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[Manga Dub] The girl next door takes care of me instead of my toxic parents… [RomCom]


It's morning I have to go to school but I don't want to go my name is Koshi kog and I'm a senior high school student living in an old apartment it's just my mom and me living here she barely even comes home once a month my mom is basically a toxic parent and ever since I can remember I only have memories of being left alone in the house I mean.

It's a relief that she's not home cuz all she does is make sarcastic remarks with me the bread crust bread crust it's going to be hell if I have class today it's not enough at all good morning kioshi Kun oh hinan good morning the girl who came up to greet me while I locked my doors is my neighbor and a technical college student H Huga she's a.

Kind person who always looks out for me are you okay you don't look well are you eating enough of course I'm eating plenty you're lying tell me what you ate this morning then you have to be honest of course the crust of bread what do you what do you mean you're eating plenty why is that happening to you I'm.

Actually tied on living expenses what about your parents aren't you still a high schooler my mother's been neglecting me ever since I can remember I don't even know how many times the authorities came to my house when I was in elementary school oh you have that kind of parent too does that mean yep I was in the same situation as you so I.

Know you're pain Koshi I see no I'm going to make food for you starting today what you can't I feel bad don't be shy your breakfast was pretty bad today and you can't rely on your mom can you well yeah then depend on the people around you don't look down on technical college students you know I have enough to support a college student or two.

Maybe not but I know how to save money is it okay then I'm telling you it's okay rely on me if you need to I like young boys who are honest you know I'll do that then I'll repay you for this one day yep I'll keep my expectations High see you then then son is such a nice person she's pretty and kind wait I have to head to school too I'm on a.

Scholarship I can't waste money phew I was able to get through the day somehow oh welcome home I was waiting for you I just finished cooking do you want you probably do huh you look like you're about to pass out come in come in but you're not allowed to comment on my room okay okay I understand excuse me what was that I I mean uh nothing H son's.

Room was how do I say this horrible I didn't have any experience playing at friends houses because of my toxic parent but it was so messy that I knew it was horrible instantly it's not my fault I'm busy studying for school and I work too so I have no time for anything other than cooking oh do you want me to do the cleaning then I have more time on.

My hands than you hinan huh I feel bad though you're the one who said we should depend on the people around us hinan let me do something to thank you for the food please then but you don't need to clean my undergarments I got it thank you for the food hinan you're super good at cooking aren't you H right I'm trying to be a.

Professional chef after all oh is that what you're going to school for yep yep that's why I wanted other people's opinions about my cooking too Koshi Kun you're so good at cleaning and organizing that you could be a stay-at-home husband already that dirty room became this clean I once almost drowned in my garbage because my room.

Got so messy I simply thought it was a life or death situation and learn the skill getting lost in your own room is a serious problem I guess by the way kioshi Kun there's something I wanted to talk to you about yes just like I said earlier I'm busy with studying and work so I was wondering could you do my household chores for me you know you.

Said you wanted to do something to thank me for the food right and so I was wondering if you'd do it that's all you need you can ask for something a bit more unreasonable you know um then in addition to that do you want to live together wait what that's a why I'm an only child so I've always wanted a little brother I trust you not.

To do anything weird Koshi Kun and honestly I feel safer and more comfortable when I'm with someone this apartment is old so the security is terrible you know oh that's true it's not the perfect place for a young woman to live alone right that's why I'd be happy if you could live with me I understand but are you sure you're okay.

With it really of course I look forward to living with you then just like that I found my own family even after my toxic mother abandoned me I didn't have any attachment to the place I lived in now so I moved into Hena San's Place immediately it smells good good morning Koshi Kun it's already morning you should get up let's eat breakfast.

Together good morning wa it's a feast from so early in the morning how is it a feast I just made some eggs with last night's leftovers ever since elementary school I either skipped breakfast or had breadcrust so this I see in that case eat to your heart's content start starting today I'm not going to forgive you if you try to act shy yes thank you.

For the food so delicious this is the most amazing omelette I've had in my entire life that good reaction makes all the cooking worth it do you want seconds yes God being full from so early in the morning I'm so blessed oh Koshi Kun are you heading home yes are you heading home too hosan yep but I have to head to work in a little bit I'm going to make.

Dinner before I leave follow me to the supermarket will you ah we somehow got it the supermarket during the limited time sale is Battlefield as always the stayed home wives are so powerful I don't know how many times I was pushed aside but we were able to buy good ingredients so it's all worth it all right I'm going to get my head in the.

Game and make something delicious I'm looking forward to it I'm home sorry for the intrusion wrong this is your house too Koshi Kun should you say I'm home good job welcome home this is the first time in my life that someone said welcome home to me I'm fully realizing the fact that I'm not alone anymore I'm so tired I'm home welcome home huh.

You're still awake you're a high schooler so you should be asleep shouldn't you I don't have school tomorrow because it's Memorial Day that's why it's okay for me to stay up tonight oh you'll take a shower right I'll bring your change of clothes thank you you're a lifesaver hold on a second are my undergarments all washed yes you.

Told me I didn't need to wash them but it seemed like they were going to be left out for a while so I I made sure to handwash them carefully so that they wouldn't get damaged I tried not to look too I see thank you um Yoshi Kun uh did you think while washing it wait uh what am I asking take that question back forget I asked I thought your I thought.

Your undergarments were super sexy you you don't need to answer me I told you to forget it it's a misunderstanding it's not like I always wear such fancy undergarments I felt liberated after my parents abandoned me I used to only wear worn down Clow so no if it's hidden I thought it wouldn't matter if I go crazy I think that's a good thing I understand.

How you feel too I I feel like I might go crazy if my mom Set Me Free too right just like that hosan and I deepened our relationship every day after we started living together especially because we were raised in the same circumstances thing that I never thought I would be able to have a normal life I mean there were some happenings.

That made me think why despite all of that I think we were enjoying our life together as people who never had parents who loved them I feel like this was our first opportunity to get our hands on what people call love and family we were extremely satisfied with the simple happiness that we were able to gain for the first time in our lives however an.

Individual who set out to destroy that simple happiness suddenly entered Our Lives good morning hioshi happy birthday what oh I forgot H son how do you know my birthday I took a peek at your driver's license oh that makes sense I have a motorcycle license just in case it's useful to have during long school breaks so that I can make money with it.

I basically ate grass for a whole month just to save up money to take the test gosh you need to tell me things like this I'm sorry I totally forgot about it until just a few minutes ago no one's ever celebrated my birthday for me so I thought it was pointless it's not pointless at all you're my family now okay you need to tell me more beforehand.

From now on okay I won't forget starting next year thank you so much don't thank me for it because it's a completely normal thing to do so what do you want for your birthday present let's see I can't say that I want henan right ever since I started Living with h son she had completely stolen my heart I always thought she was a kind older woman who.

Lived next door I'm obviously going to fall for her after she did all this for me but she probably only sees me as her younger brother I'm going to take this secret to the Grave yeah nothing at the moment gosh isn't there anything you want you better think of something before I come back from work okay I'm going then be safe still it's my first.

Time ever receiving a birthday present I have no idea what I want oh what the heck you're here you're alive huh what do you want you old hag this flashy woman with a clearly visible and horrible personality is my mother only thing she had on her mind was looking good and she didn't care about me a single bit she's a terrible human being.

I was glad that I didn't have to see her face these past few months why is she here now how dare you call me an old hag have you forgotten that you're indebted to me for giving birth to you I've never appreciated you in the first place I do have resentment towards you for neglecting me though you're not cute at all you little punk I don't want you to.

Think I'm cute I I don't want to converse with you for even a second get what you need done and disappear from here I'll do that then it's not like I have all the time in the world either Koshi you need a drop out of school I found a patron who's willing to put money into my shop it's going to get busy so live here and help of course.

From morning until night I won't give you a single penny for it though you've got to be kidding me you old hag I'm graduating this year so I can't do that it's not whether you can or can't you have to you're my son it's a child's obligation to help their parents isn't it why don't you tell me that after you start acting like a parent I never.

Considered you my mother it doesn't matter what you think I'm your mother under the law who cares about all this just listen to what I'm saying stop talking nonsense and get out of here I'm going to get rid of this place this month you better watch out you brat you can't run away from me anyway what's the matter kioshi Kun was the cake good it's.

Not that it was super delicious really that's good but I wonder who it is yes excuse do you know where the high schooler living next door went oh you're back again how dare you show your face to me twice in one day it s like I wanted to see your face either but I just saw something good I'm going to say that it was worth it hey you yes are you.

Talking to me what is my son to you that's she couldn't bear to see me the way I was and is feeding me now in her room alone in a room with a male high school students at night too she could just bring food over but you're here together huh gosh I think I just came across a naughty situation I wonder what would happen if I go to the police don't.

You know that it's a crime to groom a child underage are you threatening us you're a scum as always aren't you our society would say that this situation is bad I could already see people using misunderstandings and slander to attack hinan plus it wasn't a complete misunderstanding in the first place I can't put hinan through this trouble.

When she was the one who saved me I guess I'll give up on school I understand I'll quit school to work just like you asked me to do earlier today so go home for today today is my birthday I'm glad you understand I'll go home for today then that's what you want me to say but I won't why not I work in the nightlife.

Entertainment business you know we want more women than men I don't need you my stupid son and exchange give me the girl next to you what you've got to be kidding me is that so you don't have to come if you don't want to I'll just corner you and make you give in let's see maybe I should shout right here that people can hear what's going on everyone.

Please let listen there's a woman who's gring a young high school boy in this room stop it I told you that I'll work for you I told you I don't need you hey you you've been quiet for a while what do you want to do huh will you work for my shop or are you okay with not being able to live here anymore it would be bad if I can't live here I have school.

Too I see then you already know the answer you should give me don't you I understand I'll work for you henan you can't do this we have a deal then I'll contact you again soon gasan I'm so sorry this is all my fault no it's my fault if I hadn't suggested for us to live together this wouldn't have happened I got what I.

Was coming you didn't do anything wrong Koshi Kun that's not true if I didn't agree to it in the first place all right end of conversation it already happened so we can't do anything about it anyways today is your birthday let's eat cake and celebrate okay hean hinan was doing her best to act positive but I could tell deep down she was anxious and.

Worried about what was was going to happen in the future the fact that her hands were shaking despite her smile was evident enough what do I do how can I protect her how can I protect her from that horrible awful human's hands hioshi Kun happy 18th birthday you're an adult starting today an adult that's right an adult that's the only thing I can do in.

Order to protect this person who's special to me henan there's something I want oh so you thought of something just like I asked of course tell me got it the thing that I want is the following day hey I'm back morning to the two of you a few days after my birthday the old hag of a mother came to greet us with a nasty grin all right I'll bring you to.

My shop then this is where you're going to work with me for the rest of your life who the hell is going to let her go to a place like that ginan isn't going to associate herself with you and is going to live a happy life oh it seems like you've forgotten your place over the past few days I could call the police here and make a commotion are you.

Sure you're okay with that do as you wish but I wonder who is going to be in trouble after the police are called marriage documents you two this as you can see we're married ma'am not that we're husband and wife us loving together isn't wrong in society's eyes yes we got married this was the secret hand I could pull because I turned 18.

There's no way I'm not going to approve of that you need your parents approval in order to get married that's in the case that either party is underage Koshi Kun and I are both over 18 years old we don't need our parents approval to get married you said you were going to call the police right go ahead call them do you want us to call them.

Instead if you don't want certain things to come up into the light hurry up and disappear from here don't ever come near us again damn it the moment she realized her loss my mother ran away changing the grin she came here with into a nasty frown by the way i' had already reported everything to the police so I'm sure that frown is going to deepen no she.

Might actually have no emotion from the way her heart breaks no Patron is going to provide money to a person who gets caught up in trouble with the police serves her right all right we settled everything so I'm going to to step out for a minute to where the city hall I have to get the divorce papers we just got married we can still get a divorce.

This marriage was only set up to protect hinan in the first place now that everything was over there was no need for us to stay married I'm sorry hinan I got you involved in this mess and put a dent in your record too gosh no more apologizing besides I don't intend to put a debt in it right what does that mean I'm saying I don't intend to get.

Divorced from you Koshi Kun I was happy when you proposed to me so don't talk about the divorce does that mean we don't have to get divorced I can stay married to you henan of course kioshi Kun Let's Stay Together for a henan I love you more than anything in the entire world just like that my past was completely cleansed as if making up for.

Lost time I'm now living happily with the love of my life a kind beautiful woman who's amazing at cooking thank you I love you more than anything else in the entire world thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.