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[Manga Dub] The girl sitting next to me has a crush on me… but why? [RomCom]


This way Aki come on wait up it was the summer vacation of my first year in elementary school I met a girl who was so pretty she might as well have been a doll I only knew her for a month but I fell in love with her in an instant Aki I have something to tell you what is it I have to go home to my house in another.

Country next week what I don't want to say goodbye but we'll meet again one day so let's play together then okay these days I had no idea where she was or what she was doing it was just a Bittersweet memory of first love I had that dream again.

How many times my name is Akito sudo I'm an ordinary High School freshman with no special talents or anything recently I've been having the same dream over and over again for some reason aiming about her now is it some kind of premonition or something.

Nah there's no way that's going to happen in real life Akito Akito what were you daydreaming about are you thinking something weird I don't know what you're talking about what are you doing anyway the girl who's all too casually edging her desk closer to mine is he not Enzo she grew up overseas and she's both.

Athletic and smart with both looks and talent she's the most popular girl in the school by chance we were assigned seats next to each other the other day and I forgot my textbooks could you show me Jen how many times has it been you've been forgetting your textbooks.

Almost every day recently I can't help it all right I've been kind of distracted recently I thought she was a down-to-earth student a bit of a teacher's pet really what had happened to her I couldn't help but be worried for her she'd forgotten at least one textbook a day ever since we got put together.

Is she in trouble or something she's always been a bit pushy from the beginning but she's helped me with my schoolwork from time to time hey Hina what is it we're in the middle of class so make it quick do you have anything planned for next weekend next weekend no not really why what what's wrong Angel are you all right sorry.

Why do you ask it's actually my mother's birthday soon and I was wondering what I should get her I was hoping you'd help me pick out something for her but if you don't want to I want to I really want to really she's really enthusiastic for some reason are we going today tomorrow.

Calm down for a second for now I was thinking next Saturday or something Saturday nope I'm totally free on Saturday let's go you're lying you hesitated just then if you're not free on Saturday we could move it no I want to go on Saturday why is she acting so weird well if you say so.

We'll choose when and where to meet later sure thing the next weekend I was near the statue in front of the train station where we'd agreed to meet I wonder what's taking Hina so long I thought we were supposed to meet here at aikito sorry I'm late the train was delayed don't worry I just got here myself.

Oh what is it when I turned around I was faced with a sight one could have mistaken for an angel I think I'm supposed to compliment her or something uh you look nice today stop making fun of me ah but I'm not making fun of you oh forget it come on let's go we're going to miss the bus sure.

Did I say something to upset her I was a bit worried I'd insulted her somehow but we headed to the nearby shopping mall anyway wow there's a lot of people here on the weekends if it were me I'd like something practical like kitchen appliances or something oh yeah I forgot I asked her here to help find something.

For my mom's birthday present by the way what did you get her last year some handkerchiefs and a two-day traveling ticket I think wow that must have been pretty expensive I just used my pocket money and New Year's allowance hmm then why didn't you get her that this year as well oh I've got it you just.

Wanted to have an excuse to go on a date with me didn't you what uh of course not look you're blushing cut it out or I'm going home oh I'm kidding geez come on I'll hold hands with you so let's go and pick something out are you even listening to me for some reason Hina looked even merrier than usual with her until I walked around the mall looking.

Into all sorts of shops how about this an apron with Frills have I mentioned that my mother is nearing 40. so what anyone would look good in this Dad might like it but as a son ahina how about this one too ugly ha it was so long since I'd gone shopping with someone else and after today.

I feel like I gotten to know a part of Hina I'd never seen at school thanks for coming with me today I got to pick out a decent gift thanks to you don't mention it I hope your mom will like it right I hope she's feeling better now and from the looks of it now it's probably my best chance to get her to open up about what she's been so worried about Hina.

I wanted to ask you something what is it I've been wondering for some time huh why did they have to call me now sorry it's my mom I'll be right back so could you just wait over by the bench or something sir once I stepped away from her I answered the phone and ended it as quickly as I could I should be getting.

Back but it looks like hina's on a call too oh uh hi saki what's up saki that's hina's best friend I think I feel bad about going back when she was in the middle of her phone call so I decided to wait until she was finished I was thinking about going to get a.

Drink at the vending machine but then um what do I keep forgetting things recently oh that's just to draw akito's attention what you know him he can be a bit clueless sometimes I'd been worried there was something wrong with her when she'd just been messing with me the whole time.

Why okay all right see you then oh Akito I'm sorry I just got a call from Saki and so it was all a lie huh you kept forgetting your belongings ever since we were assigned seats next to each other so I thought you were in some kind of trouble what do you mean that's not it you were just having fun at my expense the whole time weren't you.

I've had enough please oh it's it's really don't ever talk to me again I understand I'm sorry since that weekend Hina abruptly stopped forgetting her belongings she used to talk to me every time we saw each other but now she doesn't even try to look me.

In the eyes this is for the best it's gotten easier to listen to the teachers lectures now well that's not a very happy sound is it you don't look too cheerful either huh looking up I saw it was saki omori my classmate and hina's best friend sup kiddo wanna tell me what's on your mind kiddo we're the same age it's just a.

Form of speech did something happen with you and Hina you know that already hmm I guess I do well if you ask me it looks like neither of you acted the way you should have and both of you acted the way you would have huh put simply I'm saying it was just all a big misunderstanding Hino wanted to catch her attention but she went about.

It the wrong way and you were too clueless to get what she was trying to tell you and that resulted in your misreading the situation entirely what are you talking about I really shouldn't be the one to tell you this but Hina likes you what no wait wait if you think I'm lying then go ask her yourself after all that's happened I'm sure she'll come.

Clean he not likes me is that even possible I'm not particularly handsome or smart or athletic in any way she must be mistaken I mean why would she even like someone like me well I think I fulfilled Marvel as the best friend for now I just wanted to let you know she didn't mean anything wrong by it hope you understand.

The teacher's calling for you gotta go bye didn't mean anything wrong huh thinking back I couldn't really sense any foul intentions behind hina's words the only thing that bothered me was that Hina apparently had feelings for me love at first sight no way it can't be possible I guess I'll just have to ask her myself.

But after all the things I said to her I'm back you're home come and look at this huh what is it I'm kind of tired just get over here look saying that my mother handed me a worn out piece of paper looking closely I saw it said marriage registration in childish handwriting what is this.

You don't remember you know that child you were friends with when you were little the one that came to Japan to visit her grandparents for a month or so what was her name Hina Hina Hina angel no way in that instant all the old memories came flooding back to me how we first met what we played I could recall.

Everything about that little girl like falling in love with as if it were yesterday that's right it was Hina why didn't I remember before Hina must have remembered our promise all this time Akito where are you going I forgot something I'll be back before dinner not only did I forget the face of the girl I liked I said those terrible.

Things to her as well I'm so stupid I wasn't even sure that Hina would still be at school but I ran anyway all I could think of was what I was going to say to her thank God you're still here you know huh Akito what's the matter I I wanted to apologize about what happened I'm sorry.

You never forgot our promise did you but I I you remembered at last that's good enough for me I thought you'd never remember that paper in your hand is it the marriage registration we drew up together yeah that brings back some memories you tried to give it to me when we were.

Saying goodbye do you remember the promise to make you my wife if our feelings hadn't changed by the time we met again that's right I vote my name too but you didn't recognize me at all my only excuse is that you'd grown up to be so beautiful I'm sorry there's nothing I can say that can make you forgive me it.

Wouldn't be surprising if she'd lost interest in me long ago well I could think of something what did you just I think you already know I guess but this is how I feel towards you will you tell me how you feel towards me Akito I'm a hopeless idiot who even forgets the name of his first love I don't deserve you in any.

Way are you still okay with someone like me I am I don't care if you forget my name or if you can't do anything special I just want you by my side Sheena wouldn't that make me a freeloader don't worry even if you did become one I'll earn enough for both of us that doesn't make me feel any better but I like you Hina I like you too in the end.

We finally understood each other perfectly I thought every day would be like heaven but I'd yet to pay the price for stealing the heart of the most popular girl in the school I will never forgive you Akira sudo I will have my revenge they all seem to be angry at you for some reason did you do something wrong they're all your fans.

Who are jealous of me morning well well not only have you guys made up it looks like you've got it closer too come on give me all the details soggy be quiet what's this I've never seen the side of Hina before so cute you better shut up or else hmm or else what what are you gonna do about it huh wait don't do that watching sake omori.

Fondle Hina under her chin as if she was a pet I wasn't into that kind of thing before but it might have its perks after all oh what a sight to behold wait a minute what am I doing all right that's enough for now is that jealous.

Jealous I'm just kidding oh by the way as I said they were going to change the seating arrangements next class so you better pray you'll get to sit next to each other again what who cares about the seating arrangements it's only going to be for classes I care huh I want to be apart from you now that we're finally together maybe if you could tweak the.

System somehow don't you dare if they find you out it might affect your future grades I here as long as long as it be together I'll do anything so long as it's for a keto it's no laughing matter when it comes to me she can't see anything else some people might find it a bit suffocating but to me it's just the.

Right amount I don't know if it's because we've both secretly liked each other all these years but right now I'll do anything to make her happy thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well