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[Manga Dub] The cold girl was actually just a Tsundere… [RomCom]


Calgary akitsuki she's a classmate and the school's most beautiful girl but don't talk to me boys it's famous for hating boys then one day let's go out so she said but ah I like someone so um unfortunately I like someone what do I do it all started one day when I was at a bookstore at the neighboring town I ran into someone at the entrance what.

Sorry I didn't mean to run into you no no I'm okay I'm sorry I'll pick it up oh don't worry about it just leave it huh love novels and for men I didn't know girls read stuff like this here you go sorry for running into you oh thank you it's my fault for not paying attention wait huh are you caught.

Wait who are you I'm you Taro nuts me your classmate sorry I'm not very dominant the girl I ran into was the school's most beautiful girl kagari akitsuki she's also well known to not like men she was buying love novels for men classmate uh so those books um aren't my hobby or anything oh okay whose hobby is it then oh this is for my.

Grandma who's in the hospital right now I see your grandma reads love novels whatever I'll give them really if off your hands but are you sure yes I'm sure she was clearly shaken up it was more than likely so that she could read them I don't know why she was lying about it I guess she was.

Embarrassed I'll keep it a secret that we met here so here you can keep these books I don't need them you don't need to make it a secret okay then I guess I can talk about where I got the love novels right and from who no one I'll do anything you don't have to panic I'm teasing you don't worry I.

Won't tell anyone about this and I already have these books so I don't need them what so you already read these yeah I did I like love novels and Anime how was it was it good yeah I enjoyed it I I'm excited for the next series the main character and the heroine actually wait I haven't read it yet don't.

don't here take it you turned bright red before taking the bag of books back she shook a little before talking to me he are gonna make fun of fun make fun of you for what like love novels right no one has any right to say anything about your hobbies.

No one likes when people talk bad about their Hobbies either so I won't make fun of you but if you want to keep it a secret don't worry I won't tell a soul oh really thank you natsume no worries I'm going now and just as I was about to leave she stopped me what now I need some kind of condition for you to keep it a secret a condition no seriously I.

Don't it's not like I don't trust you but what do you want something I want uh a girlfriend so you're saying you want to go out with me what I didn't say that I like someone no who is it I was a little hesitant but I decided to tell her my secret since I knew her secret well it's another classmate Lily shirahama Lili shirahama.

She was a different kind of beautiful from akitsuki she seemed fairly calm but had a strong sense of self-worth she was definitely class president oh Lily that's a tough hurdle I know that it's hard but I like her so I'll just watch from afar I see then it's perfect you eat me.

Were you listening to me why would I date you if I like her Lily is the kind of girl to chase after what she wants if you actually attack her from the front she'll back away what seriously I mean I'd heard that all the guys who asked her out failed spectacularly that's where the fake couple tactic comes in tactic what is this kindergarten oh what.

Sorry I'm not creative okay summarizing her story boys with girlfriends are actually really popular something about handling a boyfriend who has the warmth and gentleness of handling a girlfriend after you show everyone how attractive and great of a boyfriend you are what do you think will happen when you talk to someone and say you're not doing too.

Well with your girlfriend what happens are you gonna break up with her maybe it's my chance she'll come close I think you're reading too many of these love novels oh what do you think would happen if my boy hating self started dating you a boy that flirted and convinced a girl like you that you must be fairly talented exactly so let's try it oh I'm.

Gonna call you Taro now uh okay and that's how we started pretend dating is this really gonna work the next day I waited for her at the station in the morning to go to school together but uh do you need to be holding my arm this is more of a public appearance.

Thing this science it works for me to Chase off boys too this is perfect I think she might have just wanted to use me to Chase off any other guys I'm dating is who is that ah they're all looking but I feel like the girls are looking at me more different than usual I feel like.

They're interested in me see it worked right this is how you let everyone know you arrived wow it works because it's you right can you not talk like that though we're supposed to be dating you can call me kagari by the way oh okay kagari three days after we continued pretend dating.

Hey natsuma do you have a second yes oh miss shirahama can I help you it was shirahama my crush I heard that you were dating kagari is that true yeah what why do you sound so unsure oh yeah we're dating well look at you dating that girl that hated boys how did you get her to like you I stay here oh look you don't have.

To act like you're not confident you you can't be like that when you're in love that's right I'm not sure if it's impressive or not but I'm glad to be dating her because I have fun every day oh I'm so jealous I wish I could have a boyfriend that day after class I reported back to kagari about talking to shirahama and wow look at that we're.

Seeing effects already I really didn't expect her to talk to me I was so nervous we just have to keep this up and make sure she understands why you're such an attractive man okay thank you we kept talking outside and during school I especially liked talking with just us about anime and love novels surprisingly.

She actually loved anime just as much as if not more than me maybe that's why I started to fall for her the more time I spent around her however the one thing I was curious about was why she hated men she talks to me so much um why don't you like boys I'll tell you because I trust you but when I was in.

Middle School the boys found out and they all mocked me that's so mean so I figured all boys had no delicacy and were all but but huh nothing what's wrong nothing she suddenly turned red and looked away I realized that I was also nervous this is how two weeks passed after we started dating and we ended up going on a date on the weekend.

Did we really need to go out on a date I feel like we're spending enough time together to show each other off of course course this is important there's no couple that doesn't go on dates so here hand what I can hold your hand yeah because it's you I mean because you don't know who's watching yeah that makes sense.

That's how we ended up holding hands it was a little different from when she was holding onto my arm it felt like we had grown closer that day heading home ah I had so much fun time flew by didn't it huh fun you had fun with me yeah it was the first time I've ever gone out on a date with a girl and even though it was pretend I was able to be your.

Boyfriend so every day is so much fun then she turned a bright red and don't lose sight of your goal we were just pretending did you forget why we were doing this huh why are you mad because you're completely forgetting the goal of this we're doing this and pretending to get Lily to like you yeah I had forgotten about that because I was.

Having so much fun with kagari the goal was to get shirahama's attention and make her think that I was attractive in other words once we achieved that goal our relationship was if I ended up dating shirahama what are you gonna do I was able to get with her and you were using me to avoid men but you won't have anyone to chase away men for you my.

Chest felt tighter after hearing that I'm just her keep away device I'm not even her real boyfriend I don't know I'll find another boy to pretend to be my boyfriend so you didn't need me to be your pretend boyfriend yeah I ran into you when I didn't care who it was.

I see you didn't really care about oh wait it's not like that I didn't like you but it's for today you probably don't think much of today's date but to me I'll remember this forever why I didn't realize how nervous I was and I went home like a little loser I felt something painful in my.

Chest the next day I went to school alone and didn't even look at kagari she also kept some distance from me a few days passed while I kept my distance and what's going on she's not with you today either oh shirahama you don't look happy but if you want I'll listen what do you think will happen when you say that you're not getting along with your.

Girlfriend I mean it wasn't going well with kagari recently but is this the right time I was completely unsure but I decided to tell her what happened recently of course I left out the details about how we were pretending to be dating yeah so that's how I'm not really getting along with her recently I see she said that it could have been.

Anyone to have gone out with you huh what do you want to do of course I want to get along with her but I feel like if we stay together we're just choking each other does that mean you want to break up with her I I don't know if I should say yes to this question if I say this can't go back anymore then shirahama said she was.

Actually bragging a lot about you huh Calgary she said you're really thoughtful and caring and you never say anything bad about anyone you keep secrets and she's always nervous around you she said she's glad to have gone out with you she said that maybe she was saying that to just spread positive Impressions about me or maybe that was.

How she really felt maybe I was just wishing but I just felt like I kind of wanted to have a boyfriend too and if you were to break up with her thank you shirahama you really helped me out huh oh yeah it was so simple all along all that mattered was what I thought about her huh what do you mean I love kagari even if she doesn't like me so I need to.

Tell her the truth oh okay good luck natsune yeah thank you shirahama this was how I was able to come to terms with my own feelings it was the perfect mood he should have just said he was going to break up with me why am I so happy I was running around school looking for her but she had gone home already I was going to.

Wait until tomorrow to tell her how I felt but you took a while carguri I saw her waiting for me in front of the school why were you waiting for me it felt like going home with you I see great oh what's so great um I had something I wanted to tell you I see that happened huh yeah I asked her to help me but that's all that happened.

That was your shot though maybe so you're so dumb why wouldn't you break up there because I didn't want to break up with you even if it was pretend I didn't want it to end huh I've fallen for you for real oh if it's not too much to ask I'd really like to date you if you don't want to we can just keep up the pretend it doesn't have to be.

Pretend huh so does that mean I want to date you for real because I like you the same way I love you I'm never going to make you regret this please go out with me utaro yeah I love you hey idiot don't be allowed in the road you're gonna embarrass me it was love straight out of a love novel pretending to be lovers before actually.

Falling for each other it was a fairly common story but I was so lucky to have actually made this beautiful wonderful girl my girlfriend a few days later we were spending our time on the roof during lunch she said she wanted to keep the fact that she liked anime from everyone else so this is how we spent our secret time discussing love novels.

And Anime oh yeah you said you bought the new edition of The Love novel from last time right yeah want to read it I can bring it by um can I read it in your room oh sure you can come over whenever I love you too kagawi and another thing happened when kaguri came over to my house we made another secret but let's.

Just keep that a secret between us thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well