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[Manga Dub] The girl next door got drunk and stumbled into my room [RomCom]


You you pervert oh give me a break how did it come to this it all started yesterday the name's so kurono I've been working this ordinary desk job in the middle of somewhere for three years no aspirations just working every day to get by but even for someone like me I have a secret something I look forward to.

Good morning good morning this is kaide shirasaki she's a beautiful girl with striking silver hair and she recently moved in next door I see her when we take out the trash or when I leave for work and we exchange simple greetings that's it if this was a light novel some.

Kind of development would come up by now but such things don't happen in real life I mean it's not unusual anymore to never talk to your neighbors after moving in but when you do talk to them these small interactions become Little Pleasures since I don't talk to anyone outside of work guess I'll do my best today too work went by quickly as I rode.

That feeling but I've been working a lot of overtime recently so I was physically and mentally exhausted I'm home man I'm beat let's eat and get to bed quickly I forgot to lock the door and ate my microwave meal later huh someone opened the door I'm home.

Oh my head someone's here I must have forgotten to lock the door I can explain the situation later I should see who's here I should set my phone to record too just in case after hitting record I cautiously made my way to see who would come in.

It was the pretty girl who lives next door she must have drunk too much and was lying asleep in the entrance of my apartment she reeks of alcohol hey yeah at my place oh she's so cute no way hey this isn't your apartment wake up.

No oh come on this is my place yours is next door you're wrong this is my place it's my place now don't be like this it's winter and you'll get sick if you stay here and then just be with physics beating winter with physics.

Yeah no way you've got to be kidding me hey what am I supposed to do in this situation I can't just leave her here and let her catch a cold ah fine then I guess I don't have a choice I picked her up carried her to my bed and let her sleep.

What a pain sleeping on the floor of someone else's apartment in the middle of winter what kind of torture is this I laid down on the floor with these thoughts and drifted off to sleep naturally kaide didn't remember a thing about the previous night when she woke up the next day.

You oh give me a break looks like she snapped back to reality it should be obvious to anyone that I'm the victim here liar that's what every puppy it's an old that's extremely biased and just how many mystery novels have you read.

Seriously I explained everything to kayode I also played the Audio I recorded as proof and she slumped to her knees um screws loose in my head well and to condemn the person who was only trying to help me my life is over.

Hey you don't have to beat yourself up so hard over this I want to hit my past self right now is there a way to reverse time cut it out already have some water and pull yourself together thanks and I'm so sorry I'll be more careful in the future yeah definitely be more careful.

It'd be bad if a beautiful girl like you stumbled drunk into a guy's apartment again and couldn't defend yourself you wouldn't be able to do anything until it's too late beautiful huh it's just a little embarrassing for someone to call me beautiful to my face.

Oh sorry the that was thoughtless of Me no no that actually made me really happy thank you you're so right my next door neighbor yeah I feel like there's something connecting us.

Shall we get reacquainted sure and you can relax no need to be so stiff and formal with me then I guess I'll take you up on that I'm kaidai shirasaki I've been working at my company for six months but I'm no good at my job nice to meet you wow that's some self-intro should I try to match her.

I'm so kurono this is my third year at my company and I'm no good either wow are we that similar if everyone's no good then that becomes the Baseline everyone's great if everyone sucks I think there's something wrong with your logic I'm quite proud of how I am I'm the prime example of an adult others shouldn't become.

I'm sorry A lot has happened and I made you worry about me oh are you talking about last night thing along those lines can I ask what happened you see kaida explained why she was drunk last night and now here we are ah.

So here's what happened the bullying at her company has been horrible but she can't quit her job simply because she just graduated and has only been with her company for half a year if kaidi quits now she doesn't think she'll be able to find another job her salary is low too so she can barely get by.

And so you threw all caution to the wind in your frustration and spent all your money getting drunk seriously it's exactly as you say I'm sorry for the trouble let me check one thing you really want to quit right absolutely I'd love to hand in my.

Resignation immediately I wouldn't be this stressed if I could do that but Mr sudo scares me he's Gotti he's always coming on me he's Gotti who's the pseudo guy also you called him gaudy twice how bad is he my boss he's so gaudy he could go on a world tour showing himself off.

What kind of tour would that even be no one would want him anyway I can see how badly she wants out in that case jeez guess I'm along for the ride now this is in my job description after all huh leave this to me Kai day oh what are you going to do.

This will be over in a Flash so hold on I looked into services that take care of resignations then I texted an acquaintance and explained the situation 15 minutes later congratulations starting today you won't need to go back to that company I told kaidi that her resignation from.

Her company had gone through a what a just what did you do I used a service that handles your resignation I'll cover the fees so don't worry about it so those kinds of services exist I really don't have to go back there yup you're all clear wow.

Wow tension left her body and tears began to flow it must have been really bad you gonna be okay I I just don't know how to thank you you don't have to do anything you've done plenty holding on until now I tried so hard and for so long.

Yeah I know I guess I'm out of a job now doesn't really sunk in yet regret this not at all that's good then um it's a bit late to ask but what exactly do you do uh here let's do it this way I had to turn my business card and.

Reintroduced myself my name is so kuruno thank you for using our change of employment support services today I hope we can work together to find a good job for you change of does that mean yep my job is to help people like you find work.

Kaije poured over my business card and was shocked when she read my position no way you you weren't a manager yep just as it says you've got a strong Ally on your side but I don't have any money like I said I've got you covered and I'll help you till we find something this is what I'd suggest.

I explained to kaidi what happened now afterwards this is what I wanted but is it really okay it's a win-win for both of us but if you don't like our service we can stop immediately we can even write up an agreement if you don't believe me no it's okay thank you so so much.

So curvono please lend me all of your support leave it to me when I got home from work the next day oh welcome home you must be tired thanks you too here's your pay for today I couldn't a part-time job is still a job you know.

But you're already helping me so much besides my job search even with my friends it's all good this was my idea and I asked you to help me out don't think too hard about it still it's okay I'm just paying you for your work end of discussion.

Pushy aren't we speak for yourself anyway let's eat okay this was my suggestion while we're finding her a new job Kai day will help with chores I'm not good at cooking or cleaning so I'm hiring her to do the housekeeping I don't spend a lot of money as is so I.

Have some put away in savings I can use that to pay her until she finds work again now then did you find a place you want to work at how does this place look whoa that one exploits its workers it does but it says the company will be like a family.

Listen places that advertise themselves as a fun workplace or as a family or places that say they don't need your resume or CV Etc they're perfect models for exploitative workplaces do you read company reviews I don't then let's look together um here.

This one looks pretty recent oh no because this looks even worse than where I was at well no need to rush here are some points you should look for and so began our out of the ordinary daily lives speaking of which when we went grocery.

Shopping I'm making AMU rice for dinner today trying to get to my heart then what do you want to eat maybe meat and potatoes something like that maybe I want to be bowled over you're so funny so at home.

Dang it I didn't get called in for an interview again may I oh I see your reason for applying isn't convincing enough but isn't the pay a good enough reason you can't just write that as is on your application though but I thought it'd be okay because my honesty is one of my.

Best points I get it you want to convey that in your application right that's not a bad thing to play up please help me so we've got a lot to work on don't we chin up no backing down you'll forgive me for my idiocy more like I'm the type to rub salt into.

Idiots wounds uh how could you Our Lives continued like this for two more weeks between us going shopping and looking for possible jobs for her one day when I stepped away to use the restroom well now if it isn't sweet little kitty Mr pseudo.

Sudo is that her old boss like she described this blonde guy was definitely gaudy it's been forever yeah that's no way to greet me as your old boss this breaks my heart you know why you haven't thought of me at all after.

You use that service to quit the company you couldn't do anything then I wonder what you're even doing now I'm still looking for work wow you for real you just up and quit without another job lined up I'll find something soon I just have to keep trying sudo approached kaide backing her into a.

Wall yeah sure why don't you come back and work for me after all you're slow and can't do anything right so you know come back and be my cute little mascot I I'm not going back I'm going to change you know that won't happen right.

It's okay I'll forgive you if you say sorry come on hi I'm sad kaidi you don't have to apologize to him I couldn't stand by and watch any longer I walked over and stood between them ah and who do you think you are don't come after her I convinced her to leave so don't blame her pseudo sneered in.

Response I see so you're the one who used that service so she quit I thought something smelled funny about all this kite is so sweet and meek she'd never have the guts to quit on her own so who's this chump your boyfriend he helps people find to work that's what you do hilarious.

Trying so hard to help because she's cute yeah I totally get it are you done talking what Mr sudo if I worked under you you'd be the worst kind of Boss I pulled out my phone put it to his ear and played back the recording sudo went pale what where did you.

This is Kai day's first step in standing up to you you get it so she was probably remembering her time at that company I could tell she was trembling the recording I played back was of sudo berating Kai day for performing poorly at work she recorded these incidents in case she.

Needed them later and it's a good thing she did she's clearly unhappy and you're abusing your position I wonder what would happen if I share this with your CEO why you did if you dare to approach her again you know what'll happen.

After I whispered that in his ear I won't forget this pseudo fled the scene in tears thank you so much again it's nothing I should be sorry for digging up those bad memories if I thought of a better idea it's okay you framing this as me standing up to him was a huge help I'm really happy her embarrassed blushing.

Face pulled up my heartstrings she's adorable and beautiful and I just want to hold her wait what am I thinking it felt like my feelings were going in inappropriate directions and I automatically turned away so it's nothing let's get back to what we were doing okay one month later wait does this mean.

I look forward to working with you so same with you Kai day how did we get here Kai they sent off applications in a flurry and finally landed an interview date when I asked where she got accepted to she smiled and said it was a secret she was much more confident than usual this.

Time and told me to just wait because she'd definitely get the job I had no idea where she could have applied to but I figured kaide would probably be okay I got into work as usual and my name is kaida shiwasaki I was inspired by the hard work pardoned by the manager so corono so I wanted to work for this.

Company I look forward to working here hey being on the interview panel isn't new to me but I'd never stood for my seat and surprise before I didn't expect kaidi to apply to work for the employment agency I was at that said there was nothing embarrassing about her reason for applying and she was confident and passionate in presenting.

Her experience her bold honesty was a unanimous hit and she passed the interview with flying colors and that's how she got hired here also I didn't see that coming did you how was my surprise unbelievable you should have told me sooner I thought my heart was gonna stop.

But seriously thank you for everything I made it this far all thanks to you now that I'm working for you I'm going to do all I can to return the favor well try not to overdo it okay and there's still one thing I haven't told you yes you.

You see it's my feelings what do you mean this all started because I'm not good at standing up for myself but you've always supported me this whole time you have always been there taking care of me through my highs and lows this time I want to support you I want to.

Support you so I didn't really do anything you put in all the work and overcame your struggles that's not true I would have fallen to pieces if you weren't here I could even be back at the terrible company right now but it's because you're here that I was able to move forward okay day I.

I love you if it's all right with you please stay with me forever my life had been entirely uneventful until now the opportunity had never been there for a to turn like this that was how I expected things to end and then kaiji came into my life before I knew it I had already fallen in.

Love with her So my answer was already clear I I don't want you to leave my sight I want to be with you too do you mean it yes I do this is what I want I I love you too kaidi I'm so happy does that mean I'm your girlfriend now.

I would love that hey oh did you really have jump in for a hug puppy seeing her full of joy brought a smile to my own face is it all right for me to be so happy to think we'd be here after an unexpected series of events all this Joy has come.

To my life all because I let my hand to help her I hope you'll still support me my whole life let's check out our other videos as well