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[Manga Dub] The fortune teller predicts that the pretty girl will marry me [RomCom]


I'm yuhei Yokota while I'm pretty passionate about reading I'm just your everyday High School teenager out there and something's been bothering me lately and that is hello Kasumi she's kasumihino she's got this look that's on par with the best of Idols you'll easily spot her with their semi-long chestnut red.

Hairstyle My Fair Lady as they say plus she's just this really bubbly girl and the guys are kind of into her I knew her since middle school and as such we talk somewhat frequently what do you need something from me uh no no I just wanted to say hello that's all recently that bubbly girl everybody's fond of she's somewhat indifferent.

Towards me did I really do something mean to Kasumi like she's pretty nice and cool to other people around her man I guess that means I might have messed up pretty bad yeah better I ask her straight up and just ask for forgiveness I might have done something that rubbed her the wrong way I'll ask her after the Bell Rings though I'll admit this I'm.

Kind of scared okay let's take a peek at what happened a week ago so that day we at the school Festival on our campus wanted to wear the campus together sure thing so where to oh I want to go there over there like a fortune telling Booth see a teacher from a different campus visits us for the booth every year sadly I had a fever that very same day a year.

Ago so I wasn't able to check it out oh that rings a bell that kind of became a thing last year so I knew all about it for some reason Divinity nation was spot on and was really accurate I wanted to go but the queue stretched house down the corridor and so I gave up on that okay let's go now then please write your name and.

Birthday here okay Kasumi Hino right speak child to which should my scry glass peek into um can I ask which are the popular ones right oh love Divinity nations are pretty popular nowadays I guess well then that one please glass tells me your future husband.

Somehow he's really into reading books he's a fan of books yep yep oh the numbers they are telling something let me see 37 37 there's a high possibility that one hint about a class number on your roll call per chance one who belongs to this campus same year as yours his name has six letters in it 37 from our student list if she's talking.

About my class then it's you hey and that guy just loves reading books during recess too plus it takes out the criteria as my classmate wait you hey has six letters on it um can I ask something is this divination really like 100 True yes my child my divinations just right on the mark a bullseye each time.

This mean I really um nope but oh why you hey I mean I've known him since middle school but not that I'm into him or anything OMG could this mean you hey kind of likes me or something okay then as long as I make him loathe me determination's gonna be off the mark right right thank you oh wait a sec hmm.

Find your actions as to not fall me fall over something I'm not sure but my sky glass says fall um got it fall as in me falling in love for you hey I mean that shouldn't happen as long as I'm careful I wonder what does that even mean oh cost me after the bell rang I told kasami I needed her for something and told her to come meet me.

Yeah you need me for what um quit dawdling I'm really busy unlike you see I promised my friends I'd hang out with them and so uh recently you've been giving me a cold shoulder I mean you've been indifferent towards me I wonder if I did something that might have rubbed you the wrong way I'm really clueless right now you can be blunt with.

Me if you want to I swear I'll apologize whatever it's for there's nothing to be sorry for sorry tell me what this is all about getting cold towards me all of a sudden naturally I'd be all curious because of that Divinity divination there's this teacher from another campus who does divination.

During our school Festival ah the one from the rumors and who gets them spot on what about it like she did this thing a love divination and told me I'd marry this guy who has these certain characteristics and you just coincidentally checked all of the boxes so far that's why I thought it was probably a.

Good idea to make you blow with me the only way that divination never comes true I've been a jerk to you so that you'd hate me and that thing never comes true what the heck is that I really thought I messed up real bad this time man I was anxious all this time for nothing man we're a mile off what you call a match you really believe wheel.

Mary there's just no way but fortune teller foresees them like really good and nah she certainly didn't get it right this time tell me do you even like me no right there's your answer there's just no way in hell we'd marry I just wanted to lessen the possibility of that stuff happening obviously as if I'd marry you then that.

Settles it I hope this means you could at least treat me the way you did before fine just to be sure we're on the same boat you're not really interested me NADA zero right yep it's probably a bit rude of me saying this but there's zero chance that divination comes true okay I'll do you a favor and treat you just like back then.

Thanks glad this is over I really thought back there I messed up big time still I can't believe cosumi's the one who straight up believes this divination crap well then I'm going home yeah sorry for holding you up okay see ya oh Crush ouch that hurts.

wait yes I am my arm kind of hurts though oh my gosh this ball oh wait I'm amateur please the first sec minutes later a teacher came just as qasimi had promised after explaining to her what happened she.

Kindly offered that she'd bring me to the hospital with her car I already told them I was going to be fine but Kasumi suggested we go to the hospital just to be sure I mean there was no blood gushing out so there was no way I'd lose Consciousness for me this was just something I could probably walk off however.

You weren't hitting me somehow fractured them it appears that I had broken my right arm and fractured my thumb oh well I kind of cushioned costumes fall and that probably took a toll on my arm still I'm just pretty glad nothing happened to Cosby I'm really sorry no I'm fine cause of me you don't really need to lower your head.

Look because I was careless that you hey here now I'm gonna be okay besides I'm just really glad nothing happened to you I'm glad I was able to save you so much for saving me nah it was nothing in return I'd like to help on a lot of stuff till your arms all healed.

Um right-handed correct meaning you need that for eating and it'll be pretty tough for you to eat with that broken arm like I'll feed you your meals I'm good I'm all good I just feel bad letting you do something like that nope it's all for your own good you hey as well as mines right so you hey I.

Remember you usually eat bentos for lunch yeah mom needs to go out early for work so I make my meals myself I mean not right now not with this so I'll probably just grab some sandwiches eating sandwiches is a no-brainer even with my left hand right okay I could do that please I'll even prep yours you hey huh I may look like this but believe me.

I'm pretty good at cooking no no I'll do fine you don't need to go that far I won't take no for an answer I swear I'll cook up some really good ones okay I give up I'll take you up on that sure oh just oh just wait and see you don't really need to go overboard okay you bad fall just to save me I don't.

Want to hear any of that crap like just let me be but seriously thanks the following day I was sitting comfortably by my desk reading a book in one hand when hello you hey oh kosami good morning so how's it does your arm still hurt it kind of hurts a bit once in a while but I'm doing fine right now remember we're switching classrooms for.

Our first subject I'll go ahead and bring your textbooks no big deal those are just textbooks I can hold them with my left hand um no imagine falling down with both of your hands unusable that's gonna be pretty dangerous right as if looking here while carrying those isn't dangerous huh anyway I'll go ahead and.

Bring these okay let's go you hey look I bought you Bento as promised wow seriously you put an effort into making one so you don't believe me I'm not that kind of a jerk uh it's not that I didn't believe you or anything okay there we go dig in whoa you weren't lying when you said you're good at cooking cause of me so you didn't.

Believe me after all didn't I tell you I'm pretty good when it comes to cooking right I might have not believed you when you said that you're such a meanie you hey sorry okay you hey say uh no no no it's kind of embarrassing doing that here oh I hope you all embarrassed now I mean there's no helping it you're injured.

Remember I'm just gonna ask somebody else my friend defeat me there what wow you hey you had other friends besides me wait cosumi you're being pretty rude right now you know like seeing you being together with someone you hate honestly dude that's beyond rude wow whatever just hurry up uh so I bet it tasted really good I'm.

Confident this is even better than that shop right over there right it certainly does taste good oh I bet ya here have another bite here we go what my mouth already stopped you hey I want to go home together huh with me yep here I'll help you carry your bag no no that's just asking too much from you I can't allow a girl to.

Carry my heavy backpack like that enough chit chat this is my way of thanking you get it like my good attitude wait okay we're leaving uh I give up oh by the way cosumi you're really okay tagging along up to here huh what do you mean by that aren't you gonna stray too far from your usual route with this roundabout trip no worries my houses also goes in the.

Same direction as yours really that's my first time hearing that okay make sure you remember this my house is just around the corner so I'll take it from here hey could I visit you room for a bit huh you mean right now yeah so no there's nothing really there at the moment but I guess it should be fine yay well I hope I'm not gonna bother anyone.

I promise I'll behave so here's my room oh it's unexpectedly neat uh you're seeing a hell of a lot of rude things today cost me not really look I'm praising you didn't I say it looked pretty neat if you just left out that unexpectedly part I might have been honestly happy that reminds me cause me do you honestly need to be extra nice to.

Me uh why if you continue being all nice and sweet to me I might end up liking you and if that happens that divination would prove to be true just saying well you're not wrong also I've quit doing that you what quit what I've quit making things hard for me just so that divination fails huh what do you mean I quit sabotaging all these thingies.

Just so that Divinity Nation fails so it wouldn't result to her prophecy sabotaging that divination you mean yep instead I'm gonna do all my best just so that divination comes true you mean instead I want to do my best to win you over and not make you hate me this time huh what's gotten into you all of a sudden why are you so surprised well duh.

Of course I'd be and I still can't get over this a sudden change of heart why because if I really need to explain this and it's not like I fell in love with you after you saved me or anything wait don't tell me are you this easy dare you you are huh jerk.

I bet you don't have enough strength to stop me now I can actually just shove you around oh I can see that totally happening hold on cost of meat or maybe smooth smooching still out there as a fit a complete um can you please just go back home I was just kidding wait don't tell me so honestly you kind of liked that right.

Yeah oh that's adorable I can read you like an open book no no you can't I shut up yes you are oh so adorable anyway make sure you're ready by tomorrow I meant now I promise you'll fall in love with me in no time I mean I'm already starting to fall in love with her oh good morning you hey cosumi why are you.

Here I want to walk to school together here I'll bring your stuff I told you already before I'll be fine oh shut up and give me that fine so I wanted to do something like this for a long time I doing this that walking to school together strolling beside someone after the Bell Rings with my crush really oh wait you're hearing.

The word Crush did that actually make you blush um I'm not blushing or anything come on there's no need to hide it ah hearing those words from a cutie girl like me I'm pretty sure everyone would be all shy and embarrassed yep I bet ya dude you're so conceited still yeah right on the money hey why is that loser.

Yeah it's my first time seeing her tagging along with a boy on the way to school man I wish I was him I knew it of course I garnered glares from everyone like we're talking about walking to school together with someone like Kazumi here okay what do you want to do what do you want to do like you want to walk up and fess up to those people and tell.

Them oh I love costumi already no way man that's that's just too embarrassing boring but like you're just telling the truth right no can do okay say uh I bet that tasted delish too right I poured some real love into making today's meal you see no arguing that it's delicious oh by the way are you seriously not gonna date me uh no in.

Fact I do wanna like right I agree with you it's still too early to start dating like obviously um again I wanna seriously yep I just feel pretty chill and happy whenever you're around um so that means I should have just confessed dead straight yesterday yep you're kidding me.

I didn't I just confessed you yes you yesterday you're such a dummy you dumb dumb cuss at me wait quit that everybody's gonna stare at us shut up gosh and why didn't you want me that it was okay to do that yesterday uh I mean you didn't really tell me you wanted to go out with me or anything huh I told you I like like you.

Then and there so that surely counts as a confession no no no giving that yes without really getting a straight confession from you first would just be awkward okay so we're dating now right um yeah if so have an artist go together and take a stroll after the Bell Rings each and every day sure if you're okay with that that settles it then I'm going.

To also prep your bentos even after your arms completely healed every day got it nah I can't possibly ask you that nope it's what I want to do and I'm not budging any other way then Count Me In we can prep each other's meals on every other day that way it's easier eating your home-cooked meals you hey yay whoa she's really looking forward to my.

Home-cooked meals huh I can't believe I'm gonna walk together with my boyfriend which I cared for after waiting all these years after school it's like a dream come true man yearned that sounds kind of lame shut up this one's a big deal for me huh so hey what's the matter like I still have this one wish one wish is something.

Achievable right now yep right here right now so what is it I I want to hold hands while walking so can't we yeah sure thing I stretched my hand out and gently held kasumi's beautiful hand thanks checking out today at your house too today again uh uh so no oh well yes you can.

I love you you hey thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well