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[Manga Dub] The girl that I like says she already had promised a guy to be his wife… [RomCom]


My name is haruto Kawai I'm an ordinary high school student with no special qualities but there is one thing about me that isn't normal that thing is morning Noah oh morning you see hachan tsuki Mia son is always so cute she's so much cuter than Idols out there honestly.

I'm so jealous of that guy well that thing is I'm the childhood friend of this girl noatsuki Mia the girl who greeted Noah was our friend from middle school yuzuha Noah was the daughter of the CEO of a huge corporation in addition she was as cute as an idol energetic and a positive person.

He's a little clueless sometimes but that's also what makes her so cute I find it so strange that she's friends with me the son of a CEO doesn't have any special talents still I've always been in love with her oh shoot I forgot the papers for today's homework in class what should I do.

Should I come early tomorrow and finish it in the morning but I might still make it if I hurry back now I guess I'll go get it huh hey use a hachan how do you solve this problem oh this problem like this no one user huh are they studying for the upcoming exam.

By the way guess what what's wrong my boyfriend has been so cold recently called maybe you should hug him tight uh I meant to say that he's been giving the cold shoulder or like seems uninterested whenever I try to talk to him or something like that.

Speaking of uninterested Noah you're not interested in being in a relationship why do you say that you're super cute and a lot of boys ask you out but you never had a boyfriend right yep but it's not that I'm not interested in relationships.

Really then why because I have a promise to get married after I graduate high school what marriage yep marriage noise getting married that's true Noah is the daughter of a CEO so she must be promised to someone already.

Based on how she was talking about it he's happy if that's what Noah wants I should be happy for her I'll just come early tomorrow to finish my homework besides I already knew that I didn't have a chance with Noah but why is my heart hurting so much.

Know us happiness the happiness of someone I love should be the most important thing being supportive of her marriage is the right thing to do hey Noah yeah what's up does your parents decide on that marriage for you or something nope I made a promise to her tokun what.

Oh the second Noah what's wrong what's wrong haruto as in haruto Kawaii yep it is just for the record what did you two make this promise um when we were first graders Noah is such a loyal girl she still remembers a promise from 10 years ago when she was still a first grader it is.

Still serious about keeping that promise I bet haruto doesn't remember this at all so you only made that promise once yep we already made the promise once so so it should be enough right I feel so frustrated hey Noah based on that promise you only have a little more than a year until you.

Graduate yep then and start of getting married I think it might be better to go on a date like a couple or something why because you'll be able to get married after you understand each other a little better plus it's kind of like a rehearsal for your life together after marriage.

A rehearsal yup a rehearsal oh okay that sounds like fun I'll ask Cara tokun on a date this weekend that's great you should totally do that please her to confess your feelings to Noah one more time heritale probably doesn't even remember this promise but if I tell Noah that she'll probably get sad.

Besides I shouldn't be the one to say anything here he needs to man up I'll ask him then I couldn't sleep well yesterday and wasn't able to come to school early this morning after finding out that Noah had promised to marry someone I haven't had the motivation to do.

Anything oh hurry token good morning haruto morning Noah Noah is as cute as always um I I have a favor I wanted to ask you a higher tokun a favor um I want you to go on a date with me tomorrow.

What a date yep but why me Noah has a fiance already shouldn't she be going on a date with him yes I'm getting married after high school but I learned marrying super suddenly isn't a good thing so I wanted to rehearse by going on a date a rehearsal for marriage with a date.

I don't really know what she's talking about but this is probably the one thing I can do to help Noah okay sure let's do it really oh excited about a date with me I like Noah so much okay so I'll pick you up at your house okoon no I'll pick you up at your house Noah nope I want to.

Go to your house okay then I'll wait for you there okay on the day of my date with Noah I thoroughly checked my physical appearance and whether I had bedhead or if my hair looked weird I won't end up with Noah even if I do all this why am I being so thorough in checking.

How I look but I want to look good next to the person I like morning horror Tycoon morning Noah it's been a while since I came to your house that's true you haven't been hanging out here recently look Curry tokun.

What does my outfit look yeah it looks really good on you you look cute really yay am I cute yeah you're super cute all right so cool you look really handsome too ah it isn't fair no one can easily say.

Things like this I might have hoped when she says things like that pirate tokun is something wrong no no it's nothing huh I heard you supposed to hold hands on a date oh right it is a date after all don't get the wrong idea dude think of this as helping Noah get her happiness.

Yep it's a date a date oh well that's wrong heartokun huh what is so why are you holding my hand not like that like this what Noah let go of my hand and fixed it so that our fingers were interlaced let's go hey Noah where are we going I realized that I didn't ask her where.

We were headed hmm I heard people go to the movies or the amusement park for dates but I want to watch a movie let's go to the movie theater then just like that we walk to the movie theater I seriously hadn't been here in a while which one do you want to watch oh the one usage had recommended let's.

Watch that one then okay it's been a while since I've been here the theater room slowly became dark and the movie displayed itself on the huge screen it's nice watching movies at home but watching them at the theater is good too since the big screen makes everything more intense after we finished watching the movie we ate lunch.

At a cafe nearby we talked about our thoughts on the movie and where we should go next as a result we ended up going to a nearby shopping mall where we chose outfits for each other and ate Crepes time went by quickly while we did things like that and it was dusk before we knew it it's already late we should head home soon hey her Tycoon if you'd.

Like do you want to come to my house huh right now yep right now but won't it be a bother if I suddenly came over this late not at all plus I told everyone you might be coming over so it's okay I want you to come hard tokun if you insist I'll take you up on that offer just like that I ended up visiting Noah's house.

Excuse me come in come in it's a huge and nice house like always as expected from the house of a CEO of a huge corporation she really does live in a different world for me you sit here and wait okay yeah okay after spending all day with Noah I don't want to believe that she's getting married to someone other than me of.

Course I know that I'm not good enough for her I know that but ever since we were preschoolers no one and I often played together I usually went over to Noah's house to play with her was it Elementary School when Noah told me that she likes me I was so happy that she told me that and I.

Was young so I told her that we should get married Noah even said you better and made me promise her honestly I hate that this is happening thanks for waiting her tokun huh this is the very first meal that I cooked Noah presented me with a delicious looking armor ice why did you cook Noah has a bunch of.

Maids and housekeepers at her house of course they also had a chef which meant that Noah didn't need to cook because when I get married I want my husband to eat my homemade food right you're right besides you love AMU rice don't you I remembered come on go on eat it I scooped up some of the Omer ice on my spoon and brought it into my mouth.

How is it is it good yeah it's super good oh thank God I'm jealous of Noah's husband he gets to eat delicious homemade food like this if you tell me what you want to eat I'll do my best to make it okay you don't need to do that for me huh oh oh why I'm sorry I I know it's sudden but I'm gonna go home all right so cute I know.

I know that what I did was rude and inconsiderate but but I feel like I'm about to break spending any more time with her I'm sure I'll be able to talk to her properly tomorrow but I can't take any more today my heart hurts so much I don't know what to do hold on hard tokun Noah I'm sorry did I do something wrong that's not.

That's not it it's not you Noah I was the one who was completely in the wrong here it's my fault for being upset that Noah has a fiance even though I've never even told her how I feel like feelings that reminds me hey haruto right after Noah asked me on the date yuzuha came up to me too yeah what's up I saw you.

Talking to Noah earlier what were you guys talking about why are you asking because Nova looks so happy Noah asked me to go on a date tomorrow hmm good for you it's a perfect opportunity to confess your feelings for her butt right yusuha doesn't know that I know that Noah has someone she's getting married to no but uh if you're a man make up.

Your mind already you're going to regret not telling people how you really feel regret that's right can't ask her to be in a relationship with me but there's nothing wrong with telling her how I feel I have to tell Noah how I feel right now or I'll regret it for the rest of my life hey Noah.

Oh what is it I uh I'm in love with you Noah ever since ever since we were kids I've always been in love with you I was so happy to go on a date with you hold hands and eat your homemade food today but it still hurts huh I'm sorry I overheard you and you saw her talking while you two were studying in the classroom I know that you have a promise.

To marry someone else already I clearly understand that there's no possibility for us to be in a relationship but spending time with you is so fun that it makes it hard to give up almost saying all of this so suddenly it's terrible timing what I'm sorry.

See you tomorrow I tried to distance myself from you because I couldn't stand that you were marrying someone else I'm a horrible friend I said I don't understand that why don't you understand because the one who's gonna marry me aren't you.

What you promised that we'd get married didn't you what me why did I say that um when we were first graders I told you that I liked you that was when you said let's get married uh did you forget about it hold on a minute the conversation you had with yuzuha the guy you're supposed to get married to that person is me.

Thank God huh I shouldn't be but I'm glad that you're not getting married to someone else besides she's still serious about a promise we made in elementary school Noah actually does have a bit of a screw loose I'm not getting married to anyone but other than you her tokun.

Hey Noah what's wrong when we're at an age where we can get married will you marry me of course I want to get married to you too you better not forget this time okay yeah I won't ever forget so Noah you.

Better not forget either I'll never forget it's a promise then yep promise what you knew everything yeah I knew that the person Noah was talking about was you you why didn't you tell me you can't just assume someone's going to be there to warn you all the time.

You could have at least told me about that I was kind of actually I was really miserable about it besides I didn't even know that you were eavesdropping on our conversation uh plus it's your fault that you are being a wimp and didn't tell Noah how you felt in the first place you coward but it all worked out in the end you're.

Able to promise to get married to Noah again well yeah but gosh Noah is such a good and cute girl someone way too good for you if you do anything to hurt her I'll never forgive you you don't need to tell me twice.

Morning no no morning Noah hey hey heart huh what's up I want to go on a date with you after school sure let's go gosh no PDA in front of me please you do that with your boyfriend sometimes too hmm.

It's because I love harizokun right haridokoon what uh yeah I love you too thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well