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[Manga Dub] The class president is actually my fiancee… [RomCom]


Hey you your tie is crooked again oh sorry and your hair you're a junior and you still can't clean up your act as a leader towards the freshman and sophomores look at UNO Saka getting chewed up by the class president again he's always being warned I feel so bad for him isn't he always.

Being called to you instead of his name she always warns others with their last names the girl in the same class as me was Emma Takamine she was the class president and out of everyone's reach she did her job perfectly as class president could study hard was athletic and had a very good personality.

However to me she was just a nuisance then one day my wife came through my doors came here to get married to you my name is Eva Takamine I'm not perfect but I hope I'm enough for you um you're the class president right you could call me Emma.

Class president came to get married what's she talking about so let's get going to Uno Saka I could feel my heart race from that smile and that's how we started living together but within a month of her living at my house hey Emma wake up don't sleep at the entrance.

I was just so tired of the class president job that I had to do it stop your whining if you're going to sleep go to bed can you carry me like a princess to the bed and help me get out of these clothes you little fine I'll carry you no stop dragging me my script.

So you know this lazy human and the class president same person I've been taking care of this spoiled girl for over a month let me explain how this all started one day she showed up at my house you can call me Emma just kidding Torah unasaka.

Emma I mean class president why are you here I think you came to the wrong house what are you even talking about being my wife I'm not of age to get married yet I feel like you're getting too ahead nope I definitely came to the right house to get married I see I guess you can tell me more about the.

Details and that's when she told me everything apparently this was all decided from before so yeah it was decided a while ago you didn't know I didn't know anything about it my dad is such a dad what the hell why is there some girl.

Claiming to be my wife at my house surprise this is not funny dad summarizing my dad's story here apparently when I was still in middle school he got along with a CEO in a certain company and they had really hit it off talking about a manga and some do to be wed wife.

Ah getting married with a cute girl that was predestined they wanted to make each other's kids get married in the future apparently I love that I wish I had that kind of thing happen to me when I was your age you need to be playing some weird games or something what do you think your own.

Son's life is oh come on it's fine oh I have work sorry gotta go that rotten dad he always runs away to his work when it's a little tough wait hang on that means it's just something our parents decided for us maybe she just showed up even though she didn't want to because her dad said so.

She's technically a victim here I need to ask what she thinks I'm sure she was annoyed by me anyway so I confirmed everything and it seemed to be true but are you sure you really want to do this it's just something that our parents decided for us so of course I'm okay with it I wouldn't be here if I didn't.

Like it awkwardness She's so different from when she was in school but it's not like you like me right you you always warn me even though I guess technically it's my fault but.

not like that what do you mean it's been interested in you ever since I started high school but I've always been kind of an awkward person so I can't fully talk to you in front of people but I couldn't really talk to you unless I was being strict so I'm sorry huh so you've always liked me I really.

Didn't notice yeah I just wanted to talk to you thank you tardu I love you what do you think about me I'm pretty confused to be honest it's just something that our parents decided without talking to us and I didn't know about it until now you suddenly telling me that you love me or that you're here to be my wife.

Doesn't really ring true then how about we live together for a little bit practice for being a wife and a husband living together huh I guess that's okay I accepted the offer thinking that the school's most beautiful girl would be looking after me and I knew that I.

Shouldn't just let this girl who was head over heels for me go free I just felt like something wasn't quite right hey can I watch TV I have some dramas I want to watch oh yeah sure but then she ended up staying in front of the TV for about five hours after.

That hey what are you doing huh I'm watching TV about relaxing you came over to watch TV what I figured once I became your wife I didn't have to do anything you're not some kind of VIP I thought that you were going to take care of the house or something I'm I'm actually not good at doing.

Anything around the house at all is that really something you should be bragging about as a wife it's delicious this is all so delicious I'm so glad I could come and get married to you you seem happy I'm not sure if this is a bad ending for me she seemed to be enjoying her time.

Eating my food no no she seemed cute like a dog but I wasn't interested in raising a wife like a puppy I felt a little confused with the difference in Behavior at school versus at home I understand that she's pretty rotten as a wife at least so I started getting dinner ready but.

Um can you do anything around the house um I don't have much experience but I'm able to provide some nightly assists okay okay don't answer that never mind I shouldn't have asked she's not going to fool me anyway it's late so you can stay over but you're going home tomorrow you can use the shower and bath whenever you.

Want I'll put out a futon for you what I have to go home I want a wife that can do something around the house I don't want to ask for too much but I don't want a wife that does nothing since I was exhausted mentally I just passed out immediately.

But the next morning Emma why are you asleep in my bed wake up Emma was supposed to be asleep in the other room but for some reason she was in my bed and to make things worse sorry I got called and you were pretty rough last night what what was rough.

You don't remember oh well but you didn't let me fall asleep what the hell did I instinctually I need to take care of her as a man and that's how we started living together however we pretended to act the exact same at school to make sure no one figured things out however because she was unable to do.

Anything at the house I had to take care of two people instead of one and to add to it she tended to get in the way of my chores Todo for dinner tonight hey Emma I'm holding a knife don't hold on to me change tovu you could get it to your.

School uniform on your own right they want you to put it on for me we're married so it's okay right please she kept asking to be spoiled at every chance she found was this really because she wanted to feel loved but this was pretty tough to be honest with you in a lot of ways ah.

What's wrong you look exhausted your hair is totally all over the place by the way the girl talking to me was a classmate kaide ichinose there you go oh better you must she likes to take care of people so she can't leave me alone knowing that I live by myself thanks I'm pretty good with my class.

Chores but I can't say that I live with the class president what what he's talking to a girl and there's sparks flying is he cheating what are they talking about I just watch my coincidentally I'm not eavesdropping no it's seriously a nuisance what no sense I totally get it but after a while isn't.

It even more of a nuisance to throw it away no I plan on throwing it away immediately it's no help to me nuisance the wrong way no use is he talking about me oh no he's going to throw me away if I keep this up in other words you just need to make sure everything is organized especially.

Things like magazines I learned that living alone I see your house looks like it would be clean we live close anyway can I go by sometime no what oh why not I I don't know about a girl coming into a guy's room where are the other guys would be fine with me going to their house he's a.

Really straight edge I love him you open the door and voila the class president is here yeah that's not gonna happen uh that day when I went home welcome home sweetie I saw Emma in an apron for some reason coming towards me.

At full speed to the entrance thanks you never wear an apron what's going on you can't tell what's going on looking at me like this I felt something bad coming when I saw her like that by the way I'm pretty good with these kinds of hunches I made this oh you were conducting.

Science experiments this is carbon right no it's cooking I only see a clump of the element C on the plate I promise the flavor is good try some it tastes like delicious food it makes me want to cry did you just mix up the world's sadness into this ball of carbon could just tell me it's not good.

Oh I filled up the bat for you yeah he has water in the bath but this isn't steam it's cold air coming off the surface right oh crap I forgot to use the hot water and washing our clothes yeah it looks like the washing machine is suffering and bubbling out of its lid.

How much detergent did you use um I just took a guess and used the whole bottle this isn't doing the chores this is a tragedy uh I ended up redoing everything but it took more time than if I had just done.

It myself I'm sorry so what happened why did you suddenly try doing the chores today because they because why are you crying let me away because I'm not useful right huh.

I heard you talking to Kai day at school today what did you hear wait what huh why are you laughing you said it's not useful thought you threw it away you thought that was about you you're totally misunderstanding me what.

That was about things like clothes that you don't wear anymore or magazines and what to do when you're done with them so I was really just mistaken you're jumping to conclusions way too fast you thought you weren't useful that's not the case if anything I've been recently able to laugh about things.

Really oh thank God I thought you were going to dump me oh I'm not going to do that don't worry but why I'm not useful at all oh that's because I have to take responsibility as a man responsibility for what you remember the first night you came over.

You said it was rough teeth grinding instantly huh teeth grinding so nothing happened between us that night huh oh yeah I mean no something happened something and say like crazy happened.

For sure all kinds of things stop lying I've been doing all this and working hard for a week because I was mistaken we're kind of stupid huh it all seemed so goofy so we just laughed as loud as we could so what do you want to do do you want to.

Stop living together I can't back out now if anything I kind of enjoy my life now yay then I don't have to do the tours anymore no no you should definitely do some chores foreign but I don't want to make you do it all.

Alone because I don't know what'll happen I'll help you I'll work so hard that's how our life together restarted after a week but after three weeks passed no help me help me socks come on you can do that on your own I still take care of her I got used to.

It I guess so I don't feel as much hesitation as I used to about the chores we do them together and she does things a lot better than before however the second I let things go a little bit she starts skipping so I have to scold her but hey you're supposed to do the bath today.

Get mad at me some more ah you should try not to be scolded I like being scalded by you I usually get scolded at school but it's been changing recently she gets mad at me but wants me to spoil her I don't understand either hey you're here come on get it together.

Sweetie oh yeah sorry you shouldn't say sweetie like that people are going to figure it out two months later one weekend someone's there probably Amazon huh you bought something weird again didn't.

You no I just bought you a month of ginseng energy extract what's she trying to make me get all energetic for so I headed to the entrance when huh mrsi I showed up I was worried about your nutrition with you living alone at all I made you some food so if you want to eat.

Some thanks I'm a little busy yeah so hey toru is the extractor huh Kai day why are you here Emma why are you here why did you order ginseng extract what's going on da so um problems always arise when you're.

Getting used to things it's probably a little too late but I feel something coming what's going to happen here thank you for watching how was today's video check out our their videos as well.