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[Manga Dub] Someone stole the pretty girl’s bathing suit, and everyone blamed the nerd… [RomCom]


I chiaki akaba have a certain look that appears a little bit scarier than normal whenever we change class seats people like to avoid me at all costs calling me things like psycho but ookie what are you up to don't touch me like that you're so naive as always so cute as you can see.

People are finally starting to realize my true character and treat me differently or so it seemed chiaki you're the worst i should have known you know i always had a feeling this guy would do that one day something happened which turned all my classmates against.

Me why what did i do wrong why don't you put your hand on your chest and think for yourself i put my hand on my chest like she said yeah i still have no idea wait a minute everyone calm down do you guys have proof that he did it.

Me you she's miyu ayasaki one of the very few friends i do have she's the class madonna cool and pretty she tried to have my back but no proof but it's chiaki isn't it i heard it was him just look at him that's all the proof you need.

What's that last guy on about wait what are people saying i did wrong not that i did anything um yeah why are you backing him up you're the victim miu's the victim what's going on so tell me what did i do to miu.

Swimsuit thief you stole her swimsuit what why would i ever do such a thing it's hard to watch why don't you just admit it what you is this what all the fuss is about i wonder what you're talking about.

I see she's the main culprit the moment i saw her everything clicked yesterday after school chucky looking closely you're actually pretty handsome huh what does that mean i'm ugly from far away go out with me.

And just like that she asked me out i responded um i'm sorry how come do you know how much i'm into you this is the first time we've even talked i rejected her in an instant something was obviously off.

Hmm is it because i'm a little clumsy no clumsy people don't say they're clumsy oh is it because you don't like my style well speaking of style that is something very attractive about you it's not that i don't like you or anything like that it's a problem with.

Me well to be honest i'm not so good with girls who show me a lot of affection a girl like her and an introverted guy like me wouldn't match anyways i see i understand very well you like me you that much huh what.

What makes you say that you should really give up on miu or else something very bad might happen after what happened yesterday there's no doubt all of this is her fault you know i was so surprised when i found out that chiaki was a swimsuit connoisseur what the hell is that.

When no one's watching you like to look into other girls swimsuits right you enjoy looking first and then the smell and then the taste test comes at the end why would i do that no one seems to believe me except miyu there's no way chiaki would do that i'll prove his innocence right now.

Miyu first of all swimsuits are not a type of food um miu the crime took place around three hours ago if he actually ate it he wouldn't be here right now since his stomach would.

Be in pain that's not the point i see the proof is the fact that chiaki didn't go to the health center what she's saying does make sense no it doesn't if you guys agree with this nonsense don't blame other people in the first place.

Then where is her swimsuit chiaki let me check your bag just in case i mean sure not like you're gonna find anything what oh no that's hard evidence right there isn't it chiaki you were a swimsuit connoisseur.

After all no this is all a setup everyone wait a second i can prove his alibi you could have started there gym class was fourth period and it was gone by then chiaki and i were together from first to third period.

She's right i saw those two talking during lunch there was no timing for him to steal it that means chiaki what's with me since the beginning of class how i envy you you were with the class madonna for the entire day who cares about the swimsuit.

You're guilty either way you're missing the point a bunch of idiots well there could be a possibility that isn't actually my swimsuit um miu what are you saying you could have bought a girl's swimsuit and then put my name on it afterwards.

No way what are you going on about because of miu's logic i was about to be turned into quite the unique pervert but actually there is one suspicious person and it's you what me during gym class well i was sitting out from class teacher is it okay if i use the bathroom.

And then i saw her head to the bathroom in the class building instead of the one right next to the pool why did you head to the one in the class building oh well it's because the poolside bathroom is harder to use it's dim smells bad and kind of dirty that's i can understand.

You can by the way didn't you bring something with her to the bathroom could it have been miu's swimsuit she's the one that started saying chiaki stole it now that i think about it how did she know it was chiaki were you sneaking around behind the.

Scenes just to frame me oh why would i do that there's nothing i would gain from doing that i didn't want to say this but is this revenge for yesterday when i rejected you no i don't even like you my stomach kind of hurts i gotta go.

She's running let's get her chiaki miu and i ran after her and then we went all the way to the rooftop why are you chasing me stop running were you the one that stole my swimsuit and put it in chihaki's bag yeah got a problem.

Huh she's playing this now cause chiaki rejected me i had to get revenge and plus he's always flirting with miu and it pisses me off happy now you liked chiaki that much that doesn't concern you it was my swimsuit that got stolen so answer my question.

Not really i just wanted a boyfriend so i asked him out randomly let me get this straight you tried to make chiaki your boyfriend even though you don't like him and then you go all the way to do that just because you got rejected oh why do you defend shiaki so much are you into him.

Don't oh what don't part your twisted sense of love and our friendship together miyu you better apologize to chiaki and to the people in class you involved we were both stunned by mew's rage her pretty face had quite the effect in.

Her angry expressions i'm i'm sorry chiaki meow um i'm fine after seeing miu scold her like that i had nothing more to add after a while miyu opened up her mouth as long as you apologize properly and.

Feel remorse i'll forgive you but promise me that you will never do anything like that ever again okay i promise afterwards she walked back to the classrooms to apologize thanks miu.

What's wrong you okay i'm fine it's just i used up all my energy back there and now i'm feeling it all at once she's right considering her quiet personality doing things like what she did back.

There is not easy for her nevertheless she gave it her all just for me thanks miu you really helped me it's fine you're my friend chiaki i'm so glad you consider me as your friend and most importantly thanks for trusting me.

Of course no matter what happens i trust you chiaki i took her hand and stood up but miyu still drained of her energy oh ah her weight caused me to fall over sorry i lost my balance no it's my fault wait did you.

Hit your face it's red all over um no this is it's not fair that i'm the only one blushing all of a sudden everyone started flooding over to the rooftop sorry chiaki sorry for doubting you we're sorry chiaki it was a.

Misunderstanding um what sorry to interrupt bad timing sorry what the hell are you doing what are you doing to our beautiful.

Madonna this is what you call a misunderstanding it's not what you think i was about to be misunderstood for something entirely different later that day on the way home good thing that case was solved yeah what a day that girl seems like she did feel.

Remorse about it but she might cause another scene with that kind of personality we knew she would feel uncomfortable in class after this incident so miu and i followed up with everyone about her we told them she was sorry and that we already forgave her but we were left feeling a little skeptical.

Nevertheless there was a lot on my mind as i walked beside miu she's helped me through a lot this case was solved mostly thanks to miyu i felt i had to do something for her at the same time there was a part of me that felt hopeful.

I know she's a good person at heart but is her kindness to me a product of being her friend or or does it come from a deeper place in her heart which is something i can only hope for hey miyu i wanted to ask you something i heard a familiar voice coming from.

Behind just as i expected the voice came from that girl sorry for stopping you guys what is it still want something from us i couldn't thank you guys thank you for following up with everyone in class oh.

It's nothing and i wanted to tell you guys something oh what is that i thought about it after the incident seeing miyu properly faced tomoaki like that i felt i needed to do the same i want to become someone who can face people head on with honesty.

Listening to those words made me feel ashamed of myself am i facing people head-on with honesty am i just using my shy personality as an excuse to run away from these situations although miu is just as shy as i am she puts in the effort in trying to face people honestly all i could do was hope for the best.

With miu as i was too afraid to get hurt i saw miu face challenges head-on right next to me and the best thing i could do was hope for something more than just being her friend i'm so ashamed of myself for selfishly interpreting her attitude the wrong way when she was desperately trying to defend me.

Thanks for caring for a person like me i was really happy and so i thought this person is the only one for me which is why i can't give up can't give up does she mean please go out with me i'm sorry i still.

Me you akasaki what i want to change just for you miu please be mine um wait a minute i thought you liked chiaki no that's not true i've always liked you from the start meal so why did you ask me out.

I'm sorry for all that all i wanted to do was get in the middle of you too so apparently her plan was to get in the way of miu and me first and then break up with me after that she was going to switch over and go for miu even if you're not into girls i feel like we could both connect with each.

Other just as well um i'm just really shy there's no way a cool girl like you would be shy what i beg you meal please be my girlfriend choppy help me out here um.

Give me a second i'm really confused to wrap it up i'm really not popular with girls oh this girl's into me looking back i feel all sorts of shame for thinking that thank you for watching how was today's.

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