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[Manga Dub] She was writing a manga about me…!? [RomCom]


Recently I've been feeling a strange gaze I trembled with fear it's been like this for a while now ah she's here she's here today too that must be Sheena son Asahi Shina she has a beauty that makes anyone look.

Back and a cool personality that keeps people away in many ways she's a beautiful girl who's famous even within the school on the other hand I uh my name is Yohe wakagi by the way I'm a boy whose looks grades athleticism and everything else it's just ordinary.

I'm not the kind of handsome or extroverted person that would catch the eye of a beautiful girl in school that being said this situation is honestly detrimental to my mental health and it seems odd behavior is already becoming a rumor throughout the academy everyone started whispering to each.

Other every time they saw me all right today's the day I'm going to find out why she's following me going to say it I'm going to say it I'm going to say it um oh sorry oh no too much momentum I'm an idiot uh are you all right.

Hmm what is this ah written on it was the figure of a man and a woman embracing but no matter how you look at it those characters are this is huh Yohe Kun Asahi son what.

Me and you you saw it no that that's not it was an accident a moment I'm sorry I'm sorry I promise I won't tell anyone so please spare me just get in here who is this ah he must be the rumored.

Guy poor thing she finally used Forest huh huh what what's going on the students in the classroom their eyes were full of compassion like looking at a pitiful sacrifice just in time to be honest I've been feeling a bit stuck feed this.

This is the manga from earlier yes I'd like to hear your thoughts I was right I wasn't seeing things it was a so-called romantic comedy manga where shenistan and I became lovers and flirted with each other why what is the meaning of this the question formed but I refrained from.

Asking it out of fear feeling the heat of the silence I turned the pages intently wow strongs are so good I don't really understand it but it's professional level but this it's kind of a strange um the line seems stiff and sort of.

Awkward in the manga Sheena San and I both spoke in a very old-fashioned way the situations and descriptions were old too overall it didn't feel polished enough I mean who would write it's just the way I like it but if you think about it with common.

Sense it's too goofy even for the showa era I thought so I uh I think it's interesting you're very good at drawing and cut the flattery Yuna said something similar it's not realistic right it's because I don't have enough real life experience yes in that case the solution is hey.

Lucky yes please be my boyfriend from now on what it's decided it's a brilliant idea what are you saying if it's not realistic then find a way to make it the quickest way to accomplish that is to get a boyfriend and if I am to choose someone to be my boyfriend who.

Better than the model himself I think it's the perfect reasoning and so I will be in your care starting from today ah no no don't just and so me huh what's going on I'm Sheena son's boyfriend she's my girlfriend now what is this Am I Dreaming you read my manga and criticize me right please take responsibility.

But it was an accident and you're the one who asked for my opinion is what I wanted to say but it couldn't right yes yes there was no way I could say that scary all right let him be you got them all confused that's so good as so aggressive.

But I need it for my creative work I got it on tape there's no beating me beating you up what uh girl sorry um look Huggy was it I'm Yuma hamura I'm the head of this manga research Department I'm really sorry that our club member caused you trouble.

No problem so this place was a manga research Club she said Club member which means Sheena sanus she nodded in agreement he said yes he's my boyfriend looks like she isn't having it but we can't let things get any worse um.

Would you mind playing pretend playing pretend that's right pretend to be her lover be her boyfriend for a limited time what do you think and so I was convinced or rather almost forced to become shina-san's boyfriend why did it end up like this stop mumbling and let's get started.

Yes uh start what hold hands and go home isn't that natural between lovers me hold hands with you gina-san why of course who else is here come on hurry up her hand it it's thin soft and small is this a dream me and a girl.

I'm holding hands and walking with the Sheena son this is nice very couple like I'm glad you're satisfied not yet we need to have a small talk like how couples do such an unreasonable request the weather is nice today yeah but it's cloudy.

All right well it's the first day so I'll let it slide I will make a name tomorrow so just follow it name it's a rough draft of the composition and dialogue well the plots in shorts on paper I prefer analog over digital just from this ideas are flowing in life.

Experience is amazing and just like she said from the next day the lover Place started in earnest good morning welcome first things first please take a look at this so this is a name it does feel a bit rough what the what do you think I wrote today's plot we're going to do this are you for real.

Written there was one of the embarrassing scenes of lovers flirting walking and holding hands on the classroom passing each other notes saying I love you during class feeding each other lunch hence of course I prepared The Lunchbox it's handmade I woke up early to make it.

Your eyes are sparkling I can't wait eat a lot I can't say no hey what's going on why is that Shina song with wakugi so if they've walked into the classroom holding hands this morning and they were also speaking of hunger in class are those two dating no way.

Oh on the stairs the pain um ah thank you for the food why is this embarrassing role play I have to do this for a long while my peaceful Student Life to my dismay every morning I was handed.

A name to follow I'll fight let's sing I don't know how to select the song so I put it in at random so this is an educate I wonder what I should play Let's challenge everything one by one she dragged me around and forced me to do all sorts of things day after day so this is a couple's trink it's a.

Little unhygienic but it's interesting the surrounding gazes the stairs and the face is so close it's more fun than I expected I'm glad I chose you as my boyfriend why did you draw me and the manga in the first place I don't have any special traits I don't stand out I'm just an ordinary dude.

That's it the ordinary part is a universal standard you're not making sense again love comedy is the latest fad not Harem but rather one-on-one romance that's the standard there was a competition with that theme so I decided to take on the challenge I've read a lot of materials and found that when writing for male.

Readers the main characters tend to be portrayed as ordinary boys with no individuality in other words you even I'm aware of that but to be told that up front hurts a little I actually don't have any experience writing those loving and flirting sounds like a waste of calories too much work but then I ended up getting a writer's.

Block so Yuna advised me to model myself as a heroine character in order to feel empathy and then I thought to find an ordinary guy with no individuality to be my boy model I knew it I knew it I knew you weren't interested in me damn it my faint hope that it might be possible was pulverized in an instant never to.

Return to its original shape but thanks to you I've been coming up with more ideas for the story I'm really grateful for that you really like drawing manga huh it's more like I love creating stories my soul yearns for it that's why I can't get it out of my head 24 7. for me creative writing is a substance of my.

Life no my way of life thinking about the stories creating the characters and then building a world infinite worlds my own story that I could create it's so thrilling but a drug once you try it you can never go back an overwhelming desire for creation emanates from her whole body it made me feel a little.

Jealous I had nothing to be proud of no hobby I could be passionate about my own story that only I can create huh let's see I have to create a plot first in other words develop and produce the characters and the story uh like this is this right.

And I think I got it think of the beginning middle and end hmm until now I've been a supporting role a minor role in the background like passerby a in other words a mob among mobs that's why I always admired the main character's Tale.

Great Adventures that make your blood boil and a love story with a cute heroine I can write it I can write it it might have been a desire I had hidden inside of me my hand slid effortlessly weaving the story smoothly I'm making it my own world My Own Story a story in which the main character.

Plays a big role all right I'm going to post it I'm going to do it what's this my chest is beating my heart's about to burst I've never been this nervous before I did it I posted it good morning.

Good morning oh my your face what's wrong your eyes are bloodshot you look like you stayed up all night yeah I stayed up all night I wrote my first novel yesterday I was so absorbed I ended up writing till Dawn you wrote a novel where where's the story did you post it somewhere already.

Yeah on a website called let's become a novelist well I haven't received any ratings yet what is the title uh the hero seems to run the world found it this must be it what the 5 000 characters for your first time I just Spam wrote I'm sure it's not.

Something you would find interesting quite let me concentrate on reading it really Sheena Stan is reading my novel it was a very unbelievable situation what the heck this makes me so nervous much worse than when I posted it uh shinason you don't have to force yourself to read it amazing you did an excellent job what.

Sure the plot is a template albeit it's a bad one it's poorly written with numerous grammable errors but that doesn't matter the important thing is that you wrote it to the end it's proof that your passion was present you wrote your own story it's amazing wakagikun seriously huh is this a compliment.

Yes of course now you just have to keep up the good work and it'll be fantastic try reading novels written by other people both inputs and output are important and I'll teach you the rules of writing so do your best amazing when was the last time I was told that I don't remember.

It would be nice if I could continue writing huh I do there are many things I want to write excitement and joy bubbled up from within me getting praised by such an amazing person lit a fire Within Me from then on every day was an insanely busy day.

I would post what I had written on the internet then asked asahisan to read it and give me her feedback the actions of the characters are a little unreasonable think about it in chronological order you should write it down on a table she didn't seem the least bit uncomfortable on the contrary she always.

Gave me accurate criticism oh your writing skills have improved besides this is a love story that begins with a false confession it's a genre I can't write she would always find the good points in my work and compliment me this time it's science fiction huh it's good a heart-to-heart between a robot.

Boy and the ghost girl that unfolds into solitary island in the middle of the ocean oh I like this kind of thing that she would always smile at the end with a very attractive and beautiful smile then I began writing in hopes of seeing that smile.

Yes I did it I got a rating I even got feedback congratulations good job it's all thanks to you Sheena son this might be the first time in my life that I felt this happy a deep deep Emotion permeated by whole body this really is addicting.

Be careful of seeking approval because if your only goal is to receive evaluations and feedback then you won't be able to write it at all when you hit a slump oh hey is that so yeah I'll be careful you are so honest you don't get discouraged at all despite being told off so bluntly.

That's an important trait perhaps you have a talent the ability to continue doing your best that's the first time I've ever been told that I'm nothing compared to you shina-san that's because our past is different I've been writing since elementary school so it's solely natural to me it doesn't matter how.

Sophisticated the content is I respect anyone who can create things that includes you too I admire your ability to write novels without taking a single day off this past week from the bottom of my heart I think it's amazing that thank you if so then it really is all thanks to you huh.

Seeing your name reading your manga feeling your passion made me want to write too I started creative writing and was able to continue it all thanks to you Nathan thank you very much huh this is the first time I've ever been told something like that then let's give these two first-timers a.

Present what is this a ticket to an aquarium yep think of it as a celebration it's also a thank you gift thank you for asahi-chan has become rather gentle thanks to a certain someone she slept hottie till and above all it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun so please.

Accept my gratitude to you homurasan come on let's leave for kagikun we're going to wait to make the next name at home tomorrow is a Saturday so let's let's date at the aquarium oh uh sure don't slack on your novels either I'll have you present it to me in exchange.

For the name tomorrow he began writing because of me my influence what is this feeling it's strange why is my heart pounding oh I see leave a line after the exclamation okay what else the character is shallow maybe it's better to delve into their past maybe.

Even shift perspectives thank you seenathon you are truly incredible what an oddest man I've never had anyone listen to me like this before except for Yuna I'm very happy and it's a lot of fun I wonder why I feel comfortable and calm by his side well coggy.

Huh the panel isn't filled out yeah I couldn't write much today so let's make adjustments on sites got it shall we go then I casually said that and out of habit I held out my hand shinason what uh yeah today sheena's son looks really.

Cute it was very strange our eyes wandered to each other more than the fish in the tank in front of us it's gotten into me I can't take my eyes off her I felt like I had to say something but no words came out of my mouth.

Frustrating and painful it was the first time I felt like this Sheena son after that we couldn't even carry on a full conversation and we were on our way home before we realized it um well then see you tomorrow uh yeah see you tomorrow.

Even as we said that we couldn't move away and we couldn't even look at each other really what's gotten into us um well cocky yes we're just a temporary couple right we are role playing as lovers correct yes that's right it's as you say I've become strange all I've ever.

Thought about so far is making Stories the most important thing to me was drawing manga now I can't take it anymore huh I can't pretend anymore sorry even after the week was over.

She continued behaving strangely she didn't come to the meeting place in front of the station and she seemed aloof in the classroom she didn't read my novels either maybe she got tired of me I can't pretend anymore she said I wonder if she hates me now I don't know I wasn't even given a name.

I didn't know what to do this one has nothing written on it she didn't say anything to me till after school in the manga Club room uh-huh I can't write anymore maybe I'm in a slump I'm at a loss for what to write or how to move forward so I want you to write it create the story you desire and I will follow it.

Me but that you could end it all here if you want I don't mind if it's a bad end either I will accept everything please makagicun I became like this because of you so please take responsibility she left what is going on you really don't understand homurasan is right.

From her attitude and expression I'd come up with a possibility but that shina-san likes me I can't believe it because I have nothing to offer there's nothing likeable about me I don't think I'm suitable for her yes and she is special in many ways but you know you were the first person.

To be able to keep up with that girl's ideas for so long her joy and the jealousy she felt towards me those experiences were her firsts it makes me slightly envious but I haven't done anything average in whatever you do on the other hand can mean you have a capacity to do anything.

Ah that girl is a breakthrough type she has many flaws as well and not many seek her company as such the right person for such a child is someone who is Almighty and can do anything so you could accept her and support her need I say more it's up to you to make the decision.

It's unexpectedly fun I'm glad I chose you as my boyfriend you're about your own story that's amazing seriously that's an important trait perhaps you have a talent the ability to continue doing your best please take responsibility for making me this way.

Thank you homurasan I will write notes on this paper for the person who taught me the joy of making something I want to convey my feelings to her yes please take good care of her my feeling my desire she taught me the methods and techniques for that for shinason I will.

Sorry to keep you waiting no problem um so I wrote it could you read it I put all of my feeling into the note it's a rough work and it's poorly done but she once told me what matters is that you wrote it to the end it's proof that your passion was present.

Are you really okay with me I can't do anything like a normal girl in the end I could even finish the name yes I want you Sheena asahisan I like you because you're sincere single-minded and always passionate about your creations I love you yo hey that name.

Do you mind if we complete it together yes thank you for watching post today's video please check out our other videos as well