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[Manga Dub] The cute girl that I used to tutor joined my company… [RomCom]


It's nice to meet you I'm kokoro tendo I have no experience in this industry but I will work hard to become useful as soon as possible I am hoping to learn many things from all my Senpai employees what a sweet introduction she's the newest employee who joined our company this spring oh yeah I've already talked to you about this but take good.

Care of her I'll make sure to do that my name is Koya Kira and I was assigned to train Miss kokoro tendo however I am so glad you will be teaching me again Sensei this wasn't the first time meeting kokoro I used to be her tutor back when I was in university life works in mysterious ways I never thought I would be teaching my former.

Student again I'm not your tutor anymore kokoro you can call me senpai instead oh okay Senpai come with me we can go through the manual for the new employees together was clever and she listened well she was an easy student to teach however I was surprised that she chose to become a system engineer.

I don't remember her studying any programming back in high school kokoro did you study programming at University or something yes I did cool were you interested because you saw in a course uh no that's not why I uh wanted to learn about it because I heard you did it for a living oh yeah I remembered you asked me which company I wanted to work.

For I must have told you then kokoro repeatedly asked me about my future plans back when I tutored her she doesn't look good but she is quite persistent kokoro you could have asked me about it if you were interested I mean I didn't want to ask you questions unrelated to our tournament sessions you asked me about my future plans that was.

Just small talk you know good she doesn't seem too nervous about working in a new environment kokoro was a fast learner before we knew it it was lunchtime kokoro do you want to eat lunch together I'll treat you to a nice meal let's celebrate your employment this so kind of you it's nothing is there anything you want to eat I'm.

Fine with anything you want to eat well I want to eat whatever you ever I'm new to the area I don't know what they have here okay I know a great tempura place you want to try it out yes I love tempura I know that's why I suggested it it's this way come on hey it's so weird to see you with a girl Kira oh hi.

She just started working with us this year it's nice to hmm she's pretty cute karakune I can't believe you're already making a move on her I'm not I've known her for a long time she's like a little sister to me hmm it doesn't look like it hey Coker roll why are you pouting no reason huh hirakuna I always knew you were blind to these things well I.

Shouldn't bother you two any longer bye oh she's gone I didn't get her name who is she um I'm not really sure what you two seem to know each other well I bump into her often but she never stays around for long I don't even know her name I don't need to tell kokoro about her but I heard her calling your name several.

Times well we work at the same company she probably found out from one of the other employees come on let's get some lunch it's a popular place we might have to stand in line oh I see we should get going then Senpai this tempura absolute perfection I agree I'm glad you like it as much as I do order as much as you want oh I really shouldn't I need to.

Control what I eat ah I guess she's pretty conscious of her physique anyway I know it's only been half a day but do you think you'll be all right working with us well I haven't done much to have much of an opinion but you being here is reassuring and the others seem nice as well I think I'll be okay great that's a relief to hear.

Let me know if you ever need help okay I'm here for you if you need me you say that now but what will you do if I come to you with a crisis well I prefer you come to me before it becomes a crisis I'll try my best but what if I get involved in a dangerous situation before realizing it okay I'll do my best to save you no matter how dire the.

Situation may be it's my responsibility as your Senpai trainer hmm you know it's so unfair he's say things like that without realizing the effect huh what did I say that was wrong what's point of telling you oh come on tell me never mind I've learned through my time with you that you never will understand what I'm saying hey I'll never know what.

You're thinking if you don't explain it to me I'm not God I don't have the ability to read your mind huh I'm well aware that you are right but for some reason I can't fully accept your idea oh well I'm just saying you should speak your mind life wouldn't be so hard if everyone could do that yeah I see your point I decided to end the.

Conversation before things got awkward between us we went back to the office after that kokoro didn't seem to be bothered by the conversation we had during lunch I guess it wasn't such a big deal for her I decided not to linger on it either six months after kokoro first appeared at my office as the new employee oh someone's calling me huh.

Kokoro I was studying programming languages when I received an unexpected phone call from kokoro I answered the phone Senpai is it okay if I come over to your place why does it sound like she's crying sure of course my place is near the office and I could hear kokoro's voice trembling on the other side I knew she was in trouble she.

Needed help she called me once she was near and I picked her up at a convenience store nearby I apologize for calling so suddenly no it's okay why are you standing out here in the rain and ran out of my house without an umbrella oh why don't we head over to my place I don't want you to catch a cold okay I covered her with my umbrella and.

Escorted her back to my apartment I knew something was wrong when I talked to her on the phone but it was my first time seeing kokoro like this it worried me how about a bath first they may be too big for you but I'll get some clothes out are you sure what kind of Mag would leave a girl in drenched clothes go on.

Get warmed up kokoro took a shower and came out however thanks for the shower uh didn't I leave a pair of pants there for you um I couldn't put them on I didn't feel it was right I see I don't think it's appropriate for her to be in a man's room without pants on but that's just my point of view okay then here I heated.

Some milk for you it'll warm your body and it might help you relax a little thank you Senpai so do you want to tell me what happened um take your time actually you don't have to tell me if you don't want to well it's if you want to talk about it.

My mother and father they have these huge fights oh they used to get along so well not anymore they fight a lot and whenever they do they start talking about getting divorced they both filled out divorce papers today that must have been rough did you try talking them out of it they wouldn't listen to a word I said both of.

Them kept defending themselves and blaming the other I couldn't take it anymore if they are oh call girl must have had a difficult time dealing with her parents fighting all the time them signing the divorce papers must have been the last straw for her hey kokoro yes what do you plan to do after this.

Um I don't want to go home I think I'll move out it was heartbreaking to see her running from her problem kokoro's parents should be allowed to make whatever they want they shouldn't have to feel guilty for choosing to go their separate ways I could see how much kokoro was hurting but there was nothing she could do about it that's why I.

Decided to support her decision kokoro are you sure you won't regret it Senpai the thing is your parents have the right to revoke the divorce if they ever decide to be with each other again but the longer they are apart the harder it will be for them to regain the relationship they once had if you want your parents to stay together.

This is probably your last chance Senpai why do you know so much about that I never told you but my parents got divorced when I was still a kid that's why I'm familiar with situations like yours oh I'm sorry to hear that so are you sure that's the path you want to take I I don't plan on interfering with the divorce even if I managed to stop.

The divorce now they don't want to be with each other anymore to be honest they're both tied down to the marriage against their will okay I respect your decision I'm sure your parents will be thankful for your understanding let's move on to what you said about wanting to move out don't you want to live with one of your.

Parents my mother and my father both mean so much to me I don't think I can move in with either of them it would feel like I'm betraying the other I see so that's why you want to move out she'll have to pick her mother or father's name when they officially get separated but we don't have time to.

Think about that today yes if I don't it means I have to live with the one who stays at the house but but don't have anywhere to go and I'm not sure I'll find a good place in time yeah why don't you live here with me what is that even possible yep you can stay here until you find a nice place for yourself isn't that why you called.

Me for help um no I needed to get everything off my chest and um your face popped up and that's why I called you but I'll be forever grateful if you allow me to stay here for a while okay it's settled then just bring everything you need here the office is nearby so you won't have to wake up so early anymore.

That's the best part good she's smiling again we waited for her clothes to dry and kokoro headed home to pack her things she was back with Necessities an hour later just FYI she talked to her parents about moving out when she returned home she didn't want her parents to worry about her you can take this room I.

Haven't used it for a while I really appreciate this oh wait huh what's wrong I'm curious why do you live in such a big apartment and you're the only one here this place is too big to live all by yourself oh about that is there something you're not telling me well uh I used to live here with my girlfriend until about a year ago huh you have a.

Girlfriend no my ex-girlfriend we're not dating anymore that's why I have an extra room huh what's wrong I never knew you were in a serious relationship when did you have a girlfriend uh I met her at University you've had a girlfriend while you were tutoring me how 'd acceptable wait what are you getting at uh here hey.

Why are you grabbing onto me I'm overriding your girlfriend she is the old data that needs to be gone I have no clue what you're saying is that really necessary yes it is for me at least after this kokoro started acting weird she would do unusual things to me um cooker roll yes why are you following me I'm going to sleep now I I want to.

Sleep with you what I want to sleep in the same bed as you no that's a bit inappropriate I know I said you were like a little sister but we're not related by blood and we're both adults I don't think real siblings sleep together after they grow up either I don't want you to look at me like a little sister I want you to see me as the woman I am.

That's why I'm asking you to sleep in the same bed as me tonight but that's please I like you so much Senpai I've liked you since I was a high school student I can't stand it when I think about how your ex-girlfriend was here I want to erase all traces of her and replace them with me wow I never saw how possessive she was to be.

Honest I was kind of aware of how kokoro was feeling toward me however I had a girlfriend back then that's why I pretended not to notice now that I'm single I can't pretend not to hear what she's saying right now I owe her an answer I'm sorry I can't see you as more than a little sister.

But I'm also aware that you aren't my real sibling you aren't my little sister plus now that you're older I shouldn't treat you like a child you opened up to me with your true feelings I don't want to act like it doesn't mean anything so does that mean y'all to eat me well I think it's too early to go that far.

But I promise to take your confession seriously but I think it would be better if we started dating no kokoro you are attractive and I do like you but I've always considered you a little sister I can't switch it off like a light Senpai you're playing hard to get I'm sorry but I choose to believe your.

Words I hope things change because you've always treated me like a child the way she just phrased that I feel like she's trying to tell me she didn't like how I treated her okay well I think we should both get some sleep now I agree uh hey why are you still following me we're supposed to sleep separately no way we're sleeping together why because.

I want to sleep next to you my motto is to take every chance I get this is a chance I can't afford to waste I tried my best to convince her but she was too stubborn huh how am I going to handle her from tomorrow she won't listen to anything I say I started imagining my life with her.

I was sure there would be many challenges for me however Sensei it doesn't matter as long as she has a smile on her face kokoro must be stressed out right now her parents are divorcing and she has to leave her house I'm glad that she feels safe next to me maybe she'll be able to move forward as long as I'm by her side.

Kokoro never gave up on expressing her feelings for me I tried hard to resist her but she was persistent I ended up saying yes to her after a month as for her parents kokoro running out of them cooled their anger and they didn't go through with the divorce however krokoro isn't planning on moving back in with her parents.

I decided to let her do whatever she wants since I didn't want to be separated from her either let's check out our other videos as well