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[Manga Dub] The girl I saved on the train was my favorite idol… shortly after, she retired and…


My name is morito mariz zakura I'm a 20-year-old sophomore in college I have nothing to do on my way to school so I was thinking about the idol that I have a serious crush on and that Idol is she's a member of the super poopular five member girl Idol group called angels feras and because she likes novels she.

Has a second name called literature Runa but she is Runa razi 19 years old because I Al like novels that sparked my interest in her and I was drawn to her bright personality and how hardworking she is and now I'm seriously in love with her as I was daydreaming about that a terrible sight flew into my eyes an old man was sexually harassing a young.

Woman I can't let him get away with this I hurried over to make him stop you need to stop that disgusting Behavior right now you bastard let go of me the old man shook me off of him and right at that moment The train pulled into the station and he ran out of the doors when they opened um thank you very much for saving me I was so scared that I couldn't even.

Raise my voice so you really saved me not at all I just did the obvious H I looked at her face and I realized I'd seen it before could it be oh wait a minute aren't you literature veruna from Angels feras no I'm not I I I'm definitely not disguising myself or anything you just said disguising and.

You're really bad at lying I dug my own grave that's right I am the super Idol Runa razi I am off today and I was just about to go grocery shopping well now you're announcing it why are you trying to hide it before I'm actually very shy so when I go outside I don't want people to know that I'm an idol because when people.

People talk to me I get flustered I didn't know that I'm sorry I should have pretended not to notice oh no more importantly I want you to let me thank you um how can I do that I really wanted to play a cool and tell her she doesn't need to thank me but there would probably never be another opportunity for the idol that I'm loved with to.

Thank me in that case I grab my notebook and pen out of my backpack and ask her I'm a huge fan of yours Runa so to thank me please give me your autograph wow I'm so happy that you're a fan I'm going to put my heart into this autograph for you thank you very much I'm so happy oh I'm tearing up those are happy.

Tears when he saved me I thought he was an attractive guy but he also has a cute side to him I think my heart just skipped a beat huh there was something that looked like a card by his feet so I picked it up and without thinking read it out loudo oh that's my ID card I must have dropped it when I took out my notebook.

From my backpack thank you very much for picking it up oh um would you mind say my name one more time huh why is that to have the idol that I'm in love with say my name is the best moment of my life Mr marito how's that I'm shaking that'll be a memory of a lifetime this person really is a huge fan of mine I'm so happy uhhuh wait did.

He just say in love with Mr Maro you're in love with me what uh well when you ask me directly to my face it is a little embarrassing but yes that's right I have a true serious crush on literature Runa I see when I heard that without thinking the most ridiculous words flew out of my mouth well then should we be in love.

Together what whoa whoa whoa what am I saying that's not something you say to someone you just met I need to cover that up somehow what would you do if someone said that to you oh that was just an if but of course it was but if she really did say that to me.

Well of course I would love to be in love together with you is what I would say is that so oh we're at the train station now well then this is my stop thank you very much for today as she said that she disappeared from in front of me I would probably never get to see her again but I'll never forget this day for the rest of my life 2 months after.

That day I was eating breakfast at home and watching the news and the headline that came on shock me to my core what veruna Raz member of the idol group angels feras has announced her graduation from the group and her retirement from the entertainment industry at her concert in 6 months the reason for her graduation is because.

There's something she wants to do more than being an idol the reason for her retirement she says it's because she can't survive in the entertainment industry solo but I can't believe that Runa is going to quit being an idol I was so devastated that I stayed at home from school that day 6 months later Run's.

Graduation from Angels F's concert was held and I went thank you very much for supporting me all these years and I vowed even though she would be graduating that I would continue to be a fan after I went to see the graduation concert I'd been sobbing so much that I was exhausted but my doorbell rang so I went to go answer it long time no see.

Sorry to show up here my mind stopped however it immediately started moving at immense speed what what are you doing here when I met you 8 months ago and when I picked up your ID card I saw your address on it you have a really good memory but even then why are you at my place you said when I met you the last time that you were in love with me that.

You were happy to be in love together with me that's why I am here to be in love with you I like you Maro what what wait wait wait wait wait wait is is the reason you're graduating and the thing that you said you want to do more than to be an idol is that to be in love no no no.

No not not love but uh have to learn how to raise goldfish you really are bad at lying uh yes that's right I graduated so that I could fall in love but if you knew that I thought it might be too heavy and scare you so I was trying to keep it a secret that doesn't scare me the fact that you graduated to honor and.

Protect dangel fers by following the rule that doesn't allow Idols to have relationships I think that's super serious and amazing H that's complimenting me too much oh I am the type to stay true to my word and I didn't want to cause trouble for the other members either but what made you like me after all this time.

When you saved me from that pervert I liked how quick you were to do the right thing it was so manly but then when you talked about being my fan you were so cute and after that day when we parted ways at the train station ever since then I've been thinking about you and haven't been able to forget you and it made me realize this is what love is but.

Because Idols in my agency aren't allowed to be in relationships I really didn't know what to do I spent about 2 months thinking and thinking and thinking it through and I decided to choose love over being an idol I felt more excitement about a future with you instead of a future as an idol so since this is our second time meeting should.

We start by getting to know each other better first and once we get to know each other better and we still both like each other we can officially become a couple yes I can't wait to get to know more about you Runa me too Mar a few days later because Runa retired she had to move out of the apartment that our agency had been.

Renting for her she moved into the apartment next door to mine and the two of us were having our first bow of noodles in their new apartment yes as we talked about all kinds of things what are you going to do for work from now on I'm still thinking about that but I have plenty of savings from when I was an idol so I'm thinking about taking my.

Time to figure it out um what about you do you already know what you want to do in the future it's sassy my dream to become a manager at an entertainment agency see I really like entertainers and I'll be happy if I can someday support them so that they can Shine the way they want to it's a lovely dream um this is very sudden but would you mind.

Hearing a favor I want to ask what's that tada this is a list of all the things I wanted to do when I graduated being an idol when I was still an idol I had been writing down all of the things that I wanted to do when I graduated into this notebook I'm sure that it would be a l more fun to do it together than to do it.

Alone and I think it can lead us to getting to know each other better so um would you please do them with me yes that sounds fun first up I want to eat as much cake as I want when I was an idol I had to really worry about my diet so I couldn't do that I also love cake so I'm excited huh it's so good I can't believe.

That I can eat as much as I want oh but if I get too chubby then I might not be able to keep your love will I that won't be true at all uh really yes no matter what you look like it doesn't change the fact that you're my favorite in the world but please do be careful that you don't eat too much and hurt your stomach yes Maro you really are such a.

Nice person because Angels petas were a more traditional Idol group we weren't allowed to dye our hair so today I was thinking about dying it to a really flashy color does that mean I have to dye my hair too don't you think it would be more fun to do it together all right then let's do it it's your turn why.

Don't you go to the beauty salon I I'm really shy so I don't like going to the salon well then I guess I'm going to have to die really well and so we both dyed each other's hair but wow you look like you would be really good at hitting on girls you look good was that a compliment you look like.

A rebellious princess you look really cute Runa is that a compliment we both looked a little strange so after about 1 hour we dyed our hair back to normal Bruna said she felt bad making me do everything that she wanted to do so today at my request the two of us are in our karaoke room an angel's coffee is a wide coffee that's because I wanted to.

Hear Runa thing life maruna that was amazing I'm so glad I'm alive as usual you're over exaggerating but uh thank you so much Helo should we sing one of the Angels fata songs together oh yes I would love to Angel's omelet is an egg white omelet EG white omelet and so while going through aun's list of things she wanted.

To do when graduating and also doing some things that I wanted to do together the two of us grew closer one day Runo and I had plans go out together somewhere and as I was waiting in front of the apartment building I heard a loud noise and someone riding a flashing motorcycle pulled up in front of me sorry to keep you waiting what.

That voice Runa you know how to ride a motorcycle that's so cool I wasn't allowed to bike when I was in Idol so I recently got my license and I bought the bike well then matal please get on the back we're going I did as she said as I put on the helmet and got on the back but I thought I was going to die her motorcycle driving was extremely wild.

When we die we die together no please don't drive the expectation to die I always wanted to come to the ocean with the person I like it feels kind of emotional I think it's nice you don't mind that we're here in the winter I actually like the ocean in the winter it feels kind of sad and it reminds me of my old self and it brings up all kinds.

Of emotions ever since I was a little girl I was shy and I didn't have any friends and I was filling my Sadness by watching videos of my favorite idols and then before I knew it I started to think that I wanted to become an idol that could hopefully helped someone feel less sad and lonely well that came true didn't it.

I'm I'm sure there were a lot of people out there who got happiness from you I'm matured up by you Runa myself included if that's the case I'm glad but from now on I want to become someone that makes you more than anybody feel loved after quitting being an idol and spending more time with you and getting to know you more I already liked you.

Before but now I know that I love you to me marito you are the number one Idol in in the world thank you so much I'm so happy that you feel that way please let me tell you how I feel too spending this time with you allow me to see that you're the same wonderful person that I saw on TV and in the media and even.

Though I already had a real crush on you that feeling has only continued to get bigger and bigger I love you Aruna will you please but what's the matter you you you just said that you love me for the first time didn't I say it before no no you haven't you said a lot of times that you had a crush on me but you never said the.

Words I love you so so you know I was a little bit worried I'm sorry as punishment please say you love me at least 100 times a day I'm going to lose my voice well lose it then what I'm kidding but if you don't tell me properly I'm going to be sour okay okay from now on I'm going to tell you.

That I love you properly so will you officially be my girlfriend maruna yes I would love to and so the two of us officially became a couple officially in love together 5 years later using her experience as an idol she wrote a novel called I can die happy if my idol goes to the Tokyo Dome I made her debut as an author I became a.

Manager at a talent agency and I'm currently in charge of a new girl group that's about to make their debut M at all you better not have a real crush on any of those new Idols of course I wouldn't I'm joking you've been so busy recently and I haven't been able to see you so I said something mean I'm sorry don't worry.

About it plus the only person I'm going to have a real crush on for as long as I'm alive is one person just you Runa and I'm going to continue taking care of my favorite person in my life and the love of my life thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other.

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