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[Manga Dub] The class president found my sub account on socials… [RomCom]


My name is yumatsukishiro I'm a senior this year and I'm the vice president of this High School right now I'm going to check the handouts from the student council and give them to the teachers can you hand this one into the teacher too ah tachibanasan.

This beautiful girl who came to talk to me is Mayo tachibanasan tachibanasan is the student council president of the school she's intelligent and good looking she's too perfect I have feelings for tachibanathan I know I'm not a good match for her but I ran for vice president because I wanted to.

Be as close to tachiban asan as possible and because I wanted to be useful to her tachibana San is cute today too oh this one too but I've got my hands full why don't you just go back and forth I have other things to do so take care of them I I understand.

I'll go back and forth as many times as it helps tachiban asan I get a little cold shoulder but tachibana sign is busy so it can't be helped oh my God I'm acting a little cold again why are you acting like you're so busy I'm not busy out of hell I don't have that much work to do for student council.

And the test is still a ways away you idiots I hope he doesn't I'm home I like Tachi banasan so much but I can't tell her directly how I feel for her she's too good for me so there's something I always do when I get home the student body president was so cute.

Today I've been using my fake social media account like this and posting my feelings for tachibanasan at first I was a little concerned that it might be a little creepy but perhaps my feelings for tachiban Hassan were too strong and now I'm exploding with feelings for tachiban.

Asan every day I would do anything for the student body president I deleted all of my posts in the past for this account and reset my followers as follows Now it only has a few followers of course my love for the student body president has no bounds.

Fortunately my followers don't seem to find my behavior creepy we're all connected by the fact that we like anime so this person is always posting their love for their favorites too the reason why I'm letting out my feelings for tachibanathan on this fake account goes back to a few months ago kibana-san was so cute today too.

You really like tachibanasan don't you guy's name is ayatoshimazaki I've known him since junior high school I'd say he's my only friend ayato also likes anime and we often talk about it together hey what should I do with these feelings you're so active that you ran for vice president just because tachibanasan is.

Running for student body president why don't you tell her directly that's not the same thing is it besides there's no way I'll be fit for her that may be true but I don't want you to talk to me about tachibanathan all the time oh that's right are you on any social media I used to be but not anymore.

Then I guess you're not on any now do you know what fake accounts are well yeah I do the why don't you make a fake account and tweet about your feelings for her well that's why I'm now posting my feelings for tachibanasan on social media at first I was a bit reluctant but once.

I got used to it it was no big deal wait for tomorrow I can't wait to see her oh Tyson is posting his love for the president again that's a little embarrassing because of the student body president too so it's like I'm being told I was stupid would say something like.

This to me but I get nervous when I talk to tsuki shirokuna I can't speak well and I act cold I want to fix it but I can't fix it at all yeah I'll try my best to fix this the next day after school I came to the student council room for a meeting of the student council I'm the type of person who wants to go.

Home right after school but if I can see tachibanasan that's a different story ah no one's here yet well there's still a lot of time student council meeting starts in 30 minutes there's still time I'll write a little about my feelings for the president she was so cute today too I'm looking.

Forward to seeing her in a little while I know I'm writing weird stuff but only a few people have seen it and I don't know them so it's okay I'll do the rest when I get home 20 more minutes I guess I'll take a nap I'll set the alarm just in case a little early but but better than being.

Late I have to make sure I don't give tukishiro to the cold shoulder today I don't want him to hate me shimokun are you sleeping I get to see it's okay sleeping face lucky I watched superheroku and sleeping face until he wakes up for sleeping with his phone on his desk in the student council room.

T-y and president of the student council here no doubt whitsuki Shiro code tsuki shirokun he posted this a while ago and the notification from subishiro kun's phone was a reply to the same post what's going on that means the student council president it's me isn't it I'm the only president.

In this school that means everything from before then that means to be sure likes me right even though I've been acting so whole towards you said why didn't you tell me directly I'll definitely get him to tell me wake up um.

son you can't be sleeping here I'm sorry I came too early it's good that you came early but you can't do that uh I'm sorry and.

Why right what t-y is the name of the account I use to post my feelings for tachibanasan no there was a notification on tsukushimokun's phone and when I looked at it it said the name YT I actually like anime and there was someone I used.

To talk to about anime they used to exchange direct messages he unfollowed me and changed his icon so I wondered what happened to him and followed him again so I know all about what you have been posting what what you mean you know everything up to now.

Oh no oh what should I do what should I do hey tsuki shirokun yes why didn't you tell me in person what I said why didn't you tell me in person and post it online instead even if you ask me that tell me in.

Person what in person wait you mean directly from what I've been posting on the fake account no way no way there's no way I can't do that but why would she say something like that to me is she making fun of me but but not that kind of person then how.

Come so what's it gonna be what do you mean by that I said are you going to tell me in person well that's her I'm done tsuki shirokun you have no nerve what don't follow me.

No I make tachibana sound angry definitely hates me the two so that happened that's rough tachibanasan hates me and now she knows how I feel about her it's terrible Yuma.

Hmm do you know why tachibanathan said that to you because she was trying to make fun of me right I mean I posted that stuff online dude it's because she likes you of course she just wanted you to tell her in person.

No way there's a world of difference between me and tachibanasan to begin with you know how can touch upon a-san have feelings for me hey he hung up his feelings for me no way touch upon the sun is too good for me there's no way but.

Maybe it's a chance to express my feelings directly I've been posting my feelings online to keep them secret but now that my account has been exposed and I can't post my feelings anymore this is my chance I can't waste it I already know how it will turn out when I tell her my feelings anyway.

What are you so hesitant for that's right you already know the outcome anyway so there's no need to be afraid of it all I have to do is express my feelings okay I'll tell her tomorrow the next day after school I called tachibanasan to the student council room.

I don't know if she'll come but maybe she won't I made her so angry yesterday what's wrong calling me here after school tachibanasan you came if I hadn't come you would have been waiting in the student council room all.

Day wouldn't you I had no choice but to come thank you so what's the matter um I'm sorry about yesterday I didn't have the courage to tell you in person so I'll tell you I really like you tachiban asan uh.

You work hard at everything you do you always lend a helping hand and you're just so cute anyway I really like you tachibana-san I like you so much that I get stressed out if I don't post my feelings secretly online you finally said it I did I knew I'd regret it if I didn't.

for liking me yes listen there's something I want to tell you too Suki shirokun something you want to tell me yes um I also I like you too what what.

You like me being student body president and saying tsuki shirokun up close I fell in love with you how come you work hard at everything you do you're very kind and you're really cool oh no so will you go out with me go out me going out with tachibanasan.

Who else then could the class president be someone else it's you tachibanasan but you said more about me online didn't you yes I wonder if you'll tell me that in person for example.

Think for yourself uh um I want to go on a date with you yeah then let's do it let's do it tomorrow 's a day off right are you going are you going or not I'm going please let me go yes okay I'll DM you for more details and I haven't heard a reply yet.

Reply I asked you to go out with me but you haven't responded uh are you sure you're okay with me say that you're special to mitsuki shirokun I want to go out with you then I'm looking forward to us Huma uh yes tachibanasan hey why do you call me by my last name.

What we're dating remember you should call me by my first name do you not know my name I do my usan and don't call me son I understand Mayu and no honorifics I understand okay yeah perfect see you tomorrow then.

The next day I came to a cafe in front of a station with Mayu apparently Mayu had been wanting to come here for a long time look amazing fluffy pancakes they look so delicious huh let's eat Yuma yeah so good.

The price of the pancakes are 1 500 yen but it was worth the price I never thought I would come to a cafe with Yuma I never thought I'd have a future where I could go out with you Mayu if only Uma had confessed to me earlier we could have gone out sooner if only you told me in person instead of online.

Sorry I made fun of you a little bit terrible but it's true right I've always liked you Huma could have confessed his feelings to me at any time if that's the case you should have confessed earlier her I wanted you to tell me I actually wanted Yuma to ask me out too.

That's too high a hurdle I'm still bothered say it now now but we're already together then let's break up once what then Mayu please go out with me I have no choice but to go out with you I tried so hard to be brave I'm sorry but I'm so happy.

Also I have an order for you Yuma order don't secretly post your feelings on me for the internet anymore and tell me directly for already a couple so you can do that can't you yes good I know your account Tookie shirokun I'm always watching ah I won't so don't worry that's suspicious.

I'm serious I guess I'll believe you thanks but if you break it I won't forgive you okay I'll never do that then tell me you like me now if you haven't said that to me today oh no I like you Mayu yeah I like you too Yuma.

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