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[Manga Dub] The girl I babysit wants me to be her dad!? [RomCom]


Candy what are you doing hmm I'm just hanging up the blankets you see if you hang them like this they get fluffy do you like fluffy blankets yui yeah all right well it's dangerous out here so let's go inside and play okay yui you're such a good little girl.

You're an angel it means that you're so cute I don't understand ah you don't understand huh I know what cute means though I'm Kenji nimaru 19 years old this doesn't mean I have a child at this age my dream is to become a preschool.

Teacher so I'm going to Nursery School while working part-time at preschools and as a babysitter today is a babysitting day and it's with one of my favorite little kids the daughter of the kawashima family yui kawashima is usually quite shy and introverted but she's a smart little girl and is well behaved like an angel.

Well yui should we clean up before your Mommy gets home can you do it all by yourself yes I can watch me wow good job yui hey as we were cleaning up we heard the doorbell ring Mommy okay Mommy okay welcome home uh hey you eat what about cleaning up.

We're taking a break all right fine Kenny you come here too yes yes I'm coming oh welcome home Mommy hi yui were you behaving yourself yeah of course hmm is that true yes it's that food welcome back Miss kawashima yui really was very well behaved as usual.

Ah well Kenji that's all things to you thank you for today it was my pleasure but are you all right you're looking a little pale today no that's not something you should say to a woman ah excuse me I'm sorry I'm just messing with you I know that coming from you it's a hundred percent your.

Thoughtfulness speaking thank you for asking a lot has been going on the writer in charge has been holding on to three pages worth of completely blank material and hiding it until the last minute oh dear as a result I've spent the whole day apologizing to every single department.

And company involved I guess being an editor is a tough job I do it because I love it so I guess it's all right anyway how did the room get so clean we cleaned up together today didn't we we did it well then we were still in the middle of it weren't we can you put away all of the blocks like we talked about.

Ah liquor oh dear but didn't we make a promise earlier but you eat hey yui which do you think your mom prefers a good girl or a bad girl oh a good girl that's right and at preschool you're always a good girl that's so good at cleaning up aren't you.

I thought maybe you could show that good girl to your mommy too I'm sure she would be so happy to see it I want to see it too yowie being a good girl see why don't you show her okay sure I'll show you yui jumped out of her mom Miss kawashima's arms and ran over to the toy box to finish cleaning up her blocks Kenji you really are good.

At this no matter how hard I try yui has always stuck to me like a little bug and she never lets go yui really is a good girl so when I talk to her and explain it to her she understands is that really all what do you mean oh I'm just saying that I think you're very skilled and that's really.

Impressive too candy Mommy yes wow good job I say this a lot but I really do think you're meant to be doing this how much you he likes you too I actually didn't have any family growing up and since I grew up in facilities my whole life I'm pretty good at taking care of little ones younger.

Than me oh I'm so sorry no no it's okay it doesn't bother me at all if anything I'm extremely proud that I grew up in that Center and it's not like I hide it or anything I see but really you saved me today was a lot to handle so I have to admit that playing with yui is going to be hard well and would you like me to stay a.

Little longer really I mean of course I'll have to charge you for the overtime but of course that's not a problem at all oh I'm so relieved ah looks like yui's running out of battery soon I'm going to go ahead and put her to.

Sleep so you can go take a shower or do whatever you need to do are you sure I'll also start preparing for dinner do you mind if I use whatever I find in the fridge you're really spoiling me that's I'm not gonna say no this is a special case I can't remember the last time I was able to relax and take a leisurely bath.

Are you sure that was enough there's still about an hour left before dinner is ready yeah I'm fine wait wow I'm sorry it's all just simple things but is this okay for dinner well can't you could also cook well I'm I'm so hungry I can't wait I'm so good well I'm happy to hear it yeah it's so.

Yummy you don't need to eat so quickly there's plenty left over too wait Miss kawashima are you crying what oh wait what hi you must have been exhausted I'm not old enough to drink alcohol yet but I can at least listen if there's anything you.

Want to talk about thanks and so while crying and eating at the same time Miss kawashima dumped out everything that she had been bottling up inside her like how her work hasn't been going well and how she's struggling with the responsibilities of being a mother it may sound like a normal and mundane everyday thing.

The fact that this is normal and she was having a hard time only means that everyone's having a hard time too to put it simply she was struggling as a student who hadn't been an adult in the real world yet maybe I couldn't fully understand that struggle yet but well cheer up thanks.

I don't know much about your work so I can't say anything to that but as for being a mother I think you're doing an amazing job I mean just look at yui she loves you and even today as soon as the doorbell rang she dropped everything and went running to the door no no it's not it though that girl is just afraid of being left alone again what do you mean.

You told me a little bit about your personal life so I'd like to share from myself too but yui is actually my sister's daughter my sister and her husband passed away in an accident and she was left behind so I took her in really I had no idea yes that's the truth even then I think you make an amazing mom I know the pain.

Of losing your family and it took me a long time before I could ever smile again but even if she might have been so unfortunate yui is still laughing and smiling no matter how small there's no denying that the reason for that smile is you miss kawashima thank you Kenji sure you're even more beautiful when.

You're smiling too Miss kawashima really good at flattering aren't you huh I'm not just saying that to flatter you I mean it well just because you're good at complimenting me doesn't mean I'll be raising your pay anyway I'd like to have seconds her cheeks were a little rosy as though she was blushing and she handed.

Me her empty bowl it was no joke and no flattery that Miss kawashima truly was beautiful after we opened up about our personal lives to each other I came to frequent the kawashima house more I no longer called Miss kawashima by her last name and now I called her Miss Aki on days when she was tired it wasn't.

Rare for us to have dinner together either yeah it's not like it takes any extra time to do so anyway thank you that makes me extra no this is all part of my pay no no no you're being paid for.

Babysitting right you're not a housewife so you really don't need to do this much although I guess you've been helping me with the cleaning and cooking so I can't say that either oh looks like yui woke up oh I'm sorry yui was I too loud mommy yes that's right it's Mommy Aki.

What is Kenny Daddy yes yes that's right so then why isn't Kenny daddy Kenny you mean Kenny is it going to be my daddy why not you he you can't just say things like that it's going to make kanji uncomfortable no no I just don't want you to be uncomfortable misaki oh no no it doesn't.

Bother me at all but I mean come on I'm sure you don't want someone saying that about you an old woman like me um misaki you're beautiful and it doesn't bother me at all if anything oh what oh um no it's nothing I want Kenny as my daddy yay oh looks like she fell back asleep.

Ah yes well uh um I'll go finish up the washing yes thank you Miss Aki how about you finish up the rest of your work that you said you needed to do uh yes that I guess I should go now there was a slight awkwardness in the air.

Yo Kenji you seem pretty tired today ah yeah I couldn't sleep well last night what is it a girl I want to say no it's not but you're not wrong I guess um interesting so that means that you realize your own.

Feelings when a third party pointed it out to you to put it simply I guess so well then you better hurry up and do something about it you know it'll be too late if someone else gets there first it's not someone that I can easily approach like that I mean she is a successful working woman.

There's no way she'd even consider a college kid like me oh yeah I remember you telling me that you met her at your part-time job right uh yeah what about it and wasn't your part-time job at a preschool oh shoot so does that mean she has a kid is this.

An affair it's not an affair and due to a situation she's a single mother and she's never been married I think just give up then for an inexperienced relationship level one like you that's a pretty high hurdle I know you're right but well if you hear me say that and you.

Know it but you still can't give it up then you don't have a choice but to go for it right easy for you to say personally I just want you to date someone who's a good match for you and what makes you say that as your friend I only want what's best for you.

Yeah yeah but you know love doesn't have a Rhyme or Reason even if you fail in the end there's a big difference between doing nothing and giving up or at least giving it a try and being rejected you'll feel completely different about it plus it's not like you don't have a chance right.

So all you can do is try your best so that you have no regrets right you say some good things sometimes shut up everything I say is right you're welcome yeah well you're right anyway it's exactly like you said I'm truly sorry I tried but there is no way I was going to make it in time to.

Pick her up it's no problem at all I'll take her back to the house now and we'll hang out as usual until you're done thank you so much I owe you as a thanks on the way home I'll get you some of the cream puffs that you like yeah can't wait here yui tell your mom that you're rooting for her.

Mommy yucky you got this yeah I will see you later and yui hung up the phone Kenny hold me off all right all right come here throw me in here whoa there wait until we get home okay let's go yeah.

Can you what is this oh It's a poster for the Summer Festival that's right there are a lot of stores and even at night there's a lot of lights that are shiny and a bunch of bright flowers bursting in the air.

Oh are you interested do you want to go all right well why don't we try asking your mommy yeah I will what Summer Festival Kenny said it's amazing there's a lot of stories and fairies go boom and this guy hit it shiny I'm sorry I tried explaining it to her.

And now she got a bit too excited about it and when is it um it looks like it's going to be next week on Sunday I think the Friday before is her last day of school so it should be fine well that's great did you hear that looks like your mom can go to the Summer.

Festival with you yui yay and what about you Kenny you're coming too right what me too yeah I want to go with Mommy Yaki and Kenny the three of us together well uh that seems to be the case but what do you think it's my daughter's request so of course I'll be happy to pay you the same fees as usual.

No no you don't need to this time I'd love to join you both as a friend all right then it's decided and so unexpectedly our first outing as the three of us was decided sorry to keep you waiting Kenji oh no I just got here too wait what huh what's wrong misaki you're not in a Yukata.

Well of course not I'm not at the age anymore where I can bounce around in the Yukata plus it would be quite sad to get all dressed up with no one to compliment me well I would have complimented you what I would have loved to see you in a Yukata I was actually looking forward to.

It can you it's okay don't be sad oh well look at you and your Yukata yui you look so cute am I an angel the cutest angel of them all well I guess you've already changed your mood yui looks super cute so I guess you're forgiven for now.

But I'd still love to see you in a Yukata so next time please wear one next time I won't be giving up on it either well I'll think about it shall we get going oh look they're selling okonomiyaki isn't that your favorite misaki should I go buy some um not today.

Why not because I don't want to get green stuff stuck between my teeth that's embarrassing you've never seem to care about that before well no I do care they want to eat all right well then you and I can have some.

Hey hey what I want some too I knew you would I'll go get it then oh no the sauce if you don't wash it soon it's going to stain oh man this shirt's one of my favorites um let's go find the toilets and uh wait yui hey Kenji uh where did you go.

Yui was standing right next to me wait what did she just walk off on her own we have to find her we were where are you can you hear us where are you I don't see her anywhere what do we do if something happens to her I don't know.

What else it's going to be okay calm down it was only for a second that we weren't watching her so she has to be close by let's keep looking a little fishies hey little girl good evening evening wear your mommy and daddy oh oh you're over there oh dear it looks like they're looking.

For you you should wave so they can see you okay Daddy mommy I'm over here we oh hey mommy Aki you can't just run off like that by yourself oh my goodness mommy don't cry hey young man your little girl is still very small so you need to be sure you'll keep an eye on her yes we're very sorry.

No need to apologize to me I'm sure it's tough being a young dad but you got this a father's job is to protect his wife and his kid yes sir I'll never forget it looks like yui's all tired out I'm sorry isn't she heavy not at all I guess you're a man after all earlier the man at the stall mistook me.

For her father oh dear but unlike me I think you'd make an amazing parent you think so of course I do miss Aki I think you're doing an amazing job at being a parent too no no not at all I'm always relying on you Kenji but there's nothing wrong with that no matter how amazing you are no.

One can do it all by themselves thanks but it's not just today I'm always being saved by your presence Kenji what's wrong um you see because I was abandoned by my parents I'd always decided that someday whenever I get married that I wanted it to be with someone who was going to be an amazing mother I see.

Yeah well I think someone like you would be able to find someone like that easily and well about that earlier when you were running around so worried looking for yui and you were crying and hugging her I uh huh what I'm trying to say is um that uh you're exactly the person that I've been.

Looking for what so um if you would be okay with it will you go out with me what you know I'm really not that great of a woman at all to me you're everything I've ever wanted I can't even look after a child and I know how hard you're working and.

Trying and I'm an old lady and you're not an old lady but mature and beautiful is my type anyway um what you want to do what um yes in the meantime for our next date.

I'd like for you and yui to be in matching yucatas I did say I'd make up for it shall we go home now yes I wanted days like this as the three of us to last forever when I saw Miss Aki's Rosy face looking shy and sweet as we walked side by side I had a feeling that it might not be.

Such a distant dream laughs both as well