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[Manga Dub] The girl I asked out 100 times became my step-sister… [RomCom]


I have a crush on you please be my girlfriend I June hashiba confess my feelings for a girl on the rooftop of my school as the sun started to fall noises of students working hard in their after-school Sports practices filled the Rooftop it was still July not long since I.

Started going to the school still I'm already used to the scenery on this rooftop I'm sorry Hashi bakun economy was a young girl who apologetically gave me an answer to my confession she gave off a calm Aura and I couldn't help but look at the nice curls on her female body.

She was beautiful with elegant features on her face yeah at her karma Expressions also made her seem very cute the girl's name is Madoka amari-san she was a year older than me she was known for her beauty throughout the school I understand my head hurt from being turned down indeed some guy like me.

Didn't deserve to be with a beautiful person like Amari senpai God is probably spinning down on me asking who do you think you are but I'm not gonna give up I swear I swear I'm gonna make you fall in love with me Amari senpai however Amari senbai was someone I truly admired and was also my first crush I was lost during the opening ceremony.

At my first day of school but she helped me even when it meant she might be late I fell in love with her kindness at that moment up under that easily one day I'll be able to be your girlfriend and I want to do a bunch of things together.

That's why I couldn't just give up after she said no to me this one time honored to hear you say that Ashi bakun this is the hundredth time you said that to me surprise surprise this was a memorable 100th time that I confessed my feelings to her well hats off to me for not giving up after all this time.

Gosh started ticking off lines in my notebooks whenever you call me out to talk to me as expected of you Amari simbai you're very consistent I'm never asking you to compliment me you've done this a hundred times already you're at three digits now you know what's wrong with that.

Still think of me that way whether it's a hundred times or a thousand times I don't see that problem but you did this a hundred times already my classmates are teasing me and saying things like oh is that underclassmen going to confess his feelings to you again well honest well I honestly truly surely like you it's hard for me to.

Contain these feelings but I'm screwing you up here each time you ask me to it makes me so happy to hear that anyways thank you for listening to my feelings today I'll drop you home today as well okay thank you oh no it's no problem.

Think about it it's also strange that I'm being dropped home by a boy that I just turned down because it's dangerous for you to walk home alone after dark I'm home I live with my dad my mom passed away when I was young and so I was raised by a single father it was normal for me to come home to an empty house and I often.

Did the household chores myself instead of relying on my dad but I mean I wasn't too upset about helping out I appreciate my dad for raising me all these years hey welcome home June huh that's rare you were able to come home early today when I came home I found my dad in the living room.

I mean it was already late because I dropped Amari Senpai home my body won't last if I keep working overtime every day and did you eat already oh come on I love my son too much to disregard his cooking and eat something before coming home yeah yeah thanks for that.

That means he didn't cook anything yet I guess I'll just make something easy it'll probably be full from the beer anyways by the way John yeah I'm not gonna bring you a second beer really unfortunately for you yes really we have no more beers in the fridge I'm kidding it's not about that the thing is I'm thinking about getting remarried.

Really fortunately yes really oh my dad who would always say I won't get married to anyone other than your mother is planning on getting married again nothing is a good idea I'm sure Mom will be happier that way I was nervous that he would be against it why would I I'm glad you said that but the lady.

Actually has a child all right then let me act like their big brother you have nothing to worry about we'll have a wholesome family I wonder who my step-sibling is going to be an elementary schooler a middle schooler or perhaps an adult who is much older than me it's okay as long ones are not the same.

Age as me I won't think anything weird about them even if it's a girl the kid is a girl who is one year older than you oh the naughty things are coming in I can't do this I have someone I already have feelings for I didn't think that matters speaking of the person you have feelings for is a.

Girl that helped you and you were completely lost wasn't she she's like Aphrodite well yeah maybe the situation might cause problems if you end up dating that girl hey you think so too if somehow I mean I don't want to say if but let's say I end up in a relationship.

With Amari Senpai she probably won't feel too happy about me living with a girl who isn't biologically related to me even while knowing I don't put my hands on that girl Amari Senpai might still feel uncomfortable I don't want her to feel that way ever don't worry too much if anything happens I'll do something after all this is.

Something I want to selfishly do but maybe this is a sign that I need to give up I confess my feelings so many times because I couldn't give up but still I was turned down every single time while it is ironic of me to say this after doing it a hundred times I'm worried she's gonna start hating me for.

Being annoying I want her to fall for me but things would be even worse if she ended up hating me yeah okay I'll ask you when the time comes around then I knew in my head that it was about time I gave up on her I would have gave my dad a thumbs up.

A few weeks passed after that night after I realized it was about time I gave up I stopped confessing my feelings to Amari senpai hey dude you don't need to go to that girl today I mean like go confess your feelings dude what happened to you though why you were so in love with her did you just give up you joking you're.

Not real mad why am I getting in trouble because of that my friends were worried about me I'm sorry for making you walk home with me today too and the Maury Senpai started asking me to hang out with her more I was a little excited in the beginning thinking that she finally started to notice me but seeing her impatient like this I.

Understood that it wasn't the case oh no it makes me happy to be able to walk home with you you're supposed to be happy but when Amari sen by mutter those words I felt like it was connected to a confession by the way I'm going to have a little brother soon congratulations on the baby it was raised by a single mother so if.

That were the case I'd be so surprised that would have been nice too speaking of I'm supposed to have an older sister soon congratulations on the baby that wouldn't just be surprising it would be crazy I'm sure I would faint if my dad gave birth to an older sister if that's even.

Possible hmm does you not confessing your feelings to me recently have something to do with the fact that you're getting an older sister her brain was very sharp on the strangest of details are you relieved now it was annoying wasn't it hmm I wonder it was annoying at the.

Beginning but in that case will you be my girlfriend nope oh I'm sad I knew the answer from the beginning but I had a sliver of hope that I could get a yes this time reality is very harsh isn't it I won't be your girlfriend but it makes me sad that I want to be able to see you anymore so let's walk home together sometimes okay it was finally.

Time for Dad's new wife to come to our house I thought he would have to meet us together at a restaurant first or something but we were all suddenly going to live together under the same roof my dad really is cruel to his son come on dad did you even think about moving all of us into this tiny house.

We can do anything as long as we put our minds to it either way it's too late now I've been telling you this for a while now though at this rate my stepsister and I were gonna have to share a room we were gonna have to sleep huddle together it was at that moment what oh for some reason Amore Senpai came to our house.

These two are going to be your family from today John these two are going to be your family from now on Madoka you foolish father ah why is my son grabbing onto my shirt sleeves obviously because I'm expressing my frustration about how I should have asked for names beforehand how should I know oh do you know him.

Madoka yep we're so close that he confessed his feelings for me a hundred times hold on a minute Amore Senpai that introduction is a bit tough for someone I just met who is also gonna be my stepmother the statement brought on a fear that I wouldn't be able to help create a wholesome family my mother wouldn't be.

Too happy with being around family members that have romantic feelings towards her daughter was the boy you were telling me about the one that always drops you home and things like that were you talking about June yep he always walks me home each time he confesses his feelings for me then I guess you guys will get along very well.

I want her to understand it would be that specific reason that would prevent us from getting along we're really going to be sharing rooms huh you're not against it I'm already Senpai you're sharing a room with a boy you're like a sheep going into a Wolf's Den I guess it might be against going into Mr Wolf's Den but I know you're not that.

Kind of guy Hashi bakun I know why my heart flooded when Amari Senpai said that to me it's very unfair of her to say things like that I swear on my life that I won't put my hands on you I'd rather die if you're going to go through all that give you permission to put your hands on me what did she say.

Does that mean things like this and things like that are all possible if I put my life on the line no calm down dude there's no way I can put my hands on her my other family members were in the same house yeah I can't definitely no the Sheba household will crumble I'm not sure what you're muttering to yourself but either way I'm.

Happy to be your sister I was jealous of the very calm Amari Senpai at this moment ah it's nothing although it does feel a bit impossible maybe we should start unpacking new things maybe you should stop calling me Amari Senpai I want you to call me Madoka is that because we're family now.

You're still calling me a Shiba too I'll start calling you Dune then Jonah just hearing her say that makes my heart do flips I couldn't help but look away from Amari stand by I mean Madoka all right then Madoka it kind of makes me blush you're the one that said to call you that Madoka let's keep calling each other by our.

Last names and just like that the first day came to an end I had no idea that the girl of my dreams would end up becoming my older sister I very seriously wanted to punch my dad now I actually have to give up on her it will be bad for me to want to date my sister.

I must get rid of these feelings immediately but is this torture being under the same roof in the same room as my crush Madoka next to me looking vulnerable in their sleep I guess it's time to show my mentality made of steel but in the end my steel mentality was destroyed by multiple bombs and they ended up.

Sleeping through the night in the living room madelka that wasn't early I just slept in the living room because I was about to give in to my evil mind dad isn't a morning person so I always make breakfast the same for me my mom is always working night shifts so she's terrible with.

Mornings this is delicious you're so good at cooking because you're always doing it that's not true I just started learning how to cook quite recently before that we were always eating microwavable food you learned all this recently I thought that would be better for our health plus I thought it might make you like me.

Madoka oh really why are you getting shy now I confess my feelings for you so many times it's embarrassing when you tell me straight up like this I thought she would have been used to it because I had told her so many times anyway let's throw you need this we can head to school walking.

To school together like this mom also makes it seem like we spend the night together he was saying things like that is probably one of the reasons why it turned you down all right I'll try my best to be a gentleman from now on then from now on.

For some reason madoka's voice seemed to get sad I wonder why I don't think I said anything weird anyways what should we do about dinner my dad always comes home late what did you usually do for dinner I usually eat alone too I'll cook something then what her big sister wants to cook for you too.

I feel very uncomfortable with the word big sister you were confessing your feelings for me until just recently after all things are different now though so feel free to call me big sis it's a little embarrassing so I'll think about it I'll try sometime in the future whoa what is that going to be after school that day we decided to make.

Dinner together so we walked home together too we were curly shopping for food at the grocery store hmm the vegetables are on sale today I'm thinking we should have Hot Pot today Hot Pot sounds good but I'm super surprised at how you sound like a stay-at-home wife already Jim.

you're a professional I perfected the scale for me I had other reasons for it but most of it was for you yes a week passed after that time is a scary thing I was already used to Madoka being in the same room as me and I think I've got him pretty close to my stepmother too it wasn't like I was doing all this for.

My dad but I have high hopes that we'll be able to have a wholesome family that you have high mother life skills what are you talking about the family finances I'd wake up early in the morning to cook breakfast I'm supposed to be your big sister I'm supposed to be a girl but it feels like.

I have no moment to shine I don't know what you want me to do about that oh I'm gonna head to the gym now even go to the gym why do you work out June no specific reason but I thought it would make me cooler if I worked out do you not like muscular men Madoka I mean I do but I see I'm glad I've been.

Consistent with this there I never knew jungkoon was this kind of boy the boy who always confessed his feelings for me I had no intention of being in a relationship so I always turned Dune down I felt bad at first but I feel lonely now I was well aware that I had feelings for him because I was thinking about things like.

This I knew that he was a kind boy too he was a loyal empathetic and sometimes said weird things but was still a gentleman at heart he's also a family man of course I would be happy to hear him say that he was doing all that for me if I was going to feel like this I should have said yes when he asked me to.

Be his girlfriend which I only realized this because he stopped confessing his feelings for me because he became a part of my family I don't think I would have said yes to him back then what if I confess my feelings for him would he say yes or did he give up on me already would he say no because we're family now.

I realize that things became easier to deal with when she get used to it you learn how to adapt when you spend enough time in a specific environment I wasn't completely over my feelings from a doka-san but I was able to bottle those feelings up as evidence of that I was able to just think my mom and dad were being lovey-dovey at home.

Father Are you purposely trying to torture me or are you showing off I know Mama's a beautiful woman but I was jealous of the fact that they were being lovey-dovey I'm not gonna give him beer for a week this small Act of Revenge should work for my dad Who Loved drinking after work I won't let him dine out either.

Anyways that's another story but Madoka was acting weird recently she was normal at first but there was a sudden change now why is there something you need from me she's been looking at me a lot recently she keeps throwing glances at me but when I look back at her she looks away that looks back at me again.

I've been sleeping in the living room but we still share the same room it was very uncomfortable if this is a game she wants to play all right let me hear it it's not fair of unicorn to me in my own room I wasn't concerned for you plus this is our room it would mean that I'm always cornering her so is there.

Something you want to tell me um we're family now so I'm sure you have a lot of opinions on that but we're living under the same roof in the same room let's settle problems before they get worse if there's anything you want me to fix I'll do my best but the truth is yes.

Um I think I've fallen for you tune code excuse me wait what did Madoka just say was it a misunderstanding but based on her reaction I don't think that it was are you serious I wouldn't be joking about something like this WOW shoot my face is getting super hot this is the first time anyone has ever said that to me on top of that.

The girl confessing her feelings to me was my first crush on the girl who had been turning me down all this time I knew that I had to give up on you but you're gonna tell me this now for family now so I know I shouldn't feel like this plus I've been turning you down all the time but ever since you stopped asking me to be your girlfriend.

I started to feel sad you were such a kind person too and ever since I came here I got to know you more I'm sorry I'm supposed to be your big sister they've been so terrible to you I'm sorry as madoka-san said that she didn't cry still her voice was trembling and I didn't know when her tear ducts would.

Burst no I can't let her feel this sad why did I decide to learn how to cook to work out and become more of a family man it was all because I wanted Madoka to like me because I wanted to make Madoka happy wasn't that the reason Madoka I slowly got closer to Madoka who was looking away from me thank you so.

Much I'm so happy if possible I would love to be in an Alabama relationship with you but we're siblings now I don't care about that I don't care about any of that if we explain everything to Mom and Dad they'll understand I mean it might be bad in the public eye but I don't care about any of that I want to be with you Madoka how do you.

Feel I want to be in a relationship with you Duncan I'm not sure what everyone would say about us but I like you June it's decided then oh I've said it many times already bud I like you Madoka please be in a Sweet Home Alabama relationship with me of course after that Madoka and I told her parents.

Everything once they came home we told them about our feelings for each other and that we wanted to be in a relationship I thought that they would be against it but they both supported us in a heartbeat I was wondering if it was actually okay but at the same time I was so happy that I didn't question it we're officially dating now so being in.

The same room as you makes me feel kinda nervous don't worry I'm the type of guy who Treasures his girlfriend this isn't fully appropriate so I'll continue sleeping in the living room but I want to sleep next to you sometimes too oh we were able to be in a relationship but we were under the same roof and living.

In the same room I'm sure we might run into many problems from now on thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well