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[Manga Dub] Some girls in the class were playing with a lie detector… [RomCom]


I didn't understand what was happening to me I like you I seriously like you now this couldn't be happening she was such an outgoing and a popular person and the teary eyes that were looking at me it's the truth I'm not lying you can confirm it one more time if you want now Miss shiranami oh that's right.

Everything started when I started using that this is so not true those outgoing girls are energetic as usual scene the usual noise but I don't find it annoying for those girls I'm introverted and not much of an.

Existence that I live in another world it's like watching some people on screen it's a good match when eating lunch be the lie detector those extroverted girls play with many different things I've seen it on a video if you lie you get a light electric shock it's like a toy meant for parties all right next is Maho it's your turn my.

Ho do you have a guy that you like now no I don't have anyone else what what did she say there's someone she likes Miss shiranami likes someone no it's wrong I don't have any more oh man you seem a little flustered suspicious come on who is it we're going to ask an extra question.

Her name is Maho shiranami in terms of the class hierarchy she's at the top she's a very girly kind of person she's very cheery warm cute and just looking at her makes one happy to tell the truth the reason I like to observe those girls is because of her ah I wonder who it is okuda keto or who is it was there anyone else.

I don't really care whether the machine works or not but who does she like I Wanna Know no that's fine takayama oh I see nakitakayama um no really is this for real oh wow that's unexpected you like the introverted.

Types that's not that's not it no this listen to me oh man I'm so annoyed I wish you would have listened to me how scary she's seriously angry when a beautiful person is angry it is truly scary I think I have to escape such a place as this this is so infuriating what is this cheese but anyway takayama that was a.

Lie all right that stupid machine made a mistake I don't think much about you at all sorry to tell you this but that's just how it is of course I'm all right I know all right then you can't even eat my meal in peace jeez yeah I see.

Those gals just want to make fun of me how childish of them how do you upload a video of what happened fully sickening what what's going on I don't know so many people are viewing this it's getting out of hand oh takayama is there too isn't this infringement a portrait rights oh gosh.

Isn't the timing too good that scene is very well caught on camera you and I are already considered to be going out what is this chorus of congratulations uh this is disgusting in the comments there were sarcastic comments as well as those who were making fun of an introvert like me right this is too much I can't bear to see.

These comments I'm not sure what to say but I'm really sorry why are you apologizing this is where you should get angry you are being treated as the lowest being of introverts you know I knew that.

well what should I do it wouldn't feel good to let people continue on like this and wait until they get bored of it I also inconvenience takayama oh right do you want to go out with me for real then what who and who and I what.

Well recently there are many guys who ask me out and they are all irritating me and these guys are those ruling while looking at my chest and thighs Miss shiranami was popular with many good-looking guys and they always asked her to go out with them to keep on saying no to them is getting tiring.

Probably this incident is because I turned out a guy called hawaguchi there are those that are incredibly jealous of us and they are trying to attack my group of friends it's a good opportunity as so as a neutral boyfriend figure that would help me what do you say she's close to me her hand is warm.

If we pretend to be going out and make out with each other you might become a little popular too you know we could start off by doing a trial of being girlfriended boyfriend to each other I understand I agreed right away there was no way I could refuse.

All right then let's start from today that's a little too unnatural I guess we need to be mentally prepared for this so from tomorrow from tomorrow we are boyfriend and girlfriend okay okay what is this a dream I'm going out with Miss shiranami what this is how we started to go out with a.

Trial start turning I had expected it but we are attracting so much attention everyone's voices of confusion are more than yesterday everyone has their mouths open as if to say they couldn't believe it and are staring at us both is this a joke what are you talking.

About I just went to school with my boyfriend her breasts are pressed against me how soft wow no isn't that right yes I got such a kick out of it every time I remember it you got bright red and you were shaking you are quite a cute guy although unexpected.

Please don't make fun of me it's natural that I would get nervous calm down and don't be so angry we'll have some lunch and you can feel better you can have some of my sweet bread about that if you would like who's this did you make it takayama yes I did.

This is so unexpected you can cook well there are many couples in our class during lunch time there are many students having fun with each other and so I got jealous of them and my stress built up so I imagine that I had a girlfriend who would prepare lunch for me and so I was working on making my own lunch every day.

That's why I came to be able to prepare something like this it's creepy I would agree oh but this is really good oh my oh my what you're going to get it yeah for me and it would be a Pity not to I don't bear any Grudge on lunch itself oh wow the egg roll is sweet and.

Soft it's kind of strange but delicious cool everything is so good this is great you've exactly what I like I'm relieved it's got more price than I expected she's eating it with such relish please eat a lot if you like you can eat mine too do you have a moment cover Gucci could you think over what I asked you last time.

Say that person he has kawakuchi right he's in the soccer club that name even I knew he was the top player and captain of the soccer team kawaguchi I heard that he's really popular among the girls but I can understand he's so good looking and cool no thanks I already have a boyfriend what you don't mean that introvert guy.

Who's sitting with you this has nothing to do with you right it's lunch time so could you go someplace else wow that was direct she doesn't fiddle around does she oh what is that attitude I feel sorry for kawaguchi yikes lots of glares from all around is this what she was talking about.

Yesterday about the unpleasant atmosphere in the classroom this egg roll is so good please make this again tomorrow isn't she pushing it a little bit what does she plan to do oh no do you have any plans after school no I don't.

Oh then it's decided why don't we go somewhere together since you made me lunch Us karaoke what I have no idea what's going on I just tagged along because she invited me but is this all right come on put in a song in the machine you.

Can put whatever you like ah is it all right to leave your friend behind and to be with me hmm oh what's fine it's fine it's better to be direct than leave things unclear and make him have hopes it's much better afterwards I'll take care of it later but now I want to put some distance from them I got tired of.

Being with them a little bit hey I've set it up I'm singing first she sings well it must be such a torture to be singing with an introvert like me but she was singing as though she was having a good time okay takiyaba it's your turn I'm the only one singing so far.

Oh yes that's it she did not make fun of my terrible singing voice instead she clapped along and enjoyed the song together I was feeling shy but I was happy and enjoyed myself so much that I kept on singing one song after the other oh I know this song I'll also sing it.

With you this moment was like a dream I lost track of the time because I was having so much fun singing karaoke with her it's been a long time since I've sang so much but I'm with the other girls I can't see the songs that I like oh is that right then I'm glad he looked.

Like you were having fun too especially towards the end yes I had fun I had really a lot of fun takayama it's unexpectedly easy to talk with you I'm so surprised and you don't stare at my chest I thought after spending the day with you today that we are a pretty good match for each other what do you think yes I.

Also think that yes okay now let's continue going out I look forward to seeing you tomorrow too now after that our going out started for real oh it's a new menu let's go eat it I will treat you this time thank you I was the indoors type but thanks to her I was going around to many.

Places that she took me to oh this looks good on you why don't you try a new look hmm isn't this cute but maybe it's a little too revealing cute wow it's expensive it's super expensive that can't be right Miss shiranami always seemed happy and cheerful I thought that she had belonged to a.

Different world from mine so I couldn't believe that I was by her side oh right let's take a photo one two three cheese cheese no you repeat red again you really should get used to this by now I know but it's hard you are cute now are you complimenting me.

I am I am you really are cute little by little I was getting to know the world that I had not known before she was helping me expand my world for me this was a very fresh and precious experience before I knew it spending time with her became a lot of fun by the way we have a test coming up how.

Depressing how's your studying going math is hopeless I get a headache just from looking at formulas and stuff I had such a hard time for the entrance exams oh then shall we study together is that all right with you yes.

Not so bad yes that would be great thanks that would be such a help I thought it might be a bit too much but she seemed to be really happy I'm glad I worked up my courage to ask her that's right you use this formula here and oh I see that is really easy to understand it can get confusing in.

Mathematics if you just try to follow the words I think that you aren't bad at mathematics but if you just change the way you remember things then it would get easier to understand right that's true no you are incredible oh let's take a break I brought some tea.

Cookies so please help yourself are these handmade cookies you made them it's nothing well yummy I'm glad they're not so high in calories so if you eat a little too much it's still all right you don't really know what to do in All Occasions super here you are the tea is hot so please be.

Careful is anything wrong nothing what was that I felt my heart skip a beat maybe I should have made them smaller so that they would have been easier to eat that way the calories would have been less he is easier to talk to than I thought.

And it makes me feel at ease when he's with me and he is always considerate of me it's my first time to meet a boy like him oh did you say something no it's nothing I said that it's my first time that I've eaten such delicious cookies.

You exaggerate but I'm happy that you seem happy yes it's yummy really yummy here thanks it's almost a month since we've been going out I was looking at that on my smartphone as I thought this a month anniversary is that something girls would be happy about.

She always lets me enjoy the time with her so I want to thank her somehow oh this one looks good I could make this and it's within my budget but maybe this is a bit too heavy she might say that it's disgusting hmm hmm oh a present for a one month anniversary oh yes so it's a surprise you see.

Can I open it yes is this this is a handkerchief that you said was cute before it was expensive and we couldn't buy it but I thought I could try to imitate the design at least you remember that I guess a handmade present was too much since it was a trial going out was it too much to give her a one month.

Anniversary gift happy thank you no yes no you notice many things you do things that make me happy and that is well miss shiranami oh Maho aguchi you're still with that introvert isn't that boring don't you think you've done enough service for him by now.

Can you stop making fun of now it's seriously unpleasant what what on Earth I'm giving you a chance but why are you defending such a guy oh oh stop it let me know what you fall Maho you should choose me I would be much better for you than this guy.

Stop it what the hell get out of my way that's my line she's my girlfriend I will not give her to you how dare you you bastard wait I recorded everything you just did to her saved on cloud so destroying this.

Won't delete it the moment when you grab Miss shiranami's arm I can post this on the internet you know what that means don't you oh if you understood me then never come near her again man fine I don't give a damn about a girl.

Like her oh you know are you all right pull him I'm sorry you took me so long to intervene I hope you weren't hurt oh miss shiranami that what the button's about to fall off that.

Bastard he was abusive please hold on a bit it's fine I'll sew it back on right away I'm sorry I would have been better if I could have driven him away in a more cool fashion as an introvert that was my limit if he had persisted a little longer it.

Would have been dangerous it's really not good to do things one isn't accustomed to doing well I'm glad that Miss shiranami was all right no okay finished oh wow it's already so late let's go we'll be late for our next.

Class oh okay nobody's here oh that's right we're supposed to be in a different classroom for this period ah I think it was in the viewing room so let's get ready hmm I that on the table was that lie detector it.

Was only a month ago but that incident seemed like such a long time ago it was this lie detector that started the whole thing that's right there was someone in the classroom who asked a strange question Miss shiranami do you like me what just kidding Miss shironami the level of.

Accuracy for a lie detector is not high after all it's just a party toy and it's not meant to measure a person's heart but now the expression on her face was completely different from the one she had on a month ago no what.

I could not understand what was going on for a moment what's happening to me I I like you really like you I seriously like you know there's no way she's one of the most popular girls in class and she's looking at me with teary eyes.

It's true this is not a lie you can check it one more time if you want Miss shiranami please believe me I really truly like you know I could feel her heartbeat from her chest I didn't need a lie detector to understand.

Her heart was beating fast and that told me what I wanted to know from her eyes the tears fell and in that moment when I saw that I felt something in me explode me too I like you too Miss shiranami yes.

Yes she's always cheerful gentle and gives me an energetic smile I've always liked her and I always will like her I'm not lying either oh after that there were no words we hugged and kissed each other to confirm our.

Feelings for each other it felt as though the time had stopped in a classroom where nobody was present except us we were in our own world and only our heartbeats could be heard a story I heard that kawaguchi was violent to you right we went a little too far you are always popular and have.

A strong character so we thought we could do anything sorry Maho and also takayama sorry I'll face the video and the girls looked apologetic seems like there was a student who had seen everything on the School rooftop well what should we do now I'm fine if you're fine it's fine I also had a bad attitude to.

Be honest I can't forgive you girls for making fun of him but thanks to that I was able to go out with him miss your Nami I guess we'll call it even right now thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

As well thank you