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[Manga Dub] The class president caught me skipping class and my punishment was… [RomCom]


My name is Sano itzky I'm a third year high school student who is currently skipping class and spending fourth period on the roof the rooftop is a restricted area but anyone can enter Because the lock is broken oh fourth period is over I better get back before I get in.

Trouble but it feels so good here maybe I'll stay a little longer I laid back down again and closed my eyes wake up Sano wake up yeah hiakawa that reaction this is yukina hayakawa she has long black hair that's well kept.

A nice face and excellent Style to top it off she's very clever she's like the Madonna of our school she also happens to be the student council president why the heck are you here isn't this area restricted I could ask you the same thing a student body president I've been tasked for.

Checking whether any students have been trespassing on the rooftop but Sano you don't have any permission to enter here do you why are you here in this restricted area I wonder what does it matter give me a break I don't know maybe I'll report this you bother it's not like it'll Merit you in any way.

Perhaps not but I could probably use this to my advantage for something else what do you mean by that if you promise to listen to everything I have to say I might let you go what if I report you you'll be labeled as a class skipping Problem Child they might assign you to a special discipline ah.

So what will it be will you do as I say or get disciplined Play Dirty you the one at fault for being here in the first place I'm telling you I'll let you go if you do as I say if anything I'm being really generous here and what is it you want me to do exactly don't tell me I have to do more than one.

Of course have only one wish and that favor is for you to be appointed as the vice president of the student body Council huh of course I won't burden you with any important tasks then what the heck are you forcing me to do I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend huh what are you talking about.

How rude of course not I've been confessed to a lot recently and it's become quite quite bothersome so you want me to act as your boyfriend so that people won't try to confess to you indeed so what do you think well if it's not too difficult then fine then it's settled please say your name here.

All right all right why isn't there a vice president already there are no applicants for the position I'm sure you're absent that day as well so you are unaware of it zero applicants dang this school is full of slackers huh why me couldn't you have asked someone else I've known you since middle school plus.

I got your weakness why hasn't it rained today what a shame the weather forecast calls for Sunshine all week after school please come to the counseling room you have no plans right hey don't just assume that well do you have any plans I mean no but then it's fine.

What are you making me do I don't want to do it if it's going to be a pain actually I was asked to meet with someone after school and I'm sure it's another confession so I want to show him I have you as a boyfriend and make him give up on me for good they're not going to hurt me are they sure about that but.

What for now please just meet me after school remember if you don't I will report you yes yes I heard you this should be it right huh I guess he isn't here yet this is my first time in the student council room but it's very neat and tidy huh.

Oh you actually came good job so what exactly do you need me to do you don't have to do anything right now for now just wait for me to finish my work that's all your job is to help me after my work you're not required to do anything right now you can use your phone if you want I'll turn a blind eye just for you.

A very lenient president you are I heard you were very strict that's just what people assume because of the way I look I don't mind what's this mountain of papers for don't recognize these papers no I think you've been missing too many classes at this rate you'll end up.

Having to take extra lessons you know no need to worry about that I actually have a grasp of all the classes I've missed at least you are responsible enough to do that uh how long will it take you to finish everything this is a document where you can write down which club you'll be.

Joining I'm only going to be entering names so if I hurry it shouldn't take long how many are there there are as many as a number of students in the school but because some students do not attend I do not know the exact number are you sure you'll be able to finish it right away.

Don't have much of a choice can't have you waiting on me forever is there another computer around here huh there is uh what are you going to do with it where is it you can use a computer over there as long as you don't do anything fishy with it I'll take half then.

Wait a minute you'll finish faster if we just do it together but it's fine I have nothing to do anyway I might as well help you finish it so we can go home early right you're not wrong but I'm saying it's fine.

Thanks we'll help I'm finally done I just finished too hey have you been doing this on your own all this time yeah since the students are very busy with their own work and other students aren't in charge of this so the vice president is actually supposed to assist.

Me but we don't have one so it can't be helped I see then call me if you need any help huh I don't have any friends or anything to do so I'm bored every day Sano actually a really nice guy huh not really.

All right let's go home yeah oh before that you'll need to fulfill your role remember Ah that's right I'm counting on you ah you can Nissan you really waited for me this whole time huh anyways who's that guy next to you oh Sano is I have something to say to Yuki Nissan.

So buzz off hey you're about to confess to her right uh so what it's got nothing to do with you but it does after all I'm going out with her what what you've got to be kidding me right you it's not a lie it is but it is what it.

Is sorry let's go eatski that was some great acting you're over exaggerating oh and one more thing when you were pretending to be my boyfriend please call me yukina instead of hayakawa okay okay you're really a great help thank you see you tomorrow.

One week after becoming vice president yukina called saying she needed help with something immediately almost sorry I was suddenly asked to do this but it appeared to be a lot of work so it's fine I'm the one who told you to call me if you needed any help anyway I'm done on my end so I'll help you now.

That's fine I just finished wow fast about you tomorrow yeah why why don't we go shopping for a change of pace we could also take a break since we had a lot of work to do wouldn't it be better to just relax at.

Home huh don't be like that fine I'll rephrase it go on a date with me huh why a date because your job is to be my fake boyfriend right it's only natural emphasis on fake if you don't then I'll have to report you about you know what.

I was semi-forced to go shopping with hayakawa the next day I was currently awaiting her arrival thanks for waiting did you wait long yeah a while ah normal people say I just got here too yeah yeah let's go already hey so what's on the agenda I have a lot.

Planned should I list them all no thanks I'll just follow you then first things first hey hey which outfit do you think looks better on me um maybe the black one would suit you more all right I'm going to try it on so wait for me a little okay.

What do you think uh maybe the brown one you showed me earlier is better which is it I'll try that one as well right right here then so never mind the one before looked better really you fine I'll choose the other.

One I want to watch this oh I've heard about this isn't it quite popular right now there are plenty of movies that are in right now let's just watch this alrighty what flavor do you prefer Sano or what the popcorn is since popcorn a must-have.

In movie theaters I don't really have a flavor I like in particular favorite caramel I've been meaning to visit this Cafe then you should have I was busy okay the pancakes here are said to be super fluffy and delicious.

Excuse me can I have this pancake set how about you Sano I guess I'll get the same thing make that too please understood hey hey into a movie theater in quite some time so it was quite impactful I meant what do you think about the film itself uh wasn't the cat really adorable.

You like cats yep I love cats and dogs thank you for waiting please enjoy wow so fluffy and it looks so good it's fluffier than I imagined let's you're right this is really good oh glad we came what's wrong.

Aren't those boys from our school really hey what's gotten into you all of a sudden to show that we're dating isn't it more convincing if we hold hands no need to go that far just do it all right this is my first time holding.

Hands with a girl it makes me feel strange and nervous I think they're gone so you can let go now ayakawa sorry so is there anywhere else you would like to go um it's quite a walk are you okay with.

That that's fine thanks then follow me you really wanted to see the ocean really I don't really think so well it does okay um Sano something to talk about what.

Um first thank you for accompanying me today and um I want to end this fake relationship we have huh are you sure won't you get confessed to again no that's not what I mean I just want to stop pretending huh what do you mean.

I want us to be a real couple what don't tell me am I being confessed to right now what I'm saying is I want to go out with you for real huh why me how should I put it I feel calm around you as if I'm at ease not only that but you're a really nice guy who works hard oh man hearing this in.

Person is a little embarrassing I don't want to have any regrets so I'm confessing to you right now so so what your reply is it a yes or no I mean if you're okay with someone like me I guess are you sure you won't regret going out with me.

There's no way I'd be sorry it must be you also from now on why don't we try to address each other by our first name right itsuki okay yukina I'll be in your care itsuki uh yeah since we're here shall we go for a swim no.

Oh but we came all this way we better get going it's getting dark all righty let's go back you scared me why we're a couple now so holding hands is normal I mean I didn't say you can't but hey itsuki huh what's up yukina can you help me with the school documents again.

Today too yeah I get a lot of work this time around it should settle down soon all right thanks see you after school at the student council room so what do you need help with last time was for the club right this time is listing the names of the committee members.

So just do it like last time then shall we get started what's wrong nothing what is it nothing nothing usually means something's bothering you shut up it's nothing all right if you say so I want here you wanted me to sit next to you.

yeah perfect timing you finished too hey do you have time after this I do why don't we go on an after-school date after school date sure yay it's our first official date I love you itsuki.

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