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[Manga Dub] The beautiful popular girl at school lives next door [RomCom]


My name is Ryo fujiwara and I'm a second year high school student I've always disliked having conversations with people so I'm usually alone in school but I'm not complaining in fact I was thankful that I didn't have to worry about others that's my classmate Yori kuon she lives a completely different life.

From me she was extremely pretty and her grades were always at the top she was athletic too and even had a fan club where people called her miss iori or princess iori yorisan can we eat lunch together sounds like fun let's all eat together what can I join too of course I'm sure today will be a wonderful lunch break too I live by.

Myself right now this was because I wanted to be independent as possible and asked my parents to let me do so from looking for a place to live and signing lease agreements I did everything I could on my own son wrong.

No everything's fine I'm living in a Shabby apartment as a result but I liked it the way it was it was quiet and I finally had a place where I could be by myself that's what I thought for a while after I moved in all right what should I make for dinner yo I'm hungry.

Please at least knock I know what dinner is oh my rice isn't it how'd you know I'm going to make it so just wait here for that hug me like you always do I don't always hug you gosh stop being so stingy at home Yori always acted like a baby with me I'm.

Always wondering where her dignified character at school disappears to she comes over to my place every day eats my food and is clinging with me until bedtime oh I got catch up on me real wipe it off yeah yeah wow what are you doing what I can't you can't I'm living under.

The same roof with the prettiest girl in our school right now thinking back we started sort of living together from the moment she moved here our first impressions were kind of terrible I'm I'm finally settled living here huh what's that sound it's coming from next door.

Huh is someone moving into day two gosh it's not turning on at all the doors wide open she's not cautious at all we're neighbors though so maybe I should at least introduce myself there's someone there ouch um I'm your next door neighbor and.

Wait hold on a second you're so persistent huh did I get him I'm going to call the cops so don't move old man I told you I'm not a suspicious person I live next door and old man that's rude I'm still a high schooler wait I'm gay you're joking hey hey good crap I'm so so sorry I feel so bad.

I mean I'm glad we cleared things up ouch I heard loud noises earlier did something happen I was trying to trying to set up a washing machine but I'm no good at things like this sorry if I bothered you with all the noise setting up the washing machine that hard she must be super clumsy.

Um if you'd like did you want me to do it for you oh really this is a gift from God that's a bit over dramatic but she's a funny girl see easy right it's not that hard if you do it calmly cool.

I'm kind of happy she's depending on someone like me though all right I'll get going then um I still have things that I need help with if I may ask the refrigerator television lights gas water putting together the closet moving.

The desk okay I'll help you with all of that why why am I helping this girl move in I don't even know her name let's go let's go let's go um can you help me a little bit huh this is bad I feel happy just doing something to.

Help her out I just met her I didn't know I could feel so much joy from someone depending on me are you hungry yes I am I'm hungry you don't have any food yet right nope nothing okay I'll go buy something how is it is it good yup it's delicious oh by the way I didn't get your name my.

Name is Ryo nice to meet you call me iori oh by the way I'm a high schooler just like you Rio all right I'm going to head out now because it's late why will you sleep over tonight no no I can't do that she's not why can't you we just met and we're still in high school.

I knew it you don't like me it's not that but just today then please okay I'm only going to sleep over tonight okay ah what a crazy day after we got into bed she told me everything how her family used to be extremely rich and how her parents passed away after.

They failed in their business she didn't have any family to depend on and was living with a small amount of money she had just like that our Strange life together started I only let her come near me when we were at home that was because I thought it would negatively affect her if she spent time.

Around an introvert like me in front of others she speaks like a dignified princess because of her old habits at school everyone thinks that she's from a rich family because of that it seems like people have a hard time getting too close to her because of her beauty so no one knows the true story purpose.

And things like this when she can't stand being away from me if you don't worry son you got a perfect squirrel last us too yeah it was a coincidence I'm very lucky you know hey hi son will you help the tennis team for index match she's pretty smart athletic and like a princess that can do.

Anything no one would believe that she's actually a huge baby gosh you're so annoying can you not be so loud uh I'm sorry farouzan honestly the class has been such a bad place ever since you transferred here her name is warare she's the daughter of some CEO and is unsatisfied if she's not.

Always number one I sometimes see her being angry with iori you're a cool one she's getting quite carried away isn't she just watch I got Shivers after watching juare I have a bad feeling about this we all I'm here again.

What's wrong you're not feeling well yeah I think I have a bit of a fever I think I caught a cold that's shiver from earlier today was just a cold oh no are you sick are you sick it's all my fault I made him do too much for me it's not that it's just a cold I I know I'll take care of you today yo I'm fine.

Really shoot this is going to be bad don't worry leave everything here you go my special creams too thanks why why does it look like that what the hell is this here open wide okay open lighter.

Yes oh thank goodness wait wait a second what are you doing I thought I could help you I don't need your help get out please uh uh are you sure ah why are you sleeping next to me I am warming you up I'm going to make.

You sick you should go away if it's your cold I'm okay with it I'll take it all away for you you can't do that here I think you can give it to me like this your face is so close I'm sorry for always putting you through trouble I just want to get better Yuri.

I don't think that you're putting me through trouble Yori thank you for today thanks to you I feel a little better I'm glad now that I'm relieved I'm I'm getting a bit sleepy Yori you're kind of close oh.

He's asleep she's like a little kid thanks for today iori and I were living a peaceful life like this but what's going on what's all that noise what no way she's super poor no way I feel betrayed what what is that huh it's Rio what is he doing somebody sneak up.

On him oh iori you can't don't come here oh what are you doing you're going to talk to me in school today I told you you can't come here it's nothing what are you hiding let me see Yuri you okay.

Why someone do this oh here is son you're not a princess at all are you you must have had a lot of fun fooling everyone huh I wasn't trying to everyone beware of yours son all she does is lie so you don't know what she'd do to you that's terrible hold on Yori.

Honestly what a surprise oh no your son was such a big fat liar you she wasn't lying to anyone what do you want you introvert don't talk to me those papers were posted around the school and were quickly torn down still everyone quickly found out that she was.

Living in a Shabby apartment oh he wasn't too rich right oh she wasn't lying to anyone everyone just assumed she was rich that day I went to iori's room for the first time since she moved in Yori I'm coming in are you okay yeah I know you're not oh I don't think it's worked out for me.

At my old school s after I became poor Yori I thought that if I worked hard to me but everyone's the same I'm awesome I shouldn't have studied so it's so hard eori that's not true you didn't do anything wrong I'll protect you.

Fall asleep I don't want to go to school maybe I should skip today Yori are you awake I thought we could go to school together together come on go get ready but are you sure you're okay with it people are going to hit on you if you with me I don't want to make your life harder you don't need to worry about.

That come on let's go it'll be fine look the introverted the big lying princess came to school together hilarious hey you can call me an introvert all you want but take back what you said about her hold on yo what do you want you have some guts talking back to me I'm going to protect you iori.

Everyone listen to me it's true that iori isn't a rich princess Leo yeah she was fooling everyone that's wrong when did she ever say I'm rich the reason she's smart and athletic isn't because she's Rich it was because she put in a lot of hard work it was all your misunderstanding whether she's rich or not she's still the same person.

On guys don't believe that introvert I don't care what you call me but yorisan never tricked anyone everyone please understand what are you even saying No One's Gonna believe what you say oh your son always helped me with my homework she came to help me out the tariska team.

Too without complaining oh I never did anything to thank you I'm sorry your son but what we did was terrible you guys what the hell after that everyone started treating iori as a normal friend and not a rich princess I.

Didn't need to worry because iori found her own place in the school again without my help Cup in exchange for a curry bread at the school store what then I'll add a drink to that excellent I'd love to help worried that juare would go crazy again I decided to talk to her.

What do you want why the hell did you call me here don't bully iori anymore it'll be bad for you excuse me who do you think you are besides I don't know what you're talking about I know you made those posters who's you stop accusing me.

If you're going to do anything else to iori I'm going to have it handled it's an introvert like all right I guess I have no choice then wait a minute security cameras that my parents set up in that apartment it was easy to get this evidence after a little digging.

Who the hell are you oh where did Rio go I wonder what he's doing wait is that him I'm the son of the fujiwara corporation I'm sure you heard of it that's my daddy's company parents company why do you make iori your enemy because I couldn't forgive her because.

She had everything and everyone's attention Yori isn't rich or anything but she still has friends surrounding her why do you think that is who knows it's probably because she's pretty that's not it no matter how much money you have no matter how pretty you are.

People don't gather around untrustworthy people Yori isn't calculating and she treats everyone equally that's why people love her so much Yori were you listening why yeah I heard everything do you think I could change I want to be.

Friends with everyone too is it too late for me of course you can I was just like you I couldn't trust anyone around me and thought that everyone only came close to me for money that's why I left my house and started Living On My Own because I wanted real friends.

Hey Laurie I'm sorry I want to be like you too after that incident Yori and I started acting like we usually do even in school of course yori's true self was quickly revealed and I was worried about what would happen but people thought it was easier to talk to her now and she was surrounded by.

Friends for some reason I was dragged into all of that and my school life became a lot more fun the only problem was that I was a little embarrassed at how clingy iori was with me it was good I'm glad huh.

Why am I cleaning out a woman's ears what if Yori is a scary woman that uses Magic on men hey why are you so nice to me yo I couldn't trust the people around me either I thought that everyone came near me because they wanted money that's why I left my house and started.

Living On My Own yeah I know how that feels but you were different I was just an introverted high school student but you trusted me you don't know how happy that made me feel me too I was thinking the same thing you are always taking care of me and.

Understood me even when you didn't know who I was no one's ever been like that we're very similar aren't we I love you Leo I love you I'm never letting you go I love you too iori I'm so glad we met oh well you make me your wife someday yeah we're going to be together forever.

We need to prepare then prepare why do I have a bad feeling about this all right let's start by living together immediately uh we're still high schoolers isn't that a little too fast when we live together we could eat together bathe together sleep together and be together all the.

Time oh uh I forgot I ran out of soy sauce I'm going shopping wait a second I'm not letting you get away from yo thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.