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[Manga Dub] The beautiful hated me, so I put in some effort… [RomCom]


No not this story again my name is ichihara yuto I'm a junior in high school today is my first day after transferring and I'm headed to school I feel like I might get lost though wait that uniform it's a girl from my high school nice I'm going to follow her to school then she seems like some kind of wild girl.

Though we didn't have girls like that at my old school man she seems wild but she's adorable I feel like there's an aura glowing around her she's seriously adorable she's got a cute face and a great body she must be a model or something I wonder if she's a junior too.

Maybe she's in my class nah there's no way that kind of coincidence happens but I'm sure having class with a girl like that must be fun all right guys take your seats we have a new transfer student today my name my name you two know each other or.

Something see that's interesting no I'm not this is how I met nayu izawa it was pretty much the worst case scenario this is the worst I thought we were in the same class and now she calls me a stalker and then everyone starts Whispering around me my stalker is a transfer student this is.

The worst and you had to sit next to me too that's not how it is I just didn't know how to get here so I followed you to the school I feel so bad for you Nadu but he's actually kind of cute but be careful going home I want to talk to him but everyone is around damn it listen to what I have to say Not only was she in the same class we.

Sat next to each other she was also very popular and everybody loved her then I showed up and she immediately called me a stalker for everybody to know this is the first day after I transferred huh what did I transfer for I don't want to go to school oh God you're the shadow man.

Huh no I'm not wait what the hell do you mean shadow man you're the geek that stalks in the shadows you're trying to figure out where I live aren't you this is the thing where you have all your stuff in your bag to kidnap me right no if you're so curious you can Pat me down you want to touch my body gross never.

Well whatever don't follow me if I turn around and you're there you lose what is this a game of red light green light why would I follow you anyways I'm walking home this way seriously pissing me off I did think she was cute this morning so I kept looking at her but I take it back that girl is not cute at all I don't.

Care if she lives in my neighborhood I will never see her again but oh you aren't why are you why are you next to me I can't believe my neighbor is shadow man there's no way there's no way.

The ball you guessed it she wasn't just in my neighborhood she was literally my neighbor she's got an annoying personality and doesn't listen to what people have to say this is why I didn't like her immediately but ah this week was so tiring I used so.

Much time and energy trying to convince people I wasn't a stalker tomorrow is finally Saturday though I need to unpack nah I'm going to bed huh was that a scream is there a crime I'm not going to do anything yet yeah wait what is this terrible hunch and the.

Second eye opens the door the neighbor came jumping into my arms help me it appeared it appeared calm down tell me what exactly has happened it's it's oh a cockroach don't say the name how much do you not like cockroaches I.

Almost feel bad for it I don't like them almost as much as I don't like you so I'm worse than a roach do you want me to help you or not or do you just want to roast me which is it oh something already she's so annoying and then I went over to her house and took care of the roach but is it over.

Yeah it's on its way to heaven right now I really didn't expect you to get that upset over a roach he'll do that on my own okay sure I'll keep what I saw about you crying to myself then I wasn't crying if you're done can you leave already so annoying.

Hey shadow guy behind me yeah there's another one isn't there here you take care of it no no no he said it was fine I actually heard that where there's one roach there are about a hundred afterwards I sent this poor old roach to Heaven as well however things got more.

Annoying from here let's see over at my house what what did you just say hang on you told me that you hate me more than roaches right why do I have to stay here you think that a human is better than a roach sorry I'm really sorry I won't call you a shadow person or a stalker and I'll.

Tell everyone I was wrong okay fine you better keep your promise and that's how I ended up staying over at her house I can't believe I'll be staying over at her house since I hate her why does this have to happen to me I guess I'll go by the store tomorrow and buy some pesticide here.

Hmm what is it thank you for today thanks it's really worth all my trouble but I'll take it I didn't eat dinner anyway Hmm this is good where'd you get this I made it myself wow your cooking is actually pretty good.

You surprisingly can cook well huh hey surprisingly it's not you I'm not you okay isawa right got it what was your name again oh pleasure to meet you I'm your neighbor at home and your neighbor in class I'm yuto ichihara.

Uh but why are you still holding the whole shadow man thing against me I apologized a second ago gosh talk about small ego yeah it's actually so small that even the finest Craftsman couldn't make it and your sarcastic too why did you transfer into this school that's such a weird time anyway.

That's not really important injured live alone too where are your parents you know I really don't like it when people Snoop into my business I'll sleep here if a roach shows up just wake me up bye hang on uh Ben I passed out and woke up to something in the middle of the night.

What are you doing isawa Hawaii okay what are you doing you looked cold so I got you a blanket oh thanks something else you need no nothing okay then go to sleep I'm scared to sleep alone could I sleep.

Next to you what next to me why I don't want to have a road show up when I'm asleep all by myself oh come on we ended up sleeping next to each other neither of us could fall asleep so this happened oh God I heard scary.

is it my fault right I couldn't breathe she was choking me I just figured out that she was the kind of girl to let things breathe when she goes to sleep she's got a really nice set of uh I'm going to bed good night so that happened last weekend I have to go to school again today.

I'm not happy she promised that she would stop with a stalker thing and clear my name but am I going to be promoted to pervert from stalker wait I guess that's actually worse than stalker I went to the store on Saturday to buy some pesticide for her she didn't look at me in my eyes and didn't say a word.

She just turned a bright red and knotted no she definitely doesn't like me and I don't like her either so it's not an issue but I just don't want some random new title to be attached to my name like shadow man to titty man however when I got to class morning ichihara.

Good morning just as promised I sent the message out saying that you aren't a stalker in the group line oh really but don't get it twisted okay I don't plan on being friends with you or anything I don't need you to do that much I guess my name was cleared probably.

I think one of my problems was solved however it seems like you managed to squeeze into our school but if your old school grades are this bad I see I was called up by our teacher to talk my old school grades were so bad that he.

Was worried about me if you don't get a high score on your next test you might even have to take an extra year I see if you need any help I'll do my best so make sure you study hard for that exam ichihara that night my doorbell rang I saw isawa.

Standing at the door hey I heard your story you have to get good grades for the next exam right or you're going to stay behind yeah that's true but what's it to you what do you mean what are you gonna do about it what is that I don't care our kind of attitude I'm worrying about you and.

You're worrying about me I thought you hated me why no it's not worrying I just don't like that kind of thing happening uh okay I don't get it but I guess she's worried but if you get in the top grades for your exam now listen to whatever you want me to do.

Why it's not like it has anything to do with you oh my God who cares it's a competition a competition I really don't get it just so you know my grades are pretty good if you lose I'll call you young one that's such a dumb taunt you're gonna regret this I think she's worrying for me as best as.

She can I don't know why but whatever I guess I'll try giving it my best and the results of the test you scored 100 on every subject I guess I win so I avoided staying an extra year and I won our competition uh I see you added a zero to your 10 points right I wouldn't do that.

Izzy how did you get these scores you transferred all weird too you're hiding something ah you really want to know yeah I ran away huh what did you run away from a lot of things.

I just wanted to have a regular school life I was actually at a very famous private high school known for how smart their kids were I was at the top of the ranks when it came to scores however my parents and the people surrounding me pressured me so much that.

I was crumbling mentally I found my chance to run away and change my environment I started Living a new life in a new place I see you had a tough time yeah but I'm okay now there was a lot going on but people know I'm not some pervert now.

Okay then why did you ever accept my challenge you should have just told me that you had this this whole time I kind of just wanted to see your face when I beat you wow you're that kind of run huh I really think you're the last person on this planet to be allowed to tell me that also I have another reason.

It's kind of because I started realizing you were worried about me what worried or anything oh yeah for yeah if it's anything that isn't perverted then um can you make me that snack that.

You gave me from before I want some more of it huh that's it I don't want something that sticks around as proof either make that for you whenever from her after this but I made too much for dinner again but I.

Haven't really finished it off so let me in oh yeah sure every night izawa would come inside and cook for me this is delicious you're seriously good at cooking thanks if it's not too much trouble for you I can cook for you every day what.

Isawa coming to cook me dinner every night if the boys found out about this they might treat me like a roach too thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.