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[Manga Dub] The final step of my job interview is a date with the CEO…!? [RomCom]


Ah not here either you've got to be kidding me that's 20 rejections in a row to think I'd have to endure job hunting poverty twice in my life I'm so unlucky my name is Kento Mori I used to work in the apparel industry until three months ago I've always been interested in fashion so I learned a lot of stuff in.

School before landing my ideal job as a designer I've been designing with a Brand's concept theme colors materials and shapes in mind my evaluation was good and I was enjoying my job every day until one day when all hell broke loose one year ago after the boss changed at.

The company where I work the atmosphere in the company became so bad that people quit one after the other and I resigned because I was mentally and physically exhausted I tried to start over but I failed miserably much more than in college never expected to struggle this much I'm not saying there's a drought of job.

Opportunities but it's challenging everywhere I have experience but it's meaningless if it doesn't fit the brand maybe I'll apply here next if this doesn't work out I guess I'll have to try another industry at this rate I'd be better off working on a fishing boat and just when I was thinking that oh my God I made it to the finals I might.

Finally be able to pass this time I've got to get it together after all they say the final interview is with the president herself oh man I'm getting nervous anyway I've got to make sure I don't make any mistakes what's going on there's no one else here but me maybe they divided the time for each.

Person well answering questions alone makes it a lot easier regardless don't screw up excuse me oh my God why is Oda Senpai here the lady in front of me is Naomi Oda we were in the same Art Club in high school and had some interactions why do I remember her well it was.

Because Oda Senpai was incredibly beautiful not only that but she was the only senior who took the club seriously the art Club was full of ghost members and almost no one attended except me and senpai I have fond memories of being alone in the art room with just the two of us and.

Even studying design together seriously because there was no photo of the president's face on the company's website I assumed it was a different person with the same name oh but maybe she doesn't remember anything about our high school days there's no need to be nervous Mori I.

Haven't seen you since high school how have you been oh that's Senpai you remember me the only one who is serious about art Club was you Maury of course I remember you I mean I ever forgot about you wow I'm so happy I can't believe you remembered me I'm sorry I'm so moved I'm about to cry.

Really interview hasn't even started yet because you were my role model I'm really happy to be remembered by someone I admire so much I'm sorry I should be addressing you formally interview after you've calmed down let me Begin by asking you the first question do you have a girlfriend no I.

Do not have you ever had a girlfriend no what kind of woman do you like I don't really have a type how would you like to spend your holidays with your girlfriend I want to spend time together in various places what do you look for in a girlfriend gentleness and sincerity.

Huh why are all of these questions about relationships I've never received questions like this before I was just wondering why there are so many questions regarding love do you remember my company's brand name brand theme to all people in love yes that's what it's about that's our Motif.

Thus we can't recruit someone who doesn't even know the letter L in the word love this is why I'm inquiring about your love life I see if you know about love properly oh I see I'll continue with the questions then that's all thank you very much thank you very much no based on this I will announce the.

Theme for the final selection the theme estate are you going to design clothes based on the concept of dating no you will take me on a fun date what as in a real date yes would like to see more that cannot be seen on paper okay I'll do my best then let's start by exchanging contact information yes ma'am our date is this coming Sunday I'm.

Looking forward to working with you yes I'm looking forward to working with you as well Sunday oh no I was so nervous I couldn't sleep but I've done my homework I should be fine I'll definitely make it a brand appropriate date I'm sorry uh that I keep you waiting no not at all I am getting dressed for our date sorry.

I'm late you're so cute oh I'm sorry I accidentally spoke my thoughts out loud clothes and that hairstyle looks great on you it's a great mix of originality and Trend if you go to our I'll get embarrassed oh um well then let's hold hands you're right please take good care of me yes.

That's a CEO over there and there's also clownfish what is a hammerhead shark they're all so cute decided Senpai is so cute to think she would enjoy to this extent I'm so glad I chose the aquarium hey Maury over there is a deep sea fish exhibit Oda son are you all right.

You're doing great I'm sorry it made my heart skip a little actions like that can earn you more points right oh the sun is so cute I almost forgot this was a test get it together me then hold us on let's hold hands again I felt a little lonely when I had to let go so can I hold your hand again wow okay I'll let you be my escort again wow.

Those tall fins are cute they're so smart look look what an amazing jump oh they're so adorable you're the adorable one here okay Coop and it's going to oh my gosh oldest son are you okay soaking what I didn't expect to get so wet oh um that's transparent it's.

Transparent I can see everything oh my you can see through my clothes please don't stare so much it's embarrassing oh my gosh I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry please put this on thank you are you blushing of course I am let's go grab you some new clothes not all right it'll dry out on its own.

Eventually no way what if you catch a cold we should go wow are you sure this is so nice and it's a complete set so it must be expensive please don't worry about it I got to see the lovely odasan please allow me to repay you with this I met me like this this wrong idea but it's true that you.

Are cute odasan thank you Maury I'll take care of these clothes well then let's have lunch next wow it's so big and the eggs are so fluffy what a wonderful omelette you said you wanted to try a huge omelette when we were students you remembered you looked so cool yet you said something really cute senpai.

That left an impression on me I was hoping you still felt the same way which is why I chose this location I I'm happy I'm so glad you remember our time together I admired you so much how could I have forgotten about you unbelievable hmm did you just say something oh nothing hurry let's dig in.

Delicious the chicken rice and eggs are all well balanced everything is perfect including the demi glaze sauce I'm glad you like it what is it right um are you blushing you're so cute ah stop teasing me.

Can't compete with odasan but I still like her odo-san hasn't changed at all since we were students oh what is it nothing how's that wow another strike I see that your athletic versatility is alive and well even when you weren't a member of a sports club you were involved in.

Gymnastics while in school I was young back then now that I'm older I'm pretty exhausted then I'll go get us a drink you sure yeah I'll be right back I'm sorry thank you all the Senpai is still amazing honestly I think I'm going to forget it's a test after all I couldn't confess my feelings to her back when we were students.

I wonder if things might have turned out differently if I'd been a little braver Hold Us on I got the juice you surprised me I was surprised myself huh talking to someone who's that handsome guy he's talking to her as if they're really close I mean isn't there a little too.

Much skinship why uh I should have known there's no way or the sun is single maybe that's her boyfriend after all this is just a test we're not actually going out why do I feel so down Hold Us on I brought you some juice thank you Maury um about earlier what's wrong never mind it's nothing I.

Don't want to go on the date dejected after hearing the details for now I have to work hard for the test beautiful I didn't know there was a place like this as is customary I decided the last part of the date should be the night View and there's a rumor about this place rumor it's said that if you see the night view here on a full.

Moon your wish will come true that's why I brought you here you were really into it huh all right time for the results yes ma'am the overall result is you passed heck yeah I would like to start working next week so could you please sign this okay this must be the contract I'll sign right away this is a.

Marriage certificate what kind of joke is this odasan you almost got me joke I'm serious huh I want to marry you what are you saying you have a boyfriend don't you the joke is going too far I've always liked you ever since high school so don't joke around like that boyfriend huh no I mean you were talking.

To this handsome guy while we were bowling oh that's my brother he's five years younger than me he was on a date with his girlfriend and he just happened to be there really yeah here's proof oh I didn't know you had a younger brother we're five years apart so we didn't go to the same school I didn't bother telling anyone about him.

Either even if you don't have a boyfriend a marriage certificate is going too far anyone would freak out I told you I was serious I only brought the marriage certificate because of you Maury what what do you mean by that that makes it sound like you like me yes I do Mori I like you what that's a lie true I wouldn't lie here I mean I've.

Liked you too Maury for a long time what you like me orasan yes I do I've liked you since high school just like you why you were the only one who took our club activities seriously we shared a lot of our favorite time together that made me very happy I didn't know I didn't have the courage to confess to you.

First I liked your designs but then I started to like you more and more I like you too odasan then will you get a permanent job with me of course thus oldest son and I began dating on the premise of marriage I then began working for odessan's company whether I worked as a designer or on our.

Dates we'd be all lovey-dovey and then a few months later I've been waiting for this moment for a long time me too ever let me go again yes of course I love you too Kento I love you too Naomi May our happy life go on forever thank you for watching how was today's video.

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