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[Manga Dub] The delinquent girl is my fiancee… [RomCom]


my name is mitsuru kokonoi and I'm a second year high school student in our school we have a daunting gang member who everybody's afraid of that Troublemaker is the girl who's currently in front of me her name is yotsuba yatsuhashi it's rumored that she could beat anybody up in the blink of an eye.

If you get near her as a result of those rumors everybody fears her too much to get close to her according to those rumors everyone who's tried to go against her in Middle School ended up in tears you're late the reason why this Troublemaker told me to come to the rooftop to talk to her I'm pretty sure.

Everybody can guess the answer yep it's because I'm hungry let's hurry and eat yeah because we were going to eat lunch together hey yeah I can see your underwear when you sit like that I don't care if you see it mitsuru gosh let me introduce her again.

Yotsuba yatsuhashi she's my childhood friend and have also been promised her hand in marriage the rumors going around are completely false she's not a gang member or anything like that well the correct description of her would be my Troublemaker squats is getting better she's a normal girl who admires gang.

Members she had flashy blonde hair and wore her uniform messily her glare was enough to make you think that she could beat you to a pulp but that's all because she's purposely doing those things to copy gang members she's never even been in a fight in fact she had normal black hair in middle.

School and was more of a plain and introverted girl back then you're probably wondering why she's like this now well it's a long story when yotsuba was young she couldn't fit in with her classmates because of her introverted personality and she'd often be left out.

Of course I was always her friend and fiance so she wasn't completely alone the problem started in Middle School in elementary school she was just the girl who didn't have friends but as a middle schooler she became a clear Target for hostility I guess everybody saw her as a vulnerable Target since she was plain.

And introverted yotzibar knew this herself as a result she decided to change up her entire personality when she started High School essentially she went by the no one will attack me if I look strong motto which is why she was mimicking people who appear to be strong this is the result of that the emergence.

Of yotsuba the gang member oh hey hmm oh hey mitsuru don't scare innocent people like that I didn't we just made eye contact in normal people's terms what she's.

Doing is called glaring to my eye contact is getting better too what you're not going to have any friends if you keep doing things like that I'm okay as long as I have you mitsuru ah it does make me happy to hear her say.

That but I don't know it was the same as an elementary school and middle school I was the only person by her side and she still had no friends I was a little skeptical whether this was how she wanted to live her life or not I was going to head home with yotsuba as.

Usual after school but where did she go I couldn't find her anywhere she probably wouldn't leave me and head home alone maybe she needed to take care of something huh isn't that the Troublemaker with a bad reputation from the classroom next.

Door why is he crying hey mitsu sorry about the weight oh yotsuba where were you I was looking for you sorry someone called me out to talk to me somebody wanted to talk to you yep the boy with the weird haircut from the.

Classroom next door weird haircut it's definitely that guy from earlier then what happened he told me something along the lines of don't get too cocky so why would solve the problem peacefully peacefully he was in tears though yeah I just looked into his eyes and got a little closer he ran away after that.

Oh the rumors that everybody who went against her middle school was beaten to a pulp even if she didn't actually throw hands the fact that she chases troublemakers away like that probably makes the rumor sound real as a result people became more afraid of her.

This is exactly what your spot's wishing for though don't worry about me mitsuru no one is going to attack the person that I am now everyone is afraid of my looks and the rumors about me it might be true that nobody was going to attack her but it wasn't just that nobody was attacking her nobody was.

Befriending her either ah huh huh what don't force yourself too much okay yeah it was cold today but I could see a hint of sweat on her forehead she was probably scared she doesn't need to do all this she could always come to me for help if.

Anything happens like she used to do that evening I was relaxing and reading at my house aren't you getting hungry now yeah it was 6 p.m now dinner time yotsuba and I were promised for marriage so even when we each technically lived with our parents we'd often be together at one of our houses.

Let's have dinner then yeah since my parents were always busy and weren't home much there were many instances where having yoga with me made things I'm so hungry then move harder she wasn't any help at all in fact she probably added to my workload I don't want to.

Don't say that I have to make dinner I know move please let me move it means I have to be separated from you mitsaroo that's what I'm asking you to do I can't make dinner if you don't move that's a problem what if you make dinner for a change then in the Kingdom of yotsuba culinary arts is a skill that.

Hasn't been invented yet what kind of kingdom is that I can't ask you to spoil me like this at school because I have to keep up my image so I need to take as much vitamin mitsu as I can at home ah so that's that carry me and cook for me am I your babysitter.

It smells so good it's almost ready I'm so excited face and voice are both relaxed my cute fiance is a spoiled brat and lazy too I have a feeling she wants to act this way at school shouldn't she be able to act this way after dinner can you do my homework too.

You're choking right correction I think it would be a problem if she was always like this where did she go one day at school I was going to have lunch with yotsava but I couldn't find her anywhere huh is somebody messing with her again.

Oh mitsuru is that your friend nope nothing at all I bet apparently she doesn't think too fondly of me there were more and more people who were starting to think that way not being attacked compared to before might have just been an illusion she's getting enemies once again just in a different way listen huh maybe.

You should stop that style don't you think it's fine don't worry about me I won't be a bother to you mitsuru I'm okay on my own okay uh the old yotsuba wouldn't say anything like this I think she's starting to say things that are very mature I also think that she's starting to say.

Things that make me feel lonely after school I received a single text message you can head home first the text was from yotsuba she didn't add any explanation to the message I'm pretty sure the girl earlier had called her out gosh.

We've never walked home from school alone before so sad when she says things like that you came here without running away good girl you irritate me you know there's a rumor that the scariest gang member in our school is you right.

What about it I'm telling you to stop acting like you own the place this is my territory let's go at it one on one you were beating up a bunch of people in Middle School weren't you yeah aren't you scared not at all in fact I'm excited let's decide who should stand at the top.

You can't fool this girl I haphazardly put together appearance words and actions by fake rumors don't scare this girl at all are you ready do you want to make any rules I don't really care uh what should I do I'm scared I can't wonder why someone help wait I can't I.

Promised myself I won't make him worry about me or bother him too much I promised myself that I deal with whatever problems came my way it's whatever we don't need to make any rules let's just do this one-on-one hmm sounds good I like the attitude of yours at least she's a girl I might be able to.

There's no way you'll be able to handle this on your own if you're going to text me that you're going home alone you should turn off your location what is he part of your group yep we're doing this one-on-one if you're going to get in the way I'll have my boys deal with you go ahead do.

Whatever you want oh are you going to act all cocky when there are so many more of us yeah yeah yotsuba let's go home what the hell are you going to run away there's a way I'm going to listen to you we already made a deal to challenge each other one-on-one just like I said earlier if you're going to get in the.

Way yeah I don't really want to fight you anyways and don't put your hands on yotsuba from now on if I get in the way then what huh go ahead say it what's going to happen hey you you yeah I'm warning you if you're planning to mess with yotsuba in the near future I'll do as you wish and fight with.

Everyone here I made you worry about me again don't worry about it but it bothers me I promised myself that I'd never bother you about things like this again what this incident sparked a new rumor the rumors about yotsuba's middle school days changed into anybody who messed with yotsuba would end up in tears.

Well those rumors are sort of true yaspa had been left out by our peers since elementary school and she became a target for hostility in Middle School in the beginning I was always by her side and I get angry at the people who try to bully her but one day hey yotsuba what happened.

Uh it's fine it's a big deal help me who did this to you I was extremely angry I was angry at the person who hurt yotsuba but also at myself because I'd failed to protect her mitsuru what's up yotsuba are you okay what happened you need to treat those injuries it'll all.

Be okay huh nobody will hurt you like that ever again so stop worrying I'm sorry about everything you you came back twice as injured as I was uh that's what I made a promise to myself I'm never going to bother you again I'm never going to let you get.

Hurt again that's why I promise to be stronger I see it was all a misunderstanding she didn't create this fake personality in order to protect herself you pushed yourself that hard because of me you don't need to apologize she did it all for me but no matter what I do I.

Create problems for you that's not true it is at this rate he won't be able to be with me anymore don't worry no matter what happens I'll be by your side yotsuba mitsuru because it's hard watching you pretend to be somebody you're not every day that's why I want you to be and do.

Whatever makes you the most comfortable no matter what version of yourself you decide to be I'll be by your side forever hey who wants with you at just like that YouTubers gang member personality that had lasted for almost two years came to an end that day let's.

Hurry home and have dinner I'll make you something today oh really yep I'll put boiling water in instant noodles okay I'll cook so don't do anything okay well it's kind of sad that I won't be able to see blonde yotsuba anymore though guess what I heard that mitsu defeated the Troublemaker group all on his own that's so scary I'm going to try not to.

Talk to him oh do you want me to give you tips on how to act like a gang member no thank you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well