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[Manga Dub] The girl that can read people’s minds blushes in front of me… [RomCom]


I'm ryota kasami and in my class there's a person with supernatural abilities her name is Satori asai she's a jaru who can read people's minds on top of her cute looks she also has great communication skills so she's popular amongst both guys and girls oh that's right so Tori do that again the game where you guess which card has.

Been drawn right yes yes you really are a big fan of that game right because it's interesting right but this time it's different okay usually it's me who picks the cards and gets a toy to guess which one I picked but this time I'll be the one who shuffles and the one who picks it's because you don't want to let.

Satori touch the deck right yes yes on top of that we'll have a blindfold place on Satori and then have her guess who even drew the cards what about that no didn't you just say you would be the one drawing it huh wait that's not it not me but I'll have someone else here draw the card you said that but didn't you just kind.

Of spill the fact that you were planning to draw the card yourself I guess with that I can't draw the card anymore or you could say it's hard for me to be the one drawing the card but that way of playing is more interesting right that's fine with me so if I manage to get it right I'll have you treat me to.

Some cake okay okay okay I won't lose just because you're putting a blindfold on me doesn't mean you could do anything weird okay I wouldn't do such a thing hmm yeah probably hey why are you saying it in a way to purposely make people feel anxious.

Uh just kind of feel like it well even if you do something weird I'll find out who it was sooner or later so let's start the game thank you so let's make a quick start in that way the girls began preparing well then I'll Shuffle the cards yes yes Feel Free at any time here if you manage.

To guess this then you're really amazing well done you over there draw it even though she was the person who proposed this plan she was also the one who drew the card wow what a bad personality if that had happened to anybody else they would definitely guess that anybody bought that girl was the one who drew the card right.

Satori it's fine so which card was it then for me who was the one who picked the card and what was the card there was nobody who could answer that question however she seemed completely satisfied with just asking it hmm.

I get it now the one who picked it was you and the card drawn was the Queen of Hearts why would you know no you don't need to promise me like that it goes without saying that it's all because I have the ability to read hearts of the people who have the answers floating in their minds.

That's right by answering the question she was able to get the answer to the surface from her opponent's mind that was her aim by doing that she was able to obtain her answer well I'm afraid that she was probably asking the question just to liven up the atmosphere but she had already gotten the answer at the moment the card was drawn.

As expected Satori is amazing really truly it's not really a big deal I thought that at least for today I had won against Satori since when did it become a competition if things turned out like this will use our last resort.

Let's go kazumikun huh me again there's no other person who could win against a toy besides you right kazumikun I'll be counting on you again today yes I don't know why but it was my heart which acai couldn't read it was always when she was faced against.

Me that she made mistakes because of this I was often driven out like this that's fine with me I'll definitely beat your heart today you don't have to take it so seriously really don't like having this continual losing streak I'll definitely win in an instant it was as if Victory had already begun developing within her heart.

Well if you say that much it's fine but then I'll be shuffling now okay huh it's not the same rules as before after shuffling I'll be drawing out five cards from their backside and I'll have you pick one I'll be the one guessing which one you picked he completely ignored me is it that she's going with a set of.

Rules which would put her in the most advantageous position I don't know what was advantageous to her at all about that but I had no choice but to assume that she was simply changing the rules if it wasn't needed I'm sure she would have kept the rules the same as the previous game I'm done choose okay I'll choose then.

Even having that said why is it that every time she never manages to guess the ones that I pick could it be that I too have some sort of Supernatural ability well even if I did have it it's not as if it would be anything useful then I'll put back the card and Shuffle the deck so I won't know which card has.

Been moved okay wait did you even see the card yeah I saw it what was it hmm I wonder what it could be she purposely asks the question as if she already knew the answer huh I remember any Eddie all right.

I'll definitely get it right okay as usual she gets too fired up it's definitely strange why she can't get it though even having said that of course looking from the front a zaison really is cute her eyes are big her nose is high and on top of that she has beautiful skin.

Her hair is also beautifully dyed and arranged so it's understandable why she's popular amongst the guys huh Satori turned out weird again are you okay I'm fine she definitely doesn't seem fine at all no matter how you look at it it seems.

That Kazumi has won again there's no way well if she gets flustered like this there's no way she'll be able to guess it well even having said that the blushing struggling acai sun is cute because of me the one you chose was this right seven of Spades completely wrong.

What a shame the correct answer is the Ace of Spades it's cause of mikun's Victory again right um speak of it though in normal circumstances if someone was a friend wouldn't it be Satori that they were supporting in other words that girl is a traitor and not a friend.

No listen that they're different matters right is that so yeah that's it while the idea proposer girl was debating with the others it was only aside who looked at me with a frustrated expression on her face it was as if she held a grudge against.

Me having lost against me on that day after school hey are you free today huh well I guess I have nothing planned but it's rare for her to talk to me like this um um could I like come over to Casa mikun's house right now huh my house.

Idiot if you say it out loud then there's no point in having me whisper so Tori heading over to kazumikun's place oh really no that's that's um yeah I decided to try to overcome the fact that I can't read his heart even if you say that isn't going to someone's place you definitely thought.

Of something bold huh so you were that frustrated I'm kind of sorry about that no that's fine but but things that can be solved in a cafe or something there's no need for you to go all the way to the other person's house could it be that you know what that's wrong it's not like that well let's get.

Going kazumikun ah she ran away um I never said that it was okay for you to come over if you say that there's no way I could stay like that right forget mercilessly teased by everyone no you're the one who'd get teased by everybody a saisan.

That might be true but in situations like these I think it's okay to help me out just a little bit what sort of things are you expecting from an introverted guy like me I don't have any courage to do anything against a female the way you say these sort of things so confidently makes me feel troubled.

Well for now if you could let me come over I'd be really happy as expected is it because you want to try reading my heart well along the lines of but I say this straightly if it's just the heart I can read that however huh then why do you fail every time I can read it it's because I can read it.

It's a nuisance uh how do I put it huh if you start tilting your head as if you don't know anything I'll get annoyed with you though I I know I definitely never did anything bad you never did anything bad but every time I try to read your heart you should maybe try thinking back to what it was.

In your mind back then huh I don't think I was thinking anything weird though uh is that so then to you is what you consider normal huh just just what are you so angry about no no way Kazumi there's no way I would be mad that's a lie I feel this really weird.

Pressure from her hey can you stop saying stupid things and let me go over to your place uh-huh yes she was smiling but that forceful atmosphere around her made me find myself nodding in agreement just what was it which put her in such a bad mood to me I really couldn't think.

Of anything I did wrong but in that way we arrived at my house but huh you're very visibly getting restless right yes there's no helping it right it's the first time I've been to a guy's house after all it's a surprise to hear you say it's your first time.

What do you mean by that I'm not the type to play around okay well I know that but for now welcome wait uh I must greet everyone else at home first my parents are both at work so they aren't here huh so right now it's just me and katamikun together alone that's true but you didn't even.

Consider that to be a possibility because my whole mother is a full-time housewife even if that's the case you should have at least considered it as a possibility right what do you want to do if you want to go back you can certainly do so I won't mind at all it's fine I'm not going back.

She's getting stubborn huh even if you end up regretting it I don't know anything okay it's fine doesn't even have the courage to do anything that will make me regret also I'm not being stubborn all right she can read people's minds to think of it she's really reading it huh that's what I was saying just by.

Thinking of something a conversation could be formed that was convenient on one hand but on the other I did find it a bit annoying so what did you say you wanted to do that's uh using overcoming and stuff as an excuse I wanted to hear something from.

Kazamikun I see if she was taking all the trouble to come to my place I thought something was weird but I guess she did have some special business after all so what did you want to ask um do you like me.

Huh no way you're lying because every time we have a standoff you always think that I'm cute right I see if she can read people's hearts then she clearly overheard all of that too um even if I think you're cute it doesn't guarantee that I like you in any way you know.

But in general the two do a link with each other I think no I seriously doubt well if you ask me if I like you I I guess it's in a friend sort of way so you really don't like me oh wait that reaction could it mean that you like me huh that's wrong there's no way that could be the case then why were you so shocked when you.

Read my heart because it's a secret from that attitude I can't see anything other than agreement with what I just said though I'm not agreeing with you for once could you please stop reading my heart there's no point in anything that I don't put into words.

Well it seems like you've already heard what you wanted to hear so you'll be leaving right I'm not leaving you're not leaving I thought she would Clearly say that she would be leaving but what on Earth did she want to do honestly I had no idea what she was thinking at all um what do you want to do.

She's puffing her cheeks again I guess she's someone who likes attention that anyways the reason why you're thinking it right yes of course stop teasing people.

So what do you really want to do hmm why are you clinging to me to make Kazumi fall in love with me aren't you getting a little desperate since you think that I am cute if I attack you that it seems like I can easily make you fall in love with me aren't you getting a little too stubborn I do get stubborn but if I get made a.

Fool out of after coming all this way I don't think I'll do anything of that sort though you already did that's why allow me to take my revenge on you if it's me who can read people's hearts then I can definitely do something like making kazumikun my captive it seems like in some way this incident.

Had wounded her Pride quite a bit thanks to that it definitely did seem to stimulate something within her after that kazumikun he made a Bento for you so shall we eat together ah the side dishes are hamburger steak and fried chicken and pork rolled with shiso leaves they all seem like things.

Kazumikun would like so I decided on those I don't recall telling you anything about the things I liked but of course I read your heart lately I thought you were just following me around during lunch break but you were searching for the things that I liked.

No matter how you look at it and here is packed with things that kazumikun likes so there's no other choice for you than to eat up right also if you don't need it there'll be leftovers so I'll be troubled in that way she started making Bento lunches for me alrighty scoot over hey why are you sitting over here.

You like being spoiled like this right that's why I'm doing it no sooner than when she came over to my house she read my heart and tried to spoil me well you could say that she went full force with the attacks if this sort of relationship continued how would it end should I say laughs.

Leo Tycoon whilst reading my mind and coming over to spoil me she became the spoiled one the saying about how a con man eventually gets conned is this what it means well she is really cute so I don't mind hey so when will you confess to me again you asked something pretty big huh.

You definitely like me right to me who can read people's hearts it's very clear without being weirdly obstinate I think it's good if you could just confess to me nice and clear that sounded to me like just confess to me quickly she could read my heart so she fully believed it I guess well even if I couldn't read anyone's.

Hearts I could clearly understand how acai felt towards me it's true that there was no need to be stubborn like you acai-san could you please go out with me huh you're hesitating with that just kidding just kidding of course I'm okay with it because after all I also like.

Yuvio Tycoon really You're a Mean One Satori Viola you're the one person I don't want to hear that from to go out with a girl who could read people's hearts I suppose the most it would seem impossible however I didn't have any ill feelings towards her and she was certainly a very good girl so that was irrelevant.

More than that I thought all the time about how I could make her happy that's all I wanted to continue thinking about thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well thank you.