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[Manga Dub] The cute girl got mad when I treated her like a child… [RomCom]


Good morning master oh he nuts on morning the weather's great today isn't it I'm chiaki akaba I have a small and cute disciple her name is Emma Hinata she's a High School freshman she has an innocent childlike appearance and is very short her nickname hinachang comes from her last name Hinata she is idolized by all.

The students and is like a mascot for them and she's not just cute on the outside master I have something to tell you I measured my height this morning and I grew one millimeter she melts your worries away as usual she has such an Angelic look over just one millimeter I'll give her three feet.

Of my height if I could I'll hold your things for you no no it's fine I can hold self well this is a disciples Duty ah I can't get used to this master position and I really can't get used to the hate from hinat Sean's fan club that bastard akaba winning over Hina Chon's heart I'm so jealous what's up with him.

Anyways should we give him a piece of our mind master let me practice a few punches on your face bullying Master is bad peanuts on if you're going to fight you have to go through me first so bring it on those Brave Dependable words were.

Fitting of a disciple but her cuteness is permeating my whole being same she's so remarkable I feel like I might fade away oh my heart is skipping a beat this spectacle was like watching a bunch of yapping Chihuahuas we're sorry um master I don't really get it but I.

Won thanks um you want to hide you the Inward and outward appearance of an Angel and her name is Emma Hinata my cute disciple Hina Tom wants to be a mature woman so she has someone she admires and that person is not me but my friends.

A and B their names are Mio ayasaki and Sana nanasay these two were the most beautiful and popular girls in school and our Hina Chan's Role Models compared to their peers Miu and Sana are pretty mature that's their outward appearance on the inside to put it bluntly these two are still kids there's a kitty cat can I meow at him.

Sure go ahead no shiaki like a Shiba Inu you a big big squeeze Please don't hug me hug me I'm like a dog I love the way you smell chiaki so after this and that Hina Sean asked to be my disciple seeing that I'm.

Friends with two beautiful girls so now we are in the process of our adultification plan Master how do I become cheerleading hmm let's see the easiest way is changing your appearance but from my appearance for example how about completely referencing the outfits of people you.

Think are mature completely looks like Hina and I were thinking the same thing we had our focus on the beautiful lady sitting at the counter we imagine he not Sean wearing such an outfit hahaha yup uh-huh I can't see any visions of her looking mature.

It doesn't suit me at all the world is unfair I'm so undeserving of the status that I imagine the neighborhood kids pointing and laughing at me the heels were too high and I twisted my ankle your imagination has gone too far well how about this makeup that should.

Cover it right there's at least cute and mature I have bad news huh not good news I've tried to put on makeup before I did my best to replicate the makeup looks in a magazine and I went out thinking this made me look like an adult every single thing she does is cute and and incident happened.

an incident my my you look especially cute today Hina Chan are you joining a dance party happened five minutes after leaving the house my condolences but if an elementary.

School student put on makeup like that people would think they're probably entering some sort of contest sometimes I see girls make their faces super shiny with glitter that response did you use glitter I did not just her behavior but every one of her reactions is cute as well.

I had sharp piercing eyes like you my makeup might have looked better master I have bad news for you it's not makeup I just have bad eyes I went to the photo booth with Miu and Sana embarrassing I don't have to be in the photo.

Booth experience should be with you and Sana if you protest any further I might just put it on couple mode okay fine I get it say cheese when I looked at the picture I was so pale did you end up looking like a ghost yep ghostly looking with scary eyes holy chiaki's eyes ended up looking.

Scary whoa they really did you're glaring like a Hitman or an assassin ah from then on I swore to never go to those photo booths again hinaton did you know not even photo booths can fix my scary glaring eyes a sharpened Knife Only becomes sharper not rounder.

So cool I'm starting to worry if she thinks that mature equals delinquent it must be must be nice you're tall and cool-headed too thanks getting complimented on my looks is embarrassing I'm not really cool-headed.

It's just that I'm socially awkward I drink milk every morning you know but I haven't gotten any taller in my boot my chest hasn't gotten any bigger either even with hard work there's things about your height that won't change I wonder if hina-chan understands that.

Just the outwardly appearances and everything on top of that we are high school students we want what we don't have and The Grass Is Always Greener when I was younger we had to line up by height it was always the shortest so I never saw the backs of my classmates shorter than what she is now.

I'm not that short I was casted in place without my say-so in elementary school I was a Little Red Riding Hood in middle school I was a platelet sorry but I'm replaying it in my head for the free campaign for Elementary School students.

That's great it isn't I'm in high school watching her blow bubbles in her melon soda is very Elementary student-ish but why are you going so far to be mature is it because you don't want to be seen as childish putting my title as Master aside I'm simply interested in the.

Reason behind it um promise you won't be shot yeah I want to try Falling in Love love I'm small but I'm a high school student I want to have the thrill of talking.

About love with my friends and go on dates with someone I like I guess her friends left her out saying it was too soon for her she doesn't have any confidence in herself so I guess she thought to prep for love definitely understands it's childish for wanting to grow a bit what an innocent look.

But that's the expression a young high school girl would have my answer was so simple you can't tell but laugh huh not at all master I told her from the bottom of my heart I think it's cool that you're trying to boost what you think you're lacking are.

You serious yep standing up and not backing down is no easy feat I was complimented by Master it's not a complex or matter of circumstances but since she's giving it her all I'll pitch in and give her a hand time to get on with it I'll think more seriously about it so let's do our best to get you to be more mature.

Hey I'll give it my all all right Hina Chan's adultification meeting continued on almost to her curfew and thus we executed phase one of our plan in order to become mature we pushed the limits of extreme training you're in the home stretch last ten okay come on.

Sir his hair's green he's don't lose to this a strong adult isn't picky thanks for the food oh this is painstaking okay that's the spirit Hina Chon I'll give you one piece of karage as a reward we summoned a special coach as well when thinking of an adult coffee comes to.

Mind getting a hold of coffee means you'll be able to get a hold of being an adult okay you ready I'm ready one two three two waters please and some milk and sugar too jeez at least try okay I'll be teaching the approaches for romance and love.

I'll do my best all right we'll use shiaki as a model for practice huh me the best is easy so watch closely give Chucky a squeeze what the theory to happiness by showing it through actions okay Hina you try too okay give Master a squeeze please your approach is too extreme after this.

And that the training went on for over a week what do you think of me now ah amazing it's overflowing your mature aura's overflowing hinichon I ended up sounding like a bodybuilder without thinking but the hinatan now is full of maturity I have a question for you what's the first thing you ask for at a sushi restaurant.

Tail fin muscle so mature the old hinaton would have ordered french fries one more question your favorite mascot is in front of you what will you do could I have a picture if you don't mind so adult-like if you were a kid you would have ran up and hugged them without permission.

Somehow we got these results you aren't he nuts on you're hinasan when you get praised your cheeks soften you're still a kid I'm not a kid talk me sorry my bad but we got great results from the training didn't we you think so yay when her guard is down a cute girl.

Comes to say hello master yeah he asked you when you one favor for my favorite disciple I hear her out for four or five I feel like more of a grandpa doting on their grandchild than a master please go on a date with me.

Huh a date yes this wasn't a joke hinatown was serious I want to clearly see the results of my training I think now I can proudly play the role as a girlfriend I see not a real day but more of a simulated one okay if that's how it is I hope you can accept me thank you I'm inexperienced but I'll do my best as your girlfriend don't worry.

I'll do my best too alrighty for your final exam let's go have fun on a date okay on our day off we went to a mall with a ferris wheel master Master hurry up you don't have to drag me along sure is excited Chihuahua or Angel is definitely a suitable expression.

That as expected I'm nervous but of course I am even if this is a simulation I'm still on a date with a super cute girl Master say uh it's just practice this is just practice this is just practice is it good it's super delicious I want you to feed me too say ah.

Yours is good too she's super cute the impact of the simulation if she was my real girlfriend how many one-ups would I have to collect for her as a master or High School student I think hinatown could be a great girlfriend just as I thought oh we have an event going on so Waze take a look oh thanks.

Thank you very much what event is it um this is could it be a couple contest just as I thought people think we are a couple what is it ah you can't look it was too late huh sweets Battalion cure cure on the fly it.

Was an ad for a popular anime show for little girls honestly I don't want to think about the meaning behind receiving this but I know someone who will think too much about it no that's not it it was making a face that made it seem like I liked cure cure.

It's the same face I made when I looked like I'm eating cheese beef bowls even I don't understand what the heck I'm saying let's go ahead over to the ferris wheel I told hinatan it was nothing to worry about but we just carried on in the line for the ferris wheel and I couldn't think of any helpful.

Words to say I'm a lost cause after all he nuts on no matter how much I struggle or go tell her never become mature even though you were with me till the end they couldn't show you anything good that's not it I've only seen good things.

But I don't want her to say such desolate things but no it's because I've been so timid that hinatan feels uneasy next person please wow what a cute little sister thank you looking from the sidelines I guess someone probably think she's my cute little sister but I know I'm the only one who knows.

Just how hard hingachan worked you're wrong master you're wrong she's not my little sister she's my girlfriend she gives it her all in everything she does and she's my girlfriend the worker gave us a puzzled look and other people in line were staring at us.

Tina charm was wide-eyed oh I'm sorry I didn't know you were a couple I ended up saying something rude no no there's no need to apologize uh I'm sorry for suddenly shouting it looks like you really love your girlfriend two writers are getting on yeah son hurry up and get on okay.

Sorry we did this for practice but I ended up acting like a real boyfriend sorry for giving you a bad memory I don't feel that way at all if anything if anything um well if anything is made my heart beat fast the fact she told me that of course I'd blush but above that I'm relieved.

Because there wasn't an ounce of sadness in hinachan's bashful expression yes I realized something what that's a secret why there's no way I can say it oh no what true love is and that the opinion of those around you don't matter.

My Heart Won't Stop fluttering peanuts on I'm your girlfriend till the date is over I'll be in your care from here on chiaki senpai oh you called me by my name.

I'll be calling you by your name when the date is over too Senpai I love you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well