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[Manga Dub] Some rude customer was putting us down at a sushi restaurant… [RomCom]


Welcome excuse me there should be a reservation under kumino right this way my name's tatsuhiko kusakabe and I'm a 25 year old employee I was pretty poor up until college but I do all right for myself now why does he want to meet here of all places it looks good and I'm sure he'll.

Buy so it's nice but I always feel like I'm out of place here really difficult to get out of your old habits dude look at that guy hmm ah he must be batting out of his League spending half his paycheck to come here huh yeah it's so annoying stupid young kids like that coming to the store it ruins.

The mode they're talking whatever they're not wrong I don't think I fit in here hey don't try too hard peasant maybe you should leave before the food gets here that's a great idea you can still leave without paying for anything I thought they just quietly talked about me.

But they're going to talk to me too whatever I'm sure they're pretty much done eating I'll just let it roll off my shoulder I'm waiting for someone so I can't leave yet I know this store is way too great for me but if you understand that how about you stay the hell out the only people that come to places like this are.

Elite corporate employees like us I'm sure you're just some regular washed up employee in a no-name company right we're working for a company that supports the national economy you should understand what I'm saying wait a big company um your kusakabasan right yes that's me nice to meet you I'm kumio.

Yoka I was supposed to come with my father but he says he's going to be late so I decided to go ahead and come instead oh okay nice to meet you I'm tatsuhiko kusakabe I didn't know that he was going to bring his daughter what am I supposed to talk about not to mention I'm dealing with the weird guys too hey come on are you seriously telling me.

You're waiting for a woman but she's so pretty yeah seriously he's batting out of his League at the store and his girl he should just get the hell out yeah but leave your girl it sounds like Pirates or something sir can you and your friend please leave the store you seem to be causing issues.

With other customers hey come on we're just messing with him I'm the manager and I will decide what is or what is not tolerated in the store please leave the middle aged men left the store almost like a couple of kids being scolded by their parents sorry did something happen no no it's.

Okay it wasn't a big deal okay then uh why didn't you say anything back I heard from your father but you're not exactly poor are you I mean yeah now I'm not but I was poor before so they're not completely wrong and if you stoop to their level you're just going to be on the same low level as them I mean you're not wrong.

Right I mean I wouldn't leave it alone if they mocked my company or my employees but if they talk trash about me I don't really care I see you are as interesting as my father said huh you think so I think pretty much anyone would be that way.

Oh no you're quite different I see why you and my father's friend now that's saying too much we're over 30 years apart in age and he basically just takes care of me without kumino Inc my company may very well have just disappeared oh no my father is pretty blunt about that kind of thing so he only made deals.

With you because he trusted you oh well thank you you should be confident I'm getting tired of waiting for my father though so how about we just go ahead and order sure if you think that's all right and about my name my father and I are both kumino of course.

Don't you think it's a little confusing no I usually refer to your father as president kumino so it's no problem well are you referring to my father or myself huh well your father of course you don't know that I'm the CEO of kumino Tech Industries right I'm often referred as president kumino so it makes.

Me react too but I don't think I've ever referred to president kumino as anything other than president kumino I see how about you call me by my name then huh why is that what you think is it all right if I just say kumino-san instead of President my father would react to that.

Uh I'm sorry if I'm mistaken but are you messing with me no not at all I see she's not going to stop until I call her by her name uh okay then yokasan out ocoon not sure why but I don't think I can beat her in an argument.

Sorry I'm late kusakabikun oh president kumino thank you for coming by on such a busy schedule it's all right I'm the one that invited you out today yoka have you been able to talk to hikabe Kun yes it was wonderful you've had a lot of fun too right tatsuhikokun.

Yes of course great I'm glad to hear it I actually called you out today because I wanted to introduce you to yoga huh really yeah I'm her parent and I'm concerned that she's starting to get too old without getting married oh so is this a matchmaking type thing oh no no it's nothing that set up don't worry.

I know you and yoga both don't like that kind of formal event personally the only person that seems to fit her requirements is you so I wouldn't mind if you two started dating whatever the case when I suggested she finds someone she gave an insane list of requirements requirements what are those requirements if you don't mind my asking.

Well someone who's interesting and kind someone who's in the same age or younger and makes more than 100K a year I think the only man that I know of is you I understand the income and age but I don't know if I'm interesting and kind no you're perfect I wasn't interested in going on a matchmaking so I was just throwing out Preposterous requirements.

To my father but he said that he knew just the guy so I decided to come see for myself I see that makes sense he could have told me ahead of time oh and what did you think about my daughter I know I'm her father but she's a pretty good catch I think.

I mean sure she seems wonderful yeah her family is really full of great looking people I see well you two decide if you want to take this further or not but if you do anything to ever make her sad I would never do such a thing so don't worry that's terrifying I heard he was a.

Family man but I guess it's true besides we're not going to date so don't worry huh what do you mean by that tatsuhikokun oh God why are they both so intimidating no no no no I I'm saying that I'm not good enough to date the only daughter of kumino Inc.

Really you guys are already on a first name basis though so I'm sure you two seem to click yeah don't worry about that besides you're a CEO too we're in the same rank right yeah but my background is completely different if anything I like that you.

Came up from nothing I think it's incredible what you've achieved from nothing oh well thank you yeah I actually feel pretty good about you but are you afraid of me no I don't know much about you okay then I suppose we don't have to decide right away how about we just go.

On a date and see how things go it must be nicer if we hang out without my father looking over our shoulders right yeah after that we traded contact info and I headed back to my house she was very aggressive but there's no way she would be interested in someone like me without someone like President.

Kumino backing me and those two guys that were talking crap whatever I won't tell on them and I'm sure you don't remember every single one of your own employees I shouldn't be a big deal or so I thought one week later.

Thank you for today president kumino oh I'm just glad that our deal was favorable for the both of us yes sir thank you phew I'm glad that's settled I knew I should show it myself instead of letting one of the guys from sales come talk to him oh you haven't had lunch yet have you would you like to grab some eel.

I'd love to go sir thank you okay I'll get ready to head out so go ahead and wait for me downstairs yes sir eel we settled on our deal today too what a great day ah what the hell are you doing here you're one of our employees.

No I'm here for a sales meeting I see you must be working for a decent Company If You dabble with my company I would say so your company has been nothing less than perfect with us of course we have you should work hard to make sure you keep our relationship positive.

I'll do my best are you dating that girl from last week by the way not at the moment I see can you introduce us then I'm not sure about that why I think that girl will have a lot more fun with me I'm sure some cheap bimbo that would eat with a guy like you.

Wouldn't mind being taken for a spin with me what did you just say yoka-san is not that kind of woman you need to take that back what the hell's gotten into you I'm sure it's just a fact not at all I met her for the first time before but I can tell you that she's not.

That kind of person a what's this Ruckus all about uh sir sorry for being loud I don't know who the heck this is but he won't stop messing with me huh I didn't know that kusakabe gets angry what you know this guy yeah we were just having a business meeting.

You were in the meeting yourself yeah his company is one of the most invaluable clients we have you heard of kusakabe Road Inc yes sir it's the company that's been exploding into the market no way you're not saying that yes this gentleman is the CEO of kusakabe Road Inc.

I didn't know sir I'm so sorry that was easy I mean he's in front of President kumino I'm sure he has no choice I'm scared of him too just let him go this once huh yes sir he's already apologized so I'll let it go I see good to hear by the way I heard my daughter's name earlier.

Oh really I'm almost positive that I would recognize my own daughter's name her daughter that girl is your yeah and I'm pretty sure I heard some things that I wouldn't want to hear about my daughter I'm so sorry I I didn't know that it was your daughter.

Look at how angry he is it makes my anger look like nothing I see well I'm not that hard-headed either kusakabikun I do have to take a rain check on that eel I just remembered I have a meeting with tanakakuna here in the president's office yes sir of course one week later.

Sorry to keep you waiting it's okay I just showed up too that's good to hear by the way I heard that the men who were being rude to you were my father's employees yeah it seems so he was chewed a new one so would you like to know what happened to him oh no I'm not interested in horror stories.

Are you sure it might be interesting no I'm really okay by the way you weren't lying before were you huh what are you talking about claimed that if someone was making fun of anyone other than you you'd be angry oh you heard about that sorry I couldn't restrain myself it's okay I.

Was glad to hear it my father was praising you as well see I'm glad he understands hey tatsuhikun why don't we go out what I said a bunch of random things to my father because I did it once ago in a matchmaking session but there's really only one condition for me.

You're saying I fit that condition yes it's whether or not I could respect the person I respect people who can get angry for others and not just themselves so I'd love to go out with you um if you're okay with a guy like me but you might be mocked again around me I don't mind.

He'll protect me right yes of course okay then no problem I really can't win with her well how about we tell my dad that we're dating Zen yeah okay don't be so nervous he likes you and he intended for this to happen so it's fine.

If he says anything I'll cover for you we would probably go on to protect each other and get along well later usually just a few minutes later all right let's go to your house tatsuhikokun I feel like that's a little too soon oh hey.

Son I'm so sorry for my insolence don't worry about it tanaka-san he looks like he lost a few pounds but I'm glad he's all right we meet again tanaka-san I'm sorry about my rudeness oh it's fine I didn't hear anything directly so it's fine and I've already decided that I won't get angry when.

Someone makes fun of me too but if you talk bad about tatsuhikun I might lose my mind yes ma'am I will never make fun of him again good then I'll just let it all go thank you so much ma'am I learned from you today I kept my anger down because it was just for me yeah thank you for defending me.

Oh you you're the one who defended me first this is how we are going to continue supporting each other and dating let's check out our other videos as well