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[Manga Dub] The aggressive gamer was the calm and collected pretty girl at school… [RomCom]


My name is masaki tomoto I'm an introverted senior in college and I've always liked fighting games when I want to relax I go to the arcade to play games I gotta start looking for a job I need to quit fighting games soon I was a little worried about people around me starting to act like real.

Adults a challenge that's rare wow and it's someone who's literally in the same arcade hmm oh well they might actually be pretty strong no that was no joke the weakest player I played against their character barely moved and they re-challenged me how many times are they going to.

Challenge me I feel like at this point it's a waste of money uh slamming the game ah damn it how do I lose every time I can't get any moves in son her name was Kane hashizume she goes to.

The same College as me and she's known to be innocent and cute many men have fallen for her beauty on top of that a lot of girls like her too but now I know her personality I backed off before we saw each other Jen I don't want to beat up this girl like that I'm just gonna run away before she.

Figures it out hey why would you fight me I'm not going to let you run away after beating me I'm not going to lose again ah huh your domoto right she found me out I'm glad she knows my name but I didn't want to find out that she knows my name now.

Sorry I gotta go wait one more round no the next day I didn't expect to see Hashi zume son at the arcade and I definitely didn't expect her to be playing fighting games either I kind of ran away because I beat her too I'm sure she probably thinks I'm.

Some kind of dirty introvert me huh did you two get along there's so different hey sorry for scaring you yesterday I just had something I wanted to ask you what am I going to be publicly beat up now I don't know if I can do anything for.

You sure absolutely what I need um Hashi sume song don't ask him when he's clearly not capable his name was shotar ryuzaki he's one of the extroverts orbiting hashimoto-san and is known for being a narcissist ask me if you need help I'll give you.

Whatever you need how could you say that without embarrassing yourself no thanks tomoto's the only one I can ask this favor from huh let's go come on just a little so why didn't you play with me again.

Oh I don't know what you're talking about it must have been the person next to me not you were the only one there whatever I'm not after beating me you have to come out and play with me again after classes I I've prayed after that so I'm going to.

Beat you this time I feel like you're wasting your money turn it down when I haven't even seen her efforts but I lost again honestly I don't think a single day of training would help I'm sorry.

I'm just annoyed don't apologize I didn't realize you liked games that much I love games smile listening to her story apparently she had always had interesting games but her.

Parents forbid it because it made her eyes bad I pissed a bunch of people but I can't beat you more they probably just let her win because she seemed like she was having so much fun all right I'll be leaving now that we're done.

Wait huh I'm not letting you go home what please please please I'm used to playing games at home so I'll beat you if I play on that you're kind of moving the goal post no you hours later.

Again one more okay what am I playing games here for I was going to go home but somehow I was dragged into Miss hashizume-san's house first time I found myself in a girl's room but I'm not happy at all she's not good at her own game either and I am having a bad game day today.

Just admit your loss how much of a sore loser are you this is fun what but you seem so upset yeah but I'm having fun playing games with you thank you I think.

I'm kind of happy that she's just telling me honestly can we hang out again and play games she's giving that million dollar smile now I mean sure if it's not too often however all right I'm not going to lose this time today too.

I'd been invited to play games every day since then she even started bringing her game to my house yeah look I got a new game that's the new Alice Chronicles okay fine damn it why is he so friendly with my hashisumi-san I lost a gun damn it I'm gonna take a.

Break great I'm gonna play The Limited Edition game while you rest okay you're relaxing way too hard you're acting like this is your house I mean I also got used to you just being here but I'm gonna start working on my next tactic so don't bother me.

Yeah yeah but we're not playing any more today what what oh yeah the loser has to listen to the winner if I lose I'll do something for you no way okay I'm down let's go huh I'm not going to play the limited edition game either let's go.

Wait hang on why why are you suddenly so interested in playing because I'm just a healthy boy let's go what I posted a short time have you been taking it easy this whole time I mean I'm kind too come on take care of me what was the best place you could show off your kindness.

Sorry I just had to do something you know fine a loss is a loss can you close your eyes cause I'm nervous sure Really Gonna Take It Off no way okay open check it out look at my nails they're pretty fights I worked hard on them yesterday.

Nails what uh did you expect something I mean okay one more game you better get the next punishment ready I'm kind so I'll let you pick I'm going to win again wait going to let me win nope.

I'm going to win next time that's how we started adding punishments to the loser today is cat life day for punishment huh you're such an animal meow meow you're the one that picked that punishment no.

She's really into this the punishment of asking me out a hundred times I don't like you I like you I like you how many more times 30. she's actually keeping count I don't look happy at all then I love you.

Ah what are you doing finally show this okay let's play I think I'll win now I think you're just gonna cheat gotcha oh my gosh my characters I knew it you lose the second you put your controller down.

I was going to use you being a distraction to my advantage come on face me for real okay ah how much does she think I need to resist I like how I can see how cute she is and how much of a sore loser she is but I can't stop but Falling for her playing games that I love with Hashi.

Zume this is so nice that I wish it lasted forever but Time Marches On I don't know which seminar to take there are too many lectures too hey you seem busy domoto you already find a job ryuzaki not yet no why is he talking to me we never talk.

I thought not I'm going to be going to the same internship as Hashi zume-san so I'm basically offered the job at this point wow that's nice I've always wanted to tell you but you do realize you're not good enough for her right I don't know what you're cooking up but we have a beautiful.

Future together you're just in the way I'm her only partner toodles you little she's the one that's following me around and besides I'm the one that's going to be with her all right no more games for a little bit I went to all the seminars and all the lectures it was like raising a game.

Character I was surprised at myself growing alright I finished my research now I moved to isuro Limited hey tomato wanna play oh sorry I've got interviews now I see good luck how'd she do me son let's go he's busy trying to find a job yeah.

You should leave him alone you'll find a better man for you like me thanks uh he's very important to me huh he's just busy I gotta work hard too I was able to get a job offer from the company that I wanted to go to I didn't expect to get an offer from that huge company I'm so glad I worked.

Hard a few hours later I told Hashi zumi-san about my job offer and she came over to celebrate congratulations on your job thank you congrats on you too yeah I actually got an offer yesterday too let's both celebrate okay it's been so long since we spoke I'm.

Kind of nervous um sorry about everything what do you mean I've been working hard finding a job right I saw you working hard and knew that you had goals I kept calming to you and getting in your way I felt bad so yeah.

I'm sorry for taking advantage of your kindness it's okay if anything so today is going to be the last day that I come here since its last day wait I'll go buy Cake later if it's the last day why don't we play a game.

What you're asking me to play that's rare I guess loser buys cakes no if I win you go out with me you can pick your favorite game and I'll even add a handicap is that okay okay no regrets regret of course 10 minutes later.

you're kidding I'm such a loser I want to crawl into a hole and hide forever then can I order you yeah I wonder what it is stay away from me nerd Maybe the loser becomes the Winner's boyfriend be mine.

What me so sad when you weren't around but I kept it in but then you asked me out that's not fair I thought I had to cheer you on whenever you worked hard so I kept it to myself even though I wanted to see you and talk.

To you but but if I get to go out with you and play games I was going to win and ask you out I'm your boyfriend do you not like that of course I love it I'm too happy to explain it how is this a punishment anyway but why me.

She looks so cool playing games and you're the only one that really knows me everyone looks at the surface but you'll look at me for real so I love that I I can't keep up with everything can you close your eyes is that enough oh yeah one more time that's how we started going out and we were both able to find employment and.

Companies of our liking by the way Kanai didn't even look at ryuzaki at all let's go home yeah we work in different offices so we live together because she wants to be with me for as long as possible I'm not going to lose today I don't know about that what do you want to do for the.

Punishment who about loser strips off one piece of clothing let's do it I win hey you cheated we're playing next till I win thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos.

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