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[Manga Dub] The CEO changed his bio to keep away the GOLD DIGGERS [RomCom]


My name is nagito I'm a 30 year old that loves cup noodles so much that I started a company making cup noodles okinagi loves cup noodles as my best selling cup noodles and my company grew tremendously I make over two hundred thousand dollars a year.

I didn't have any time to find romance and was single so I made an account on a matchmaking app all of the women I met up with wanted my money though and I was getting really tired of it what was it that I wanted I Want Love Without End I want to love each other before taking an oath before.

An altar incredibly lovely you shouldn't be yelling in the CEO's office you are still quite the Romantic aren't you your desires are pretty difficult to meet you should give up and marry me instead no you want my money is that a problem that's literally only a problem.

This cool woman is my secretary hishona she's 27 and she's great at her job but she's always coming after my money fine I'll show you the best way to avoid women who are after your money that's a thing ooh tell me sure and the profile list you just write a lower yearly income then the woman who want the money won't even put an eye at.

You that's great I'll do that however there is quite a terrible problem with this huh what is it you're scaring me well when your low-income CEO no one may find interest in you that's not true right why aren't you looking at me I immediately put her suggestion into.

Action she was wrong and I matched with one woman immediately before meeting her if her predictions were true I may have been quite upset I wore regular clothes instead of my branded suit ten minutes before the Meetup time sorry to keep you waiting oh I wasn't waiting at all.

This woman is sorara sorasaki she's a 24 year old high school teacher always kind of looking away on the website but looking at her in person she looks pretty um are you hungry would you like to grab a meal all the women have asked for expensive.

Places how about we go to the store that's perfect for us huh sure what is this perfect store I wasn't sure but I followed her the restaurant it's a cup noodle joint the menu is only cup noodles they literally only sell just cup noodles huh that's interesting yeah I recently found out.

About this but you like cup noodles right your profile said that you have a passion for cup noodles of course I love cup noodles oh yeah her profile did say that she likes cup noodles okay let's go inside I'd like the soba please I don't want to order my own products here kind of embarrassing.

Okay I'd like the soy flavor akindagi loves Ramen please huh you like that sorawasan yeah it's my favorite cup noodle I think it's the best flavor among all of the cup noodles I love the texture of the noodles why is your face so red are you okay uh don't worry about it can't tell her that she's complimenting.

A product that my company made I'm not a CEO today don't push yourself okay if you're not okay just let me know Miss sorasaki has your back oh uh sorry bad habits ah right you're a high school teacher I didn't know that there are teachers that make their own little clubs you must really love cup noodles.

Then really love them so cute and from the standpoint of someone in the industry I can't stop smiling Hmm this is so good this soup is great too and the noodles are just good too why are you grinning so much oh it's nothing I can't say that I'm happy because she's eating my product so.

Happily huh I just noticed that this cup noodle has your name is this crap she must have figured me out it's it's psychic some coincidence huh I'm jealous of you for having the same name as this cup noodle really phew she didn't have me by the way why did.

You decide to see me well my parents have been pushing me to marry someone so they forced me to join a matchmaking app but one day they said that there was a cup Maniac Like You on the site so I just figured we would get along so also um uh what is it tell me I need to know your face was just uh attractive please.

Don't make me say it sorry this is the first time in my life that someone has said that I look good all the women I've met up with only wanted my money so cute though why did you meet with me um that's what do I say can't say that I intentionally lowered.

My income to keep the gold diggers at Bay and managed to match with you I should just tell her what I felt when I saw her profile I just thought that maybe I could find true love with you oh my God that was the wrong thing to say to her on the first date I totally just activated hopeless romantic mode.

She's totally going to run away now such a hopeless romantic huh yeah sorry I'm sure I spooked you on our first date I was surprised but I'm not against the idea I don't mind hopeless Romantics really oh thank God we continue to eat a few cup noodles before talking about heading out and all right I'll go take care of.

This bill oh here take this then no it's fine I don't want the woman to I don't want to teach my students that this is expected for men to pay for the woman if I don't want to teach them that then I need to be the role model I want to be honest to them so badass she's not only cute but totally a badass too okay how about we.

Go 50 50. before we split up I felt that I wanted to see her again so I decided to just go for it um would you be interested in seeing me again sure if you want to see me again we started going out often and seeing each other more frequently we had regular dates and since I was.

Living a fairly well-off life I enjoyed these down-to-earth dates as they were relaxing I kept getting more and more attracted to her but I was worried about when to tell her that I was a CEO the women who were after my money wanted to go to expensive places or fancy places but she always seemed so happy.

With regular locations uh what do I do I should tell her the truth but sir please stop vocalizing your worries it's annoying oh was I talking out loud but isn't annoying a little mean you're curious about what she might say when you tell her your secret correct yeah there are only four likely outcomes.

One she hates you for lying two she likes you even more because you're rich three she doesn't really care she's not interested in you to begin with OR she doesn't really care because she likes you I don't want any of the outcomes other than four but if you don't tell her the truth this.

Is just a fake relationship and you will not find true love I know it's fine if you are dumped I will marry you I'm good you're after my money but if it doesn't go well you cheer me up sure I'll take half of your net worth as a fee you're totally just stealing my money.

That's not making me feel better at all I'll just pray that it doesn't end up with that time passed and I wasn't able to tell her the truth one day we were heading home from watching a movie and I found a good time to tell her the truth that was fun wasn't it cup noodle in Black the fighting was just so cool yeah I hope the noodle liens find their.

Way home I want them to live life happily and not have any interruptions you're always so warm and kind you are kind hopeless romantic really she continued to compliment me and every time she did I felt better about myself and even more I fell more for her but right as I was about to tell her.

Oh I'm getting a call huh okay I'll head right over is something the matter my student is holding up in the school he's saying that he won't ever graduate I need to go I'm so sorry sorry I'll see you again soon sure good luck dang I couldn't tell her again oh well.

I'll tell her the next time I see her but I would be surprised when I saw her the next time we were at a hotel announcing a new cup noodle this cup noodle was special but I never got used to talking in front of a lot of people all right let's see the CEO make his announcement for the new cup noodle hello everyone.

I'd like to start off by announcing the name of the cup noodle the name is right as I was about to announce the name there was someone in the crowd just giving me a Blank Stare I did not expect to see that face or sakisan why is she here I completely forgot what I was doing and who I was.

I'd be lying to her why are you here sorosaki-san I want a cup noodle lotto and Scott an invitation oh yeah we were doing a lotto uh so um yeah she's gotta be mad that I was hiding that I was the CEO you were the founder of Aki Nagi loves Robin I've always admired you can I have your signature.

Huh what uh you're not mad what exactly would I be mad about that I was hiding the fact that I was a CEO oh really I'm surprised but it's not like you're hiding anything bad can I have your signature Lee doesn't care she's a catch for sure then I said something that I really regret to this day.

I thought maybe you'd like me because you found out I was rich you total idiot good what the hell just because I found out you were rich I wouldn't be interested in you if you weren't rich is that what you're trying to say that's so insulting I I've fallen for you long before I found out you are.

The CEO wow I don't want you to think that others won't like you if you're rich there is one person that will absolutely like you even if you weren't rich I don't care if you're not rich because you're kind and beautiful thank you for that wake-up call I'm sorry for what I said earlier this.

Is going to just be an excuse but will you hear me out yes at first I registered on the site as a CEO all the women were after my money and I I started feeling like the only good part I had to offer was that I was rich I guess I had no appeal besides my money.

You know that's why a second ago I was a little nervous after you found out that I was rich that I just said something completely insulting I know that you're not the kind of person to judge people based on how much money they have I'm so sorry no it's okay I'm sorry that I hit you without hearing your side of the story first no.

You really didn't do anything wrong after I started dating you I was able to notice all of the nice things about myself because you always complimented me I have nothing but thanks for that I'm a teacher I'm great at finding the good in people I'm your student dad you're my special students that's an.

Honor um I have something that I wanted to show you it's this wait is this yes this is the new model of cup noodle it's got your name in it you know how you were saying that you were jealous of me.

For having a cup noodle named after me well I made one for you why would you do so much for me because I really like you I wanted to see you smile while you ate it the flavor is also great I guarantee it thank you so much I'm really happy about you and the cup noodles would you like to have the Sora Ramen.

With me after the announcement ceremony yes I'd love to that's how I was able to find my true love and spend my romantic days with her check out our other videos as well