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[Manga Dub] The class president uses her power to get her way, until… [RomCom]


Oh Romeo Romeo wherefore art thou Romeo my name is ryuta nagamine I'm a High School junior at Alice Academy let me make one thing clear dressing up as Juliet was not my idea I know you want to ask why I'm wearing a dress I'm going to explain that to you it happened two months ago our class had a meeting to decide next year's class.

President all the other positions on the student council were filled with no problems however nobody was running for class president the reason was simple it's a lot of work and it's a hassle still the school wouldn't function without a class president we needed to.

Find one and so the class vice president chose a method to decide who would be the next class president he decided to use the amidakuji method it wasn't just any amidakuji he made an enormous amidakuchi and put it up on the school gym wall the reason for using the amidakuji but I'm not sure he had any reasons we all.

Think it was the first thing that came to his mind I heard many complaints from the rest of the student body but he didn't seem to hear any of them in the end Cena anekoji was selected to be class president Cena onekoji is known as the prettiest girl at school she had all the boys in the palm of her.

Hand she's also intelligent and extremely athletic and her family is rich everything about her is perfect she may seem like the perfect candidate for class president however none of us knew we all thought highly of her until she became class president.

None of us expected that problems were about to surface the day after the amidakuji the class president called me to the student council meeting room I wonder what I did I had no idea what she wanted we were in different classes I'd never talked to her before.

Come in here we go I stepped inside to find Cena on a Koji standing with her feet apart and arms crossed anekoji-san stared straight at me I had no clue as to what she was thinking what do you want from a nobody like me I'm going to keep it simple return.

Nagamina as of today I am appointing you to be vice president say what but why me because I think you are meant for it the thing is we already have a class vice president what's going to happen to him I already fired him he chose to do an Ami daikuji to decide.

On the class presidents anyone can tell that he has no brains plus I knew he had ulterior motives he tried to sweet talk me but it was gross somebody needed to teach him his place that must have been unpleasant I'm sorry you had to go through that so he will be the class vice president and so be the clerk and the treasurer.

Wait that's crazy why are you making me do all of that did you fire all of the other student council members as well I did the student council will consist of two members you and me that works better for me what do you mean it works better for you I don't understand well don't ask I want to do it that way.

I don't need anybody else just you what the heck she's making no sense at all everything I just said is already decided as for the projects I will help you plan you're very welcome I never thanked you for anything dude just bring back everyone you fired okay it's a student council two people aren't.

Enough to make a council shut your mouth I've already made my decision fine whatever I don't care because I'm not going to be the vice president you dug your hole I'm not going to help you I have no idea how she's going to handle it but it's not my concern walk away from me.

I better watch out for what I'll cry what you'll cry yes then somebody will come running I will tell them you made a move on me and you'll get in trouble oh gosh this woman must be crazy she's cuckoo She looks so perfect but she's a mess on the inside.

I hope none of the smitten guys find out her true colors I bet they'll pass out from shock so what will you do what do you mean I already said no fine I'm going to cry knock yourself out geez seriously it didn't take her a second to start crying does she have to.

Be that loud I would definitely look like the bad guy if someone walked in right now okay I'm sorry please stop crying you'll be the vice president yes I'll do it okay good you should have said yes when I first suggested it what the where did her tears go.

It's as if she was never crying in the first place I see she was probably fake crying conversation is over now oh I almost forgot I have one more thing to say to you what can I do for you miss president I don't care anymore I'll do whatever she.

Asks me to do hold on a second anikoji-san turned her back to me she then took a few deep breaths what's she getting ready for I order you to be my boyfriend straight orders from the class presidents no why what did you just say to me.

I said I order you to be my boyfriend gosh are you deaf or something no I'm not deaf or anything seriously what is this girl thinking I never knew you could order someone to be a boyfriend obviously you'll be saying yes to me right there's a reason for you to say no uh I don't know.

This is all so sudden to be honest I wasn't sure what to do I'm sure any other guy would say yes to her if she asks them out she's the prettiest girl at school however getting ordered into a relationship isn't my ideal way to start anything won't you say yes I could see tears swelling and unikoji.

Son's eyes be going to cry again things will only turn out bad for me if she starts crying here I should avoid it at all costs it's not that I don't want to be your boyfriend it's just there's a certain order to things so how about we start off with being friends.

Well I guess I can live with that but it doesn't make me happy anyways are you serious about having only two student council members who are more than capable nakamina Kun I already know who you are and to get good grades well I can never win against you on a kojisan I only beat you by a few points.

And it's not just grades that I see in you don't do after school activities but you are always trying to help others and you succeed every time I know all about it you know me pretty well even though we're in different classes of course I do I've spent all my time following oh wait um.

Never mind I would have kept the other members if I thought you wouldn't be able to do this hyper sleeve and your capabilities you should give yourself a chance too you got this and this is how it all started a week later her Reckless actions began eroding my mental health.

One day she handed me a script what is this is it a hobbyist it's a script yeah I know what it is what I wanted to ask is what you're planning to do with this well a script is usually used to put on a play what else is the script used for.

We'll be performing Romeo and Juliet putting on a play cause I said so once are you going to complain of course I am how can we put on a play there are only two of us worry about that I've got everything under control every guy I asked agreed to help us out they're so easy to control.

Yeah I'm sure she had no trouble they're always drooling all over her but they don't know how Wicked you are on the inside by the way we will be playing the main character since the play hosted by the student council okay so this means I'm Romeo and you're Juliet incorrect you will be Juliet and I will.

Be Romeo hold it there why do I have to be Juliet why don't you get it it'll be more entertaining that way a regular Romeo and Juliet won't catch the audience's attention I don't want to dress up as a girl I'm going to have to pass on this one he no choice I'm giving you orders as the.

Class presidents don't expect me to follow every order you give me I refuse to humiliate myself in front of everyone well then I guess I have no choice I'll tell everyone that you are hindering play Productions by bullying me and I'll cry as I say it so they'll Pity Me ah you can't do that they'll all think I'm the bad guy when I'm not.

I can easily imagine how Furious the entire male population of the school will be with me the only thing you can do to avoid it is to become my Juliet ah fine I'll do it okay no way I can win against her she's too popular she'll have all the guys support at the very least.

Correct answer all right I'll start making your dress right away I promise to make it so it fits you perfectly I don't care this is going to ruin my life so now you know why I'm wearing a purple dress maybe I should jump off the balcony and die right now then it'll be over.

Nah it won't kill me I'll end up with a broken bone or something I'm also terrified of what she would do to me if I ruin the play can't do it and look at all of them staring at me wearing a dress I regretted accepting the part but I knew it was too late gosh if only.

Somebody would hand me a time machine still anakojisan looks pretty good in her Romeo costume she looks like an actress in a takarazuka musical the guys definitely loved it I could hear their Roars from the crowd but I think I heard some girls screaming too now she had the whole school in the palm of her hand.

I am Romeo just say you love me and I'll stop being a Montague take my word whatever name Romeo had wouldn't make any difference oh Romeo throw your name out and take all of me instead although you may not be a Montague you would still be everything perfect for me Juliet just call me love and that will be my new name from now on I'm not a.

Montague the play went on and on and finally the final scene I lay inside a coffin waiting for my Romeo okay the next scene is when Romeo kisses Juliet I'm pretty sure we'll be done after that I doubt she'll kiss me for real that would be crazy.

I lay there but then I got curious I opened my eyes slightly onekoji's son's face was right in front of mine they're too close back off my reflexes took over and my eyes opened this is a play nothing is going to happen nothing it was dark.

Suddenly I felt something soft warm and sweet touch my lips it was only for a second but I stopped breathing I opened my eyes to look at her anekojistan's face was right there and her eyes were closed I like you on a Koji Sans face slowly backed away.

My heart kept pounding harder as she stood up and faced the crowd it felt like I was inside a dream mesmerized unable to move Juliet none of this would have happened if I wasn't a Montague I will end this tragedy by taking my life Romeo will be gone.

I for the pure before you in our next life a life with no obstacles to stop our love Romeo then fell to the ground I almost forgot the play wasn't finished yet I forced myself up and jumped out of the coffin no Romeo I will join you we will go.

Together oh thank God he's wearing his dagger this is your sheath rest here Juliet's life slipped away as she embraced Romeo after that Romeo and Juliet's families joined together on the stage for the finale and the curtains came down the play was over however the tumult in.

My heart was ongoing the next day I couldn't focus on any of my classes you know why it was because of the kiss we had so much to do after the play ended and I didn't get a chance to ask her why she did it hmm I'll ask her when I see her in the.

Student council meeting room I was leaving school after classes when I saw the former vice president talking to anakoji-san wait why are they standing there together why the looks of it they're not having a friendly conversation give that back to me.

Geez why are you so obsessed with this filthy little thing found it lying on the ground I never expected it to be yours Miss class president I'm so honored to have found your precious belonging I feel like the luckiest guy on Earth right now I could give it back to you but on one.

Condition what is it stop wasting my time do you have to ask such an obvious question give the title of Vice President back to me oh and you'll agree to be my girlfriend from this moment on insane what makes you think I'll say yes he's being idiot.

That attitude will only cause trouble for you I could throw this piece of trash out the window if I wanted to stop that please I had never seen anakoji-san so shaken before my body was moving before I realized I approached the former vice president from behind and grabbed the arm holding.

The keychain hey that's enough from you you have something that belongs to the president I'll take that from you I pulled his arm and knocked him over then I ripped the keychain out of his hand get out of here I'm sure you don't want to get hurt the former vice president scrambled away.

On all fours I glanced down at the keychain in my hand this is it looked familiar I knew this keychain back when I was in elementary school I went to a small festival at a shrine near my house.

I met a girl there she looked my age and she was alone she seemed to be in need of some help I remember going up to her to talk to her she told me she came to check out the candied apples I took the girl with me we went to see the candy apple Booth together soon I found out she was on the Run.

People working for her family were desperately searching for her I didn't ask why she was running from them we sneaked our way around them and finally arrived at the candy apple booth I was glad that I completed the mission however I noticed the girl staring at the.

Candied apples and I realized she wanted one aren't you gonna buy one I I don't have anything any money with me I'll buy you one I didn't have much but I used my allowance to buy the girl a candied apple I was planning on buying a kushiyaki but.

That wasn't going to happen anymore here you could have this oh thank you happy to help we walked to the bushes and sat down next to each other well I should get going don't get lost okay oh I almost forgot I should thank you properly.

The girl turned around and ran back to me she got on her tiptoes and kissed my cheek huh I froze I couldn't process what was happening thank you for everything I will never forget I saw the girl blushing as she ran off.

Nagamina could you remember giving me this keychain yeah I remember could I'm glad you do I wouldn't know what to do if you had forgotten kojisan so that little girl was you.

Yeah you've had a special place in my heart since that day you don't know how happy I was when I found out we went to the same High School I was afraid that you wouldn't remember who I was because you didn't realize who I was this whole time gosh my bad.

I had no idea who you were you know it felt like fate was on my side when that I made the kuchi picked me to be the cause precedence I decided to use my title as past president to get you to become my boyfriend somehow her method was a bit extreme but I understood where she was coming from I once heard that love can blind you.

I'm sure that's what happens with anikojisan I've had these feel ings for you since a day at the school Festival please will you be my boyfriend you know I think I felt the same way as you I never forgot you once all these years and I think.

Those feelings have grown since we reunited I would love to be your boyfriend Cena we slowly walked into each other's arms oh this is a dream come true you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this you're going to have to do this every.

Day from now on so you better prepare yourself aha I'm already ready for it although we started our relationship nothing much changed with our positions in the student council Cena was always going her way and I had no choice but to follow her around.

But I'm more than satisfied with Where We Are still there is one thing that changed since we started dating uh what do we do if somebody sees us like this I'll be fine we're not doing anything bad I guess so but still as you can see now has become overly affectionate.

Towards me after our relationship started according to her she's making up for the time she couldn't be affectionate it's not that I don't like it it's just a bit embarrassing theater I love you Dana gently kissed my cheek for the.

Hundredth time today however I will never get used to this my heart skips a beat every time damn it how can somebody be so sweet and adorable she's such a lovable girlfriend she even makes her bossiness look cute I love everything about Cena I will be the class vice president her.

Boyfriend or anything else she wants me to be as long as I get to stay by her side thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well