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[Manga Dub] Some girl sneaks through my window and suddenly confesses her love for me…!? [RomCom]


My name is kosuke nishiyama I'm just a run-of-the-mill geek high schooler I'm dreading the school semester that's starting up tomorrow while playing games but oh you're here listen up huh good afternoon so I know it's a little late who are you are you a thief huh you don't recognize me no not at all seriously who are you.

Uh whatever so I guess I don't blame you huh I'm uh let's see just a high school girl that really likes you who likes as in what kind of like just like it sounds I really like you as a man you know huh I didn't know what happened and it was over in a second for some reason I was kissed on the cheek by a random self-proclaimed high schooler that.

Climbed into my room in the middle of the night wait what the hell is going on what did you see you tomorrow wait hang on she's gone what was that about she tells me she likes me then kisses me she acted like she knew about me too but I don't know anyone that beautiful I thought about it but I couldn't come up with anyone before I knew it I was.

Heading to school I didn't get a single minute of sleep who was that so we're going to start our new semester but before we get started we have a new classmate shino-san please come in nice to meet you all I'm vikashina I used to live in Tokyo before I moved here again nice to meet you all what you're that girl from.

Wait she did say see you tomorrow before she took off I guess that's what she meant alright your seat is right there take a seat nice to meet you yeah nice to meet you again what the hell is she thinking I feel like I recognized that name though finally lunch where will I eat today oh wait hold up want to eat together well with.

Me yeah you don't want to oh no that's not it then it's settled let's go wait hang on why is that geek in the transfer that's her type I wish I could get in on that what are you doing huh what do you mean this situation why are you eating with me I just invited the boy out to get some lunch with me is that weird yes that is weird why do you like me I've.

Been thinking about it since yesterday but I don't know any sheeness you still haven't remembered huh what did you say nothing just I'll just force him to remember I feel like she mumbles under her breath often but seriously who is she she not Sheena I don't remember anyone named Sheena but she wouldn't tell me who she was we just went back to.

Class the next day morning kosuke what are you doing here what do you mean to go to school with you with me she was waiting in front of my house not only that she invited me to go home together too and we ended up leaving school together then she asked if she could come over so I let her into my room she's just following me around at school.

And at the house she's just always trying to be with me hey Sheena are you just gonna stay over again yeah that's the plan you don't want me to no I'm not like bothered by it or anything but are you having fun there's nothing special in my room that's such a true one honestly yeah I'm just coming over to spend time with you so I'm having plenty.

Of fun I'm still not used to her being over hearing a beautiful girl say things like this to me I don't even know where I got to know her anyway she's always just changing the subject so I've recently been getting tired of asking I still don't know why she knows or likes me going on is there something on my face.

No nothing eventually I stopped asking about her past we also started spending more time together and at first it was all just confusion but then slowly but surely it started becoming normal that we spent time together like this after class we went home together and she came to my room I started feeling like this was normal when one day phew finally.

Done with class Council huh where's Sheena huh she's not here she said she'd weigh in the room I guess I'll just go maybe not I'll look for her she's not around maybe she went home without me nah she hasn't texted me well say something oh Sheena everyone keeps talking about you in our class it's fine if it's just that but you're always.

Talking to nishino too what the hell Ohara always liked me too who is in the class next to ours was talking to sheena's son honestly I didn't have a good impression of her she was very prideful and self-centered there were a few people that weren't particularly fond of her from what I can tell it sounds like minigishi-san is.

Really pressuring shinason she doesn't seem happy about it either so I guess I'll do something about it can you leave her alone huh you see yama I overheard everything it sounds like sheena's son hasn't done anything wrong what you're gonna come barging in and giving your opinion this has nothing to do with you yeah I mean technically I.

Guess but I have business with Shina Sahan so it's not like it's completely none of my business huh and besides it looks like she's not having a good time I can't let it go if you're going to keep bothering her I'll go get the teacher I heard everything so I'll just tell him everything that happened I feel like I've done this before in the past.

I'm sure oh harakun will hear about this too then he's gonna be upset okay fine I'll leave it alone jeez look at you pretending to be some kind of hero stupid are you okay sorry I couldn't let it go so I had to jump in yeah I'm okay thank you for saving me I didn't expect you to save me like this again again I did feel a little Deja Vu.

A second ago like this happened before yeah you're probably remembering after class elementary school Elementary School wait hold on it's hakahashi-san you finally remembered wait you're really that takahashi-san from elementary school yeah because Takahashi my last name is different now it's Sheena I started remembering the past.

When I was in elementary school there was a classmate that always wore glasses and was quiet like a secretary she was always called the Bland girl but because of that a lot of the girls teased her I happened to be there one day and helped her just like what happened today I started getting closer to takahashi-san after getting to know her better I hung.

Out with her until she had to move because of her parents it was only about a month and it was when we were in elementary school so I completely forgot about her it didn't help that when I saw her sorry I completely forgot you have a different last name and you look a lot more different true my parents got me married and my.

Name changed I worked hard after I moved to change how I look too I see you could have just told me I wanted you to recognize me on your own I know I did change but I went over to your house I invited you about work that we hung out at all the time before oh well now I feel horrible for forgetting it's okay I'm not mad and you ended up remembering.

So I forgive you also sorry for confusing you and stuff the reason I climbed through their window was to surprise you I talked to your mom and she said she'd help you remember how I climbed into your window before too oh yeah you did I remember that there was a scene like that in a book you were reading so you wanted to.

Try right then the confession the kiss on the cheek were they all to surprise me nope that's different huh I really like you so I told you I liked you I wanted to kiss you so I kissed you I changed my luck because I knew when I saw you again I wanted you to be attracted to me so none of what I said was a lie let me tell you again I've.

Always liked you since elementary school please go out with me I can't believe that you takahashi-san and you shina-san were the same person and you really liked me for that long honestly I'm so happy I'm so nervous right now but sorry I'm glad you feel that way but I can't say yes right now because I basically didn't even remember.

You till a second ago I can't just accept your confession like that it's kind of cheap you know you're such a straight edge guy aren't you huh I think I'm pretty normal I hope you're definitely straight edged it's okay I wouldn't touch you but you're not rejecting me right of course not I'm really happy that you like me okay then.

We could keep staying together huh what do you mean I mean like it sounds we go to school together go home together spend time together nothing different from what we've been doing that's what I mean I mean I don't mind but that's only if you're up for it great then I'll do that for a while well hey is Sheena son I'm good at waiting I was away from you.

But I've always liked you so I'm going to keep flirting with you till you say yes let's go home then let's play games at your house again she son just like she said she continued to flirt with me I started spending more and more time with her after that day eventually a few months after the confession I had fallen for her too we started dating the.

Mysterious beautiful girl that climbed in my room that day turned out to be a childhood friend now she's my girlfriend thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well