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[Manga Dub] Stalked by a Yandere… [RomCom]


my name is chiaki akaba I'm in my second year of high school currently I can feel a ferving gaze coming from behind me just as I thought that girl is following me that's right I'm in trouble and it's nothing to laugh at by the way this girl.

Transferred to my school a week ago she's beautiful so from the day she transferred she got popular she has a great attitude and there was always someone around her and she's right behind me as we speak anyway I have to do something about this situation oh chiaki morning ah sauna.

You've come at a good time the fact that I've met up with you this morning makes today a good day huh I know let's walk to school together and while we're at it I want to go home together too chiaki don't make my heart flutter so early in the morning.

Five minutes later so what's actually going on tiaki huh what do you mean you're saying a bunch of stuff you'd never say and you've made me swoon this morning what's up with that well that's sorry Sana first could you take a quick glance behind us is that the girl that recently transferred to your class.

What daring daggers at me sorry for getting you involved I'll explain everything later so for now let's just run away wait my hand uh huh a stalker yeah I started being followed the day she transferred every day I feel her fervent stares from behind me.

Um are you sure this isn't a misunderstanding no there's no mistaking it it's serious well there's no way the socially awkward chiaki is popular hey what happened to you saying you liked me me I'm a special case by the way this girl Sana nanasay is the beautiful girl in the class next to mine.

She dresses in gyaru fashion but she's actually hard-working and earnest we're close so crazy stuff happens but for right now she's settled as a friend but in my time of trouble what if you just went out with me that's gonna be a no yep I helped Sana in the past and because of that it seems like she ended.

Up falling in love with me however I'm socially awkward with scary eyes every day I feel like dating one of these main character girls would be difficult but anyway why do you say it's not a misunderstanding well she confessed to me three days ago nice meeting you all I hope we can all get along with her refreshing smile she soon.

Became popular in the class she's cute like me you and Sana well she's someone who'd never crossed paths with me when I was walking home that day huh feel like that transfer student has been stalking me is it my imagination is our way home the same but when I got home and looked out my window on the.

Second floor the girl is in front of my house after that she established her spot in the popularity rankings on the other hand she followed me around so three days after she had transferred I finally talked with her um do you have a minute yes what is it I'll be blunt why are you following me.

Around well that's it's a bit embarrassing but could you hear me out so cute no I can't be fooled by her cuteness I like you AKA bakun huh why we haven't had any contact up until now there's no way you would like me but we did please think back of the day I transferred the day you transferred um did something happen.

Oh mean even though you were so nice to me that day me when didn't you pick up my Eraser for me oh you dropped your eraser it'd be Troublesome if you didn't have it uh thank you um what's your name oh a guy like me there's no need to be interested in someone like me hey there you dropped your eraser you.

Troublesome little thing you ah thank you um what's your name hmm you're interested in me if that's the case try and catch me so basically that's it no that's all wrong your memory has been altered into a romance novel well that's how I heard it.

Girl is kind of scary so was that kindness all a lie even though from the day I've been so into you I can't tell myself sorry if I made you misunderstand oh no my stomach has started to hurt it hurts this is seriously bad I might have to stay home from school tomorrow and it's all your fault.

Great this girl is a land mine so with that said please take responsibility and marry me took death to us part like go out me and I won't take that responsibility around drinking alcohol when I get home you can shut down language at me why are you making out to be a scum of a man so with that I'm in a pickle I don't know.

If she's a natural born con artist but she doesn't act that way with anyone else because I'm socially awkward no one would believe me if I said anything I'm really in trouble here so that all happened if you've got quite the girl liking you I guess she'd be a yandere anyway I'm.

Scared on what to do next I gotcha how about I go with you if we can properly talk with her after school is that all right if you get mixed up in this it's fine I'll be with you how reassuring maybe if sana's there that girl will stop so then Sana and I told the transfer student to meet us at school but so with that said chiaki's.

Inconvenienced by all this so could you please stop Sana you sure are dependable I thought this would definitely get her to stop but who the hell are you why are you calling AKA bakun by his first name are you his girlfriend a fleeing from an affair if that's the case you need to be fully prepared.

Some switch inside of her suddenly got turned on anyway there's the breaks so see ya wait a minute this conversation isn't over yet are you running away how awful I'll chase you both down I got you locked in on my sights foreign so from then on we were on the Run Sana we can split up here you had it it's all.

My fault son I got roped into this I have to get the girl to chase me and give Sana some time to escape we thought we split up but after a few minutes Sana why are you here he was running away and ended up here great minds think alike this isn't the time for that where are you.

Foreign let's have a fun chat together Nana says son is with you too right she's coming this way no way isn't that the girls dressing room it's fine Sana pulled me and we ran into the.

Girl's dressing room we hid in a locker all the way in the back of the room it's a big cramped but let's stay here yeah is there a reason for both of us to hide in the same Locker oh this is a tight squeeze and sana's so close she's soft and smells good.

Chiaki don't tell me the situation is making your heart beat fast it's from Fear don't get it twisted I didn't but your heart should be fluttering just a little bit this is not the time to be saying that just then the door to the dressing room opened up you in here I can smell you.

You're in here there's nowhere to run then we started to hear the opening and closing of lockers near the entrance the sound gradually got closer Sana and I were shrouded in fear sorry Sana but I think I'm about to be my fans she finally stood in front of the locker we were hiding in.

You're in here Santa's gotten stronger hello are you in here just when I thought it was all over huh what was that noise I know you're in there I won't let you out until you say your day to me we've been trapped it is that all right if you stay in there.

The girls will be troubled when they come back what the heck if you're found like this it'll be horrible I'll give you only 10 minutes I'll come back again so think along and hard what should we do if we stay like this I'll end up being called something like the girly Locker boy calm down Chucky.

With you so it'll be okay but with the two of us won't that make it extra bad I got it let's date how are you saying in this situation no listen well just pretend pretend it's fine I can say we got excited from asking each other out so we jump to the locker this is not a joke they'll just think what the heck were we planning to.

Do in the dressing room we only have three minutes left what should we do Chucky what should we do what should we do I know Chucky take off your sweater just what the hell do you plan on doing 10 minutes past okay could you let me hear your answer um huh that voice why are you in here not as a son where's.

Akabacude I I don't know but that's strange I smell alcohol it's because I'm with him 24 7. now I'm angry oh is that girl behind you she she's my friend she hid with me oh well where's akabakoon uh I don't know he probably ran away when you trapped Us in the locker.

No way and with that she left the room we somehow got away crying I had a lot of becomes but you'd get a wife isn't that good this rough looking girl is me I use the clothes in the locker and changed into them to look like a girl but this took a.

Hit on my mental even if it was just to get by why did I have to wear a girl's uniform we seem to have fooled her for now but she'll come back and chase you extra hard when the time comes I'll do something something other than wearing a girl's uniform beeping.

It want to be a Esthetics for caring by the way chiaki can I take a picture of you yeah that's a no with our horrible timing a girl came in to change clothes but huh sonachan and chiaki Miu oh it's Mew somehow it was Miu ayasaki she's the class beauty and my friend oh.

Right you in the girl's dressing room with a girl's uniform on uh well a lot happened on top of that it's my uniform Eh this is your uniform just being in the girl's dressing room and wearing a girl's uniform is already a red card but the uniform is Muse if this rumor gets out I'll lose my.

Place in this school this is checkmate meal can I talk with you Chucky really does have his reasons what kind of reasons does he have to wear my uniform so what happened was this and that oh so that's what happened she unexpectedly just accepted it can't be helped if you're trying to run away from.

A stalker it was so scary me you I'm sure it was rough for you chiaki there there you such a good person okay I'll let you borrow my uniform for now no I'll give it back now don't be shy I have another uniform so it's okay.

Ah but the uniform I'm wearing now that's it look look I put on chiaki's uniform it's so loose meal that looks good on you dammit you those look cute okay let's take a commemorative photograph don't take a picture will I really be okay after doing this by the way at that time the transfer student was.

I'll definitely make you say you love me and then we'll be married for life oh the uniform do you have to have business with my chiaki a monster are you chiaki's potential wife how cute how cute you are I may just have to eat you up I'm sorry I won't taste out to.

Him anymore so please my my chiaki's been dumped I wonder why so after that the transfer student didn't stalk me anymore if I have any other problems after this I'll immediately go to my mom thank you for watch our other videos as well.