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[Manga Dub] The girl that I hit on was my ex-girlfriend…! [RomCom]


This is the best place to hit on girls you got this man I've got plans after this so I'll be leaving now huh wait you can't leave me atsunari you gotta give me some pointers at least how do I get a girl to start talking to me I'm clueless well just go with the flow ask her out to a cafe or something girls will follow.

You if you say you'll buy her coffee that only works when you're good looking it's my day off and my name is Yuma Miyake I'm making my first attempt to find a girl willing to give me her time it's been three years since I started college all my close friends have girlfriends now I'm the only one alone and honestly I'm freaking out.

I should have asked somebody else for advice he can't throw me out in the city like this he must be Spartan or something my best friend atsanari Amano is handsome and Charming the complete opposite of me still even a guy like me had a girlfriend we dated for three years until my.

Freshman year of college the thing is she didn't dump me we were in a long distance relationship she gradually stopped returning my phone calls and texts and eventually the relationship faded away I know it's sad well she left the chat room without telling me.

I guess that was her way of telling me it was over watch didn't I visit her I could have prevented this from happening I know there's no point in regretting what happened in the past still it would be nice to know how she's doing she's perfect in every way.

I'm sure she has a new boyfriend by now I reminisce for a while but pushed the thoughts out of my head there was no use dwelling on the past I should try to move forward for a better future uh Hey excuse me would you like to get some coffee with me I'll pay.

No I thought so I apologize I'll let you go on your way girls will follow you for coffee my ass guys like atsanari don't get how difficult life can be huh do you know my name it's me Erica don't you recognize me.

Call it a coincidence or call it fate the first girl I hit on turned out to be the ex-girlfriend who ghosted me her name is Haruka nakajo I froze up I didn't know what to say this can't be happening to me oh uh it's been a while uh yeah it has so awkward can I please disappear.

Um so do you want to get coffee I had no reason to say no my ex-girlfriend and I sat down at a table inside a cafe the air felt dense I had no idea what to say to her I guess I should start with some small talk small talk is good so how have you been.

Good humacon you look great were you on the search for a new girlfriend today well yeah I see hurts you going to ask me about it huh I mean I figured out your life without warning aren't you curious as to why of course I'm curious I am but uh there's no way to avoid this.

So do you have a boyfriend now I'm not allowed to be in a relationship parents as orders but I do have a fiance a fiancee well I'm getting married it's a political marriage to help my family I think I may have told you about it previously my family runs a business uh yeah.

The knock control group it owns supermarkets and restaurants hotels and airplanes all over Japan haruka's parents stand at the top she comes from a wealthy family I don't want to get married to somebody I don't love but there was nothing I could do I that's why I did what I did and I'm so.

Sorry Haruka I know this is selfish of me to say but I want you to forget about me this is probably the last time I'll ever see you but I'm glad I ran into you today Yuma I had so much fun when we were together they're the best memories I've.

Ever had so thank you and goodbye oh damn it I thought about pulling her back towards me but it was too late I couldn't reach out to her in time I had never felt more pathetic and disappointed in myself I spent the next few days obsessing over what happened with Haruka I couldn't stop thinking.

About it you don't look so good today are you okay oh uh I was just thinking I don't know if I deserve to be with you I mean we live in completely different worlds Haruka you're beautiful and your father's the CEO of a major company do you not like me.

Of course I like you you mean the world to me well that's all that matters huh you can leave if you hate me but stop worrying about what others would think if you like me We like and care for each other that's the only thing we should be worried about Haruka.

Just FYI you mean the world to me cute McCune one day we'll be the happiest married couple alive marriage it's too soon to talk about that we've only been dating for a month humacun do you not want to get married to me you know that's not what I meant so what do you mean.

Uh I do want to get married to you well done you have to promise me then we'll get married someday I promise why are these memories Coming Back to Me Now.

Is something wrong you look like you could use some help that's nari something happened a few days ago oh did you fail gosh I bet you failed miserably and humiliated yourself not that I'm not thinking about that I'm here for you man talk to me I might.

Not be the best at giving advice but I can listen I guess telling atsanari could help lift the load off my heart he's not a bad guy and so I told atanari about how I bumped into my ex-girlfriends during the weekend I spilled everything from the political marriage to how Haruka feels about the.

Whole situation I see so Yuma what do you want to do huh well you've told me all about why your ex-girlfriend is feeling down but you haven't told me why you're sad about it well Yuma maybe you haven't gotten over your ex-girlfriend yet.

That's not possible of course it is I've been friends with you for three years now do you know how many goalcon invitations you have declined I think you've always been waiting for a chance even after she deleted your contact information I if you still care for her you can't give.

Up on her even if you're up against her parents you gotta prevent the marriage from happening prevent it you make it sound so easy but I can't you can Yuma as long as you have the determination to save the girl you love from a miserable future determination to.

Save her but how would I I don't even know her number anymore I don't know where she is I have an idea of what you can do to improve the situation I'll let you know when and where to go just be there on time what do you mean you have an idea I can't announce any details yet hey I.

Gotta get to my next class later Oh wait we're not done yet what in the world is that guy thinking I have an uneasy feeling about this maybe I shouldn't have relied on him still I don't think I had a choice but to trust him during my next weekend I headed to the place where atsanari told me to be.

Is this really the right place I arrived at an expensive looking restaurant it didn't look welcoming towards ordinary guys like me I checked the address atsanari gave me again yep it's the right place is he pranking me he's not like that.

Can't get in touch with him thank you for joining us today I know you are a busy man Mr nakajo oh no I should be the one thanking you today is an important day for both families Haruka you should say hello hello it's nice to meet you.

Haruka McCune oh why are you here I turned around to leave and saw Haruka standing nearby dolled up in a beautiful dress judging by the looks of it the families of the soon-to-be bride and groom were meeting up to get to know each other better who are you boy how do you know my.

Daughter I'm sorry you're going to have to leave excuse me I called this man here uh that's nari wait so you're haruka's fiancee I'm sorry I wanted to tell you sooner oh yeah atanari's family owns luxury hotels I forgot he told me before.

It was so unexpected I felt like a brick fell from the sky and hit my head knew but he didn't tell me I didn't know how to explain everything to you that's not important right now isn't there something you wanted to tell haruka-san uh what about you.

Why would you do this for me did you forget what I said I told you to focus on your determination you shouldn't let anything get in your way gently pushed me towards Haruka I approached her slowly countless thoughts and emotions were running through my.

Body however I knew I had to do this uh well Haruka there's something I need to say to you I honestly panic when you suddenly disappeared from the chat room I was worried I was scared that something had happened to you but then I realized people can't delete.

Their accounts just by mistake you did it for a reason and I came to the conclusion that you did it because you wanted to cut ties with me we were in a long distance relationship I figured you'd found somebody else and I was fine with it as long as you were happy.

But but I still have feelings for you Haruka you said you wanted me to forget about you but there's no way I will ever forget about you thank you words can express how you are making me feel right now Haruka humacon I feel the same way I still care.

So much about you but some things just can't be helped this is one of them Haruka I'm Ben akajo's group CEO daughter I can't be with you I have responsibilities why you you made me promise you we promised to get married someday.

I'm so sorry I'm sorry for breaking that promise believe me I wish you were my fiancee you've got to prevent the marriage my ass there's absolutely nothing I can do are you two almost finished here let's wrap it up may I have a second with you there's something I want to talk to you.

About what is it atanari-san it's about the marriage between haruka-san and me I would like to break it off atunari oddinary what the hell do you think you're doing this wedding is crucial for our company's future business.

I'm well aware of that however I do not love this woman in fact I don't even know this woman at all I'm reluctant to marry someone just for company profits if I may point out something I don't think this marriage is necessary many companies have business alliances with other companies without the marriage part.

You're being selfish the marriage is your responsibility it's your job as the heir of the company my job huh so are you saying you can't trust Mr nakajo and his company unless you have this marriage to bind him down to us you brought hey atanari.

Oh and I forgot to tell you I have a girlfriend I'm planning my future with her thankfully we're both over 20 years old I can get married without your permission and I can cut ties with you if I want to you son I think we should all go home today.

Wait the marriage will never work anyways you heard what they said let's pick another day to talk about our business if you insist atanari we are going to talk later on after that ansanari's parents stomped off and left thanks man.

But aren't you going to get in trouble we'll be fine eventually it'll take a while that man holds grudges like no other hey you should go to harukasan instead of worrying about me uh okay uh Haruka um human.

What the hell are you doing man up Yuma just say something I know I don't deserve to say this but I will you be my girlfriend Haruka yes Daddy hey are you aware of how much damage you have caused our company yes and I apologize in advance for my.

Brutal honesty but marrying your daughter into a business relationship is wrong I see are you saying you can make my daughter happier than I can I wouldn't be here if I didn't think I could and I wouldn't tell her how I feel fine are you going to tell me your name my.

Name is Yuma Miyake sir Yuma Miyake I'll remember that thanks to atsanari's cooperation Haru gandai were finally together again nothing had changed we're still in a long distance relationship we only get to see each other on our days off but I'm confident we will make it this time.

I am grateful for every day I get to spend with her but there's one thing I'm curious about zanari when did you find out that harukondai used to be in a relationship huh I thought you told him yumikun nope I told him about seeing you when I was out hitting on girls but I didn't mention your name.

Hmm I guess it was when I first met you haruka-san I caught a glance at your phone's lock screen it was a photo of you and Yuma Ah that's that's another word huh photo of us yep and then I asked if she had a.

Boyfriend but she said she was single so I figured she was still hung up on you so that's why you told me to hit on girls that day hmm that is correct dude so that means oddsunari you were behind everything that happened yes I was but I had to we had no other way to convince our parents to break off.

The engagement forgive us please Yuma well I guess I have to thank you for planning it all out but still you never told me you had a girlfriend oh I was totally lying I knew it you have girls all over you every day but I've never seen you treat any of them with the respect you'd give a girlfriend.

Okay that kind of makes me sound like a jerk anyways I'm glad you guys are back together you better invite me to your wedding I'll do the speech okay that's not happening anytime soon well I have to be somewhere now bye Haruka are you okay this embarrassing.

She's blushing I haven't seen that for a while and she's still pretty as hell uh oh yeah do you wanna do you wanna take a photo uh you know to commemorate our relationship starting again do you want to sure I hit on a girl and reunited with my.

Ex-girlfriend as it turns out my best friend was pulling the strings but I still believe the whole thing was brought Upon Us by Destiny or at least some of it we're not getting married yet but I have a feeling we won't have to wait too long for it to happen.

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