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[Manga Dub] The chubby girl grows up and becomes a super model level beauty! [RomCom]


Imari tachibana Smiles are just brimming with confidence Earl so any opinions it's so lovely it suits you really well Amari I know right she's a hottie gorgeous stylish cool you name it she's probably already got such words of Praise from our classmates it's like these compliments simply grow on trees like nothing and it's not that.

She's all smiles as she gets showered with compliments or some sort of approval seeking Behavior resulting from others in fact it's this imari wasn't born as this class heartthrob you see right now rather imari worked hard to be this glamor girl and this imari is all a product of her own dedication as well as.

Hard work Amari You're simply slaying it today too girl you're an eye candy oh really thanks see rather than being all shy about it she's simply pulling this Vibe with ease by the way Amari want to hit the karaoke after classes are over um let me join too oh me too Count Me In you're probably wondering why I know.

Imari this well so you see well my name is mitsuru Ono and I'm childhood friends with imari that's why imari's gonna hit the karaoke with her friends huh yeah looks like I'm heading straight home again for today now that I think about it since when did imari start being this popular.

Was it Middle School I'm a bit bummed seeing things right now but it should be fine as long as she's really happy with all these hey mitsuru why would you leave me alone imari what happened weren't you going to the karaoke with your friends um so about that something kinda came up.

So something I thought you were always free during Thursdays oh OMG you're taking notes on my schedule weirdo um forget about that so look how do I look today how do you look uh imari has this weird side to her you see she's always brimming with confidence at school but whenever it's just the two of us she suddenly acts demure and shy.

Kind of strange if you ask me oh don't act dumb yeah right imari usually wears her black hair straight all the way down today was different it's rare seeing her tying her hair up in a half ponytail nevertheless with a hair clip to top it all looks good on you really yeah it's pretty yeah God honestly I kind of lied about it.

What I thought was she looked really really pretty but I couldn't bring myself to utter such words straight to her face that she looked so adorable as I was shy plus we're already in high school it'd be embarrassing telling a girl she was oh so adorable gorgeous stylish and even cool could easily pass as your.

Everyday compliment towards imari as everybody uses them using these to praise her doesn't bother me a bit wait don't tell me that thing you want to do is is this this what I mean did you want my opinion on how your new hairstyle looked like that something you mentioned earlier no you.

Told wrong that reaction man I was right on the money you aren't listening look it's not all about that you don't need to be embarrassed about it I swear it does look really good uh shut up yeah you didn't really need to ask for my opinion haven't you had enough from all those compliments you.

Got from our classmates geez and even catching up to me just for this Mitzvah you could be really dense at times looky Mari Now's the Time to speak up if you have something bothering you I might have done something terribly wrong heck I'm even willing to apologize for it fine you you did nothing wrong if.

There's someone to blame could be me see that's what I was trying to say give me a break oh so now you want to know what forget it um right it was probably after being in high school where things concerning imari really got increasingly confusing and it's not like we're on bad terms.

Compared to When We Were Young it's just a bit different imari looked and behaved totally different back then when we were little she was usually alone and a crybaby you get away from us Little Miss Piggy oh what's a tubby like you doing in those frilly clothes that's what you are a little Miss Piggy you really believe.

Wearing those would make you cute news flash Porky it doesn't suit you at all come here hey that loser is holding her hand don't be a loser sitting in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g um oh why did you uh so I think you're really cute I swear really so you're not gonna call me.

Little Miss Piggy nah no way I'm not like those jerks why did you save me because I would hate it if something happens hey what so you see if they continue bullying you I mean you probably stop wearing that pretty dress and you do something like that okay I'll see you then um wait your name mitsuro Ono I'm Amari.

Tachibana so look tomorrow I'll be wearing my favorite dress so like at this park you got it you just need me to be here right promise me okay pinky swear me and this was the moment we first met each other the following day we made it a thing to hang out together and while we got teased by the other kids it didn't.

Really bother us we were together all the time Yahoo hello Earth to mitsuru what the heck are you spacing out for oh my bad I just remembered something from before something from before since then you've kind of changed imari something like that I've changed where you're kind of close so which is.

Better the Amari from back then or this Amari right now hands down the imari right now um why well it's because you're the class heartthrob right now you're pretty popular among the boys plus you have a lot of girls who are really friendly around you and hey don't you get discovered for those modeling.

Jobs once in a while nothing beats the imari right now well that's just everyone's objective opinion right here look at me then tell me what your subjective opinion is what you honestly think of me like what's different before and no my subjective opinion huh that would definitely be still the imari right now and also wasn't I the only.

Playmate you had back then when we were little now you even Garner lots of attention from people around you right you're just better off right now as you have lots of friends you can hang out with after class seriously I thought I was better off with just you us together alone like in the past.

Mitsuru nah you'll surely be bored to death with me oh I've had enough I'm leaving see you tomorrow then bye hey imari obviously I mean he isn't wrong so we've outgrown each other we weren't those innocent kids from back then expecting things to continue just like in the past is silly still that's why I've made an effort to do my best so.

He'll notice me but it's it's still isn't enough uh so yep these braided half ponytail look so it doesn't suit me like only those real feminine cutie type girls could pull off this hairstyle oh what were you thinking Amari he even chose this girly hair clip I even put a.

Lot of effort into picking this ribbon design well how am I kidding it doesn't suit me I really want to wear something cute like like when I was little wow imari you look really cute in that dress thanks Dad bought it for me then I was excited putting on a new dress that I chose every single day.

Mitsuru would always compliment me with that's cute this made me really happy I really wanted to hear more of mitzros that's cute and so poured every effort into becoming prettier it was grueling at first but nothing really was that tough if it all meant getting praised by mitsuru but things took a turn after reaching middle school.

So hey I kind of noticed something's different with you now that we're in Middle School imari you think so not sure if it's because you're now cooler or maybe prettier I guess you're kind of matured now is what I'm trying to say huh I can't see what you're trying to get at even our school uniforms are playing boring navy.

Blue but somehow it really looks good on you imari so you're saying a plain doll blue style looks good on me no I I didn't mean that what I'm trying to say is that you've managed to pull it off it doesn't mean you're plain or dull or anything imari okay then honestly which would suit me better a brightly colored one or this navy blue uniform hmm.

That would be this navy blue one because you look more mature in that is that so as I sat in front of the mirror each day I came to a realization that even though I was pursuing these cutesy look or style there came a time that I inevitably leaned towards making myself prettier my luck style and overall appearance.

Straight far from what one would call this cute this dress doesn't suit me too it was one of my favorites too I often Chuck these fashion magazines and got a number of influencers and inspiration from it but as I read through I ended up realizing that such cutesy items weren't really tailored for someone like me come.

To think of it mature hasn't really been complimenting me being cute lately did he already forget our thing back then when we were little my style is totally different now compared to Middle School I've gotten more into this sort of cool girl Aesthetics recently as I persevered and strived into perfecting my looks I then kind of started seeking validation.

Too from everyone around me that helped me become more confident but in the end it wasn't that kind of me that I was longing for this me right now could probably just pull off these simple ribbons I honestly wanted to put on this one and maybe if I did mitsui would call me cute this totally wouldn't look good on me ah.

Mom could you at least knock on the door oh sweetheart did I just discover something that would put you in trouble not really Mom look that's not the issue right now well set that aside for now moving on this mom of yours thinks that an oversized ribbon might suit you well honey you're still prying into this topic Mom oh my well excuse me you just.

Kind of had this word look on your face leave me alone Mom I'm sure mitsuru would compliment you if he sees you dotting those barrettes mitsubu has nothing to do with this oh and see you're panicking at the moment because mitsuru hasn't called you cute am I right or am I right what what why would you say that why.

Mitzvah's already all grown up right isn't strange to think a boy his age would have reservations calling a girl cute or is it not yourself in a boy's shoes surely that would be hard to do right mom that isn't true at all it's just I'm simply not cute oh sweetie don't be so hard on yourself you see adolescent boys sort of.

Find it hard to be straightforward with what they want to say um so what should I do oh that's where you get your game face on and you just go on the offense make sure to sell yourself flaunt your style really all what I meant was no I told you Mom this isn't about mitsuru oh give it up there's quite a history with you and.

Your unrequited love from its row oh darling I'd really love to get to this story's conclusion already OMG mom I told you whatever you say in face offense really Mom I'll see you later then Mom oh imari morning good morning.

It's your problem she's so cute I feel it's my first time seeing Emory tying her hair up like this nonetheless she's really killing it geez and that ribbon too and she's too adorable hurry we're leaving uh yeah right she's too cute I'm getting all anxious uh what what is it now nothing really we kind of did this back then right or is this awkward no.

What's up with imari today on top of being really really cute she's clinging this close to me aren't you going to say something going to say what here's my cue this should be the moment I'd be saying she's all cute cute make sure you're free later after our.

Classes end okay I repeat after our classes ends promise me okay sure time really does Fly Fast and the school bell just rang I wonder what this is all about just like before she did stick real close to me though without saying anything.

At me oh yeah our places are in completely different directions so I was just wondering if we're heading to the nearest station seriously I just felt like taking a stroll right today was like before I have zero clue as to what was going on through imari's head thanks to our little detour though being spotted by the other students from our.

School was the least of our concerns so everybody was kind of surprised today yeah they were I mean it's so obvious they'd be surprising me with this hairstyle it's just weird right uh something wrong so pretty yeah you did wear these kind of clothes back then imari right um so did you remember.

Yeah I know I can't really forget something like that I see then quick over here uh hold on are we going inside the shop it'll be fine just hurry up as expected everything just looks gorgeous here good afternoon is there anything I could help you with um do you have any dresses that matches.

Well with this Barrette oh I see I'll bring them in a few seconds are you also trying them on yes please give me your honest opinion okay sure so uh imari What uh forget it that's when it all hit me somehow I kind of realized I was turning away imari all this time and was thinking I could lightly get away with it and she just shrug it off because it.

Was her uh I'm the worst even though imari was this close to me I still failed to blurt those words she wanted from me um oh you done changing promise me you won't laugh yeah swear I swear who am I kidding it doesn't feel right okay I'll change back you look really cute.

The dress itself is cute but you wearing that cute dress imari you're really cute oh what took you so long imari I'm kind of starting to cry you're crying it's just I seriously thought it wasn't cute anymore uh yeah so that's why uh yep imari I owe you an apology I've kept my mouth shut all this time but you're.

Really really cutie Mari uh you're lying no I'm not there was this day when I just suddenly couldn't muster up to tell you you were cute and little by little that continued until they eventually wasn't able to say it at all but I wanna tell you that cool type of girl everyone says I'm pretty or even stylish and that's all the compliments.

I'd ever get since then you're thinking the same thing too I was trying to play it cool by calling you pretty just like everybody else was but you see I was embarrassed bandwagoning with them was kind of less awkward for me look the truth is no matter what anyone says You're simply you're simply cute imari.

Pardon me for cutting you off in the middle of your conversation but have you decided on those clothes uh yeah right uh I'll pay for these and um she'll wear them as it is you're fine with those righty Mari um uh yes thanks for buying me these yeah I'll try lots lots of dresses from now.

On there was this really cute girl just right beside me up until now she'd been known for being that cool girl our class heartthrob but starting today she's just the dearest sweetest girl you'll see that childhood friend of mine it's a drastic change from her current image but this nostalgic feeling tells me things were meant to be this way as.

For imari her Smiles are just brimming with confidence as always oh you have so cute than ever Amari so you've noticed finally oh you have to shed your hair care routine pretty please sure you can count on me that girl's confidence it's a product of all her efforts the reason behind her sweet smile is cause she.

Poured all her best for sure just so she could bring out her cute self so you're really fine with that with what like you've decided not to go with a cute hairstyle or with those cute hair accessories while at school and I mean I wasn't planning on being all girly you're cute while at school at all showing this cutie side of me is a.

Special treat oh just for your eyes mitsuru thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well