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[Manga Dub] The careless girl tries to act like a caring big sister until I tell her that.. [RomCom]


Re okay ah you're here again my name is Rio yasmi and I was looking up at the bright blue sky when a drunk lady appeared in front of me her name is Maho harumia and she lives around this area whenever I see her on the weekends she's drunk in broad daylight I think she's a bad example of an adult.

For some reason she persistently tries to talk to me it's been over two years since we met are you looking at the sky again I have nothing else to do hmm do you want me to bring you somewhere again then can you ask me that when you're not drunk you're gonna be mean to me I'm 24 years old you know I'm seven years older than.

You Mr high schooler some respect I think it's a little hard to respect a drunk person like her can you at least stop drinking during the day okay let's go to the gaming center today ah you never listen to what I have to say Miss are you always bored very rude aren't you.

I'm a businesswoman I work from day to night on the weekdays then why don't you relax at home when you're off child Rio a way to spend the weekend is to drink early in the end and live however you ever yeah that's a lie how do you know.

That at the very least that's what I always do I've never seen my parents spend their weekends that way I mean I rarely see them home but ryokoon I'm sorry it's nothing yeah yeah you should have fun when something bad happens then you'll forget about it by tomorrow.

I wish I was as carefree as her all right let's play this musical game then mahosan do you always play games like this nope I rarely come to the gaming center in the first place I think the last time I played this was in high school there were a lot of families that would go to the gaming center when I was.

Little but you can play games at home now and after cell phones started coming out fewer people come here I mean I guess it can't be helped that's what happens when technology advances it's a difficult problem they say a lot of jobs are going to be taken over by robots in the future if you let everything Slide by saying it's more.

Convenient we might end up regretting it in our future you know like in those science fiction movies huh what's wrong are you really mahosan what's that supposed to mean it's so strange to hear you talk about a serious topic who do you even think I am I'm a.

Businesswoman who's older than you I know a lot more about Society than you sir don't get so angry anyways shall we play gosh you always make fun of me oh it's fine I'll play shoot what's wrong I think I forgot my wallets at home.

Oh I see you did it again mahosan is super clumsy she's forgotten her wallet at home a couple of times now that's not it I have a very sincere explanation for this very sincere explanation that must be hard wallet inside purse because she was drunk I'm going home.

I'll lend you money my pride as an adult can't stand borrowing money from a high schooler anymore I see that's a shame then I guess we're done for today what are you saying you're coming with me what it's only lunch time what made you think that I'm going to let you go home your plan is to hang out with me all day.

Okay and like that mahosan pulled me in the direction of her house that's when it's not here it's not here either the wallet it's gone it seems like mahosan had lost her wallet this is a more Troublesome situation than usual it seems she sobered up from the sudden problem too do you remember putting your wallet in.

Your purse yeah I'm pretty sure I did then there's a high possibility that you dropped it somewhere you should call up your credit card companies and ask them to freeze your cards just in case mahosan immediately called up her credit card companies and had them freeze her cards while she did that I thought about our.

Game plan if it's somewhere in this house it's safe since no one will pick it up and try to steal it so that means we should walk through mahosan's day outside first if she still can't find it I guess we'll have to file a missing report at the police station it seemed like she was going to have her credit and debit cards reissued so she.

Was okay on that end her credit card company also told her not to worry since she would be receiving reimbursements if her card was used by someone else but her driver's license was inside her wallet so it was better if we find it quickly find it we walked through the same streets Maho.

Sonic walk that day but we couldn't find her wallet anywhere someone else most likely got to it first you have your bank pass with you right I do but I can't plant my money without my card at the bank I use if I don't have my debit card I can't pull out any money so you have nothing right now how do I say this I feel so bad for you.

I don't even know what to say re-issuing debit cards takes a weak minimum it's over I don't even have money for night's dinner uh all right then for yokoon come to my house I can give you something to eat at the very least what.

That's I can't make a high schooler treat me to food it's not like I'm directly paying for it to be exact my parents are the ones treating you so don't worry about it it you're really okay with it we should help each other out when we're in need okay yes please then she must have been.

Mentally exhausted at that point because she followed me very obediently then oh what is this huge house you didn't know I mean you never brought me to your house before this is the first time I've been to a house this crazy Pig yeah it's big but you know it's very lonely being here by yourself sometimes.

Of housekeepers I thought huge places like this normally have people attending to the house my parents are super cautious they're afraid something might happen if they hire someone so that's why they don't hire housekeepers besides I think it's more so because they rarely come home they probably.

Think it's a ways to hire someone but you're here ryokun I can always eat outside a cleaning robot cleans up my room too I'm allowed to spend my money how I want to and they always deposit money into my account they gave me a credit card too so this is no problem for me at the moment okay do you want to go.

Shopping then I'll have to borrow money but I can cook you something mahosan you can cook excuse me what's that supposed to mean nothing usually people like you don't know how to cook food I live on my own so of course I know how to cook so unexpected I don't mind eating.

Somewhere nope I want to have some warm homemade food you might be always eating expensive food but I want you to know that homemade food is also delicious she somehow seems so different from mahosan I mean it's probably because I only know the drunk mahosan what should I cook should I cook the.

Basics like karaga or Japanese hamburger so happy already forget that she lost her wallet did we need to buy this much food I'm going to cook you a lot food okay you're still growing so you need to eat a lot please don't go too crazy I feel like you'd cook a crazy amount of food.

All right just wait I'll be done quickly mahosan started cooking immediately she was very skilled in the kitchen and was so different from her usual clumsy self I guess there are still things I don't know about her this is so good right right I've been cooking since I was in elementary schooler.

I guess every person had some kind of thing they're good at huh what's that supposed to mean I'm saying that the food is delicious I didn't hear you very clearly I bet you're making fun of me I'm not Theo you always make fun of me I'm going to make you pay one day if you're going to say that you should.

Try to fix your childlike attitude first I thought that in my head but I wasn't about to say any extra comments out loud after that we washed dishes together I mean we just rinsed them and let the dishwasher do its thing I'll finish up here so you can go sit down and relax can't do that I'm supposed to do this because I'm older ryokun you should go.

Rest on the sofa I can't make a guess do all of this by herself you already cooked for me guest more like freeloading I'll take care of you from now on ryokoon you don't need to do all that I'm doing it because it makes me happy to take care of you ryokun you're happy people are usually supposed.

To think it's a hassle oh I think of you like my little brother so it makes me happy we're not related by blood and I met you after I became a high schooler didn't I why do you think of me as your little brother probably because you're sassy and say.

Whatever you want to me uh I mean that's a half joke and the other half is serious I think it's because I feel like I can't leave you alone Videocon ignoring what I said maho-san continued talking you can't leave me alone when I first met you I thought he looks.

So sad he sat on the bench at the park and stared at the sky for hours I felt like you'd one day disappear if I left you alone so I couldn't leave you oh hey why do you look so sad what's on your mind it's nothing serious you're lying we've known each other for two years now I already know when you're lying uh.

I'm athletic and have good grades but what are you showing off uh I was stupid for trying to talk to you about it you're you I will I totally will my dad is a professional baseball player.

And my mom is a doctor whoa I had an elite family yeah everyone tells me that they say the reason I can play sports and get good grades is because of my genetics they don't care about how hard I worked at all did something happen I mean I did have a fight with them I thought that everything was pointless so.

I stopped playing sports and stopped studying my parents left me after that it was all my fault though Jose left you they weren't a very good couple but after I started high school they started living separately they were only together because of me so when they decided that they didn't need me their relationship fell apart that's why I'm.

The only one in this house I mean I get money deposited into my account and have a credit card so it's not like I'm struggling oh I see you must have been sad what mahosan he went against the norm just once and you lost everything as a result right you were staring up at the sky because you didn't know what to do.

You can't do things like this I'm younger than you but I'm still a man it's okay I told you didn't I you're like a little brother to me I'll spoil you oh can you still say that if I tell you that I have feelings for you what all of a sudden oh I know you're making fun of me again aren't you.

I'm pretty serious what what always make fun of me I thought you were a bad adult that drinks in broad daylight but I thought that your childlike actions at your clumsiness were cute I mean I do admit that I didn't see you as an older woman but but that's because I treated you like a girl my age.

Oh what does that mean you want to be in a relationship with me that's I wonder does it hey you're supposed to not and say yes I feel like I need more than half-hearted determination in order to date you so don't treat me like stigmatized property.

Besides I didn't say I'd be in a relationship with you hot adults so I won't fall for you that easily you're still a high schooler so that's impossible if you can make me fall for you I like to see you try uh you said it what I understand if that's how you feel I'll take on the challenge as for what happened after that.

I love you mahosan fell for me quite easily I mean as for what happened I'll leave that up to your imagination now that we started dating officially I spoke with my parents to let them know that I wanted to start living with her that's when it's your life Rio do what you want they abandoned me already so.

They approved without any struggle in order to make mahosan happy but also to get back at my parents I started working hard and changed up my attitude it's not going to be easy but I'll do my best so that I don't make the same mistakes again by the way we coincidentally found a dog holding on to mahosan's wallet so she.

Ended up getting that back thank you for watching how was today's video check out our other their videos as well