the way I did back then and I fell in love with you in the process but I'll give up if you already like someone else hold on nanami the one I like is you but you said that person you liked had a cute side no matter how you look at it that describes you perfectly you looked like you had a lot of fun when we.

Were shopping and I started liking you the first time I saw that beautiful smile please go out with me yes I would love to and that was how we started dating although she was as strict with me as always while working I feel like that's one of her good points as well and the day after I receed my second salary canetta as promis we're going.

Shopping together today but we're getting new clothes for me right me you what does it matter we're wasting time let's go I can see many more happy days to come with my very cute girlfriend thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.