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[Manga Dub] The beautiful class leader was smelling my PE clothes…!? [RomCom]


Oh this is perfect takashikun your smell makes me feel so safe hey you're making me feel all ticklish stop complaining I finally get you to myself I'm just an ordinary high school student Whoever thought a guy like me would end up in a situation like this with the prettiest girl at school my name is Takashi tendo I'm a regular.

High school student with nothing special in particular I have no interest I don't partake in after school activities either my grades are so so I have nothing to brag about oh gosh ryoka-san is glaring at me again what do I do there's a gorgeous girl in my school her name is ryoka kenjo and she's in my class she isn't just an attractive girl.

She's also caring and willing to take care of others some of the girls have formed a fan club to worship her there's a whole line of girls who wait to give her chocolate on Valentine's Day me I get none oh thank God but what did I do I don't remember doing anything to.

Offend her the thing is she hates guys and she's the leader of the disciplinary committee a strict leader she has broken many hearts recently students have given her a nickname the impregnable princess I've never talked to her a lowly guy like me doesn't deserve her time I've never seen kenjo sun in a friendly conversation with any of my classmates.

To be honest I wonder if she even likes the life she's living she's attractive but she's got this wall up around her no wonder she's called the impregnable princess she's got a pretty good reputation but to be honest I'm not her biggest fan she makes me feel so ordinary I get so nervous when she's around and for some.

Reason I find her looking at me from time to time it's awkward she's staring at me again why does she do that dummy you picked up the worksheet you have a chance to talk to him stop freaking out it's not that hard you know get him a pretty smile with the tension here I go.

Oh my gosh what the heck why why is he doing that with her face is she smiling no no she's angry I'm confused and terrified she's the impregnable leader of the disciplinary committee she lives in a different world I couldn't help but fear her and the unexplainable expression on her face.

I didn't know what message she was trying to get me freaking smile in front of any of the guys it's my turn back now uh you dropped your oh uh I'm sorry goodbye heck was that why did I apologize to her oh my you look like you're in a good.

Mood did something nice happen this is my childhood friend who was a member of the disciplinary committee her name is mahido nishijima she's my only friend I trust her with my life mojito is the only one in the school who knows me in and out oh I finally had a conversation with tendo oh the guy you have a crush on good for you so what did you.

Talk about um I handed him uh his worksheet okay wait uh that's it well I smiled at him and he smiled back and he also apologized to me before I said goodbye he said sorry I have a feeling he's just scared of her uh you see I'm glad you took a step forward congratulations thank you I feel so.

Proud of myself and I'm glad you have your support my hero Chad oh yeah because actions are getting out of hand I hope she doesn't do anything crazy you did great yoga you should take some time to get to know him better okay yeah I'm going to move in the next chance I get why won't you listen to me starting to get worried a few days later uh I can't.

Believe I had to retake my mathematics test I'm gonna be home late huh someone is standing by my desk that was the most shocking moment of my life no joke I saw something that blew my mind hmm wait is that kenjo-san is she smelling my gym clothes I love this she looks like she's smiling or am I.

Hallucinating what the this is freaky what's going on here here Kevin Ken Josan is the most admired girl in school how can she smile while sniffing my gym clothes this can't be happening there must be some kind of reason for this oh maybe she's checking something as the leader of the disciplinary committee yes.

That must be it I'll pretend I didn't see anything hey tando you better look over what you learned today I will cancel son hello there oh my gosh did you see no I didn't see anything I was just passing by the classroom oh you were checking my gym clothes to see.

If they were dirty oh weren't you she was probably trying to hide that she was disgusted by the smell yes that must be it that was what she was doing so yes I saw you caught me how I'm so sorry I know it's unacceptable it's horrible oh God she's crying I've never seen her.

So emotional before does she realize I'm the one who wants to cry uh hey I'm not angry at you I was just surprised I'm sure you had a good reason I walked in at the wrong time something weird is going on here did she mistake my gym clothes for someone else's but that doesn't justify what she was doing.

But I can't think of a reason why she would be smelling my gym clothes I just wanted to smell you your sweat among other things aha I have to confess I've liked you for a while now I wanted to feel closer to you I figured I could feel you by smelling your dumb clothes I couldn't take myself in I know what I'm saying is playing.

Creepy I'm not sure how to react to what you said you would not want to be around a girl like me right cry about it we don't want anybody seeing us like this uh so why don't we take a walk for a bit.

Sorry not that I think back on it smelling your gym clothes was it appropriate well I would have never imagined you doing that it's not something the usual kenjo-san would do I wanted to smell you and can't your son isn't the person I thought she was.

She's interesting I always thought you were glaring at me in the classroom oh I keep switching my left and right contact lenses I can never get it right so it's difficult for me to see you keep switching your contact lenses yes but I've been doing a lot better I mistake three times a week now I see you're one of a kind kenjo-san you know.

Walking home with you feels like oh she's not impregnable she's actually really easy to talk to and cute wait a second didn't she say she liked me earlier how could she like an ordinary guy like me I must have heard her wrong I had so much fun today um if it's not too much trouble can we become friends oh of course I would love.

To I know I completely embarrassed myself in front of you but I'm glad we got to talk the next day oh good morning Ken Josan good morning um about yesterday I'm so sorry for smelling your gym clothes oh I did it again I'll help you pick them up and about my gym clothes I don't.

Think you should mention it in front of other people ryoka-san your bit clumsy aren't you yes yes the thing is I'm the leader of the disciplinary committee so I try hard not to make mistakes but I can't seem to hold up the image in front of you so that's why you keep your distance from your classmates I see.

Isn't being the leader such a hassle level committee members recommended me to the teacher so I had no ma he wrote Sean oh you're talking about nishijimasan yeah she's the independent type I've embarrassed myself twice in front of you now I will never get over you.

Catching me smelling your clothes you're right I never imagined I would walk in the classroom to see that but I'm glad I did because now I know you're a friendly person of course I found ryoka-san adorable it's a shame she has to put up a tough.

Front before the others can you believe what happened also a life of Life Nails oh what do you think I'm so scared of being too awkward um uh I'm glad you're feeling happy now thanks for listening okay I'm gonna go get him she never listens to my opinion I hope things go well for her maybe.

There's something I could do to help her as a best friend ryoka-san seems to be acting more forward these days morning takashikun morning are you holding my hand is something wrong am I doing something wrong I have the school Rose Band holding hands so I didn't realize this was a problem I'm not saying it's a problem but I'm sure.

The other students will see us is that kenjo-san everyone is watching us are you sure this is okay I've never held hands with anybody at school this feels great I guess she doesn't hear the other students talking about us well yeah it feels nice ryoka-san holding hands with a guy with big news for the whole.

Student body was talking about us the whole day Nishi jimasan asked to see me during lunch break that day I knew what she wanted to talk about ryoka Sans and my relationship maybe I should have stopped myself from holding hands with the leader of the disciplinary committee excuse me Nishi.

Jimasana I'm sorry if I cause you any trouble uh happened this morning I shouldn't have been holding ryoka-san's hand I asked you here to talk about something else oh.

So it has nothing to do with how I held hands with ryoka-san this morning I told Mahi wasam what happened with ryoka-san and she found it hilarious she had called me to her because she had been worried about ryoka-san and her unpredictable actions I had no idea I was totally prepared for you to yell at me for what I did that.

Sounds like something yoga would do she focused she forgets to look around I was scared she has no idea how to act in front of guys you're right she is very forward is there a reason why she became that way it's always been the prettiest girl around back in middle school some guys.

Got up and it's been like that ever since and she stopped smiling in front of people I have a feeling she was scared of showing her true self that must have been tough ryokasan must be putting on the impregnable princess act so she doesn't.

Hurt anybody no wonder she always looked a little sad so that's why she's distancing herself from the guys but she could show her true self to you it's strange in a good way if we have yoga is pure hearted a little clumsy and caring so I hope you like her enough to stay by your side she deserves you of course I understand.

I have some things to think about now ryoka-san had been through so much I bet she's still beating herself up over the gym clothes incident I wonder if there's anything I can do to lift some of the burden off of her shoulders I asked ryoka-san to meet me after classes that day I'm sorry for making you stay late there's something I wanted to do with.

You anything for you takashikun but being in this classroom alone with you it brings me back to my embarrassing memories for me yeah smelling somebody's gym clothes isn't something a regular person would do huh takashikun are you upset about what happened I'm sorry I promise I will never do it again I've been thinking about what's been going on.

With you and what I should do I can't do anything you don't like from now on I swear this is the answer I came up with make sure you keep your eyes on me what isn't that my gym shirt now I've shown you my most embarrassing moment I feel uneasy and humiliated but this is the choice I made for us I don't want you to.

Feel shameful of what you did anymore we have both done the same to each other oh gosh it smells so nice hold it you can't lose your focus someone embarrass Ed why am I feeling so happy beginning of our friendship was far from an ordinary situation but we should appreciate what happened we got close.

Thanks to your smell fetish ryokasan it feels so weird when you say that word I like you ryoka-san I love everything about you including your smell fetish your clumsiness and and how easily you blush you're not messing with me I promise I'm not I like you exactly the way you are see I like you too can I ask you.

Something I wanted for a long time what is it can I hug you so I can smell you uh close huh uh okay I passionately wrap my arms around ryoka-san even though I have no experience with girls I doubt that I was the best hugger but I'm sure ryoka-san felt the message I was trying to send this is perfect takashikun you smell.

Makes me feel so safe hey you're making me feel all ticklish stop complaining I finally get to be myself I was yearning for her she was so sweet we stayed that way for a while and absorbed each other's warmth and so ryoka-san and I officially started dating the jealousy and hate thrown at me was more than I had.

Expected but it didn't bother me because I was the one with the most adorable girlfriend I didn't expect you to actually end up together honestly I still don't believe it I smelled each other's gym clothes to confirm love that's hunger hey ryokochon you told her I can't keep it a secret from a hero chub you should have now my.

Hero-chan thinks I'm the creep who smelled my girlfriend's gym clothes dude chill I bet all the guys out there smell their girlfriend's clothes she's right takashikun I don't mind he is smelling my everything that's a tempting offer okay what part of me do you want to smell next pick anything oh if I have to.

Pick one did you forget I'm a member of the disciplinary committee control yourself oh gosh ever since I smelled ryoka Shawn's gym clothes my my instincts have been uncontrollable yoka are you sure you want this creep it's still back out if you want you're right I don't want to date a creep what no I promise I won't.

Become a creep I'm sorry please forgive me fine how about you let me smell you and then I'll consider forgiving you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well